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Some web articles on plot and structure:

Three Act Plot Structure – A basic introduction to the three act structure and links to more advice.

Elements of a Novel – Structure and Plot – This article has some good emphasis on character conflict and the relationship between plot and character, plus some good diagrams if you like visual aids.

Classic story structure begins with plot – Adam Sexton – A look at plotting in a slightly different way as an alternative to the three act structure concept.

And also a book recommendation:

Story Structure Architect – Victoria Lynn Schmidt – A thorough look at plot structure and all the many devices you can use. (Also available for Kindle)

A short sweet blog post on that tricky little piece of punctuation, the ellipsis:

As a reformed ellipses addict I feel it is my duty to try and help prevent the abuse of the harmless triple period.

A place that may prove to be helpful for any aspiring scriptwriters is
There is a wealth of information there.

This is mainly for Australian folk, but there is a lot of useful info. So, if you are interested or curious try typing for this site.

How to create that feeling of nervousness, that the place is scary.

One of the scripts I am writing at the moment will be a scary one, I've never done one that is meant to be scary before, does anyone have any tips?


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