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Looking for somewhere to submit your work?


If you're looking for somewhere to submit your writing or looking for calls for submissions to give you ideas to work on, check out Duotrope's Digest

This site allows you to search thousand of publications to find just the right one for you. Search by genre, theme and length. Many of the listing even give an indication of the acceptance rate.

If you have used this site, post your comments - How did you get on?

If you have come across any interesting calls for submissions, please post a new topic to share the news.

If you've found yourself disillusioned with small press publishers failing to respond or rejecting your work with little or no feedback as to why, you might want to take a look at MuseItUp Publishing.

Established a little under a year ago by Lea Schizas, MuseItUp is a publisher with a different outlook on authors. At MuseItUp authors are part of the team, helping to build and represent the brand and community.

For more info, take a look at this blog article from Lisa Forget:


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