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Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 23, 2013, 11:44:26 pm »
continued from.....

The giant gargoyle walked towards the soldiers trapped in the shelter.
They had to listen to the screams of the soldier the gargoyles captured.
The gargoyles danced happily near the shelter. Taunting the Riders
Then quiet, as the screams from the captured soldier suddenly ceased.
Standing back the giant gargoyle waved them to get another soldier.                                                   
The gargoyles come and grab another. She is felled near the shelter.
The giant jumps up high, then drops onto her, deliberately he kills her.
The gargoyles dance happily, the giant screams, signalling happy glee.
Molly bids them be ready. The soldiers crouch down, weapons loaded.
The giant gargoyle attacked the shelter, jumping on and wrecking it.
The soldiers rolled clear from the wreckage as Molly screamed NOW!               

NOTE verse 18 will have to be done separately,
this site will not print it properly.
She stands outside the circle, dropping to a knee raising her crossbow
With Goddess Claire and Goddess Darla pointing to each of the stones.           
From each stone, soldiers walk or run, and go to protect the rising new
More soldiers appear, joining those who stood ready awaiting the next.                             
Wave after wave of the soldiers run forth, as the army starts to be here.
A few mounted winged Unicorns from the ground rise up into the sky.
The soldiers on the winged unicorns, cross bows levelled in their sight
ready to defend those who are now pouring from the ground in style. 
The Goddess Darla creates a vision of where the gargoyles they are, 
Now you know where to go, I have shown you how do yourself proud.
They all move into a field, grouping together, moving down the slope.               

More soldiers join them as they go down the slope to where others are
The army not stopped, slowly it moves letting more become as one.
Darla floats up, waving to the Riders, pointing for them the way to go.
Darla and Claire look to each other, smile, then go into the stone circle.                             
Then spreading their arms wide, rise from ground they slowly do turn.
Their feet not touching the ground, and now they both begin to glow.
Pointing down to the ground drawing a pentagram it begins to appear.
A dome of light forms, then fades to a glow, as the Goddess Tianara is,                           
Cold lines of the pentagram, they start to glow then they become flame.             
A funnel of blue light flows up from pentagrams centre into the night.
And massed numbers of mounted winged unicorns rise from in ground.               

Lazy clouds laying on horizons line, move aside, the sunlight bursts out.
Covering all the land and sky, the glare of the yellow light filled the air,         
In passing time the glare of the sunlight began to fade. And all was seen                                                   
The gargoyles knowing they’d win though vied, their rightful conclusion.
The giant gargoyle flew down to lead them. Its landing shook the ground
With wings spread wide, talons dripping sin, it calls the battle to begin.
Gargoyles peer to the land opposite, then a line of  soldiers did appear,
Then line after line after line covering the land that is seen to the horizon.
And in the sky, mounted winged unicorns appear, turning dawn to dusk.
The soldiers began to march, closing their ranks, the battle cry is made.         
Now slapping their side; their battle cry. Distorted sound waves form.

The Goddesses appeared, six steps in the lead, each glowing with light
And sound waves become seen, visible in the dusty mornings light.                   
The soldiers stop. Short marching ceased, echoes of sound released         
The Goddesses raised their arms towards the airborne sound waves.                                                             
Moving those sound waves forward and down towards the gargoyles.
With the sound waves thrown at the ground that bore gargoyles feet. 
The ground exploded underneath them, surprise and horror to greeted.           
Vast explosions in the ground thrust gargoyles up, to the atmosphere.   
Only silence came forth, rolling clouds spread fast across the Dawn sky
Visual explosions peppered the light, the bright then darkness loomed
As the last gargoyles bodies explode. And Goddesses fade from sight.

Molly appeared next to Kal-na. Even with nearly dying, that was fun.                                                   
Kal-na laughed, looking to her, only Molly would greet her that way.
I know that your side won, I felt the battle, how many did you find?
Yes we did, there was only ten thousand of them that stood against us.
Kal-na grinned, even I know that’s a stupid thing. The foolish idiots.
Why did you say that? Calling them idiots like that? asked Samuel
Some of the Riders, a few thousand of us were there to protect the
skies, but only part of the Infantry was there, we were just millions.
That many! How big is the infantry, asked Samuel, the whole army?
No one knows, said Molly, we are Gods army, we are all immortal.
The one I seek, was news of him found? asked Kal-na, hope unfound.

The phone had started to ring, Rosey picked up the receiver. Listening.
Hey Samuel, she called, it’s Adrian and Susan. They want some help.
They are just a bit hopeful aren’t they, not turning up for the meeting.
That project they were given from the uni. To make that documentary
I said about the landmark they had chosen, and of a scary story to do,
Well remember I said that they had uncovered about a ghost haunting.
Why are you telling this to all of us? Is there a reason? asked Kal-na
That scary story that they sought to include, it isn‘t just one, it‘s many.
Many ghosts? asked Molly, I like that, it’s amazing what they can say,
a ghost story? Yes Kal-na, I wonder what we might learn, said Molly.
Kal-na looked at Molly. Okay, Rosey can you tell them we’ll be there.

to be continued
Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 22, 2013, 03:02:15 am »
continued from previous post

What was a dream, is now all true, my memories are from all before.
Of what there is to do, what they’ll have me do, I will do with pride.
To find why souls of the dead, are not going to where they should.
To find who caused it and why, and be judge, jury and executioner.
As from Kal we know you are, so the two of us, we wish you well
Never feel alone, though we’re human will others be there with you
Molly of the Riders, one of Gods people, she will be with me soon.
And from you my friends, of all who want to be, no, I’ll not be alone.
Rosey went to the computer, turning it on she went to the internet.
I’ll see what I can find, about you who you are as a Debt Collector.
I’d be interested to know, all of what you find as well, said Samuel.

Rosey did as planned though what she found was just the one site,
a painting portrayed the first Debt Collector, now known as Death.
Also known as one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, said Kal-na.
Horseman or woman? How can you tell, just by looking at a skull?
The name does not depict the gender, as with mankind it means both
Kal-na looked hard, said good point to Rosey, nothing else was there.
Kal-na stopped talking, she closed her eyes. Then facing to the side,
she began to smile. Word from Molly, a presence has been found.
The Two Swords will soon make battle, for them and me, it’s begun.
For now, you as I, we have to wait. On a search for sightings of them
Molly is with four more of them I’ll know when this war has begun.

Molly called down, stone circles awoke, stone’s began to glow bright
Not of stone was Molly reborn, for within the stone she was at rest.
Light flashed down like lightning, from Molly to stone’s inner ground
The message heard, from within the circle a dome of light was formed
A Goddess came to be, when the light faded, then pointing to stone
Others to Molly they rose, to begin to find those, who’d hid the souls.
Molly waved them on, willing them look down at overflown ground
Silently, transparently they traversed the land, looking for even a sign
Where the enemy of all would begin, beginning to feel senses raised
A look now a stare, at blade of grass, grain of sand they waited to see
On barest of ground, as if emitting its sin, three photographers went.

Gary, Edmund and Brian walked across a field to the stone circle,
each carrying a camera tripod and their camera’s in a shoulder bag.
Standing near, they inspect the altar stone, from various directions.
Setting his gear down, come on them, said Gary, this is what we do.
As if given permission they start to take photographs of that stone,
Moving tripod about, from here to here, that ideal of light they seek
Concentrating on photographs to take, becoming blind to all around
They don’t see those many thousand winged gargoyles, that fly down
to the earth, near them, around the stone circle, then stay as statues
Four foot high, wings a sinewy glistening skin, each smiling its delight
trying to blend with the circle the ground, as if none wants to be seen.

Looking at the sun, to where a shadow will rest, Brian sees a gargoyle
Then sees the statues of gargoyles around. But I don’t remember them
I must have walked right through them. He called to the others to see
Moving closer to them, adjusting settings on camera’s full of glee                                                     
Taking stills upon stills and videos, their memory cards began to fill,
photographs of each they took. Unknown gargoyle, captions to read. 
Guys I’m off to that ridge, called Edmund, I want to a panoramic view
Brian agreed a panoramic view of the circle and them, that’ll be good.               
Standing on the ridge, stunned at what he saw, he called to his friends.
Running onto the ridge, the statue of a giant winged gargoyle they saw.                                                                   
In wonder they closed to Brian, waiting, wondering of what he’d seen. 

Facing one more, though it was giant, it’s wings so transparently wide,
ignoring those that are small, they began to see their photos in print.                             
Gary turned, wanting to compare the giant, with those that are small
If only he saw inside the giant, the devil’s son, in one of his forms.                   
Realizing in horror, the damned things are moving, coming this way.
Quick grab your gear, shouted Gary. Brian, Edmund, be bloody quick!
As they ran, not turning, waiting until they found safety behind a wall.
Those gargoyles all began to hop, jump, glide towards the giant statue.
The gargoyles to the statue do go, they dance around it, they worship it.                                                 
One of the smaller gargoyles, knelt to the giant, then rose up to the sky.
All other gargoyles stop, they all stood back. Then beginning to smile.

They hopped for joy, they looked up, then the giant it started to smile,
then looking to them, screaming its glory, with its worshippers flew up.
Into the air it joined with them. And together they flew across the land.                                                                         
Looking ahead at the countryside, to a distant hill, it lay on the horizon.                                               
Molly’s stood on that hill with eighteen more soldiers, looking around
looking for them, then hearing they’re sound, they hid in the ground.
Molly ordered nine soldiers, see what is on the other side of the hill.                                                                                                 
Looking to the sky seeing gargoyles that are dropping, as if to land.   
Going to where Molly said that the few gargoyles must have landed.
When Molly and the soldiers get closer, there are many more they see.
As more winged unicorns were flying overhead. They stared to them.                                                                                                                                               

Molly said to creep, the gargoyles have landed near. Careful everyone,
The soldiers in groups of three, beginning to search in the field nearby.                                                                                           
Suddenly they were attacked, outnumbered and almost surrounded.           
Seeking cover in a shelter. She sends Anne to get help. We are trapped.
Molly saw gargoyles dancing, prancing happily through the bushes.                                                                                       
Seeking escape, she saw was an old wooden shelter, she led them there.
The gargoyles taunted them, poking them with their long wooden poles.
Several gargoyles rushed at them, they capture and drag away a soldier.                                           
Hearing the soldiers screams, the giant flies down to gloat with them.
Now the others know where we are, help is on the way. Smiled Molly
The gargoyles pointed at the shelter, proudly showing off the captives.
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 20, 2013, 11:20:29 pm »
did you notice Gabriels stake? The 'pointy end', it looks like he was knocking on the table while reading the script.
And about the relationship between Lucinda and the Ancient, does Lucinda see him as finger food?
Or, does this term apply, He tastes like chicken!
As supported by the scene where she puts her finger in her mouth, obviously a reference to 'finger licking good!'
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by mysticjim on January 20, 2013, 02:30:04 pm »
Episode 7

Thank you, Lucinda, Ben's reign of tyranny by crap dialogue is hopefully over! I don't care if she does smell like a rotting corpse, I love this woman!

Alas, I'm less impressed with the fact that a dozen Zombie Vampires could do nothing more threatening than shoving Gabriel and Ben around a bit, allowing both to deliver yet more corny dialogue.  Viewer satisfaction would definitely have been raised by a merciless slaughter of both of them.  I come to the conclusion that Melanie, having had a stranglehold on the tits and ass front, is also the only good protagonist with balls as well.

The ancient vampires teeth and face makeup do look great, but I agree, alas you can see the joins at the neck, such a shame is its done ever so well on the face.  And mental note, never let Lucinda squeeze your zits, she just takes things way too far!

So, approaching the grand finale, could go either way.  Am encouraged by some of the shots in the teaser at the end - possibly a bit of rough girl on Zombie-Vampire-girl action with Melanie and Lucinda, spot on.  However, Gabriel delivering a line like, 'This ends now!'  I'm afraid unless he gets fatally impaled with something very sharp then there is no chance for redemption from a corny line like that! 

And I have a this nagging feeling, its bloody Ben, there are a few scenarios here;

  • He is actually, well and truly dead.  Okay, hooray, best case scenario.
  • He comes back as an evil Zombie Vampire.  No doubt he'll be crap at that too, but at least he'll be evil, and hopefully Melanie will slay him before he has a chance to talk.
  • He comes back as an evil Zombie Vampire, but somehow, probably by slaying either Lucinda or the Ancient Vampire, the curse of Zombie Vampirsm is lifted, allowing some final homo-erotic last goodbye dialogue with Gabriel before he actually dies properly and rests in peace.
  • He comes back as an evil Zombie Vampire, but somehow, probably by slaying either Lucinda or the Ancient Vampire, the curse of Zombie Vampirsm is lifted and god-dammit, he's fully restored - absolute worst case scenario.
My personal wishlist;

  • First option of the above list, Ben definitely dead, please!!!
  • Gabriel dies horribly too
  • Melanie slays the ancient vampire and he explodes in a fountain of gore!  I'm hoping this will be the big special effect payoff for the whole series
  • Having slayed the Ancient Vampire, hopefully Lucinda is cured of Zombie Vampirism.  And starts smelling nicer again!
  • And finally, as seemingly all the men in Little Easton are camper than Kenneth Williams, Melanie and Lucinda should definitely get together.  Bit of a stretch I'm sure, but Roger Corman would be all over it!
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 20, 2013, 05:09:26 am »
I just watched ep 7, and I'm sorry, but I have to say this, they got Ben! Hooray!
I wasn't overly impressed with the sound effects of the shotgun.
What happened to the ancients make-up? Stopping at his face? A turtle neck sweater would've done the job.
I take it (tee hee) that Lucinda sticking her finger into the ancients face was the implied sex content?
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by Scarecrow on January 19, 2013, 11:11:59 pm »

"Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires - Episode VII: Satan's Grove" has been released! Enjoy!

 - Scarecrow
Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 19, 2013, 12:57:08 pm »
Here is the first eight verses of an epic poem I am writing. I'm not to sure how long it will be, guessing though, 150 verses is a good place to start.


I hereby bring to order the eighteenth meeting of the Swandar Ghost
Hunters Club, said Samuel. He looked at Rosey embarrassed that he
was calling the start of a meeting with only the two of them present.
Looking to the empty chairs he tabled the minutes of the last meeting.
Going through the motions, agreed for each meeting he faced Rosey
Saying who was present, he then asked if she’d had any apologies?
Smiling as ever Rosey suddenly stood up, causing her hair to bounce,
Samuel nearly had a stroke, Rosey loved overstated remarks and deeds
Yes, Suzy and Jeff are in town they’re getting her father a birthday gift,
Kal was told an old friend had died, she’s gone to pay her last respects.
Glenn is with Linda, they said they are going to do an exorcism tonight.

Samuel asked about Susan and Adrian, have they spoken to you Rosey?
Most nights, Susan and Adrian are at the library, they’re doing research
A documentary that they have to making for the course that they‘re on.
The lecturer at the university gave them a project, a ten minute show
To make it of a unique tourist feature near Perth in Western Australia
Then to make it interesting with a scary aspect that’s part of the story.
So that is why they are not here, they’re finding tales of ghosts to use             
Not made up tales like yesterday, of what they’re doing, it has a ghost
The ringing of the phone was loud, almost causing Samuel to have a fit
Rosey grabbed the phone, telling Samuel to lower the sound of its ring
Hi there Kal, said Rosey, are you still going to visit your friends grave?

Yes, still going there. I’m just calling because of the meeting tonight.
The meeting’s cancelled due to lack of interest, it’s just Sam and me
Ooh Rosey, by yourselves at last? Clever girl. How did you plan that? 
It, what was? What are you on about? Rosey was unsure what she meant.
You know full well Rosey, me telling you that you need to get a room?
Rosey blushed, she looked to Samuel. Kal, how could you think that?
Samuel called from his chair, you realise I can hear, don’t you Kal?
How far are you from here, and will you get any further?” he asked.
I’m on the coach, replied Kal, and it’s going away from you, so yes.
Though maybe I shouldn’t have said that, as now I need your help.
Excuse me, after what you just said? asked Rosey a smile on her lips

I think some serious grovelling is in order. So Kneel Bitch! she said.
Kal laughed, taking Rosey’s outburst in jest. I am, I am, she replied.
Kal told them that she’d just woken from a dream a very vivid dream.
I saw two giants playing Draughts. One was God, the other the Devil.
They were saying that they were bored, that neither had recieved a soul
Devil hadn’t had any souls to torment, God said he‘d had none to love.
In my dream, the devil was winning, twenty five games to seventeen.
I don’t know if they had been playing for a while, or just sometimes.
God suggested, the devil agreed they send someone to find out why.
Then I got worried, the Devil told God that a person was about to die,
And that the person would be named Kal-na, the new Debt Collector.

Then the devil said that the person was about to die in a coach crash.
Thing is, what most people don’t know, my name is Kaelyn Nataniella.
My sister couldn’t say my name and called me Kal-na, now I’m Kal.
I don’t think you need to worry, said Samuel’s his words cut short
Interrupted by screeching of coach tyres, then a crash it was repeated.
Rosey gasped, looking to Sam, those tears of fear welled in her eyes.
Of Kal’s dream could she prophesise a future that’s just minutes away
If it is true, what could she be feeling, and what is it that she can see?
Smiling, the man stood still, he standing in the road, facing the coach.
He grinned, as he heard the first screech of the tyres, then the screams
Those passengers who were asleep, were suddenly wrestled from rest.

Of the man who was standing on the road was hit, his body cast aside.
Lurching to it’s side the coach began to tip, sliding along the road
Dropping down on the hard shoulder, it smashed against some trees
Then loud crashes, breaking the quiet as it sliced into solid ground.
Bodies of people, bloodied corpses remained, lying on comfort seats
The driver lay broken on safety glass, he’d tried to steady the wheel
Halfway back, in the luggage rack there lay, a passengers remains
Kal-na rose from Kal’s distraught torso. Looking at her loss of blood. 
She raised Kal’s arm, moments later she let it fall to her body’s side
You’ll not want me to do this, but you’ll thank me for doing this later.
Looking to Kal, she stepped on her arm causing a fracture. That’ll do.

Wandering out the back of the broken coach. Kal-na looked to the road.
Seeing the body of the man lying in the road she walked towards it
Kicking it to make it wake up. Damned vampire what were you doing?
It turned its head, looking side to side, he surveyed the wrecked coach.
Shame, all that blood, just wasted. Still I’ll get what’s left, and yours.
Kal-na grinned, breathing in deep, accepting with glee what she’d do.
The vampire’s eyes lit up, it bared its teeth. Now I’m going to get you.
Kal-na’s eyes began to glow. You? Scare me, I’m a Debt Collector.
Her eyes became fire, the flames from her eyes went into its body
enveloping vampire’s inner demons, then back to Kal-na they flew.
The vampire itself began to fade, its body lying on the road as dust.

Rosey was shocked, gazing towards Samuel, her eyes started to cry.
What if Kal’s dream was right, she sobbed, and now she is another? 
Should we call the police, the hospital or the owners of the coach?
Samuel thought hard and fast, wondering how they could explain
What is it that we know? What do we say, Kal works for the devil?
Kal-na stood, leaning on the doorframe, listening she laughed aloud.
I think that you’ll agree, that was what she’d call her weirdest dream.
Rosey turned, walked to her, she touched her. Sam, she’s not a ghost.
If I were Kal, then yes I agree, a ghost I would be. But I am not Kal,
For I am Kal-na, their latest and their first, I am their Debt Collector.
Think not that I’m a demons sin eater, but I’ll eat a demon who sins.
General Discussion / Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
« Last post by mysticjim on January 12, 2013, 09:39:23 pm »
As I understand, I think the height of his protesting days were from the very late 70's to the late 80's.  I know he did a few CND marches, and he did some protesting in support of the miners strike in the early 80's and he definitely did a few poll tax protests, but as to which ones turned nasty I've no idea.

As for the captions, the only lyric from the song that appears in the newsroom footage is the phrase 'voices raised in anger,' and besides that, the only reference to the lyrics that appear on screen are the words 'All Riot Now' the first two times they are sung.  In order the captions read thus;

Widespread Rioting,
Voices Raised in Anger,
Protest Turns Violent,
Police Break Heads,
It's All Kicking Off,
Yes, Break Stuff Now,
Do As We Say, Not As We Do,
Believe Everything You Are Told,
We'll Be Watching You,
You Can Trust Us,
Obedience Is Good,

Then during the guitar solo

Yeah, Baby, Yeah,
Rock Like a Bastard
Shred Like a Motherfucker
Eat My Dust, Suckers,

Then as things 'breakdown' at the end,

Error *&^%$£??
**Frazzley Bollock Wank Shite**

They are there, but I wouldn't read too much into them!  ::)
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by Scarecrow on January 09, 2013, 10:02:25 pm »
Thought the episode was slightly let down by the ending - as previously mentioned, Lucinda was almost completely drowned out at one point, and I thought the ancient vampire rising up through the ground aped Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters a bit too much.  Personally, I think the scene of him rising from the ground was a bit overdone and over long.  And from a cinematic point of view, having risen, the camera revealed him looking down upon him, I think a hero shot - filmed from a low angle to make him look bigger - more imposing, would have been better.  As a cliffhanger, I was actually expecting a whole load more zombie vampires to spring out and surround Ben and Gabriel, giving them what looked like an impossible situation to somehow overcome.  As it is, I'd back Ben and Gabriel to just leg it in the opposite direction, doubt Lucinda can sprint in that outfit, and if the ancient vampire takes nearly a minute to get to his feet, you wouldn't bet your house on the fact that he could run very fast!

The Fulci homage is 100% deliberate, but that's fair enough if it was too on the nose. itw as also inspired by the Blind Dead series.

What I really wanted to note was that that's exactly what was originally scripted for the cliffhanger! Unfortunately, time, cost and other technical issues and the like meant the final result was greatly reduced. I hope it was just about got away with!

 - Scarecrow
Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« Last post by Maidenscombe on January 09, 2013, 10:00:04 pm »
About the broken bit of a tree's branch (tee hee, was that broken bit of the tree branch named Vlad?) the one that impaled the zombie vampire. Thing is to what degree is the zombie vampire, a zombie or a vampire?
As a bit of wood through the chest of a zombie won't harm it, but it would kill a vampire IF it gets the heart.
If the head is zombie, the teeth aren't vampire. That might suggest that below the head is vampire, so the wood has it. However, if Lucinda is a Zompire (ZOMbie vamPIRE) her head being vampire and her body being zombie, then Gabriel staking her won't do any good.
What is Gabriel's favourite stake called? Mr. Pointy? Vlad? anyone got any more ideas 
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