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« on: November 15, 2012, 12:53:46 pm »

Started watching this series I have never seen before and he's a list of thoughts and reactions and random comments made as watching!

"Dollhouse" Episode 1.01: Ghost.

Overall, I thought it was good. Quite sad as a concept really, and weird to see a person acting as such a blank slate. But it's an interesting concept and I can certainly see it working for a short while although unsure if this ever had the legs for a longer run. Worked out no character names beyond Echo so far. :p As a storyline, it was fairly basic with some nice ideas. A few good character beats, and everything is neatly established. Overall, it does the job.

- interesting opening. Isn't this Faith's evil Watcher from Buffy?
 - flashback or jump forward? motorbiks race, whisl;t pointless, full of action so hey.
 - oh wow, really pointless.
 - jump forward then.
 - this is already really harsh. who set this system up? seriously, this is a messed up idea.
 - but brilliant.
 - Guy from cabin in the Woods. No one wonder he became a stoner.
 - oh and by the way? "treatment". That's disturbing.
 - morality? it really isn't.
 - isn't this the opening of Rush Hour? Sort of?
 - ok so I get the general sense of this show, but this is fairly standard stuff.
 - Hello Amy Acker, by the way. You're in everything. She was in Alias, in fact. Which is a title this show could also have done with!
 - This whole, Echo seeing the other woman thing seems like a set up for "she realises who/what she is" as an arc.
 - Not many comment, I know, but loads of scenes feel mandated by studio. The scene with this guy investigating the Dollhouse is so on the nose with tis explanation. And we get this chat with Cabin in the Woods guy talking about the set-up. It's hammering it in pretty blatantly.
 - Some good plot points, fun to see Eliza Dushku playing different personalities.
 - Overall, some promise, and is effective at setting it all up although very on the nose.

 - Scarecrow


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Re: Dollhouse
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2012, 12:53:14 am »
Dollhouse is a series that requires a little patience, as the first few episodes are a bit of a slog.

Overall, I enjoyed it.


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Re: Dollhouse
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2012, 12:26:40 pm »

Random thoughts made whilst watching the next two episodes.

Episode 1.02: The Target.

 - Composite? All the people in one?
 - Tabula Rasa... Joss Whedon *loves* that phrase.
 - The prostitution aspect is extremely icky.
 - "My employers"... how much further is there to go?
 - "Deep, deep man love".
 - Hey, it's Canton Delaware III!
 - Interesting advance on last episodes plot, never expected this.
 - This guy is like Mulder meets Del Cooper.
 - "is there anything you're not good at... you really are the perfect woman" This show is *really* creepy.
 - Thing is, beyond the Dollhouse thing, the guy isn't shown as a creep or anything.
 - Except now, of course. Bloody hell, holy creep!
 - Ah so, Fred was attacked by Alpha.
 - "Saunders" apparently.
 - Evil Kevin Bacon-a-like is on the hunt for the Most Dangerous Game.
 - Paul Ballard. Likely will forget the name again before long.
 - A photo of Caroline/Echo. Intriguing for sure.
 - Random cop.. watch out!
 - Bad cop! Watch out Dixon!
 - Topher! Will recall the name. I hope. He's kind of fun.
 - Bad cop is in league with hunter I reckon.
 - They know about Ballard then. This could be interesting.
 - There's the *real* park ranger then. Poor guy.
 - I like how well she's playing this, totally different character.
 - "I wanna know... if you deserve to live" He sounded a bit Ghostface then!
 - This trust thing could become interesting down the line.
 - Going a little A.I. with the script.
 - Nice use of the LSD to push her storyline as a character along.
 - "How many men between me and the girl", nasty torture scene but they're all morally grey.
 - Neighbour a doll or a plant of some kind.
 - Ouch, he got an arrow to the chest. Lucky it wasn't to the knee.
 - The relationship is interesting as it's falsified yet feels very genuine.
 - Did the Handler imprint work both ways maybe? Or just a meaningful moment?
 - Interesting set-up there, with events seemingly having pushed Echo towards considering her identity... will some of this be retained?
 - Who fabricated this? Alpha was behind this then?
 - Ah, they lied about Alpha then.
 - Why is Echo so special, i wonder?
 - Suited guy is a bit of a dick.
 - Hah, nice use of the arm gesture at the end.

Good episode, interesting ideas, a little cliche with the Dangerous Game stuff but worked well as a second episode.

Episode 1.03: Stage Fright.

- Cage dancers. Musicians, I see. fair enough start.
 - Bloody hell. Nasty fire accident.
 - Shifty person in the crowd. There's always one. I shall call him ME-Mania.
 - Woman from the plane in Torchwood.
 - Boyd is cool.
 -  "We're all strangers to them"... no one seems to care about their lives.
 - Why is Fred Saunders not a regular? She;s always in it.
 - Hhhmmm,,, someones after Ballard.
 - Was this guy a Watcher?
 - Ah, someones trying to kill a star. Be interesting to see what imprint is needed.
 - It is ME-Mania.
 - Of course, a backing dancer/singer.
 - Eliza plays this sooo well.
 - Topher is a bit weird at times.
 - I like the relationship between Boyd and Saunders though.
 - off-screen nudity for titillation?
 - Ah, jealousy amongst female singers/dancers. That's never seen before.
 - I quite like Ballard's contact. I bet he gets killed.
 - He's right though. If the technology existed, it would get used.
 - Nice body guard subtly from Jordan/Echo.
 - Russian guy *is* a Doll. Weird.
 - Crutch weapon.
 - The other one is there too, I guess. Don't know her name... Sieria?
 - Took out the photographer!
 - Ballard got shot! Nooooo!
 - So each coded Doll gets replaced if something happens to them?
 - Uh oh. Bad fan mail from ME-Mania.
 - Weird. The star seems to want to communicate with the psycho? Something else going on here?
 - Death wish... she wants out from it all?
 - Pretty tense scene. Worked well, though.
 - It's like she's a Doll! Well that's not on the nose at all...
 - ME-Mania has grabbed Sieria!
 - The truth is out!
 - Bloody hell, no need for him to be a violent jerk. He doesn't own her.
 - Ten years he never did it. But he did it now.
 - Rayna is both conceited and miserable.. real emotional rollercoaster.
 - ooh... memories coming through from Echo.
 - Leave Topher alone!
 - "protect the client" can include "from herself", it's very hard to define these things.
 - Will Boyd help or make it worse?
 - Telling ME-Mania that he's crazy is not going to help.
 - A moment there between Sieria and Echo.
 - Rayna had quite the cry for help there! I mean, a little simple on the depression stuff, but not hugely awful.
 - Recommending doing what to Echo? Hmmm...
 - Echo thinks outside the box.
 - Echo is going the same way of Alpha, perhaps?
 - Poor Ballard... hope he makes it!
- Duplicity and complicity with Echo and Sieria.

Basic story, a few twists, nothing hugely great there but some good ideas.

 - Scarecrow


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Re: Dollhouse
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2012, 07:16:02 pm »


"Dollhouse" Episode 1.04: Gray Hour

     - Get her off her back and let gravity do its thing!
     - And another wipe.
     - Weirdly sinister shot of Topher.
     - Echo and Sierra are sweet.
     - They're developing patterns? Interesting.
     - Cool to see Victor with them.
     - DeWitt then?
     - "this night... is a gift". Don't like the sound of this.
     - And she's sexed up again.
     - Whilst this isn't the best scenario for her, the hotel guy isn't being nasty about it... yet.
     - But she's Spy gal! Hah!
     - I know this professor guy, he been in Buffy at all?
     - I wonder where this is going though...
     - hey Ballard, feeling any better?
     - Ballard, he's a doll!!!
     - Hah, Ballard is being played, surely? Not going to end well, surely.
     - Double cross eh. Well, at least something else is happening now!
     - Bloody hell, now I never see THAT coming, she got erased via the phone!
     - Topher is being a bit of a nerdy nice guy creep this episode.
     - You get him Boyd! Professor is gonna get killed.
     - Topher is not happy... he knows what happened.
     - Alpha did this remote wipe then?
     - That's a cool idea, seeing Sierra imprinted as the same character.
     - Painting reflecting the Dolls now. The identity stuff tends to be on the nose doesn't it.
     - Interesting that they are trying to convince Sierra about this.
     - Whose Topher's sidekick?
     - Could they not get Fred Saunders this day?
     - "What's prison?" this is very interesting and it's fascinating how Echo is acting and reacting to others.
     - If there is an insider it is clearly the woman he's talking too, surely!?
     - Alpha isn't dead!
     - Poor Echo doesn't like the room anymore. :(
     - She's talking herself through her own plan... a little kind of genius.
     - Such a blank slate, following instructions seems to be natural.
     - Well, that guys a bastard.
     - Echo being told to shoot at gunpoint.
     - That guy deserved the stab in the neck tbh.
     - Boyd to the rescue!
     - Awww... Echo brought her new friend.
     - Wiping her again although she was still technically Echo. Is that good for you?
     - "pesky human evolution"... Topher is really amoral.
     - Topher asks DeWitt about Alpha. And Topher is having security clearance heightened so she can tell him.
     - Interetsing scenes at the end with the swimming pool. Symbolic too, of course.
     - Hah, Echo drawing the art, just for a second.

    A fairly uneventful episode, not the best but picked up once Echo was wiped on scene.

 - Scarecrow