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Writer? Tell us about yourself


Hi and welcome to the writers' section of The Great Esc forum.

I hope as a writer, you'll take a minute to tell us about yourself, your projects and your writing style.

What are you goals as a writer?
Who are your influences?
Have you been published?

Please feel free to post any questions, discussion topics or advice in a separate thread.

Hi, I've had two books published. They are both doing me a great service, one is under the fridge keeping that level and the other is keeping the washing machine level. Yep they sure are doing me a great service.
Should I ever write another book hopefully that will make it to my bookshelf.
I only write fantasy, sci-fi and comedy stuff. I did a comedy which I tried it as a 1,000 word story, a 4000 word story and I'm trying to do it as a film script.
I'm forever writing new ideas, a few even make it past the twenty page mark.
The way I try to get past the dreaded writers block, is to have several ideas on the go at the same time. 
The worst idea I ever had was to change three characters names, three quarters the way through a story.


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