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Just a couple of poems
« on: August 29, 2011, 11:51:02 am »


The lonely lane dwindled through the archway of trees,
Cold grey tarmac, cushioned by autumns golden leaves.
Solitary reflections renewed the memories of summer,
As a bronzed leaf spiralled down to a growth of heather.

Fearless marble lions stood firm unto the hint of winter,
Wrought iron gates reflect grandeur they canst remember.
Roses stood tall waiting for the final summers inspection,
A Crocus lay down and dreamt of a last minute salvation.

The lush green grass flowed, as the tides with the breeze,
A greenhouse fell back, without the slightest hint of ease.
The mansions fallen, now resting on the rich brown earth,
As tree branches stored energy, for their next virgin birth.


Glowing with magnificence from an age gone by,
Castles standing still, with its footings in the wet,
Although now ruins, its battlements ruled the sky,
Defending a lost treasure, which no one canst get.
The grass now grows, where the knights they trod
Their shiny armour still reflecting the light within,
Their horses in the yard, quietly waiting to be shod,
Dead servants are ready, the tournaments to begin.

Echoes of a time gone by, the lights now blown out,
Proud armour now lining a museum along the road,
The crumbling stable is home, for the solitary goat,
Looking for animals have gone, save a golden toad.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 11:35:02 pm »
These are excellent poems - thanks for sharing them!


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2011, 05:20:55 am »
That damned obsession, writing.

I am so distant to my friends, I’m held in time,
Writing stories, they are just exercises in mime,
Noting a riddle, one that has rhythm not rhyme,
Tales of future or past. Of memories not mine.

Mentions of aliens, this planet they came to see,
Do they attack now? As a battle there would be,
They could return when we’re dead, a century?
To get a free new world, a gift from you and me.

Of vampires, zombies, monthly werewolves too.
Tales of  the creatures, that never went to a zoo.
Demons that live to scare the crap out of you,
Glints from their colourful eyes, they aren’t blue.

Do I write with a pen, a lead pencil or quill,
A computer using a word processor as well.
And those new names so that friends can’t tell,
if it’s them, else they’ll exclaim, what the hell?


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2011, 12:11:03 am »
Good, intense poem there. Thanks for sharing, keep it up!


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2011, 02:12:46 am »
From a time of old.

As with the time of old, their present time passed,
Remaining within the stones of the stone circles,   
From a forgotten past, waiting for the time undone.

They would search the land, if the Goddess called,
Then respond, and rising up from the circles of old,
To protect the people, the land, and protect the all.

They would do battle with the demons on the land,
They’d go to fight the demons that lived in the air.
They’d even go to hell and fight the demons there.

A force of evil, it had sought to control this world,
But the maidens, they faced her, fighting her fold,
To a new beginning, a life, they healed the ground. 

Glowing eyes in the undergrowth.

Deathly bright, from the nightly light, its eyes watch from the gloom
Seeing, staring at the mime, hearing the deaf of the nights full moon
Shouting its thoughts, it is smelling the sounds that float in the air.

Moving forward, into the light, walking fast. It is tracking its prey.
Then faster, not running but chasing. Stopping, it goes to ground,
Sensing that now, this is the time, its victim is unaware it is there.

This nights rewards, its stomachs rights. Leaping out into the light,           
Moving on a path passing through the trees. Stalking turns to sight,
Seeing them, then chasing them, their fear breathes a new delight. 

Pounding hard on the ground, it’s gaining, it is guiding their fright,
A glint in sight, seeing a light, it brightens the darkness of night,             
Standing at the edge of the trees, it looks at the lights of the town.

Quietly moving forward, keeping watch to the man on a lonely path,
Through the borders of the planted false gardens in the towns park, 
Gliding over the branches, and the lost leaves of yesterdays growth

Onto the cold dark ground where cars are parked till the light of day,
The man now walks, seeking the light and life of his drinking hole,
And the wolf grins, its gleaming eyes rise up till it’s the height of man.
It sees the man walk into a house filled with life, drink and laughter,
Padding across black stones it swings open the doors and growls,
Watching with glee as the humans scream and run from their destiny.
Quietly, happily the werewolf returns to a familiar ground, its home,
Its eyes they’re beginning to glow like flames, burning a deepest red, 
Such deathly bright of darkness light, then it growls, a fulfilled groan.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2013, 12:57:08 pm »
Here is the first eight verses of an epic poem I am writing. I'm not to sure how long it will be, guessing though, 150 verses is a good place to start.


I hereby bring to order the eighteenth meeting of the Swandar Ghost
Hunters Club, said Samuel. He looked at Rosey embarrassed that he
was calling the start of a meeting with only the two of them present.
Looking to the empty chairs he tabled the minutes of the last meeting.
Going through the motions, agreed for each meeting he faced Rosey
Saying who was present, he then asked if she’d had any apologies?
Smiling as ever Rosey suddenly stood up, causing her hair to bounce,
Samuel nearly had a stroke, Rosey loved overstated remarks and deeds
Yes, Suzy and Jeff are in town they’re getting her father a birthday gift,
Kal was told an old friend had died, she’s gone to pay her last respects.
Glenn is with Linda, they said they are going to do an exorcism tonight.

Samuel asked about Susan and Adrian, have they spoken to you Rosey?
Most nights, Susan and Adrian are at the library, they’re doing research
A documentary that they have to making for the course that they‘re on.
The lecturer at the university gave them a project, a ten minute show
To make it of a unique tourist feature near Perth in Western Australia
Then to make it interesting with a scary aspect that’s part of the story.
So that is why they are not here, they’re finding tales of ghosts to use             
Not made up tales like yesterday, of what they’re doing, it has a ghost
The ringing of the phone was loud, almost causing Samuel to have a fit
Rosey grabbed the phone, telling Samuel to lower the sound of its ring
Hi there Kal, said Rosey, are you still going to visit your friends grave?

Yes, still going there. I’m just calling because of the meeting tonight.
The meeting’s cancelled due to lack of interest, it’s just Sam and me
Ooh Rosey, by yourselves at last? Clever girl. How did you plan that? 
It, what was? What are you on about? Rosey was unsure what she meant.
You know full well Rosey, me telling you that you need to get a room?
Rosey blushed, she looked to Samuel. Kal, how could you think that?
Samuel called from his chair, you realise I can hear, don’t you Kal?
How far are you from here, and will you get any further?” he asked.
I’m on the coach, replied Kal, and it’s going away from you, so yes.
Though maybe I shouldn’t have said that, as now I need your help.
Excuse me, after what you just said? asked Rosey a smile on her lips

I think some serious grovelling is in order. So Kneel Bitch! she said.
Kal laughed, taking Rosey’s outburst in jest. I am, I am, she replied.
Kal told them that she’d just woken from a dream a very vivid dream.
I saw two giants playing Draughts. One was God, the other the Devil.
They were saying that they were bored, that neither had recieved a soul
Devil hadn’t had any souls to torment, God said he‘d had none to love.
In my dream, the devil was winning, twenty five games to seventeen.
I don’t know if they had been playing for a while, or just sometimes.
God suggested, the devil agreed they send someone to find out why.
Then I got worried, the Devil told God that a person was about to die,
And that the person would be named Kal-na, the new Debt Collector.

Then the devil said that the person was about to die in a coach crash.
Thing is, what most people don’t know, my name is Kaelyn Nataniella.
My sister couldn’t say my name and called me Kal-na, now I’m Kal.
I don’t think you need to worry, said Samuel’s his words cut short
Interrupted by screeching of coach tyres, then a crash it was repeated.
Rosey gasped, looking to Sam, those tears of fear welled in her eyes.
Of Kal’s dream could she prophesise a future that’s just minutes away
If it is true, what could she be feeling, and what is it that she can see?
Smiling, the man stood still, he standing in the road, facing the coach.
He grinned, as he heard the first screech of the tyres, then the screams
Those passengers who were asleep, were suddenly wrestled from rest.

Of the man who was standing on the road was hit, his body cast aside.
Lurching to it’s side the coach began to tip, sliding along the road
Dropping down on the hard shoulder, it smashed against some trees
Then loud crashes, breaking the quiet as it sliced into solid ground.
Bodies of people, bloodied corpses remained, lying on comfort seats
The driver lay broken on safety glass, he’d tried to steady the wheel
Halfway back, in the luggage rack there lay, a passengers remains
Kal-na rose from Kal’s distraught torso. Looking at her loss of blood. 
She raised Kal’s arm, moments later she let it fall to her body’s side
You’ll not want me to do this, but you’ll thank me for doing this later.
Looking to Kal, she stepped on her arm causing a fracture. That’ll do.

Wandering out the back of the broken coach. Kal-na looked to the road.
Seeing the body of the man lying in the road she walked towards it
Kicking it to make it wake up. Damned vampire what were you doing?
It turned its head, looking side to side, he surveyed the wrecked coach.
Shame, all that blood, just wasted. Still I’ll get what’s left, and yours.
Kal-na grinned, breathing in deep, accepting with glee what she’d do.
The vampire’s eyes lit up, it bared its teeth. Now I’m going to get you.
Kal-na’s eyes began to glow. You? Scare me, I’m a Debt Collector.
Her eyes became fire, the flames from her eyes went into its body
enveloping vampire’s inner demons, then back to Kal-na they flew.
The vampire itself began to fade, its body lying on the road as dust.

Rosey was shocked, gazing towards Samuel, her eyes started to cry.
What if Kal’s dream was right, she sobbed, and now she is another? 
Should we call the police, the hospital or the owners of the coach?
Samuel thought hard and fast, wondering how they could explain
What is it that we know? What do we say, Kal works for the devil?
Kal-na stood, leaning on the doorframe, listening she laughed aloud.
I think that you’ll agree, that was what she’d call her weirdest dream.
Rosey turned, walked to her, she touched her. Sam, she’s not a ghost.
If I were Kal, then yes I agree, a ghost I would be. But I am not Kal,
For I am Kal-na, their latest and their first, I am their Debt Collector.
Think not that I’m a demons sin eater, but I’ll eat a demon who sins.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #6 on: January 22, 2013, 03:02:15 am »
continued from previous post

What was a dream, is now all true, my memories are from all before.
Of what there is to do, what they’ll have me do, I will do with pride.
To find why souls of the dead, are not going to where they should.
To find who caused it and why, and be judge, jury and executioner.
As from Kal we know you are, so the two of us, we wish you well
Never feel alone, though we’re human will others be there with you
Molly of the Riders, one of Gods people, she will be with me soon.
And from you my friends, of all who want to be, no, I’ll not be alone.
Rosey went to the computer, turning it on she went to the internet.
I’ll see what I can find, about you who you are as a Debt Collector.
I’d be interested to know, all of what you find as well, said Samuel.

Rosey did as planned though what she found was just the one site,
a painting portrayed the first Debt Collector, now known as Death.
Also known as one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, said Kal-na.
Horseman or woman? How can you tell, just by looking at a skull?
The name does not depict the gender, as with mankind it means both
Kal-na looked hard, said good point to Rosey, nothing else was there.
Kal-na stopped talking, she closed her eyes. Then facing to the side,
she began to smile. Word from Molly, a presence has been found.
The Two Swords will soon make battle, for them and me, it’s begun.
For now, you as I, we have to wait. On a search for sightings of them
Molly is with four more of them I’ll know when this war has begun.

Molly called down, stone circles awoke, stone’s began to glow bright
Not of stone was Molly reborn, for within the stone she was at rest.
Light flashed down like lightning, from Molly to stone’s inner ground
The message heard, from within the circle a dome of light was formed
A Goddess came to be, when the light faded, then pointing to stone
Others to Molly they rose, to begin to find those, who’d hid the souls.
Molly waved them on, willing them look down at overflown ground
Silently, transparently they traversed the land, looking for even a sign
Where the enemy of all would begin, beginning to feel senses raised
A look now a stare, at blade of grass, grain of sand they waited to see
On barest of ground, as if emitting its sin, three photographers went.

Gary, Edmund and Brian walked across a field to the stone circle,
each carrying a camera tripod and their camera’s in a shoulder bag.
Standing near, they inspect the altar stone, from various directions.
Setting his gear down, come on them, said Gary, this is what we do.
As if given permission they start to take photographs of that stone,
Moving tripod about, from here to here, that ideal of light they seek
Concentrating on photographs to take, becoming blind to all around
They don’t see those many thousand winged gargoyles, that fly down
to the earth, near them, around the stone circle, then stay as statues
Four foot high, wings a sinewy glistening skin, each smiling its delight
trying to blend with the circle the ground, as if none wants to be seen.

Looking at the sun, to where a shadow will rest, Brian sees a gargoyle
Then sees the statues of gargoyles around. But I don’t remember them
I must have walked right through them. He called to the others to see
Moving closer to them, adjusting settings on camera’s full of glee                                                     
Taking stills upon stills and videos, their memory cards began to fill,
photographs of each they took. Unknown gargoyle, captions to read. 
Guys I’m off to that ridge, called Edmund, I want to a panoramic view
Brian agreed a panoramic view of the circle and them, that’ll be good.               
Standing on the ridge, stunned at what he saw, he called to his friends.
Running onto the ridge, the statue of a giant winged gargoyle they saw.                                                                   
In wonder they closed to Brian, waiting, wondering of what he’d seen. 

Facing one more, though it was giant, it’s wings so transparently wide,
ignoring those that are small, they began to see their photos in print.                             
Gary turned, wanting to compare the giant, with those that are small
If only he saw inside the giant, the devil’s son, in one of his forms.                   
Realizing in horror, the damned things are moving, coming this way.
Quick grab your gear, shouted Gary. Brian, Edmund, be bloody quick!
As they ran, not turning, waiting until they found safety behind a wall.
Those gargoyles all began to hop, jump, glide towards the giant statue.
The gargoyles to the statue do go, they dance around it, they worship it.                                                 
One of the smaller gargoyles, knelt to the giant, then rose up to the sky.
All other gargoyles stop, they all stood back. Then beginning to smile.

They hopped for joy, they looked up, then the giant it started to smile,
then looking to them, screaming its glory, with its worshippers flew up.
Into the air it joined with them. And together they flew across the land.                                                                         
Looking ahead at the countryside, to a distant hill, it lay on the horizon.                                               
Molly’s stood on that hill with eighteen more soldiers, looking around
looking for them, then hearing they’re sound, they hid in the ground.
Molly ordered nine soldiers, see what is on the other side of the hill.                                                                                                 
Looking to the sky seeing gargoyles that are dropping, as if to land.   
Going to where Molly said that the few gargoyles must have landed.
When Molly and the soldiers get closer, there are many more they see.
As more winged unicorns were flying overhead. They stared to them.                                                                                                                                               

Molly said to creep, the gargoyles have landed near. Careful everyone,
The soldiers in groups of three, beginning to search in the field nearby.                                                                                           
Suddenly they were attacked, outnumbered and almost surrounded.           
Seeking cover in a shelter. She sends Anne to get help. We are trapped.
Molly saw gargoyles dancing, prancing happily through the bushes.                                                                                       
Seeking escape, she saw was an old wooden shelter, she led them there.
The gargoyles taunted them, poking them with their long wooden poles.
Several gargoyles rushed at them, they capture and drag away a soldier.                                           
Hearing the soldiers screams, the giant flies down to gloat with them.
Now the others know where we are, help is on the way. Smiled Molly
The gargoyles pointed at the shelter, proudly showing off the captives.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #7 on: January 23, 2013, 11:44:26 pm »
continued from.....

The giant gargoyle walked towards the soldiers trapped in the shelter.
They had to listen to the screams of the soldier the gargoyles captured.
The gargoyles danced happily near the shelter. Taunting the Riders
Then quiet, as the screams from the captured soldier suddenly ceased.
Standing back the giant gargoyle waved them to get another soldier.                                                   
The gargoyles come and grab another. She is felled near the shelter.
The giant jumps up high, then drops onto her, deliberately he kills her.
The gargoyles dance happily, the giant screams, signalling happy glee.
Molly bids them be ready. The soldiers crouch down, weapons loaded.
The giant gargoyle attacked the shelter, jumping on and wrecking it.
The soldiers rolled clear from the wreckage as Molly screamed NOW!               

NOTE verse 18 will have to be done separately,
this site will not print it properly.
She stands outside the circle, dropping to a knee raising her crossbow
With Goddess Claire and Goddess Darla pointing to each of the stones.           
From each stone, soldiers walk or run, and go to protect the rising new
More soldiers appear, joining those who stood ready awaiting the next.                             
Wave after wave of the soldiers run forth, as the army starts to be here.
A few mounted winged Unicorns from the ground rise up into the sky.
The soldiers on the winged unicorns, cross bows levelled in their sight
ready to defend those who are now pouring from the ground in style. 
The Goddess Darla creates a vision of where the gargoyles they are, 
Now you know where to go, I have shown you how do yourself proud.
They all move into a field, grouping together, moving down the slope.               

More soldiers join them as they go down the slope to where others are
The army not stopped, slowly it moves letting more become as one.
Darla floats up, waving to the Riders, pointing for them the way to go.
Darla and Claire look to each other, smile, then go into the stone circle.                             
Then spreading their arms wide, rise from ground they slowly do turn.
Their feet not touching the ground, and now they both begin to glow.
Pointing down to the ground drawing a pentagram it begins to appear.
A dome of light forms, then fades to a glow, as the Goddess Tianara is,                           
Cold lines of the pentagram, they start to glow then they become flame.             
A funnel of blue light flows up from pentagrams centre into the night.
And massed numbers of mounted winged unicorns rise from in ground.               

Lazy clouds laying on horizons line, move aside, the sunlight bursts out.
Covering all the land and sky, the glare of the yellow light filled the air,         
In passing time the glare of the sunlight began to fade. And all was seen                                                   
The gargoyles knowing they’d win though vied, their rightful conclusion.
The giant gargoyle flew down to lead them. Its landing shook the ground
With wings spread wide, talons dripping sin, it calls the battle to begin.
Gargoyles peer to the land opposite, then a line of  soldiers did appear,
Then line after line after line covering the land that is seen to the horizon.
And in the sky, mounted winged unicorns appear, turning dawn to dusk.
The soldiers began to march, closing their ranks, the battle cry is made.         
Now slapping their side; their battle cry. Distorted sound waves form.

The Goddesses appeared, six steps in the lead, each glowing with light
And sound waves become seen, visible in the dusty mornings light.                   
The soldiers stop. Short marching ceased, echoes of sound released         
The Goddesses raised their arms towards the airborne sound waves.                                                             
Moving those sound waves forward and down towards the gargoyles.
With the sound waves thrown at the ground that bore gargoyles feet. 
The ground exploded underneath them, surprise and horror to greeted.           
Vast explosions in the ground thrust gargoyles up, to the atmosphere.   
Only silence came forth, rolling clouds spread fast across the Dawn sky
Visual explosions peppered the light, the bright then darkness loomed
As the last gargoyles bodies explode. And Goddesses fade from sight.

Molly appeared next to Kal-na. Even with nearly dying, that was fun.                                                   
Kal-na laughed, looking to her, only Molly would greet her that way.
I know that your side won, I felt the battle, how many did you find?
Yes we did, there was only ten thousand of them that stood against us.
Kal-na grinned, even I know that’s a stupid thing. The foolish idiots.
Why did you say that? Calling them idiots like that? asked Samuel
Some of the Riders, a few thousand of us were there to protect the
skies, but only part of the Infantry was there, we were just millions.
That many! How big is the infantry, asked Samuel, the whole army?
No one knows, said Molly, we are Gods army, we are all immortal.
The one I seek, was news of him found? asked Kal-na, hope unfound.

The phone had started to ring, Rosey picked up the receiver. Listening.
Hey Samuel, she called, it’s Adrian and Susan. They want some help.
They are just a bit hopeful aren’t they, not turning up for the meeting.
That project they were given from the uni. To make that documentary
I said about the landmark they had chosen, and of a scary story to do,
Well remember I said that they had uncovered about a ghost haunting.
Why are you telling this to all of us? Is there a reason? asked Kal-na
That scary story that they sought to include, it isn‘t just one, it‘s many.
Many ghosts? asked Molly, I like that, it’s amazing what they can say,
a ghost story? Yes Kal-na, I wonder what we might learn, said Molly.
Kal-na looked at Molly. Okay, Rosey can you tell them we’ll be there.

to be continued
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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Raising up onto a knee, then they began firing rapidly at the gargoyles.
More soldiers appeared and joined them, laying the gargoyles to waste.
On a dragon Darla flew down, leading the soldiers to the stone circle.   
Stay clear of the circle, surround the stones and be ready to protect.
Claire walked to the stone circle, standing in the middle of the circle.
Standing with her arms held out wide. Then slowly she turned around
Looking to each of the stones in the circle, then she began to glow.                           
With Darla glowing, the floating Goddesses move closer together.
Together they look to each other, happy to be as one, happy together.
A soldier in battle dress stepped forward, she appeared from a stone.
The Goddesses Claire and Darla, point her to the rest, where to protect



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Re: Just a couple of poems
« Reply #9 on: January 29, 2013, 10:52:39 am »

Rosey stood with Molly and Kal-na, waiting for Susan and Adrian
Coming along the track carrying shopping bags each, they waved.
Standing close, who is she? Rosey faced Molly. She wants to join.
Welcome to the deep end, said Susan, there are several ghosts here.
Molly looked around. I’ll fit in well, I like speaking to dead people
As I told Rosey, the research we did we found many tales of ghosts,
and the work reports we found, giving lots of ghostly goings on, here.
To avoid getting bogged down, with the reports of ghosts and occult,
we decided to make our film, but when doing so we heard that ghost.
Heard? What do you mean? The ghost was talking or playing a tune?
Well done, you’re good. We heard ghostly sounds of a pipers pipes.

Molly looked to Kal-na. A piper? I wonder, if it be the Pied Piper?
Kal-na whispered to Rosey. Ask them if they’d play the documentary
Adrian turned on the lap-top, playing the disc. We play this ourselves
Sat on the ground, watching the screen, of all that had been filmed
Can you fast forward to the parts that have ghosts in? asked Rosey. 
What was that? asked Molly. Before getting to the haunted scenes, 
yet they rewound the film, to watch the part that Molly asked for.
Something, said Molly, I saw it in the background. It had red eyes
Adrian looked to Susan, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen that before
I haven‘t either, replied Susan, I’m sure I’d have remembered if I had
Rosey increased the volume, behind the talking they heard the pipes.

A happy tune? The eyes and the pipes. Do they know about the other?
Molly, those eyes you saw, at what height were they at, asked Kal-na
Looking again, she couldn’t see them. Were they here or up higher,
Kal-na looked, red eyes she saw, why is that here, that’s a full demon,
Rosey, Susan and Adrian looked to each other, but none understood
What’s going on, asked Kal-na, there’s nothing here for such a demon, 
Are you be so sure? asked Rosey. Kal-na thought of what she saw
I’d like to see it on a big screen first, before I say what that demon is.
Well when I was in the library, people who worked to build this said,                 
of strange things that happened, tools that vanished, horses that shied.
The next part of interest is the sound of a piper, much clearer though.

Watching the screen, Molly asked when people knew of the field                                                                                                                                             
I do, replied Adrian, this area was settled the late eighteen seventies.
A girl walked through them and the tents, she pointed into the field.                                                     
Molly looked at her, how long have you had to keep walking here.                                                     
She asked Rosey, have your ever wanted to be friends with a ghost
Rosey stood up, she looked to Molly, about to follow on the track.
Watching the ghost walk away Rosey followed, but knowing where   
The jokes not on me, said Rosey pointing to the ghost on the track
Rosey walked towards her, but just as she was near, she vanished
Why vanish, she called, I followed you only to offer you my help
The ghost reappeared, he is here! The sound of pipes is what I hear.                                               

Look! called Rosey, in the field, I see children running in there!                                                 
And what looks like a man playing a flute, are children following.                                                                                 
The ghost looked to Rosey, pitifully pleaded, please help my friends?
The girl vanished. Roser looked to Molly. I want to, can I help her.
Molly looked at Kal-na. What do you think? Could we, should we?
If we do, we’d need to know more, about them, and, about her
I’ll call her here, said Susan she held an Ouija board, from her bag.
Is anyone there? Waiting for the pointer to move. Is anyone there?
Susan looked to them. Is there another here who wants to have a go?
I will, said Rosey. I don’t know who you are, we need your help.
The pointer didn’t move, well, she asked, what is the next plan?

Just a minute, I have had a thought. The pointer moved to Rosey.
Looking at Susan, sat opposite her, she pointed to right behind her,
Don’t turn quickly, you’ll scare her, she’s behind you, said Susan.
Rosey slowly turned to see the little girl was looking right at her.                     
Hi, what’s your name? Georgina Swift, or Georgie to my friends.
Odd, said Susan, you don’t read or write? Yet you know name,
how do you know your name? Georgie looked then smiled too her
It was Molly. She looked at them. Don’t you know who Molly is?
She stared at Molly. You’re not here to help me, are you? she asked.             
No, we are not, but I’m hoping by helping ourselves we’ll help you.
Molly grinned, when we know why you are here, it might help us.

Georgie sighed, all I want is to find where my best friend was taken.
That won’t help us, knowing where won’t, but knowing why might.
If you can remember, do you recall of who it was who took her?
He didn’t take her, exactly. It was more like she wanted to follow.
I don’t know why, although I remember how the tune was played.
That’s what could help, do you know how many others were taken?
Georgie pointed to the field. I’ve seen many groups of many taken.
I heard of that, many times through the centuries. Missing people,
if it is who I think it is, you have been a help. Groups have gone,
then missing, following him. The piper called them to follow him,
Have you seen? Who that the piper passed them to, asked Kal-na.

I saw another, but once. Wearing a big black cloak, he rode a horse.
Kal-na smiled, from what you say, you didn’t see who it was, did you
Not really, his cloak covered him from head to foot, said Georgina.
Who you saw, it wasn’t a man but a girl, as all debt collectors are.
The piper and one like you, together, what could they were doing? 
The one that’s sat on the horse, is Death. An answer’ll soon be ours
when we have found the answer, know that we will tell you Georgie.
Susan, do what you need for the story, but never go the other side, 
I’m telling you, of the pipe keep back, the results much too scary,
Of what the piper is, and who those red eyes are, said Kal-na, it is.
On the horse was Death? Before I know, I’ll need to know more.


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Re: Just a couple of poems
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follows my previous post

Leaving them to ponder what could be happening beyond the pipe,
Molly and Kal-na emerged walking around the corner of a church.
Making sure that no one saw, they went to now open church doors.
Above the doorway, those were the ones that we heard, said Molly.
Kal-na looks to the three stone gargoyles. You are right, it looks as
though they have moved recently, to the archway above the doors.
The gargoyles roared to Kal-na. Looking up at them, Idiot creatures.
Looking to Molly. More were here, I’ll need to know of them first.
Standing in the doorway, the priest welcomes them. Please, come in.
Looking to Father Lucas. All this church, is it yours? asked Kal-na.
No, but with Father Bryant we are in charge. In this house of God.

It might well be one of Gods houses. But this is not where he lives,
If he did, he would leave the doors open all night, and you do not.
Father Bryant and I are mere servants of God, we control his house.
Kal-na began to smile, that is all I wanted to know, you have right.
Who not to invite into this church, those you see as wrong, or evil 
This is the one, Molly. She moved to where Kal-na stood waiting.
Then looked to Father Lucas. We heard the call of the gargoyles. 
Father Bryant walks to them. Father Lucas, do you have a problem
Pointing to his head in a circular motions. Yes, these young ladies
They seem to think the gargoyles are alive. They made the sound.
Father Bryant, can you say what animal sound it was, or explain it?

No, do you really think that the gargoyles could make such sound?
A roar is a welcome to all the evil ones they protect, said Kal-na.
Kal-na looked about. They’ve been here, they have walked inside,
they might still be. Know they could be here in this house of God.
Molly looked to Kal-na, even now? Kal-na then touches the floor.
Tell me Father Lucas, why think that no evil could ever be in here?
For we are the men of God and we wouldn’t let any evil into here.
If evil ones looked like me, how would you know not to invite it in?
There is an evil within mankind and there is evil. Are you that evil?
That one down there, he helped create me, so yes, I am of that evil,
Feel no fear, for the other who created me, it was from him up there.

Father Bryant looked at her with distrust, “Why would you say that?
Why would our God ever have occasion to join together with him?
It might be that the devils son is doing battle his father and our God.
Father Lucas looked at her, he looked to Kal-na then Father Bryant.
You say that as though we should believe it. Why, who are you?
I am Molly, General of the Riders, the Two Swords of God’s army
This is my friend Kal-na, she was created by the devil and by God.
If you choose not to believe, that is okay. But please believe in this,
I know many demons were in here, for us to end them, trust is sought.
You know Allan, of the bookshop? I’d prefer you to take us to him.
Each getting into the Fathers car, they go to Allan’s book-shop.

Allan is sat at the table, various books being open, several piles of
paper are spread about, in front of him. Good morning Allan, you are
looking very busy today. He said looking at the table, what’s that for?
I was sent this yesterday, it’s of various cultures that seem to speak
of the same event. Something they all thought was quite important?
It tells of a future event, that hasn’t happened. And of she who does it.
How do I know it hasn’t? The carvings of stone walls of museums
in Mesopotamia and Babylon, on many Sumerian artefacts. Even
what were unknown Egyptian hieroglyphs, thousands of years apart.
The Dead Sea Scrolls had mention of this, but in detail the same thing.
Allan looked at the Father. A prophecy, of one that no date is given.

What was said, of this the prophecy? One that so many nations said of
It is written in secret, that only the devout would see. It is as Kalefilna...
Father Bryant interrupts him. Kalefilna 1:01 I learnt of that myself
You know of it? Please tell me of it, I’ve tried, no one seems to know.
Kal-na and Molly step from a bookshelf to show themselves to him.
Allan looked at them. I don’t think I know you, do I? Who are you?
My name is Molly, the General of the Riders and my friend is Kal-na.
The Riders? He looks to Father Bryant, then Molly. The Two Swords?
Father Bryant stood still, he was amazed. Do you know of these two?
Not of them, but I do know of the name the Two Swords. Many years
ago, while researching spectral events. The ghostly battle at Edge Hill.

I was there for a battle of the civil war, the Roundheads and Cavaliers.
But it wasn’t them, it was two others that fought. Allan looks to Molly.
I found a woman who I thought was about to die, the front of her body,
her skin had been ripped from her. I offered to her souls atonement. 
He looked at Father Bryant, as I knelt next to her, her body repaired.
Within the minute I saw her walk again. She that I helped is Tianara
And the battle in the sky was the Two Swords against the gargoyles
The person you helped, her name is Tianara, she can be here soon.
She sends you her greetings. We need the Father to accept us, to see
 we are who we say we are. The gargoyles were battled again. The
Two Swords of Bouicendeni won, and they killed every one of them.

Allan fell backwards over his chair, trying to get away from Kal-na
He looked at her. I’ve heard of them, she is really a Debt Collector?
She went to help him to his feet. But,.... but? He looked at her hand.
Allan, Kal-na’s the first of the kind, created by the devil and by God.
Allan looked to Molly then to Kal-na, he is surprised. He cautiously
held his hand to hers. Kal-na greets him, then helps him to his feet.
He faced Molly. She’s created by both, what could be so very wrong
First the devil’s son sought revenge, now it’s both God and the devil.
We need the Father to see us, and accept us. That is why we are here,
for him to feel comfort with you knowing of us, he sees trust in you.
Kal-na said there was evil in the church, the father needed to know.

to be continued


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Re: Just a couple of poems
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from my previous post

Should we leave till then, said Molly, could some be in there, now.
Though admittedly a gargoyle in the catacombs, it doesn’t seem real.
Kal-na glanced at Molly, it was you who said of gargoyles not me,
I know that those that were heard, they couldn’t be in the catacombs.
Though it does make me wonder, if that what I felt was leaving?
I’ll go inside, I’ll look in the catacombs, then tell you what’s there
Though if they are there, I’ll need empty the church of worshippers.
So be ready, have some more of the Riders here ready to protect
Danny wanted to help Janice choose the birthday gift for their son.
Now, they were looking at the menu in the front window of the cafe,
Trying to decide what to get. The peoples screams made them turn. 

Everyone on the footpath was starting to look towards the church 
The doors burst wide, worshippers ran their shouts filled the air.
Fifty of the Two Swords appeared, running to be behind them,
As they ran their clothes began changing to their armies battle dress.
They formed a barrier between the people and the doors of the church
motorists who’d been argumentative towards girls blocking the road
that led to the church, they began hearing scared peoples screams.
And the girls in front of them, in battle dress, the swords withdrawn
But pointing to the ground, with their winged white unicorns behind.
Janice and Danny gasped, as two hundred more soldiers appeared
running into the church. Janice and Danny could only stand and stare

They held the other, looking at the church hearing the dying screams
that filled the air, shock became horror. As vampires ran from within
running from the church, into the sunlight they only burst into flames.
Then as suddenly as the noise started, it stopped. Those who’d been
blocking the road vanished. Janice and Danny looked at the silence.
Molly and Kal-na appeared in Allan’s bookshop, quietly at the table.
That was to quick, to easy, I had hoped for more, Kal-na was upset.
Allan, do you know of any reports of the strange that have been said,
Allan looked to Kal-na. There is one, a church is said to be haunted.
Is the church built to a new design, or an old design, asked Molly
Looking at her Father Bryant and Allan were silent. Does it matter?

Old churches were built properly, like the early town meeting halls.
Forget the steeple, the main building was designed as a demon trap
Demons that flew to close, were pulled inside, then trapped within.
Then the one that I know of, could be just what you want, said Allan
Strange sounds being heard. Loud bangings are heard from within
But no one can see the problem, stones are thrown at all who visit.
Later that day saw Molly and Kal-na, standing by the churches gates.
Looking at the church, they didn’t see the woman approaching them.   
She was calling to them. Please tell me you are not going in, are you
there’s something in there that stops everyone going passed the gate 
Kal-na asked Mrs. Priestly, to show her the side gate to the church.

When they were out of sight, Molly went toward the main doors.
Two soldiers of the Two Sword appeared there to keep others away
Andrea and Judith said of a demon who was trapped in the church,
The Goddesses Darla and Claire, will soon help end the demon.
In the church the Goddesses appeared, Molly asked who was there.
Saying she was with Kal-na who wants to know what demon’s here
Seeing a hand invite her in, Kal-na told Mrs. Priestly to go home
that she’d be told when it was safe in the churchyard, to the church
My friend will be inside the church. And soon will I, she vanished
Standing amid the pews, Kal-na looked to the demon, I know you
Molly said of those red eyes, those were where the Pied Piper was.

Kal-na and Molly called to the demon, then watching it, it flew down
We saw your eyes near the pipe, where ghosts are and the Pied Piper       
But that wasn’t why you were there, asked Kal-na. The demon grins
She who I protect was there, just the trail of essence is all I can find
Who do you protect, and why are you so fraught. The demon grins
No souls of the dead have reached purgatory, it was the devil’s son
The gargoyles protect the vampires, so the Pied Piper gets people     
those that can be wolf, an army to battle vampire. But I’m in here
Then know I’m Kal-na made by them, to free those souls, and I will
They are of Two Swords, they did battle with the gargoyles and won.
You Debt Collectors? Together when apart, you’ll combine to save.

Why else are you here, asked Kal-na, to tell Death the good news,
that the devil’s son took a wrong form, but I’m sure that you know,
you don’t know, he was a giant gargoyle. So it was the Two Swords,
Word shall be given to the piper, to release the army of the manwolf
Something’s still wrong, said Kal-na, where are the souls of the dead,
The devils son took them, so why be a gargoyle, not non corporeal
If vampires know the son is dead and seek to finish the son’s work,
where are those souls, Kal-na waved to Darla, to come and join them
Kal-na introduced Death’s protector then said of the sons demise, 
disguised as the leader of the gargoyles, Molly said you killed him.
Why the Piper has joined with Death. Please set the protector free.

Molly we should go and tell Georgina not to fear for her friends
There is more for us to do, tell Mrs. Priestly that her. She stopped,
Molly can you do those things that I suggest, Rosey is calling me.
Molly appeared in the front room of Mrs. Priestly, Darla is there
I didn’t feel you here, nor did I know that you’d be here, said Molly.
I chose not to surprise Mrs. Priestly, I came to here by the front door.
Who are you people? asked Mrs. Priestly, Kal-na vanished before me,
now you appear from nothing, who are you, what do you want here?
Darla stepped forward. Please Mrs. Priestly you have no need to fear
What we learnt in your church has helped, we offer to you thanks.     
About the damage done to your church, know we need to do more 

to be continued


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Re: Just a couple of poems
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continued from

Tonight the church will be destroyed, but in the dark it’ll be rebuilt
by morning light it will safe, I need to go, God’s work is never done
The room filled with pure white light, the Goddess Darla was gone
Molly handed Mrs. Priestly a telephone number. If ever you feel that
the demons run free, ring these people they do know how to call me.
or there is another way. In the church, sit on your knees and pray.
Molly disappeared. Mrs. Priestly covered her mouth with her hand.
That was them, looking at the telephone number, putting on a coat
she ran to the church, she watch it destroyed and rebuilt, by no one.
Molly appeared with Kal-na on the inspection trail by the pipeline,
calling Georgina, telling her all was good, that her friend is well.

Kal-na stood, leant on the doorframe. Hello Rosey, still alone with
Samuel I see. What is it that would cause you to want to call me?
Rosey hugged her, glad to see her. We just had a strange phone call,
A friend of a friend was out walking, at the area Southern Downs
she saw something walking, but it’s knees were bending backwards.
That is why I called you. Kal-na looked to Rosey as Molly appeared.
Molly, of Southern Downs? Do you think the name, sounds right?
maybe it might be. Samuel looked to them. Where who might be?
Kal-na looked to Molly. If that is what I think it is there will have to
be another just like it, can you get your people to search the ground
find another place, or find more places and find out about the area.

We’ll be able to help with the history of the area, people we know
friends we learnt from them, they were investigating the place before
They will be willing to help, said Rosey, Samuel knows their address.
Everyone waits not far from the house while Molly went to their door.
pretending that she was lost, they invited her in to see a route home.
Come in. I am Elspeth, these are my sisters Rosanne and Granore, 
Who is she? asked Granore, and where is it that you know her from?
Elspeth looked to her sisters. I’m sorry, but we’ve never met before,
though I felt in her a trust, something in her, about her, she is good.
But as my sister said, who are you? Molly looked to Elspeth, I trust.
I came here to speak to you, to see if we could trust you, said Molly.

I know we can, looking about the room, with ease, Molly sat down,
Rosanne approached her. This we that you speak of, can we meet?
Soon you shall, replied Molly, for they are only two house down,
First tell me what you found at Southern Downs, say why you left.
The sisters glanced at each other, looking at Molly without any trust.
And say what of the mound, do you stop those who’d want in or out
we also need you to say of what you know, saw at Southern Downs
Molly smiled to them as Rosey and Kal-na walked into the room.
They know what might be there, but they are scared we don’t know
Kal-na grins, of the thing that walks, with its knees bending back
a flying thing, a gargoyle for it protects. Vampires are in the tunnel
They did not make secret the help we sought, they meant no harm.
Then I’ll them everything we know, said Kal-na so that they’ll know.
In the mound was the body of Ignatius Winterborne, a demon hunter
His body was put there to stop the un dead moving up into the world.
But as happens, if evil has time, the best of good was moved away
Now that the way is about clear into the world they want to appear
Not from Southern Downs for we’re here to end them all we shall. 
Molly smiled to Elspeth, tell me, what do you know of the name?
Southern Downs, said Kal-na. the direction is south it was that way,
but as southern, many years ago, was a term used for what is below,
Southern linked with Down; both mean the same. The devils home.

If it isn’t where the devil lives, why are we here protecting the world
Rosey stands, Molly’s Riders will cover the land near the mound
as Kal-na with twenty five of Molly’s riders go to Southern Downs
There they’ll enter the tunnel, and begin to push the vampires out.
Not now, no vampire will go into the sun, for it knows it will die.
Such is the fear they have for Kal-na the Debt Collector, as they will.
Then so is Molly? She is a general of The Two Sword, said Rosey
Together? asked Granore. Together, said Rosey. Both kill vampires. 
Kal-na will kill any vampires she sees and others will run, into the sun
and should block its way, Molly’s Riders will deal a hand of their fate. 
Until Kal-na and more Riders rise onto the field and know all is done.

Samuel put two large plates of sandwiches in the centre of the table,
You can thank the CWA for them, just in case you think I make them. 
He looked at each of them, right then if you are all ready, we’ll begin.
I hereby open the twentieth meeting of the Swandar Ghost Hunters
Club. Rosey stood up. Those present are Samuel, that’s me, Rosey,
Kal-na, Susan and Adrian, Suzy and Jeff. The door opens to Molly.
What brings you here? Molly is surprised, as if you need you ask
She turned to Kal-na, Darla asked me to tell you, so now I’ll tell you.
There will be a meeting soon, something that happens very rarely
The last one was nearly four hundred years ago, this one’s for you,
so the chances are at the meeting tomorrow night you’ll get the go.

Molly looked to Kal-na, you may not need it but, all our good luck.
Hope and Molly walked across the floor to the police station desk.
The duty sergeant casually looked up, to see who was in the station
What are you two wearing? Going to a fancy dress party are you?
Our names are Molly and Hope. We are here to warn you of others 
They’ll be at the ruins tonight. We want you to have all roads closed
Who is going to be there? You should have given several days notice.
You have been told what to do, so do it or we will, said Molly.
You’ll know when we are ready, we will change the colour of the sky
An officer said of the weapons they wore. I hope that they are not real
Hope withdrew her sword and lay it on the counter with her cross bow.

As you can see, they are real, not what’s worn for a fancy dress do?
The duty officer, Sgt. Bertrand looked at them. Who are you people?
Riders, and if we are needed many thousand more will be here tonight.
Hope put her crossbow in her shoulder harness, the sword in its sheath
then turned and walked towards the door, disappearing as they walked.
Running upstairs, pushing open the door of the senior staff’s meeting
They glared at him, they demanded to know what was so important
Two women just told me that they want some roads closed tonight
I told them no, but they showed me their weapons, then vanished
They said they’d change the colour of the sky when they are ready
Senior Superintendent Barrett spoke. What were the weapons?

A sword and a crossbow and they had an ancient leather battle dress
They vanished? Okay. Take a couple of officers tonight, have a look.
Report what you see, if all seems real, then we’ll decide what to do. 
Outside the ruins, three officers wander about, with shining torches.
An officer radioed the station. All seems quiet, it’s cold and creepy.
One of them caught a glimpse, Who is that? The others complied
shining torch lights around. Oh, just part of the ruins. Creepy place.
It’s the end of our shift, how to let the others know, how creepy it is.
Holding his phone, taking a picture. I’d prefer, if you didn’t do that.
They quickly turn to see who it is. Oh, you again, said Sgt. Bertrand.
The roads aren’t closed, you’ve got ten minutes, then they’ll be here.

If the roads are not closed we will do it, and, you do not want that.
Because this town will be on every news programme in the world.
We’re about ready to end our shift, he pointed to just in front of them
Thirty more like Molly were walking towards them. Who are they?
Ten minutes to go, said Molly, they will close the roads, if you don‘t.
I’ve told the senior police, what else could I do, said Sgt. Bertrand.
If you don’t close the roads, they will be here so it is your choice
Station, said Sgt. Bertrand on his radio, we’ve seven minutes to go
so close the road or they will. That is what I have just been told.
They are appearing all over the place, out here, stated Sgt. Bertrand.
As the sky became green. That’s a five minute warning, said Molly

Police cars raced through the streets to the ruins, blocking the roads.
An outside broadcast crew were the first stopped by the road block.
Sgt. Bertrand got to the road block just before Molly and Hope.
Are we in time? he asked Molly. You were, but you left it to late,
our people are here, and so they will be, fear not, none will be seen.
A drunk staggered towards them, staggering on not seeing the scene
A policeman told him not to pass. This road is closed, can’t you see.
I’ll do what I want, go where I like, I live over there, the drunk said.
He pushed, moved the policemen aside, staggering passed their cars.
More fool him, if the sky turns yellow, those we protect are here.
Seeing the broadcast crew ready to film, Sgt. Bertrand faced Molly

Oh no, what else could go wrong? If the sky turns yellow, said Molly.
Outside broadcast unit here, can someone tell us what is going on?
Sgt. Bertrand faced the reporter, then the camera. He turned to Molly.
I don’t know what to say. The dark sky began to change to yellow
And know you don’t need to, said Molly, that drunk will have to go.
Soldiers appeared and one on her unicorn, surrounding the drunk.
The Rider called to him, kneel or die! He knelt, then they vanished.
The whole sky turned red. Sgt. Bertrand looked up What did that?
Not what, that was Kal a human, she is a very highly regarded one.
In her is another, Kal-na wants to battle a follower of the devil son
It would be best not to repeat her name. No good will come of it.

That Kal-na then, she isn’t like you is she? he asked, not of God?
Yes and no, in that she was from God, but also she was of the devil
Sent to earth, she was, to save all the souls taken by the devil’s son
which she did. She wants to return, to stop more souls being taken
How will she do that, who could stop tomorrows souls being free?
It is said that a follower of the devils son could do it, said Molly,   
She will do battle to end him. She’s that good, said Sgt. Bertrand
Yes, that good, aided by her special gift. Impervious, of you or I,
only from them, they both have to will it, without that she’ll not die,
she’ll kill, if it has or needs to be done. In that she’s good to them.
What you saw, a mere slip of a girl she’ll kill vampires and demons.

In the ruins, surrounded by old walls, they met without prying eyes
The Goddesses who brought the lights, waited for her with the news
Though not what is she here for. They gave light on what she will do
Sgt. Bertrand stood at the road closed sign that now blocked the road.
Hope opened a police car door, policemen ran, closed, looked to her.
Why? Molly didn’t want you to see, we did as told, for long enough.
What did happen, were these people in danger, asked Sgt. Bertrand.
The Goddesses were gathered on grass in the middle of the ruins.
They wait for Kal-na, though not a goddess, but she has respect.
Death appeared next to where she be, courteously greeted Kal-na.
To all Goddesses, a follower is rising, and I Kal-na I’ll need help.

But before your help I’ll practise, so vampires beware, I’ll be happy
some vampires who where were I was stood, I saw where they were
a group of them, they meet near there, the Riders and I will end them.
The best laid of plans came from a party, when they all made merry
The vampires would meet and make a plan for every flying attack.
Then going home a gathering they’d have before finally going back.
Knowing from where is their lair is good, get them after an attack
for killing is so much fun, when they to busy changing happy to sad
Through the following day, Kal-na said plans of what they would do
As days last light began to fade, they went and waited by the house
They laid low, taking the time, watching birds at night; ornithology

to be continued


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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Trying to remain quiet, the night wasted away, they waited for them
with their tools, and all geared up, by an old house soon to be used
but vampire baiting, can be a time wasting task, while laying in wait.
Then at last the beating of wings was heard, they all watched the sky
counting the bats as soon vampires they be, the Riders trap was set 
Three crossbow arrows were sent to smash the windows of the house
the vampires looked close, seeing the windows were all smashed in.   
Gathering in the garden on lawn, no one was seen who was attacking   
Morphing into bats, all ready to fly on up, nets were thrown on them 
The Riders took ease placing sturdy wire around the necks of the bats.
then waiting for vampires return, then the wire removed their heads.

Molly and Kal-na moved the net aside, collecting ringlets of wire
Our numbers are wrong, more should be here, looking at each pile
there should have been more, said Molly, some didn’t come here
Kal-na looked guilty. Bloody vampires, you just can’t trust them.
They won’t stay where they made the attack, they don’t hang about
they’d not go straight home, they’ll gather so that none are missing
if some saw us, we may have caused them to gather somewhere else
Another attack? With dwindled numbers, panic will enter the game
I’ll tell Darla, she’ll see what can be seen, and tell where they’ll be
Some vampires have the church surrounded near there, said Darla.
some you say, how many do you mean and are there any people?

There are fifteen vampires and twenty seven people in the church.
Kal-na and Molly took a walk around the church their sight unseen
wanting to know what and how many would be expected and where
Only allowing them to be seen behind the wall of the churchyard.
Six vampires to the right and four to the left while two are in church.
Molly told Diane, you’re to take six hunters to the side that is left, 
Kal-na, you watch the church doors and make sure none get out
I will have ten Riders with me, at the side that is right, said Molly
There is only one way out. If you want Kal-na I’ll send them to you
or you can take it easy and we’ll battle with those we know are there
I will guard the doors, and the way out. I can help the left and right

Diane and six Riders crept silently, watching the four vampires there,
Suddenly standing, the vampires were surprised, no sound was heard
Diane and her six fired their crossbows, only two vampires were hit
two of the Riders ran forward both wanting to end the two vampires
beginning to raise their swords as if they were about to strike a blow,
both vampires moved to block the swords, not seeing the other hand
an arrow head slammed into their necks, forgetting about the swords
then they grabbed at the arrow in their neck, the sword came down
they almost had time to know their mistake before dust blew away.
They went along the side then around the end to stand facing Molly
who saw them, then knew the vampires had no where to escape to.

Stay at the end and we’ll begin our attack, A few is all that I’ll want
Molly stood up, and firing at them, they knew they’d not last the day.
Keep a distance from each other, I don’t want you immortal just yet
Use your swords or arrows I don’t care of which, take no prisoners.
confronting two of the vampires, they were cut of from their friends,
Two more saw their friends die, they looked to each other, but to late
then more were caught by arrows, their dust scattered on the wind.
Kal-na saw the last vampire end, she opened the doors to the church
A vampire stood facing her, but not for long. Others saw and knew
Calling to all the people to leave. The path outside is safe for you. 
People looked outside seeing, they saw the Riders guarding the path

As with the most of the Sunday afternoons, the car parks in the town
were nearly full. Several churches had their doors unlocked to those
that wanted to roam amid the quiet of the walls. Week-end tourists
were window shopping, looking at highly polished antiques. Gazing
at the vases of lovely flowers that adorned the shops. A child shouted
The stone on this cross it is too hot to sit on! But no one believed him.
The cross exploded! Cars, shops, houses; were peppered with small
fragments of the heated rock of the stone cross. In a second, the only
sound to be heard were the car and shop alarms. Dead lay all around,
many dead people, lying still on the path held their dead dog’s leash.
Cars that were once going somewhere, had fallen to the road sides

The occupants in those cars were now dead and slumped in the seats.
Where the once famous Cross once stood, now catered in memory
There he was, looking like a young man of twenty nine all normal,
but with his skin like stone, his sinewy ribbed wings that shone,
and the icy cold stare from flame filled eyes slid into you like time.
He rose to the sky, then flew with the wind to the hill known as Hob
Leaving behind a once postcard picture town, now a restless wreck
He’d gone a few miles west passed a quiet village, into the green
Kal-na stood proud, then casting an eye on the scene called Molly.
And together they stood. This is why I called the meeting in the ruin
I knew this would happen, it would come. He was a friend of the son

Call them Molly, let the Keepers know he’s risen they need to be told.
Call others like you and more, many is a the field that’s their home.   
If they are known to be here, friends of us will be as well, said Molly
If that is as you say, villages not far away, always was felt concern
Sending your people to the villages of Compton, help you may find.
There is another place you’ll see, known as the Great White Horse.
Not the one that is carved into chalk figure on the hill, asked Molly
I do, now the secret can now be told, for it was made for such a day
Who the Pied Piper took, then gave them to Death, some were here
For it never was a horse on a hill, it was carved by the first one of me
she who’s known as Death. The devil’s pet is a werewolf not a horse.

If they do get the upper hand in this battle, and we need a lot of help
I will open the hill, inside the hill are many big caverns, said Kal-na.
In each cavern are those who can be the devil’s pets. Help is at hand.
When were the caverns built? asked Molly, I was never told of them 
The caverns were never built, not built as such, more those in there
were kept secret, just in case the devil wanted his way, and he may. 
How can you get in, or is that a secret that only a demon can use?
Kal-na smiled to Molly, here’s another secret for your kind to know,
what was known, in time was lost, all in Two Swords has demon.
How do you see in the dark? Kal’s dream, of the God and the Devil
playing a game of Draughts. Enemies or two who make a balance.

Before time when the Devil led God’s armies, when he liked killing
God made him God of the evil dead. But they still played Draughts
The Devil’s pet was the werewolf, his army could see in the dark
So the Two Swords have the essence of a werewolf? asked Molly.
At the end of the trailing leg was once a mound, just stand there
Call the hill to open, stay and stand where once demon was found,
that hill will open, know the hill be alive with a sound of music
Molly looked as Kal-na smiled, you wanted to know of a way in
I’ll leave you to get in touch with the witches in the Compton area
from what I’ve just heard demon’s affecting the houses by the hill.
Bread won’t rise and the milk just went sour, I’ll go to its start.

When Kal-na got to the cross, all the tv’s she could see in the shops
The sets lost all aerials reception, then all electricity power went off.
Holding a telephones receiver, Kal-na heard the phone the lines stop.
Looking up at the sky, it got darker as winged demons flew to town.
The sky turned dark red, any cars still used were hunted, left dead 
no occupant stood a chance, against those flying demonic hordes.
When the evil moved to town, destroying anything that they wanted
The police from surrounding towns never reached the affected area,
their cars slammed into invisible walls on the roads. Even the RAF,
two jets flew to investigate, but those jets vanished from their radar
Kal-na knew, until they could raise an attack, the town was theirs. 

All across the country, stone circle’s began to glow, all armies called
Goddesses now released all the Two Swords forces from their rest,
of tourists, out for a family day, to show their children of what was,
faced fear, of glowing stones, an army appeared, then disappeared.
Kal-na contacted Molly. The attack will be different than I thought,
There’s many more than I thought, so now they have to accumulate,
and I have found a battles wall, an old salt track east of the town.
All the witches to make walls of protection, at south of the town.
Your armies to seal in those demons in from the north and west,
when they’re contained I’ll go in, I’ll destroy any demon I can see.
Molly organised what Kal-na asked, then only screams were heard.
People had been caught and were being chased by leering demons
Calling to them she guided them to the salt track, and their safety
Kal-na stood there, smiling with pride, she had a very good day.
Some were called by the Goddesses to be in respectable clothes.
To face and see senior policemen and the outside broadcast crew,
Molly called that Tina Standish, as she knew of Kal-na and her.
It’ll be easier for all, if the people that meet are known by each,
get them here, I’ll call Kal-na to be here and say what is happening.
Make them see our viewpoint, say why you have requested them.
And if others are sent, if they send others then we’ll sit and wait,
We’ll tell them we are in charge, not them. They will do as we say.

Noticing their numbers reduce, she heard a legion of the damned   
had escaped to another old place of battle, the sky over Edge Hill.
Feeling good, that many were old vampires, Kal-na called Molly
Saying she’d follow, smiling, she said it with a song in her heart
Molly said of some were going to where a ghost is said to ride
But Molly was sat on the roadside, waiting with a few like her,
as Kal-na joined them. Kal-na looked about, what ghost is here?
A ghost that has been said by those who are old, as old as Death,
It was said to haunt here in many a form, a horse, a wagon, a stage.
There have been tales of something always being there, said Molly
Only one sighting has been made and it happened during the day.

So we all have to sit and wait here until it comes along, said Kal-na.
Molly looked to the empty road, waiting for the ghost to appear
Molly grinned. A ghost that will vanishes when it’s in front of you,
it’d scare the crap out of you, or me. But how to get it to be here.
Kal-na began to smile. I know of this, and this is that sort of case,
it sounds as if the ghost is live, for it chooses the intended victim
So a good person it might leave, but a demon will cause it appear.
In you is only an essence of demon, that is neither here nor there
But not me though, for the Devil helped create me, I appear evil.
Come on the road and stand with me Molly, for me it will appear
No sooner than said, the truck sped to them. Waiting as it got close.

Kal-na jumped out of its way, Molly jumped up, turning as she did
sat on the passenger seat, the driver looked to her. What’s going on?
The ghost saw and stopped, getting out of the truck he faced Kal-na
Why were you with her? Looking at Molly, why allow her with you
We both seek the souls of the dead, said Kal-na. But what do you do?
In the back of this truck, I hold the secret of where souls are hidden
The first of you, she bade me kill all evil, or be seen by devil’s son
You won’t see him, I was with those who saw him killed, said Molly
I cannot tell you how, but know this Debt Collector, you’ll find them
He looked to Molly, when someone leads the way, know this Molly
Of what you have wanted to find, you will find your second Sword.

to be continued


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Re: Just a couple of poems
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Those that escaped you, I killed them here, shame there wasn’t more
But those who were here, they tried to stop me, if I’d stop for them.
Though there is something you might want to know, said the driver
Look for signs, and seek the Seven Seals, they will help the future.
Returning to the town near the hill of Hob, they saw dark clouds go
The sun shone true again. The demons left there, had with no leader
Howling winds burst from the north, blowing demons up into the air.
Behind the winds was nothing, demons fell to earth, litter the ground.
Tina, being filmed by her camera crew, watched the demons in the air
then they dropped, their glistening bodies slamming into the ground
The cameraman, unwilling to move, had recorded the demons end.

Rosey, Linda and Samuel were about to have a tour at a haunted Inn.
A few weeks before the actress of a documentary said about the place
Waiting in the reception area, for the guide, a Mr. Robert Saunders 
They didn’t expect to see a ghost, just a cold wind or white smoke,
or to be told this is where the ghost is seen, but they were hopeful.
They had only been there a few minutes before being approached.
Morning my wife is running a bit late, she asked me to do the tour.
What can we expect? asked Rosey, the usual musty smells, or more?
That’s hard to say, ghosts don’t always do as we’d like, said the owner
but you never know, the ghosts here they tend to like making contact
He pointed through to the bar, your first experience here is that way.

The ghosts here? Are some of them seen by every tour or just a few? 
Linda looked to him, waiting for an answer. I’m not sure how to reply
it really depends on if the ghost likes the guide, or those on the tour.
And how susceptible the people doing the tour are to seeing a ghost.
So, about the ghosts here, how many do you know of, asked Samuel.
Some, many it’s hard to say for sure. They come and go as and when.
from what you are saying, that infers there’s more than one ghost
Rosey looked at the walls. What can you tell us about this place?
According to local history, my great grandmother was an owner, her
sisters were smugglers, she had a child and you‘ll hear a babies cries,
but there’s no proof that is her child, but the cries can be distressing.

Mr. Saunders, I feel as if there’s something in what you say. Even so
it might not be what you think it is, I can feel that something is here.
What part of the Inn is it that we to go to first?” she asked, he smiled.
as for what part of the Inn you go to first, that will depend on you,
do you want to see the scary stuff first or last? Rosey thought about it,
a smile lit her eyes telling him that she’d prefer something exciting. 
Then follow me, he said we should be heading towards the courtyard.
From there we can go into the old scullery, that isn’t a scary place, but
what is in there is, and it’s weird.” He opened a door to the courtyard
and it can be very weird down there, Rosey looked at the door locks
Mr. Saunders looked at her, weird, very weird to down right scary!

As he unlocked the door, the locks are here to protect the innocent
Samuel went to look inside, Mr. Saunders put his hand on a shoulder,
No, don’t go in yet, there is a few things I need to warn you of first.
why he shouldn‘t go in? Mr. Saunders said we need to give this first
he looked at the wall outside the room, picking up a potted flower.
In case the ghost is here, you’ll need to give her a gift, it will help
Help what, asked Linda. Give her a gift or you might not get out, ever
She’ll kill us? No, you’ll never be seen of or heard of ever again
give her a gift, she’ll let you leave, don’t give her a gift, say goodbye
Do you normally let just anyone into there? that sounds a bit much
we are not allowed to open the door for anyone, only ghost clubs

It is best if you understand exactly what is going to happen in there.
you’ll have no insurance of any kind in there, as you may not get out.
Hold my hand Linda, if we do get in any danger, I’ll call for Kal-na
Who is this Kal-na that you hold so revered? Is she your spirit guide
Kal-na, she is a friend of a friend, she’ll have no fear to go in there.
Well do as I say, it won’t get to that, he puts a plant inside the door.
Notice that, one plant for each except you. He holds Rosey’s hand
Step inside the door, then I’ll pull you out. Rosey did as he said
With them again, when I was in there I could only see a thick black.
An oily black was once said, placing a potted flower inside the door
Now step inside again, no blackness you’ll see only the scullery room

Going down the steps Mr. Saunders told them, note the washing up.
The door on the back wall, you can see it’s to the kitchen, but it isn’t
No room exists past the door, that’s the wall twixt here and next door
To the right into the preparation room, where the animals were killed
and the room behaves strange. A room behaves strange? asked Linda 
Windows that you can see out of even though there’s none outside
and a door to the courtyard, but turn around and only a wall you’ll see
Is there any ghosts in there, it’s good that we can see or can’t, but.
You want to see a ghost? She might be there, my great grandmother.
As they go into the room, wet blood is seen to run down the wall.
There is no point to clean the walls, but we do clean the window glass

What ghosts are there that go in the scullery and here, asked Rosey
The one who causes the black, the scullery maid and someone else
Hmm, okay said Rosey, so who’s that looking in the window up there
Mr. Saunders looked to the courtyard, I can’t see any ghost there.
Not that window the window on the wall behind us, said Rosey.
Nice, said Mr. Saunders, because that’s another window not there.
I’ve no idea who the ghost could be, maybe you have found a ghost
or the ghost found you! makes you think, why would a ghost want to
Taking them back into the scullery he pointed out the sink to them
Odd that we didn’t hear a sound of the pots and pans being cleaned?
Even when stepping to the courtyard Rosey looked to the empty sink

Mr. Saunders smiled as he stepped outside, the sink will be full again.
Outside the scullery they all felt a chill go passed. That’s a new one
Well, I have felt a chill before but there has always been a reason.
Two horses were heard to gallop to where they were, then stop.
Kal-na? Molly? asked Rosey, is it you? Mr. Saunders looked to her
That is twice that you’ve said her name, and now when no one’s here
hearing a whisper he turned thinking it was Linda, but no one’s there.
Now you’ve got me at it, only I’m hearing voices, no, I heard a voice
Samuel looked at Rosey, two horses are heard then someone speaks?
I wonder what she wanted to say to you, or what it was she did say?
Molly was told you won’t see up or down, just away from the light

They all just watched as Mr. Saunders great grandmother walked by. 
Well, I’ve seen a ghost, so why do I think there was a reason why?
A coincidence? Something neither Molly or Kal-na would believe
and if a coincidence isn’t to be believed, then there is a reason why.
Something I’d like to know, why an afternoon tour, asked Linda.
Because that’s what I asked for, tonight we’ll stay at a haunted hotel
Speaking of, are you going to give them a ring, asked Mr. Saunders
The one you’re going to is a good one that’s fifteen minutes away
When you have gone I will let then know that you are on your way
That will keep them happy, said Mr. Saunders. They had a sighting
Two people saw a ghost in their room, they were not impressed.

Samuel steered the car into a parking bay at the Watersview Hotel.
Getting out of the car he opened the car door for Linda and Rosey
Then Molly and Kal-na got out as well. Samuel looked at them
You could have waited till we were in the room, now I’ll have to pay.
They went in, then to the reception desk, a porter was waiting there.
Good evening, my name is Antoinette, do you have a booking?
We did, it was for three, but two others decided to be here early
The name is Swandar Ghost Hunters Club. Thank God you’re here.
The ghost was seen, thirty minutes ago. We’ve enough rooms now.
Oh good, said Rosey, seeing another ghost, that will make my day.
Rosey was happy, then she saw that Kal-na and Molly looked grim

What is it, she asked. Molly looked, something else is here, or things
Rosey looked to Antoinette, I think you better show us the rooms.
Walking along corridors Antoinette led the way. Your in other rooms.
Antoinette said, she opened a door. This is where the ghost was seen.
But only of late, some rooms were added, now she’s a regular visitor
Antoinette went to the door, turning to them, I’ll leave you to it then
Before you do go, can you come back inside, just for a minute or two.
Molly motioned Rosey to go into the bathroom, they stood by the bed
Rosey went into the room, a woman was having a shower. Oh, sorry
Rosey was about to leave, the woman got out of the shower, naked.
her body passed through the shower curtain, her clothes appeared.

She walked through the wall into the bedroom, behind Antoinette.
What would you do if you saw a ghost in this room, right now?
Samuel asked her, then he stood waiting for her reply. I don’t know.
I’ve never seen one, but isn’t a ghost is just a person who is dead.
Antoinette sat on the bed, she picked up one of the hotels brochures.
It states in the brochure, that this room is one of the new ones added
The police were notified, but I’m not expecting to much from them,
investigating ghosts is not what they do. Though they got a medium
who said that the ghost is a man who is either a smuggler or a pirate.
Then don’t get that medium again, said Molly, the ghost is a woman
and if you want to see a ghost, turn about, you’ll see her for yourself

Rosey invited her to sit down, Samuel asked her what her name was.
Mariatha, quietly she looked about the room, studying each of them.
sorry, I’m Molly, Rosey, Samuel, Linda and Antoinette works here.
We’ve been told that you’re a smuggler or a pirate, I’d say a smuggler.
Either way what would cause you to come here are you by yourself.
A smuggler it is, but I am not alone for a sister Julienne is also here.
We search the forest for our other sister, she went missing near here
We had just taken some small barrels to a public house over the hill.
Molly looked to Mariatha, call your sister, that time is getting near.
Julienne appeared, smiled to her sister. What is it why call me here?
She faced Molly. Sister why is a general of the Two Swords here

Like you, I am not alone, another is here. And as I feel she will know
she will be here soon, of that I’m sure. Of what I she has gone to seek.
She appeared, looking at the ghosts left wrists. You are right Molly
they are the same, it’s off a Brandy barrel and on their cuff Julienne
Mariatha, Molly has found your sister, dead but a ghost like you.
Julienne smiled went to hug her but she stepped back. I don’t do that
Molly grinned, this is my friend, she is Kal-na, the Debt Collector.
Something or someone else is here? She sharply breathed in, it’s you
Kalna dropped to her knees, in front of Antionette. Molly, kneel.
Why, what is it, she is Antoinette, the receptionist who works here
Your friend’s right, I’m just Antoinette, I’m just the receptionist here.

Who is she Kal-na, asked Molly. Kal-na looked to Molly call Tianara
this is not what she says she is, she is of the Seven Seals, this is Faith.
Streaks of lightning flashed between clouds, Linda ran to the window
The night became as day, all was whiter than the suns yellow light
Tianara appeared, she touched Antoinette, they left, she and Faith.
Is that it? asked Molly, do we go now and if so do you know where
Back to where the sister is, something there speaks of coincidence.
Of the Three horses Inn, is there a reason for choosing that name
was it because of the ghosts horses you heard were they there before
Did the three meet there, while they were searching for the forth
The fourth what, asked Linda. The four horsemen of the apocalypse

to be continued