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Read or seen anything good about the craft of writing?

Books, blogs, videos, add anything you've come across with a few comments on what you liked about it and how it was helpful.

Okay, so to get started, here are a couple of books I found very helpful when I first started out:

How Not to Write a Novel by Mittlemark and Newman

This book is worth reading for its entertainment value alone. Clear, understandable advice is delivered in concise chunks, with highly amusing examples. I've found the way each snippet of advice (of which there are 200) is given a short, memorable title has made it easy to remember and recall.

Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King

This one is a lot more serious but I guarantee you it will help you improve your writing. It isn't just the quality of the explanations but the detail in the examples which makes this book so clear in its message. It does get a bit heavy handed with its rules in places, but so long as you don't rely on getting all your information from one place you should be able to pick out what works best for you.

And one blog post which sums up a topic with a lot of conflicting advice in a very succinct and witty way...

Dialogue by Tony Nolan (a guest blog post on The Feckless Goblin)

A whole heap of advice on dialogue mechanics and content in a short blog post. Check out the rest of the posts on the blog for more on Horror and Dark Fiction.

Right, that's all for today, I'll dig up some more to add soon.

If you're worried about falling into malicious hands, check out Writer Beware, a watchdog/scam busting group dedicated to unmasking those unscrupulous publishers and other nefarious types:

Website -

Blog page -

They also have lots of information on what to look out for when considering a publisher publishing and how to tell when, while not scams, they may not be looking to cut you a fair deal.

For the budding writer or the experienced author, a wealth of helpful information can be gained from The

If you're looking for somewhere to get feedback on your work, consider joining a writing group. There are lots of online groups out there including many on facebook.

One excellent site is Critique Circle

They award credits for giving feedback to others which you can then spend on posting your own work. They also have in browser systems for writing your critiques.


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