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If you've taken a look at the Great Escape blog on the main site you might have seen my series of writing tips posts. Here are the links to the entire series. I'll add more as I post more installments.

Part 1 - The Holy Grail - What you are really trying to achieve & Story Telling Choices - Tense and Perspective

Part 2 - Getting the Point Across - Showing and Telling

Part 3 - Going Fishing - hooking readers with the opening of your story

Check out the comments made on each section as people have added their own tips and advice to some of the posts. Please add your advice and opinions too.

If you've got any advice for new writers on the basics and tools of the craft, please share them here.

Part 4 - Beginning, Middle and End - Standard Plotting and Keeping the Pages Turning - Pace and Tension

This month's tips have lots of links to other articles on the net about plotting, which I'll also post in the recommended resources thread.


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