Author Topic: Share your writing, air your views - board rules  (Read 4495 times)


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Share your writing, air your views - board rules
« on: March 10, 2011, 12:27:36 pm »
Hi Everyone,

The Air and Share board is visible only to members. Come and share your writing with the rest of the Great Esc family.

For the time being there will be little restriction on what you can post. If we find the board becomes very popular then I may instigate some more rules. For now the following apply:

  • Posts should be less than 5000 words. Please break longer pieces down into instalments.
  • Please state what kind of feedback you would like, if any - just sharing, general comments or detailed critique.
  • If your post contains violence, bad language and/or sexual content, please include a warning at the top.

If you post something please try to also take the time to give your feedback on someone else's work.

Thanks and lets get the creative juices flowing.

Chrissey - TGE
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