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Enjoying a poem
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:18:20 am »
I wondered if there was a subject not to write as a poem


The Angel that God sent
to watch over the dead
that the Angel had made.
Soon more dead followed
and the Angel that
God had created
then caused him to watch
over the dead
became known to some
as the devil.
He created himself a Son
to help control the dead.
He caused him to work
but the Son became bored
because he so soon
had much to do.
But the Son did not
create himself a helper,
he created himself an army.
He said he knew better
and his army grew and grew.
God created anew
to watch the animals and birds
the Son captured their dead
he mixed them with
the animals and the birds
all manner of them he created
forcing others like them
to do his will, his bidding.
The Son had himself a legion
he had them attack
his father and won
the Son now had control
though he still was bored.
He found himself a friend
someone he could talk to
she was a witch most vile
and God saw what had happened
he gave forgiveness to the Angel
hoping he’d learnt
what God wanted him to know.
That Angel, the devil
killed his Son
and the devils demon
caste the witch
from the garden
through the gardens gates.
The witch Vixana
needed a place to stay
luckily for her
the last thing
the Son taught her
was how to create
others at will
and others she did create
but only a few
she called them her daughters


In the wooden jail at Ashwordly
Monica and Jessica were sat
at the wooden table in the cell.
Facing each other
the nineteen year old girls
were sharing the chicken
on a plate between them.
It was to be their last meal
or so they’d been told
as they were to be hung
and buried
during the following day.
There were four jailers
watching over them,
they were sat at a table
at the other end of the jail
they watched them
though none of them dared
to look into their eyes.   
Our last meal
is our birthday meal.
Monica wished her sister.
Do have a happy birthday.
Happy birthday,
what is there for us
to be happy about,
tomorrow we die,
accused of being witches,
Jessica looked at the jailers,
The least you sods could do
is tell us what
we are meant to have done.
Jessica glared at Jeffery,
the head jailer, he saw her
turn to face him.
About to return the glare
he stopped himself,
he looked away
as quickly as he could.
Why are you so scared of us,
what have we done
to warrant that, tell us.
You have been accused
of witchcraft most vile
that should have been enough
but not for you two,
the girl who accused you died
no one had more to gain
from the poor girls death
than you two
it was decided that
it was your doing, said Jeffery.
Jeffery spoke to the jailers,
Michael, Matthew and Stephen.
They were sat around a table
against the end wall, scared.
Whenever you hear them speak
to you and you need to answer
remember not look at their eyes,
only look at their hands.
When the mornings light comes
we can hang them, he added.
Will someone else
will have the job
hanging and burying them,
Michael looked at him,
Please say that’s true.
I wish that it was 
we have to take them there
to hang them at their
hanging tree and wait until
the sun is overhead
the need to hang them
and have them hang that long
the magistrate and the vicar
were so very scared of them,
Jeffery wished the day over.
So scared that they might be
they told the jailers
to take them there
to wait at Whichery Woods
until there were good and dead
then carry their bodies
into the woods and dig a grave
and put them in dead or alive.
Though why they have thought
that the hung witches
could still be alive?
Matthew stared at Jeffery
then you weren’t told
what those witches
endured at the torturers hands
that during one day
all their nails were pulled
but not one scream
did the witches make
and when the next morning
the torturers poured salt
on them the witches bodies
showed no signs of ill health.
Those two were tied to chairs
and dropped in the towns pond
they were left all day
dragged up and left on the side
and discarded in the castle
dungeon for the night.
The following day came
with a fright for all
two witches waited for them
no court was called
they are to wait here
from here they go
to be hung then buried
that is why it is said
to be buried dead or alive.
Then the sooner that they
are in the ground
the better, then we might
learn to forget, said Stephen.
Michael started to make
a hot drink for them all.
This can’t be happening.
He looked at the girls eyes.
They are not normal witches.
this cream was fresh today,
it cannot have gone off
yet it has, it has curdled.
He looked at them again,
“They must have come
from the Devil himself.
Now look at the candles,
the flame burns black.”


The ghost of Debra walked
through the cell wall,
the jailers see her
they try to get out.
Who is she, asked Matthew.
It is their mother,
we buried her last week,
as he tried to leave.
That’s far enough boys,
can’t have you leaving
now can I, so stay there.
The jailers stopped
where they were.
The ghost went to the table,
she sat near Jessica
and ripped a piece of chicken,
she started to eat it.
When finished
she smiled to the girls.
Don’t bother your jailers.
I can tell you
why you are here,
why they fear you so.
Your pain and the knowledge
of what was done
was taken from you
lest it caused you pain.
We knew what they would do
to you so my mother and I
stopped your pain
and caused your memory
to be gone.
You are a witch
Each of you
you killed to give life to me
but it did not work it
could not work
for as you can see
I’m not dead.
That left the girl
who accused you
when she killed herself
to rid herself
of the pain
of her brother being killed.
So you couldn’t get your revenge,
Not now not in this time,
It is arranged for you to return
at some time in the future.
As for why your jailers
are so scared of you,
all were scared of you
even the torturers ran. 
They pulled your nails
your fingers and toes
but never did you scream
the next day you stood
before them with nails
on your fingers and toes.
They drowned you all day
two dead bodies were dragged
and dumped in the dungeons
for more witches to see
and the next day
they saw you stood you
waited for them
you asked them next
now you are here
the magistrate was to scared
to see you and tomorrow
you are to die
and like then, once again
you will return for revenge.