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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Verse   247  to Verse  254      THE STEAM ENGINE HOUSE                                           
Verse   255  to Verse  283      CAPTURE                                           


Walking away from the town towards the where Samantha
and Ruby were from, taking in in turns to ride on a horse
they carried with them a few bags of food for the people.
“Who are the people we are going to see?” asked Samantha.
“Ruby and I went there once do, we both thought them nice
I saw a steam engine in a shed on what was a farm,” said Joe.
“Yes, I know who you mean, that is Graham Sanders farm,

His wife Susan and their children Ruth, Alexander and Brian
Graham was helping a village farmer to fit a gate when a bull
in that field kicked the fence. The gate he built fell on his arm.
It was broken quite badly and it was never repaired quite right.
That injury to his arm has stopped him from doing more work
so count me in with anything help that you want give him,”
Samantha smiled, “I’ve been there before, his kids are great.”

Approaching the house, Joe saw Graham’s family in a field,
seeing Joe, Ruby and Samantha they all came to meet them.
“I did say that we would come back for a visit,” said Joe.
Samantha gave the food bag to them. The children smiled,
looking in the bag, exclaiming aloud. “They brought us food.”
Saying what it was Graham and Susan joined with excitement
they put their hands in the bag, happy at finding more food.

Wanting them to stay Mr. Sanders asked if they wanted a drink
“While we are here can I have a look at your steam engine,”
Joe asked, “What was it you used to do did you make anything?”
“Farm fences, gates and when I was asked I would make seats
for people to sit on and tables for people to have a picnic on.”
Ruby looked at Joe. “Now that would be nice, I’d like that.”
Mr. Sanders took them into the barn so they could have a look.

“When the money became a problem I tried making furniture
for the people who lived hear here, then others wanted more.
But cutting wood became very arduous and time consuming
I built tables so the steam engine could cut what wood I’d need.
And it was made to make short cuts of wood for chairs or tables.
I even made it to do long cuts when I used a trunk of a tree.
Unfortunately though, I soon found I needed two good arms.”

Joe looked to him, to his arm then he looked at the machinery,
trying to think of ways to make it easy to use with one arm.
“Before the engine can be started I need to get the water here,
I used to bring two buckets of water at a time, now it’s just one.
Bringing two at a time took me a lot of the day, so one at a time.”
“That is okay, there are ways I can help, I do think of things.
So four of us with you, we’ll make a way to bring water to you

And keep spare water so it remains topped up through the day.
I dare say that we could sort this place out for you and your kids.
If you want to pay us how about making some garden furniture
Ruby has said how much she would like a long table,” said Joe.       
By the end of the week the house and windows were all cleaned,
the yards and the gardens reflected the pride the owners had.
Martin, Edward and Garret had done what repairs were needed.

Joe and Graham made the steam engine able to be run by Graham
by himself. Ruby had been given a promise of a long table for her. 
Going home after finishing Joe asked Samantha about the police.
Not knowing Ruby had told Joe. “Why ask me?” asked Samantha.
“I know who you’ve been going to see, and who you want to see.”
“I told Joe that you are sweet on the police sergeant,” said Ruby.
“You don’t mind?” asked Samantha, “I won’t tell him about you.”


The next day, Ruby and Samantha had gone to the bridge
Alice was playing on the bank of the river; they joined her.
Time seemed to go past slowly, Ruby watched the bridge
Making sure nothing was on the bridge, while with Alice.
After Alice went home they went to hide in a bush and wait.
Only being a few minutes when four men came behind them.
Thinking they’d been found out Samantha was about to run.

“It’s alright, it’s only us, bit nervous aren’t you?” asked Joe
Samantha admitted she was. “The food wagon hasn’t passed.”
“I think it best that you leave, now go to be with the horses.”
Edward and Garret waited until the wagon had gone passed.
Joe and Martin were at the other end, ready to do the hold up.
Martin was the most lively and outgoing of them, they agreed.
Seeing Edward’s signal, Joe told Martin to prepare himself.

They watched as the wagon moved on the bridge towards them,
Martin jumped from cover to stand at the middle of the track,
standing in front of the horses, showing the drivers the pistol.
“Stand and deliver,” he shouted, “Your money and your food!”
Garret and Edward following the wagon tried not to laugh,
the wagon drivers saw they were hemmed in front and back,
they dropped the reigns staying where they were as ordered.

“Half empty the wagon,” Joe shouted, “That’s all we need.
Then put it at the side of the track, I’ll tell them to leave.”
Joe said he knew they’d be back. “By then we’ll be gone.”
So carrying the food bags to where the girls were waiting,
they sorted out the food for them and bags for the hungry.
Samantha and Martin went one way, the other two the other
Joe and Ruby carried two food bags each, back to the camp.

Joe and Ruby were walking to the track heading to their camp
as the wagon came past again, they’d been walking too slow
The driver of the wagon looked at Joe. “I forgot this before.”
Ruby and Joe watched as a smiling Norham got off the wagon.
“I know who you are, as many people here know who you are
if either of you repeat this I’ll deny ever saying it, here’s thanks
that magistrate takes food he likes, many times he doesn’t pay

but you take from him and send money to the owners of shops
they got together, to give this wine from Houghton’s Winery.
In case you have a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate.”
Joe said they were close to town, he bid Norham be on his way,
watching the wagon leave Joe saw some policemen on horses
that were heading towards them, he told Ruby to hide herself.
“I’ll lead them away, near to the river, where we used to live.”

Carrying a bag of food Joe ran over a field towards the river,
hoping to find lots of cover. But the police kept chasing him.
Joe could only take solace; the others weren’t being chased.
He ran near town, through the trees towards a river crossing,
watching them as he ran, wanting the police to be after him.
He didn’t notice that one had gone, heading into the town.
Joe ran alongside of the river, try as he did they were closer.

Having passed by the end of town he ran the river’s shallows,
onto a path he knew well, the trees branches would cause grief
glancing to the police, seeing they were about to cross the river.
The police horse’s shied; they had refused to cross the river.
Despite the many attempts by their riders to keep them going.
The water began to bubble and foam then shooting into the air
the vast sprays of water continually soaked the policemen.

Confused, frightened, looking to each other, awaiting a reason,
an explanation how it could happen. Asking what could cause
the disturbances. The rivers turmoil ceased; it became normal.
The horses settled, Sgt. Wentworth ordered his men to cross.
“I will continue along the side of the river.” Then he saw her.
A pretty young woman was on opposite bank. “Listen to me,
cross here but you will not see who you seek, I will speak him

I will not allow you to go further than these bushes behind me.”
Sgt. Wentworth ignored her, he called to each of the policemen.
“Go across the river onto the other bank, go to near the sheep.”
Moondyne Joe ran along the path, clutching the bag of food.
“You can put that down.” Joe looked to see who was speaking.
Vixana appeared just in front of him, walking towards him.
“Slow down now Joe, they won’t catch you, they can’t see you.”

Joe looked to where the policemen were stood, on the trail.
“Thank you, but I can still see them so they must see me.”
Vixana sat down by the track, she motioned Joe to sit as well.
“You can rest here with me, they can’t see you, trust me Joe, 
close they might be, what they don’t know they can’t see.”
Joe looked to them, they were all looked in all directions.   
“Would you like some nice fresh drinking water,” she said.

Thanking her he took a sip. “And something to eat?” she asked.
Joe smiled to her. “Thank you.” “You are like me at times Joe,
it isn’t often that I get to sit,” said Vixana, “Because I choose
who I want as a friend very carefully I see it as important to me
that when I do, that my friend has a drink and something to eat.”
“It is good that I can sit and rest awhile, I am a bit exhausted.
I know that Ruby will want to thank you and know I’m grateful.”

“Joe, keep that quiet, if people could hear you say I’m kind.
What sort of a reputation would I have?” asked Vixana.
“A lot of people here know of you, and they do respect you.”
“Oh no,” replied Vixana, “What have I done to deserve that?”
Joe smiled to her. “I know you as a nice person, as a friend,
though not a special friend. Ruby is my only special friend.
However, about you, know your reputation precedes you.

Many people who live near here used to mistreat their animals.
But no anymore, their fear of you seeing them scold animals
they own, that you might be near, they are kind to all animals.”
Vixana smiled. “That is good for the animals. Maybe not me.”
“How afraid of you do you think the people are of you. You
have no reason to worry, your reputation here is quite safe.”
“Well thank you, go to the Wading Pool, a sheep needs rescue.”

Vixana grimaced as Joe walked away. “I’m going to miss you.”
Joe went across the river he looked, tried to hear the sheep.
Seeing Ruby he headed towards her, greeting her with a hug.
“I just saw Vixana she said there is a sheep in trouble here.
Have you seen any of the policemen on your way to here?”
“No,” replied Ruby, “But several times I thought them near.”
she looked around, listened, only hearing sound of the trees,

the sound of water cascading over smooth rocks in the river.
“There, I heard a sound, like an animal that is calling for help.
Ruby pointed straight ahead, further along of where they stood.
Walking that way the cries of the animal began to be clearer.
“I can hear the animal’s cries, it sounds near but I can’t see it.”
Joe stopped Ruby walking, he looked to his side, then down.
Ruby looked at where Joe looked, caught in a pit was a sheep.

“I don’t like this, this whole thing feels wrong, how did it get in.
I can‘t see where it went in, there are no marks on the edge.”
Ruby looked at the pit. “You are right, is it a trap set for you?
It doesn’t look as though this trap was built for the sheep,
if anything the sheep seems to have been placed in there.”
Ruby faced Joe, “Could the police know about us being here?”
“It would make sense,” admitted Joe. Ruby looked at the sheep.

Then she looked to Joe. “It was bound to happen sometime.”
A few tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes. “I’ll miss you.”
“And I’ll miss you, and being here.” He looked along the river.
Mind you, we have had fun here, just think who we’ve met.”
“I upset the wrong people, probably that magistrate as well,
I dare say he’ll have his revenge. “Will I see you again Joe?”
“It’ll be nice if we do meet again, but don’t expect it,” he said.

Ruby indicated behind them. “It sounds like a horse walking.”
“And there is a policeman on foot, next to it, look,” added Joe.
Ruby turned, she watched as the lone policeman reached them. 
“Joe, he is by himself you can still run, to get away from him.”
“I could I suppose but why, I wouldn’t be with you, or here.”
“I am Sgt. Wentworth are you going to give me any trouble?”
“I take it that you know who I am, so you know what I’m like.

No, I’ll give you no trouble I’ll go quietly, as always,” said Joe.
“Good,” replied Sgt. Wentworth getting ropes from a saddle bag.
“If you don’t mind though, I do have one last request,” said Joe.
“You are being good to me, okay I’ll be nice to you. What is it?”
asked Sgt. Wentworth as he pulled the ropes out of a saddle bag.
“Oh please, you’re not going to tie Joe up are you?” asked Ruby.
“Can you wait until after I have rescued the sheep,” said Joe.

Sgt. Wentworth was surprised. “Even now you’d help the sheep?”
“He will,” said Ruby. “That is one of Mr. Barton’s sheep I’d
be grateful if you would return the sheep to him,” stated Joe.
“The rope wasn’t for you I only brought it to set the sheep free.
Getting the sheep in there was easy,” said Sergeant Wentworth,
“I didn’t know the sheep belongs to Mr. Barton, I’ll see he get it.”
“The rope is for the sheep? Was the pit your idea?” asked Ruby.

Sgt. Wentworth leant against his horse. “No, the magistrate
came up with the idea, he said you’d help an animal in trouble.
I admit though, I’m surprised to hear that you want to help it.
I am, well I didn’t realise how much you would care for it,”
he looked at Joe, “If I’d known of your attitude towards sheep,
I’d have warned you not to be here,” said Sergeant Wentworth
Ruby looked to Joe, smiling. “He does seem to appreciates you.”

“Ruby, you’d best hold his horse while we rescue the sheep.”
Joe jumped down into the pit, holding the sheep, comforting it.
He held the sheep above his head, allowing it to escape the pit.
“I bet it isn’t every day that you see that is it?” asked Ruby,
“The man you’re to arrest, doing what he can for a sheep.”
Sgt. Wentworth looked at Joe. Taking his rifle from its sheath
“Before I help you, will you promise this as well?” he asked.

“If I can I will,” said Joe. Sergeant Wentworth faced Ruby.
“And you as well?” “Yes, I‘ll do what I can,” she replied.
“I know who you are, I know you are that Moondyne Joe
So please, neither of you repeat any of this to the magistrate,
I’m not doing this so I can say I’m the one who arrested you,
I like to say to my grandchildren that one day I helped you.”
He held his rifle down to Joe. “Hold this, I’ll pull you out.”

Joe looked up, at the dangerous end of the barrel of the rifle.
“Is there a reason that you are offering me that end?” asked Joe.
Sgt. Wentworth saw what he was doing. “Sorry, I didn’t, sorry
this is the way I normally hold it,” he turned the rifle around.
Joe looked at the butt of the rifle. “Odd, I feel even worse now. 
Problems, problems, problems. It might if we do it this way.”
Joe stood on tip toes then held his arm up as far as he could.   

“That’s a good way,” he said pulling Joe up and out of the pit
to the surface. Ruby hugged Joe they looked to the policeman,
he was putting his rifle back in its sheath by the horse’s saddle.
The policeman held his open hand to Joe, Joe smiled to him.
They shook hands. “The tales I heard of you at Fremantle jail,
all that was said of you in the police reports, to be wary of you.
Good thing you‘ve haven’t heard what the magistrate says of you.”

“If it’ll help, as you were kind to the sheep I will tell Vixana.”
“Wait, you know Vixana! My God,” said Sgt. Wentworth.
“What a name dropper I am; we are good friends,” said Ruby.
“You’d say good things about me, considering why I’m here?
Hand me the sheep now, I’ll take it to Mr. Barton now,” he said
“If we do meet again, how should I to speak to you?” asked Joe
“If there’s no one else is around, we can use each other’s names.

If other people are about, it is best if we use our correct titles.
What can I say.” Apologetically looking to Ruby then to Joe.
“I am sorry for this, but you made quite a few people angry.”
“When I’m here, the earth around me, I prefer to be known
as Moondyne Joe, but there, in the city, that name isn’t me.
Mind you, it does get that comptroller general all wound up.”
“The other convicts in that jail, they know you by that name,

so do more than half the people who live in Perth, they secretly
have a soft spot for you; mothers or even hardened criminals.
Those that see violence as an answer: a man, woman or child.
They have you in common, I wouldn’t say they have a fondness
but they do have respect for the man known as Moondyne Joe.”
Fifteen policemen rose from the field quickly running to them.
“Joseph B. Johns, I charge you with escape from Fremantle jail.”



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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Verse   284  to Verse  302      VIXANA AND THE PIGS                               

Ruby watched Sergeant Wentworth put the sheep onto his horse.
She saw how he looked at the other policemen leading Joe away.
All that she could do was smile and wave to Joe when he looked.
“Chances are you knew about Joe but I wasn’t told to arrest you.
I’ll walk you back, is there anyone you can be with?” he asked
“Only my childhood friend, she’s like a sister to me; Samantha.”
“I only know one Samantha, are you who she was speaking off.”

Charles looked at the sheep on his saddle, he rubbed its fleece.
“If I go to the house that Joe and I had, I might get arrested.”
“I would recommend that you disappear from here, I wonder
if you are who Samantha meant, about the house you mean
is it amid the trees opposite the town’s peoples horse’s field?
We saw so many men there this morning, are they still there?”
“Joe had us paint the trees to look like lots of men were there.”

“I must admit, if that is as you say, that is clever, very clever
maybe if you aren’t seen by the magistrate you could be safe.
Samantha told me of the time Joe had you disguised as a man
so that some men wouldn’t recognise you. Would you do that?”
“No, I wouldn’t want to, but if the magistrate doesn’t see me.
That won‘t be too hard, we don’t keep the same circle of friends.
What about you though, will you be alright?” asked Ruby.

“Me? I’ll be alright I could even say I’m keeping you honest.
Samantha and I have been getting close, maybe we could do it,
if we live together and her friend is the maid, even if you’re not.”
“Thank you, I know Samantha enough to say that she’ll agree.”
“Before, you said Vixana is your friend, how are you friends?”
“Because of Joe and because we are kind to animals,” said Ruby.
“I met her one day getting the magistrates horse from four men

we had to go and arrest them, no more than a few days ago,
someone told us they had stolen his horse and rebranded it.
Looking back I realise they were set up, I don’t know who by
but I wish I knew who. When we got there we found the horse
and it had been illegally branded, so we arrested the four men,
we were on the track coming back when we met a pretty girl.”
“Did she have long blonde hair, pretty like you’ve never seen?

If she did then you saw she was Vixana. Why was she there?”
“Seven other policemen on horses and I were escorting the men.
This girl who we had seen walking along the side of the track
went to the middle of the track. I didn’t know how she did it,
it was as if the whole width of the track was blocked by her.
I said who we were, what we were doing, why she should move,
she didn’t, she started to stare at us she then smiled toward us

I don’t mind admitting it, something about her was very scary.
She just stood there, standing her ground, I can still see her,
she told me that I could pass, and she’d allow my men to pass
but she’d never let our prisoners pass. What did she call them?
Oh right, she referred to them as pigs.” Ruby breathed in deep.
“I said I had arrested them, that I was taking them to the lock up,
that didn’t change her mind she wasn’t going to let them pass.

That is when I thought she was the witch everyone said about
it was as though she was there because she had been asked to be,
for someone who was a friend.” “What did she do?” asked Ruby.
“She said that she was going to kill them, before I could protest
She began to change, her hair became like old brittle straw.
Her clothes lost their colour, they changed to be like potato sack
And her skin, she appeared like an evil old hag, like the books.

Her body seemed to get old, she bent forward on a walking stick
I could have sworn it looked more like a bone. Her demeanour,
on God’s word I felt dread, it was as if she looked at my soul,
and what she said, no I don’t think that I will ever forget that.”
“What was it, what did she say?” asked Ruby. “She said … no,
that wasn’t how she spoke, it was like she spat the words at me.
I am thee Vixana. I order you to leave now or be like them, dead.

Now I do consider myself a God fearing man, but what I saw,
I felt as though I was looking at the very essence of evil itself.
Then she said, I don’t understand why she did this even now,
it was almost as though she was showing a kindness to me,
she said that I would not want to see what she was about to do 
I didn’t want to be there but I had to, they were my prisoners.
She waved her hand over the front of my face. I was blind.”

“What was it that you heard?” asked Ruby, “Please tell me.”
“Why would you want to know I only heard what she said
and why she always referred to them as pigs, I don’t know.
She sounded as though she enjoyed hearing their screams
and his screams seemed to echo inside my head, even now.
Then when she said he could go, the man’s screams stopped.
She said he was ready for him, but I don’t know who him is.

After I couldn’t hear that one, she called for the next one.
Once again she called him a pig I wish I knew why she did.
I heard a scraping on the ground, like being pulled by a rope.
What Vixana said next was probably a reference to that one.
Because she accused him of causing her friend pain and fear.
She said he would cause him to feel more fear and more pain
I heard what sounded like bones breaking, again and again,

he was in agony, I heard his screams it was as though I felt pain
and all the time I heard her laughing, such infectious laughter.
Then she said about that him again, that his fires awaited him.
I was glad that only two of them were left, I was felt worn out.
She wasn’t though, she was laughing, joking at their expense.
Then she said ‘two more piggies to go, which of you will it be.”
“When I heard that, I felt the last two had been just a warm up,

if I could have moved my hands I would have covered my ears.
Thankfully I didn’t need to, she said that he couldn’t scream.
Though I think he did, I just never heard him, what Vixana said
I was not surprised, she said she was going to seal his mouth.
It went so quiet, so very quiet, even that silence was deafening.
I think I heard him swallow something, but I never knew what.
Then she called for the next pig at last, she said that he’d know

how true horror felt, that she wanted him to see what was done
but he was to be given a choice, he could have all done to him
or he could apologise to her about whoever it was, to her friend
I never knew what happened next, I didn’t hear anything at all.
She said she would send him, as he was, to him, for his fun.
She said an apology was nice but it didn’t change anything
he should not have done what he did, he’d pay for it, always.”

“It went quiet after that. Vixana did something, for I could see
but those four men were nowhere to be seen. But I did ask her.
She said she’d sent them to him, holding her hand pointing down.
“So there I was, on the track with Vixana, just the two of us there.
She walked away, she changed to be a pretty young girl again.”
Ruby hugged Sergeant Wentworth. “Now I will explain that,
I wanted to know that they have gone, but not what happened.

I think I know who asked Vixana to get them, I think it was Joe.
Those men, that horse was caused to be there by Vixana or Joe.
I knew each of those four men, I was the first to call them pigs.
They did such vile horrible thing to me, my body, my person.
When they were too drunk to stand, I got free I made my escape
I was running from them, I had been running for two whole days.
Joe saw me, he captured me and hid me from them, he has done.

I believe it was Joe who asked Vixana to get those men, for me
I’m glad I’ll never fear them being near, or to see them again.
as for the one Vixana would call him, I know who that him is
it might do you some good to know of him, of Vixana’s friend
I know you think God exists but you are not sure. I can help.
They speak of God and talk of the Devil, with one is the other
I know for a fact he exists, the Devil is Vixana’s special friend.

Though he is only a platonic friend, so if he exists so does God.
They stopped walking, he looked to Ruby. “That makes sense.”
I’ll show you to where I live then you can go and get Samantha
we can have a meal together and afterwards see the living space.
I have a second house there, that you and Samantha can share,
one day when Samantha and I are married she’ll live with me.
And to think all I my plans are thanks to him, Moondyne Joe.”



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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Verse   303  to Verse  327      TAMARA JOHNS                                     


Tamara had gone to the town to find out about an ancestor
she had been to see a local historian, but that was no use
as she couldn’t get any help finding out who ancestor was,
but only having her great, great, great grandmother’s name
wasn’t being very helpful. Tamara felt it, she was at a loss.
The historian said to go to the river, but he didn’t say why
nor did he give any clues, as to what she would find there. 

Tamara was upset, knowing she might give up, after the river.
She wandered beside the railway, crossing, then down a field.
It was there that she stopped, she knew the grass was green,
but looking about all the green grass it had changed to brown.
Hearing a strange sound she looked to the corners of the field.
But only heard the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees
thinking that was it, though it sounded as a woman’s scream.

Looking about realising it wasn’t so, as there no echo was heard.
She continued down to the river, occasionally looking behind,
she noticed that the grass had once again become that green.
Knowing something there, something that made her feel good   
and that something drew her want to go down, beside the river.
Several times she looked to the river, yet nothing was there.
She still went. Standing there after she’d taken off her shoes.

She relaxed, rested, allowed her feet to dangle in the water. 
Almost at a sleep she watched the storks, then heard a splash,
looking about, the ducks paddled about, they were content
quickly putting on her shoes, going where she heard the splash.
Clambering over the undulating ground by the water’s edge,
seeing ripples on the surface of the river, she knew she was near.
There she saw a pretty young woman who was sat by the river.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here,” said Tamara
she looked to her but the young woman did not react to her.
Tamara looked over her shoulder to the field she had crossed.
“Did you hear a woman’s scream, I thought I did I’m not sure?”
“I heard the scream, I’ve heard that scream many times before,
though not as clear as it was today. Why, what brings you here?”
“I’m on holiday,” said Tamara, “I was told an ancestor lived here.”

“Really, I’ve known people that stayed here, man or woman?”
Tamara looked at the person, who hadn’t acknowledged her.
“Ruby, that name is all I know, she did have a baby though.
I’m hoping that she was married, that the name I have was his,
that might help me find an answer or two, my name is Johns.”
Suddenly the woman stood up, she faced, was looking at her.
“It’s you, I hoped you’d come, you are here at last, welcome,

I knew of Ruby she was quite well known by some people here.
She was born in an old village not far from here, toward the city.
It doesn’t exists any more, but your great, great great grandfather,
he was well known, seen as a friend too many, he is still known.”
“He is, sorry was, I mean. What was his name?” asked Tamara.
“He has the same name as yours, Johns. Joseph Bolitho Johns,
though best known by his other name, there’s a festival here.”

“Here, in this town.” “He is remembered each year,” said Vixana.
“He is? There is a festival here, in the town,” exclaimed Tamara.
“I dare say not many people will know him by his real name, 
he was best known by what he was known as, Moondyne Joe,
there was even been a few songs written about him, his exploits. ”
“I’ve heard that name, but only because Ruby was from here.”
“She still is, she and Joe pop in from time to time,” said Vixana,

“Of all the people I’ve met I thought of Joe and Ruby as nice.”
“What do you mean? That you knew them or you know them?
Because you can’t know them, they would have died long ago.”
“Nineteen eleven as far as I remember, I did know them alright,
it was in March eighteen sixty seven when we met, the tenth.”
“It can’t be them, a hundred and fifty years ago,” said Tamara.
“More like a hundred and forty five, you just be careful though,

our Joe is a bit touchy about his age,” said Vixana, smiling.
“No, that’s not right, you couldn’t possibly have known him?”
“Oh I see, you don’t believe me. You had best ask Teara then,
She‘ll be here in a minute.” Vixana looked into the river’s water
“She will?” Tamara looked for her along the bank of the river,
“Can you tell me which way to look for Teara, I don’t know?” 
“It won’t be long until she’s here, and she’ll come in the water.”

“Can you tell me more about Ruby or Joe, why you liked them.”
“It’s like this, Joe and I have a bit of history in a roundabout way.
I knew Joe’s great grandfather, he liked animals and was nice.
He was a descendent of druids that lived on The Isle of Anglesey.
But I doubt Joe knows that, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say.” 
About to question Vixana, Tamara saw Teara rise from the river.
Not noticing her Teara talked aloud to Vixana. She was upset.

“What is so important now? You were nearly screaming to me.”
Vixana pointed to Tamara. “We’ve got company, it‘s Tamara.”
“It is! Where?” she asked looking for her. “Oh, there you are,
I didn’t see you, I didn’t expect, I am glad you have made it here.
Tamara froze, Teara walked on the surface of the river to her.
“I should say Ruby and Joe called Teara, Goddess of the river.”
“I knew when I saw her baby this day would happen,” said Teara.

“The screams you heard in the field, it was Ruby,” said Teara,
“Joe will love to meet you, and Ruby will completely flip out.”
“Before that happens Teara, someone doesn’t believe we met.”
“I’ll say we did and do, guess who made this ring of flowers,
and she’s made me one of them every year since,” said Teara.
She took of the ring of flowers putting it on Tamara’s head
Tamara was stunned. “But how can you have known them,”

shaking her head, “You people…” Tamara slumped to the floor.
“People, she called us people Teara, maybe we are,” said Vixana.
“We should be kinder, gentler in how or what we say to her.”
They sat by the river waiting for Tamara to wake and speak.
When Tamara had regained from her faint, they hugged her.
“Know this of us Tamara we are excited to see you, to be friends
we do not want to scare you, but we will always say the truth.”

“As I have said, this lady is Teara the Goddess of the river.”
“And this fine woman only allows friends to use her name, she
wants you to know her as Vixana. When you hear people saying
about the wicked witch of the west, Vixana is who they mean.”
“That was until your Ruby and Joe came along,” said Vixana.
Tamara stepped back. “Please don’t be worried,” said Teara,
“She is a real sweety really.” “Don’t tell her that,” said Vixana.

Tamara opened her hand bag then taking an envelope from it.
“Can you help me with this it has been handed down generation
to generation in my family. This is a photograph of a painting.”
Teara looked at it, smiled asking Tamara to move four paces
“Those in the painting are Sgt. Wentworth and Samantha then
Ruby and Joe and if you look at the river and the hill behind me.”
“It’s the same as in the photograph, they stood here, amazing.”   

Vixana looked in the envelope she picked out the note from it.
“Is there any part of this note what you don’t understand about?”
“Yes,” said Tamara, “It says, thank you for the buttons, C.W.
What or where is a C.W. and what buttons?” asked Tamara.
“A couple of the buttons on his tunic were sewn on by Ruby.
C.W. is Police Sergeant Charles Wentworth he was married to
Samantha who was Ruby’s adopted sister, Charles arrested Joe.

He and Samantha were married and while Joe was in prison.
They cared for Ruby and when she gave birth the baby as well.
That button came loose when Charles and Joe helped a sheep.
The painting was made just after Joe was released from prison.
And Charles not being in a uniform, he was the magistrate.
Now look at the picture, to the left of where they are standing
By the rivers curve is where Charles arrested Joe,” said Teara.

Teara asked Tamara if she was ready to meet Ruby and Joe.
“I don’t know, I’m scared at the thought of seeing their ghosts.” 
Teara and Vixana looked to each other, they began to smile
They then looked to Tamara, and started laughing. “Scared?
You will be too scared to see ghosts? But you’re chatting to us
a nine hundred years old witch and the Goddess of the river.”
“How old, you’ve been living here that long?” asked Tamara.

“Not here though I was one of the first people to arrive here.
I used to live south of here. I remember I had a cave there,
not far from what is now the road to Truro. I have been back 
a few times, but I don’t like it there, I have a reputation there,
I’m known as an ugly old crone. No, I do prefer it being here
being known as a pretty young thing.” “That’s understandable.”
“I know what,” said Teara, “Come back tomorrow morning,

we can go to see the places Ruby and Joe lived,” said Teara.
“Thank you, but I would like to know about Sgt. Wentworth?”
“We can try, we don’t know much more than he arrested Joe,
Though we know more about him after he was a policeman
When the old magistrate left, the one not many people liked
it was Charles who became the towns temporary magistrate.
One of the things Charles did was to try and get Joe released,

Luckily his timing was good, events unknown to him helped,
You see, over the other side of country there was a celebration
A Victorian bushranger had been hung, he was the Ned Kelly
Because of him being hung they allowed Joe released from jail.
Joe had been in there over ten years, he didn’t know of Louissa
his daughter, Ruby had never mentioned to Joe he was a father
Louissa was ten years and one month old. She was a surprise.”

As Louissa said, one month was important to her,” said Teara,
“I think it was that sight that did it, seeing Ruby and Louissa 
together, because Joe never needed to be on the run again.” 
“Joe had a lot of learning to do, about Samantha and Charles 
they were married, Joe found out that they had two children.
Louissa played with them, James was five and Victoria seven.
Watching Joe with three children, what a sight,” said Vixana.

Tamara stood up. “I know if I don’t take this chance to see them
What they look like, I will always regret it, I want to know them
When I do meet their ghosts will both of you come with me?
Will you help me in case I get scared?” “That’s Vixana’s domain,
but if you ask her nicely.” Tamara grinned, she smiled sweetly.
“Do not even think even you can sweet talk me into doing that.
And I’d prefer it if you didn’t.” Vixana looked to Teara, Tamara.

“You’re related, you’re as bad as Joe,” she looked to Tamara. 
“Just don’t expect me to do it again.” Vixana was just about
to walk away from the river. “Before you ask, why I’m here.
I’m not helping you, this isn’t being done as a favour to you,
this is for them.” Feeling the ghosts of Ruby and Joe appear,
and become whole, walking next to Tamara, both sides of her.
Vixana went back to Teara, she sat down, shaking her head.

“I am going to get a good name for this, aren’t I ..... Damn.”


He had gone with his uncle, to buy some land to cultivate. He had intended to grow grapes to make wine, or port. Did he succeed, who knows.

Barton, Alice
Alice was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton. At fourteen years old she met some people who would change her life forever. She began to question what others said about life and became a notable figure for the running of one of the local churches. She would turn the other cheek when people cast dispersions about witches. But if anyone ever said anything bad about Vixana, they’d get it.

Barton, Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Barton’s youngest son was ten years old when he caught a cough. It became so severe that his constant coughing caused him to lose his voice. He never forgot the day his voice was given to him, or the other people he met that day.

Barton, Harry
The oldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Barton, he kept in touch with his brother and sister for as long as he could.

Barton, Mr.
He took over the sheep farm from his father, which he will probably leave to his children.

Barton, Mrs.
She got married in the year fifteen fifty two. Her father was a farmer who grew wheat on a farm that was, as she believed, in the middle of nowhere. 

He stayed near to the town in a quiet area, he married and had several children. He was able to buy his own farm near to the western boundaries of the area. His children would sometimes play with Ruby and Joe’s child, Samantha’s children as well, when they visited them.

Johns, Tamara
Not everyone has ancestors like hers, not everyone has friends like she had, and not everyone has an ancestor who is a legend.

Magistrate, The
He never knew why he had to leave town, though it was said by certain people he should have been kind to Ruby. Ruby had a couple of friends who looked out for her, one was Teara the other was known as Vixana.

When Joe was caught he fled to the south, where he lived the last of his days in isolation after being bitten by a non-poisonous snake he survived the bite. Martin would tell people that the snake was poisonous, he used that as an excuse to be driven partly insane. Not totally insane though, he was still able to successfully convince people that he was the Moondyne Joe. That left his old friend to live his final years in peace.

Moondyne Joe
His real name was Joseph Bolitho Johns. He mentioned to Ruby that his great, great, great, great grandfather was a druid that lived near the shores on the Isle of Anglesey. I am a bit hesitant to believe the druid connection although when Moondyne Joe wanted to charm people he would spoke in the soft tones that highlighted his northern Welsh accent.   

He would repeat that he once saw Moondyne Joe though not that he gave his mother some food. Even later in life as a sixty year old when he got drunk, he always changed the part about who gave the food. He never claimed it was Moondyne Joe and Ruby for he believed that Moondyne Joe’s family still lived in the area, and for what was done that day they would always have his respect.

Nathaniel’s mother
At a young age she became a follower of Vixana. Living in the country she kept near to Vixana and would, when she could, be of help to Ruby.
Trying to keep it a secret about not having enough food, and who gave her some food. Her other secret was about her being a witch.

She lived in a village that doesn’t exist anymore. The daughter of David and Ethel, her unofficially adopted sister was Samantha. The adoption never bothered Ruby or Samantha as they were the best of friends. Samantha’s daughters great, great daughter has two invisible friends.

Samantha’s parents had lived eighty miles to the north, they travelled through the area going to the sout coast when their baby (an eight month old Samantha) took ill. Unable to feed or give her any kind of medication Ruby’s parents took her in and raised her as Ruby’s sister. She was distraught when Ruby went away, and nearly unable to control herself when Ruby returned with Moondyne Joe. It was through them that Samantha met her husband Sgt. Charles Wentworth.

Known as the Goddess of the river, where she comes from no one knows, and she won’t say.
Vixana might know the answer but really, would you dare to question her?

She used to live in a cave near the village of Truro road. When she lived there Vixana was known as an evil person. She looked the part as well in her old black hooded cape and dark brown skirt that could have been a potato sack. Bent forward she always relied heavily on her cane that looked as though it used to be someone’s leg. And if you ever saw her with her hood back, that old haggard look was promoted by several moles and a wrinkly skin. 
To those who used her name without permission they pronounced her name Vix-Ana, but those few who she gave permission to use her name, they said her name as Vi-zar-na. There was some who pronounced her name that way without being told they were Teara, Alice, Joe, Ruby and Tamara. They were who she thought of as nice people. 

Wentworth, Charles, Sergeant
He was popular person, the people in the town knew him as friend, silently he had two other friends though they were not spoken of very often, they were Vixana and the Goddess of the River. As Sgt. Charles Wentworth he married Samantha and had two children, he also took care of Ruby and her daughter until Joseph B. Johns came to take care of them. By then the Sergeant had become the  magistrate.
When Charles was much older both of his grandchildren loved to hear tales about Ruby and Moondyne Joe. Though Charles gave them the respect they deserved, he never told his grandchildren that the children they played with were the descendants of Moondyne Joe.
Charles was responsible for getting Joe released from prison early. He never said exactly where Joe and Ruby lived the rest of their days. Once or thrice he told Vixana and Teara that it was near the area that has his name, Moondyne.



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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #33 on: December 13, 2013, 10:50:15 am »
I've been playing with what I've done of late. The poem entitled, Smile here comes Death, has been re-titled The Two Swords. I took away the verses and re-wrote it as an Epic Poem.
It still needs a bit of an edit but it is more enjoyable to write like this and will with luck be going to a publisher next week. The bit here is only the first two and a third pages of the 137 pages written.
Being a glutten for punishment I'll propbably do a book 2.

CREATION OF THE ARMY                                                                 

God was pleased with the world,
the plants all began to grow.
The animals and the birds he
created began to thrive.
All was well in his eyes.
Through the years
the animals needed
more land to find their prey,
then it was soon noticed
that not all animals
lived in harmony.
They began to fight
with each other
and amongst their own kind.
So God created an army,
the Angels, 
to keep the animals apart
it stopped them being killed
and it stopped them
being eaten by each other.
But the leader of the Angels
found that he had enjoyed
them controlled and he liked
to it when he killed them
even though they were God’s creations.
God really disliked that 
and sent him
to look after the dead.
He became known
by several names
though that Angel would soon become
known to many as the Devil.
But the Devil soon
began to get bored,
to relieve that boredom
he created himself a son
to help him control
the ever increased number of the dead.
Then his son soon became bored
though rather than create another one
to help control what was
the son created an army.
As time passed that army
continued to grow in size
as many hundreds from above died.
God created others to help
the Angels, but they soon turned
against those animals.
Then God created more animals
to control those that were.
And of those new ones
God called them his children.
The Devil’s Son’s army
he called them his legion
he played with God’s creations.
He created some who ate each other
and some who drank of blood.
Those the Son liked best
were those who attacked God’s children
before they died.
The Son mixed animals and birds with
God’s Children and made himself
many a legion
of what God said, “They are damned.”
The Devil’s Son now
hated God nearly as much
as he detested his father.
So much that he even changed the name
the Son called them his demons.
Soon, when the Son had created
the many
even the Devil himself
saw his Son a threat,
He himself needed to make many,
and many more.
And just in time
as the Son made war
and they fought for control
of the Devil’s domain.
Long fought was the war
a great many demons lay dead
but the Devil won through
though the Son escaped
with legions of those he had made.
He the Son, of the Devil
vowed to his father
“I will return
and I will have my vengeance. 
On you and your friend God,
you’d best be aware
for of the day I return
I will fight for control of
everything his and yours.”
The Devil called to God,
he said of what had happened
he knew that if his Son
was to ever to return
they’d have to join.
God knew his army of Angels
was no good,
that army was built to control
the plants and animals.
So he had made others
to help
to control those
on the land.
And he gave himself Goddess Tianara
and for those in the sea,
he took the largest
and created it into a man.
God gave him a name
King Neptune.
He hoped
with their free will
they’d give in return.
The Goddess of the land,
she called to King of the sea,
and together they agreed
to make God an army,
to protect them
that he called his children.
The agreed that the Goddess
of the land was to search,
to find and make the army
but that the King of the sea
would give of his children
when called
to be a General or more
in the army.
God liked the promised gift
he gave his approval for the army,
for he had a great fear
for his children.
The Goddess Tianara
began her search,
though a thousand years or four
passed before the Goddess found
both of who she searched for.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #34 on: December 27, 2013, 04:45:39 am »
Two armies that fought
to protect those who were weak
and those who had been wronged.
The Goddess caused each army
to be near to the other.
Though one would have to wait,
God said he saw one
in one army would be right
to be who he wanted
when the time was right.
For the Goddesses plan
to work she needed that
she would not be seen,
so maybe she would join
as one who could foretell,
that is who she would be
though she hid herself as a seer
as she wanted to meet Garet
one of those army’s weapons maker,
she wanted to inspire him
to create the weapons that would
be used for God’s new army,
the Two Swords.
Guiding both armies to be where
they should be,
where she decreed they should be;
both ready to be created one.
For one of that army to be given
unto God, many gifts
would she bestow.
The Goddess,
she waited and watched.


Holly Marie Eloepe looked
at her broken army.
She saw the distraught
and disfigured bodies
scattered about, on the battle field.
“So many good warriors,
so many were once good friends.”
Soldiers who she knew and trusted,
it had been left to them
her chosen guards
they looked at all the fallen bodies,
they looked for signs of life.
She watched and hoped
that each time they stopped,
it would be to kneel and offer help.
And they did stop, often, 
but on many of those times
they’d plunge their spear into a body
to stop a soldier who suffered,
be it one of her soldiers or theirs.
Holly rolled over a body herself,
She saw a friend to whom she knelt
quietly she spoke to her
she hoped to hear a reply.
“Gwellyn? can you hear me?”
Gwellyn looked up to her. “Did we win?”
“Yes, we won,”
replied Holly with a wry smile.
“But our losses were far too many.” 
Trying to sit up,
Gwellyn wanted to look,
she asked Holly for her help.
Raising Gwellyn’s head
Holly held her back high,
so that Gwellyn could see,
she stared at all the fallen.
She was so saddened
by the sight of so many.
Holly helped her to stand
she broke the end off a spear,
then gave her the rest. 
“Use this, it’ll help you walk.”
Holly heard shouting in her camp,
she looked to see who it was,
she saw a few of her archers
had already begun to celebrate the win.
Holly ran into the camp,
getting angrier as she ran towards them
some of the archers sang and danced
with jugs of ale being swung about.
Holly knocked the drinks from their hands,
she glared at them.
“Get back to the battlefield, now.
Help my guards to find our injured.”
As an archer passed by Garet
the archer told him
how useless he was.
Holly, about to state he was good
was interrupted by another,
a woman who walked towards them.
“Don’t pay any attention to him
of what you will do
it will be of benefit to them
soon they will want to thank you.”
Garet looked to her, surprised
and confused, he didn’t know her.
Holly faced her.
“Tell me, who are you?”
“I am your new seer,
I was told to be here,” she said. 
“Well I lead this army,
and I don’t know who you are,
I need to know you,” said Holly.
“I agree,” said Garet he faced the seer.
“As I said, I am the seer
though you don’t know me,
don’t doubt me
because I know you.
That I know of your past,
of what you are doing now,
and soon I’ll know of your future.
Of how I know
that you can question later
but as for now
I know more of each of you
than you know of yourself.”
Holly smiled,
she held Garet’s shoulder.
“You’ve got to admit,
she does speak like a seer.
I’d like to know more
but I doubt I’d understand her reply.
I’ll go back to the battlefield.”
“Don’t go now,
just because you don’t understand me.
I have said what I am
of why I am here
though it will only be for today,
tomorrow, or the next day.
Then I promise you will know
who I am,
by then you will know more of each other
and more of yourself.”
Holly stared at the seer,
drawing a blank she looked to Garet.
Holly shrugged her shoulders.
“I’ll leave you two to talk
I’m going to go to the battlefield.”
“Before you go Holly
do you know what Garet is making
or what he plans to make?”
Holly was about to tell off Garet,
keeping such a secret from her
but she had doubt
she couldn’t remember if she knew.
Had she asked Garet what they were
and if so had Garet replied to her.”
The seer’s answers caused confusion
as for Garet,
he was concerned,
he wanted to know how the seer knew
of his plans and of his thoughts.
Holly had stopped where she was,
she thought to herself and said.
“I’d like to know about the weapons,”
she looked to Garet and the seer.
“Garet, go and prepare them,
they will be needed soon,” said the seer.
Holly and Garet stood in silence
they waited to see if
the seer continued,
she only smiled at them,
and faced the distant hills behind,
she pointed to them.
“When your army is ready to go Holly
have them march into the third valley,
when the mornings sunlight falls
to the valley floor
watch as it goes toward
the other army.
But know this,
when you do meet their leader
she will appear between you.
Be ready to answer her,
for she will ask
that your armies join
as one.
And if you say yes,
you will see many wonders that day.”
The seer turned and went into a tent.
Holly wanted to know more,
she followed,
into the tent
but Holly found herself alone,
going outside again,
she looked about
but Garet had gone.
The seer’s words repeated in her head.
‘Onto the valley floor
over the second hill.’
Holly went to the battlefield,
she looked at her army,
she knew it was not ready for battle
or even the walk to the battle.
Speaking to each of her guards
Holly said of the battle
that the seer spoke of
in the next couple of days
Holly wanted to tell them
her guards to only tell
those who could walk.
The next morning with a depleted army,
and of those many of her warriors
who bravely walked with lengths of wood.


Holly hoped that where they were stood
at the edge of the valley floor
the rays of sunlight would be in
the eyes those they were to battle.
As Holly watched the sunlight
go down the hill onto the valley floor
it revealed a massive army;
that her army was out-numbered
by at least ten to one.
Holly accepted within herself
that she would not see another day.
Though she would not go with grace,
she would keep fighting
until her last breath left her body.
Seeing movement at enemies armies front,
expecting an early charge,
Holly was about to call to her army.
But she was so surprised;
she saw their leader had gone
to halfway between the armies.
Holly did the same,
she expected
to be asked to surrender.
When she was close to him,
about to ask his conditions
she saw a glow of light
grow from the ground,
a dome of brilliant pure light.
Both of them withdrew their sword,
each accused the other of trickery.
The light spread over the ground
until it covered them as well.
“Put your weapons away,
you do not need them here,
for I caused this light to be.”
They looked at who said those words,
Holly was surprised to see her new seer.
The leader of the other army, Grevoth,
he looked to Holly
he said that she was their seer.
“I was never a seer
to either army,
I said to each of you
that you will have to choose,
to be of one army or not.
But before you do choose
each of you should know this,
Grevoth, those of your army who fell
when they were marched here
they will be returned to you, alive.
And to you Holly, those warriors
who fell in the last battle.
If you join they will not be dead,
they will return free of injury.
But only if you say yes
and only if you say yes,
after today you will never see one
of the new army stay dead
for the army will always be.
It will never stop.”
Holly looked to her.
“Who are you?”
“That I cannot say to you,
to either of you,
but if you both walk towards me,
I will see that as you saying yes,
for your armies to be as one
then I can tell.”
Grevoth looked to Holly,
he turned to his army,
then he walked towards her.
Holly looked at her army,
she went to be at Grevoth’s shoulder.
“We agree,” said Holly.
“What can you tell us of what will be.”
“Beginning of this day,
Grevoth and Holly,
a new destiny begins for you both.
The new army will be The Two Swords.
Against each other
You each had one sword,
so together you have two
though you can only use one
for the will be the power.”
“And what of us?” asked Grevoth,
“You won’t need two leaders.”
“I will liaise with you,
I will be your leader
and your guide
for the army is his, he is God.
You will be Generals in his army.
Now know about me,
as I appear to you now
of who I am,
as I am now, I look a person
know that I am Tianara,
but when like this,”
her whole body became bathed in light,
“Know me now as Goddess Tianara.
Now I invite you both
to call your armies,
tell them to feast,
to join and become friends
and have them prepare.
The first battle is in two days,
where the battle is and who the
battle is against,
leave that to me,
I am and will be your guide,
I will cause you to be there.”
The light about her faded, she disappeared.
Calling their armies to join,
both Holly and Grevoth were
surprised to see their warriors who
once had injuries
they were now fit
and those who were dead,
they walked amongst them.
That night, those of the two
armies started to become friends.


In the early mornings light
on the second day
that one army stood on barren ground,
they looked towards a town
within a big stone fort.
Holly and Grevoth stood at the head.
The Goddess Tianara appeared
ahead of them yet she faced them.
“As of now you no longer fight
to save the weak and the wronged,
from now you will battle
all that is evil.
The first battle will be against
two hundred demons,
seen as the Sons protectors
and I foresee that you will win.
All those you will face 
have the same weakness,
they always believe they can win,”
said Tianara as she pointed
to the ground.
“See this line that I’ve drawn,
when you cross over it
you will be start to be the Two Swords.
Your clothes will change
and be the battle dress.”
Holly and Grevoth stepped over the line,
as was said their clothes changed
they looked down at their battle dress.
“The crossbow over your shoulder
is a weapon that Garet has made
it will always be ready for use.
Now feel the swords
and know the other is power.
Holly drop your sword to the ground.”
as she did it appeared in her hand.
“Both of you, take another step forward.”
Grevoth and Holly did as they were told.
They saw in front of them
the sunlight began to spread its
light on the walls of the town.
They knew that behind then
the once two armies now stood as one,
they of the Two Swords had begun.
Hearing a new sound behind
Holly and Grevoth turned to see
that Garet had started to slap
the leather of his battle dress.
“Why aree you doing that?” asked Holly.
“This will be my first battle,
I need to ready myself.”
Grevoth smiled, he faced the
army, he called to them.
“Do as Garet the weapons maker does,
from this day on,
the leather being slapped
it will be our battle cry
one we can all do together, as one.”
The army began to march forward,
they began to slap the leather,
the sound grew louder as more joined in.
The army neared to a hundred paces
from the town’s walls
and the army stopped.
Horse pulled chariots raced to the walls
as the soldiers threw hooks
into the walls window portals,
returning the attached ropes
for other soldiers to pull them,
the hooks loosened many stones
the portals became holes in the wall.
As more hooks were withdrawn the
holes grew bigger.
Vampire demons were seen hiding
from the suns murderous rays
people of the town escaped
they appeared running from the town,
all were confused yet thankful
that they had been saved.
When all the town’s people
were known to be free,
with the Two Swords ready.
Grevoth raised his sword,
that signaled the archers to run
to the front.
Terracotta urns filled with burning oil
were placed at their sides.
The archers began to send a rain of fire
onto the roofs of the buildings.
With broken walls
letting the sunlight in
and fire spreading throughout the town
the vampires ran to try and find safety,
to seek the shade though none was found.
Holly led the main army’s charge
to kill all the vampires there.
When they had all withdrawn
the town the people were allowed
to return, one of the people went
to Grevoth.
“Please help me,
my wife and children
they await my return home,
if you help them be here
all the new horses I have they are yours.
My house is to the west of here,
nestled over the second hill
in the valley,” said Tiberinus.
Holly looked to Grevoth.
“The same as where our armies met.”
Though he wasn’t aware
Tianara stood near,
she heard his plee
she smiled to Holly and Grevoth
“I will do this.” She vanished.
Thankful for their rescue the
towns people celebrated long into
the night.


In the mornings light,
More than a few had sore heads
and were deep in regret.
Tiberinus still waited
for his wife and children,
placating himself
he wandered aimlessly
passed the town’s walls.
He saw his home,
not a hundred paces away.
Running there,
and into his home he was greeted
by his wife and happy children.
“We didn’t expect you back so soon,
did you go to the town?” asked his wife.
He held Grecia. 
“I did get to the town
I am still there, and now, as are you.
Look outside.”
Puzzled by his reply
she looked to her children,
who now stood by the doorway,
excited they called to her to join them.
Grecia went to be by them,
she saw the people of the town.
“Tiberinus, how could this be?”
“I’m not sure,” he said,
“I think it was because of…...”
Before he could tell the story,
a bright light rose from the ground.
There walking in all her majesty
from within the light,
a glow still reigned about her body
was the Goddess Tianara.
“How?” he asked as he stared to her.
“You asked us Tiberinus,
to bring your wife and children here.
In return you said we could have
your new horses;
those white unicorns I gave them wings.
Know that they will be cared for,
know they are the charge
for each of The Riders.”