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Re: Another short script I wrote
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The Ashwordly Witches


Song; Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath 1st part (2 min 45 seconds)
Two men are carrying shovels across a field towards the woods.
They stop outside the woods.

             Are you ready for it?


             Put a foot on the ground inside
             the bounds of the trees.


Jeffery steps forward into the woods, as soon as his foot touches the ground a bell begins to ring.
Stephen stops and listens.

             How did you know about that.

             My dad told me and his dad told
             him. When anyone is in these woods
             a bell starts to ring.

             Oh great, does whoever know why we
             are here.

             More than likely.

             That makes me feel good.


Two men start digging.


The bell keeps ringing.
Nervously both the men look into the woods

             Why do we get the scary jobs?

             Because we are paid to protect the
             towns people and I don’t want to
             be alone in here.

             We should get paid extra for this.

Stephen looks about again.

             I hate being in here, it feels as
             though I am being watched.

             Didn’t you know, you are.

             I am, by who?

             I’m not sure if it’s a her or not.

             What do you mean by that?

             The figure that is the guard of
             the church.

Stephen looks at Jeffery.

             Come on the sooner we finish this
             the sooner we can go.


They walk to a cleared area.

             You dig a grave there I’ll dig the
             other one here.

Stephen looks about.

             Where is the sound of that bell
             coming from.

             You have seen the church haven’t


             Probably just as well, that figure
             I said about appears to guard the
             Church. That feeling you have of
             being watched, well the figure is
             pointing at us, but at least we
             will be safe.

             What makes you think that.

             I was told by the mother.
Stephen listens to the constant toll of the bell.

             Whose mother.

             Everyone who is here.

             By digging these two graves for
             we are safe? Have you got much
             else to frighten me with?


             What do you know about these woods.

             Nothing, I only came here for the

             The name of these woods is Withes
             Woods, but two hundred years ago it
             had the name Witches Woods. Only
             witches are buried in these woods,
             and they are all Ashwordly Witches.

Jeffery keeps digging a pit.
He looks to Stephen.

             Don’t worry about making these
             graves to good, three foot will do
             and long enough for a body. There
             is only one condition and that is
             they are to be buried face down.

             Really why is that.

             It is simple, or so I was told.
             When they get out they don’t get
             soil in their eyes.

Stephen looks to him.

             Can I laugh now, please.


The car park, it is almost full, there is a carnival atmosphere.
Some people have already started to party.
Two car loads of people are passing long white cigarettes to each other.


A couple is walking near the car, Dave gets out of the car.

             Here do you two want some.

             I’m not sure

             I don’t think so but I know he

             Have you ever had some before?


             Do you smoke cigs.


             Then the chances are you’ll cough
             a bit but after a while you’ll get
             used to it.

             What will he be like?

             He might say some words of wisdom.

Gareth bumps into them, he is looking at a CD.

             Sorry I didn’t see you, I was
             looking at this CD. Amazing isn’t
             it, all the music comes from these
             tiny grooves.

Susan looks at Graham, her eyes open wide she shakes her head.


             Some people will think your words
             of wisdom are so meaningful while
             others will think you are bloody
             stupid. But overall, most folk
             will appreciate the silly.

Graham put the joint between his lips and sucks in deep

             A bit too much for the first time,
             we’d best stand back for this.

Susan and Dave step back.
Graham breathes in deeply.
(Song: Sweat Leaf by Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)(play most)   
Trevor gets out of his car.

             Excuse me what is everyone so
             excited about.

                     SUSAN AND GEOFF
             Because the witches are coming
             Here, and on today of all days.

             What is so special about today.

                     SUSAN AND GEOFF
             It is All Hallows Eve, when the
             dead come to life.

Trevor looks towards the woods.

             What’s it like in there.

             You are joking right it is way too
             scary to go in there.


             And a girl from college went into
             The woods two years ago, that was

             Where is she now?

             She is catatonic in the psych ward,
             and has been there for two years.

             What do you think is in there?

             Some say the devils children play
             in there.

Trevor looks about.

             It sounds like there is a church
             in there because whenever anyone
             goes into the woods a bell starts
             to ring. Quick, behind you, look.


By the turnstile nine people in dark brown hooded robes walk
on the path towards the woods, they each have a six foot staff.

             I take it that is them.

The brown robes are tied at the front with a golden cord, the hood covers their heads.
Nine people slowly walked into the field around the woods.

They stop halfway across the field, one of them uncovers her head, it is Brenda.



She steps forty nine paces into the field, stops and turns and signals for us to be quiet.
Her people spread out in a circle, each begins to whisper,

the sound became louder as if more join in, then they stop, all is quiet.
Brenda lifted her hood into place then without any warning

each member of the coven strikes the ground in front of them seven times, (in unison), then stood still.
The sound of thunder rolling is in the ground.

The coven face away from the centre of the circle, then face the left and went to where the next of them was standing.
They strike the ground seven times.

Each of them turns and goes to the right to where that one of them standing. The ground is struck seven times.
They all turn to face the middle, and strike the ground once.

They kneel and bow then stand, they step backwards six steps,
bow, kneel and lay the staff’s on the ground alongside them.
The coven stay there, they appear to be waiting.

The ends of their staff’s become lit by a glowing light.
The ground vibrates as nine blocks of stone rise up.

(Song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath 2nd part (the rest)
Brenda leads her people back to the path they go in a single line into the woods. As the first one steps into the woods, a bell begins to toll.

As the last of them enters the woods the stones slid back into the ground. Some of the crowd showed bravado, they go to the edge of the woods. 

Four short black figures with red eyes appear they block the path.


                     BLACK SHAPE #1
             Come on, keep coming I’ve been
             told I can play with you.

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
             Yes, yes, come on it’ll be fun.

                     BLACK SHAPE #3
             For us.

                     BLACK SHAPE #4
             We can find out what makes your
             body tick.

                     BLACK SHAPE #1
             Piece by piece.

One of the brave people steps forward

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
             And do you want to know who said
             we can play with you.

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
                 (it smiles)
             Daddy did.

A big black shape appears behind them.
Fire erupts around them.
The fire gets bigger.
They all vanish.

Their bravado gone they run, a girl falls to the ground.

Song:After Forever by Black Sabbath  Master of Reality til end
As the witches walk into the woods a church appears, standing between Brenda and the church is the figure in black.
Brenda stops, she looks to it.

Brenda notices the white-washed walls at the front of the church, the faded old wooden roof and the belfry.
The figure in black floats towards her.


Standing just in front of her the dark pools of its eyes stare at Brenda.
The figure turns and goes back to the church door.

             We need go to where the two paths

They walk to where the two paths meet.
Brenda points at the barren ground.

             This is the place, this is where
             they are buried.

Brenda looks about.
The bell is still ringing.

             There is another grave here, their
             mother, it is empty now, it’s
             resident has returned. We are only
             here for the girls Monica and

Brenda holds her arms wide she slowly turns about.
The others formed a circle around the graves.
Brenda stands between the graves.

The coven focuses on Brenda they send power to her, Brenda adds her power to theirs which she directs at the graves.
They remain at the graves, watching them.

The sound of the bell gets louder
Then it stops, all is silent

The sound of the bell starts again.
Though it now has an echo
The earth above Monica’s grave is being pushed up 

The pile is getting bigger then it falls to the sides.
Fingers appear then Monica’s hand appears.
John and David go to her to help her rise from her grave.


They walk in single file from the woods,
the bell tolls until the last of them leaves the woods.
They stop and looks at the people.


The crowd has waited for them to return.

             Here they come.

             Bloody hell, I can guess what
             they’ve done.

People near them look at them.

             You can, what have they done.

                     PERSON IN CROWD  O.S.
             Yeah, come on, what is so obvious.

             Look at them, they are in single
             file, all nine of them went into
             the woods, but there is eleven of
             them now.

Geoff counts them.

             So, that might mean two were
             already in the forest, mind you I
             wonder how long they were in
             there for.

             Looking at the dresses that are
             Sticking out from under the robes
             of the last two. I’d say two maybe
             three hundred years.


             Oh crap

             The something big they were meant
             to be doing.


             They just brought the dead back to
All those watching are silent

                     PERSON IN AUDIENCE  O.S.
             And this being All Hallows Eve.


The End