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General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Maidenscombe on September 28, 2013, 06:26:32 am »
I've been having a few small problems with the books publisher, so I've had the books release date postponed. I'll let you know when all's well again.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Maidenscombe on September 24, 2013, 01:36:57 am »
That's what I thought you meant, the book is listed at most online books stores. I'd suggest people look at the shipping costs of the various places first. At it is $14:00 but at it is $23:00 and at it is $28:00
They have as really good marketing system, get me to do as much as I can. But I asked them for a list of where the book is listed all I got was try the online book stores.
At those sites it is put in obscure places, considering what I wrote is an epic poem it is listed in general fiction. The easiest way to find it is by doing a search of the books title, AKA MOONDYNE JOE.

Short synopsis to follow.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Rich on September 23, 2013, 10:58:43 pm »
Thanks for that Rich, I am great at all things that are computer technology related, my you, after the computer is turned on that is when my brain looks at the problem and exits quickly leaving the rest of me to look at the screen, or should I use the term, 'stare blankly'?
However, I shall endeavour.

Sorry, I'll try and be clearer: do you have a web link to where people can buy your book - so I can include it in the blog post to go on The Great Escape's news feed? Also do you have a synopsis of the epic poem?

Just a thought here, with the Anthology books you do, if you set up a branch of thegreatesc to do books would you be a traditional publisher?

At the moment, we are focusing on publications directly related to The Great Escape - mostly content picked for the site, short stories, novellas, etc. We're still finding our feet as to marketing and selling the books we have already published, so I think we wouldn't be publishing anything not already on the 'development list' for the next 12 months.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Maidenscombe on September 23, 2013, 03:27:12 am »
Thanks for that Rich, I am great at all things that are computer technology related, my you, after the computer is turned on that is when my brain looks at the problem and exits quickly leaving the rest of me to look at the screen, or should I use the term, 'stare blankly'?
However, I shall endeavour. My next two submissioned stories, both epic poems might be easier. And the one I'm doing at present, you never know I might know what I am doing by then.

Just a thought here, with the Anthology books you do, if you set up a branch of thegreatesc to do books would you be a traditional publisher?
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Rich on September 23, 2013, 01:03:27 am »
I don't, no, but if you message me the details (i.e.: synopsis, cover, link where you can buy it) we'll happily put it on our Facebook page and blog (after all, you're a contributor to the site!)
General Discussion / Anyone have a blog?
« Last post by Maidenscombe on September 17, 2013, 04:41:46 am »
I've just had a book published (POD) and I am looking for places to to let people know about it. It is an epic poem in the genre of fiction.
It is available 18th September. And it does have a nice picture on the front cover, of the river Avon. I took the photograph which is 30 yards from my front door.
General Discussion / Right, scrubbed the forum clean again
« Last post by Rich on September 08, 2013, 04:35:21 pm »
Been not paying attention for a couple of months and the site turned into a robot trash dumping ground.

Scrubbed it clean, removed about 150 fake accounts, and now life can continue.
Forum Games / Re: Story time! - add a paragraph to the forum story!
« Last post by Rich on September 08, 2013, 12:59:50 pm »
No-one in particular.

'Made you look!' said the voice in Derek's head.

'Not fair!' said Derek.

'Life isn't fair, mate. Do you know why you're here?'

'Not really. I woke up with memories of kettle drum-playing Scots, who may or may not have been Memories as they were right there. I then found that someone had stolen my secret stash of strawberry jam. There was a pocket watch with a vortex, this place, that "french" donner-kebab vendor, a rather large freight train that appeared to be wearing a floral dress, and now you. Frankly, I can't be sure of anything any more.'

'I don't know why you had to tell me all that,' said the voice. 'I am, after all, your sub-conscious'.

'Well, that seems pleasantly normal,' said Derek.

'Mate - nothing is normal round here. Follow me to the end of the road, and you'll see.'
Forum Games / Re: Change one letter
« Last post by Rich on September 08, 2013, 12:50:30 pm »
Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« Last post by Maidenscombe on August 27, 2013, 12:41:25 am »
Verse   303  to Verse  327      TAMARA JOHNS                                     


Tamara had gone to the town to find out about an ancestor
she had been to see a local historian, but that was no use
as she couldn’t get any help finding out who ancestor was,
but only having her great, great, great grandmother’s name
wasn’t being very helpful. Tamara felt it, she was at a loss.
The historian said to go to the river, but he didn’t say why
nor did he give any clues, as to what she would find there. 

Tamara was upset, knowing she might give up, after the river.
She wandered beside the railway, crossing, then down a field.
It was there that she stopped, she knew the grass was green,
but looking about all the green grass it had changed to brown.
Hearing a strange sound she looked to the corners of the field.
But only heard the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees
thinking that was it, though it sounded as a woman’s scream.

Looking about realising it wasn’t so, as there no echo was heard.
She continued down to the river, occasionally looking behind,
she noticed that the grass had once again become that green.
Knowing something there, something that made her feel good   
and that something drew her want to go down, beside the river.
Several times she looked to the river, yet nothing was there.
She still went. Standing there after she’d taken off her shoes.

She relaxed, rested, allowed her feet to dangle in the water. 
Almost at a sleep she watched the storks, then heard a splash,
looking about, the ducks paddled about, they were content
quickly putting on her shoes, going where she heard the splash.
Clambering over the undulating ground by the water’s edge,
seeing ripples on the surface of the river, she knew she was near.
There she saw a pretty young woman who was sat by the river.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here,” said Tamara
she looked to her but the young woman did not react to her.
Tamara looked over her shoulder to the field she had crossed.
“Did you hear a woman’s scream, I thought I did I’m not sure?”
“I heard the scream, I’ve heard that scream many times before,
though not as clear as it was today. Why, what brings you here?”
“I’m on holiday,” said Tamara, “I was told an ancestor lived here.”

“Really, I’ve known people that stayed here, man or woman?”
Tamara looked at the person, who hadn’t acknowledged her.
“Ruby, that name is all I know, she did have a baby though.
I’m hoping that she was married, that the name I have was his,
that might help me find an answer or two, my name is Johns.”
Suddenly the woman stood up, she faced, was looking at her.
“It’s you, I hoped you’d come, you are here at last, welcome,

I knew of Ruby she was quite well known by some people here.
She was born in an old village not far from here, toward the city.
It doesn’t exists any more, but your great, great great grandfather,
he was well known, seen as a friend too many, he is still known.”
“He is, sorry was, I mean. What was his name?” asked Tamara.
“He has the same name as yours, Johns. Joseph Bolitho Johns,
though best known by his other name, there’s a festival here.”

“Here, in this town.” “He is remembered each year,” said Vixana.
“He is? There is a festival here, in the town,” exclaimed Tamara.
“I dare say not many people will know him by his real name, 
he was best known by what he was known as, Moondyne Joe,
there was even been a few songs written about him, his exploits. ”
“I’ve heard that name, but only because Ruby was from here.”
“She still is, she and Joe pop in from time to time,” said Vixana,

“Of all the people I’ve met I thought of Joe and Ruby as nice.”
“What do you mean? That you knew them or you know them?
Because you can’t know them, they would have died long ago.”
“Nineteen eleven as far as I remember, I did know them alright,
it was in March eighteen sixty seven when we met, the tenth.”
“It can’t be them, a hundred and fifty years ago,” said Tamara.
“More like a hundred and forty five, you just be careful though,

our Joe is a bit touchy about his age,” said Vixana, smiling.
“No, that’s not right, you couldn’t possibly have known him?”
“Oh I see, you don’t believe me. You had best ask Teara then,
She‘ll be here in a minute.” Vixana looked into the river’s water
“She will?” Tamara looked for her along the bank of the river,
“Can you tell me which way to look for Teara, I don’t know?” 
“It won’t be long until she’s here, and she’ll come in the water.”

“Can you tell me more about Ruby or Joe, why you liked them.”
“It’s like this, Joe and I have a bit of history in a roundabout way.
I knew Joe’s great grandfather, he liked animals and was nice.
He was a descendent of druids that lived on The Isle of Anglesey.
But I doubt Joe knows that, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say.” 
About to question Vixana, Tamara saw Teara rise from the river.
Not noticing her Teara talked aloud to Vixana. She was upset.

“What is so important now? You were nearly screaming to me.”
Vixana pointed to Tamara. “We’ve got company, it‘s Tamara.”
“It is! Where?” she asked looking for her. “Oh, there you are,
I didn’t see you, I didn’t expect, I am glad you have made it here.
Tamara froze, Teara walked on the surface of the river to her.
“I should say Ruby and Joe called Teara, Goddess of the river.”
“I knew when I saw her baby this day would happen,” said Teara.

“The screams you heard in the field, it was Ruby,” said Teara,
“Joe will love to meet you, and Ruby will completely flip out.”
“Before that happens Teara, someone doesn’t believe we met.”
“I’ll say we did and do, guess who made this ring of flowers,
and she’s made me one of them every year since,” said Teara.
She took of the ring of flowers putting it on Tamara’s head
Tamara was stunned. “But how can you have known them,”

shaking her head, “You people…” Tamara slumped to the floor.
“People, she called us people Teara, maybe we are,” said Vixana.
“We should be kinder, gentler in how or what we say to her.”
They sat by the river waiting for Tamara to wake and speak.
When Tamara had regained from her faint, they hugged her.
“Know this of us Tamara we are excited to see you, to be friends
we do not want to scare you, but we will always say the truth.”

“As I have said, this lady is Teara the Goddess of the river.”
“And this fine woman only allows friends to use her name, she
wants you to know her as Vixana. When you hear people saying
about the wicked witch of the west, Vixana is who they mean.”
“That was until your Ruby and Joe came along,” said Vixana.
Tamara stepped back. “Please don’t be worried,” said Teara,
“She is a real sweety really.” “Don’t tell her that,” said Vixana.

Tamara opened her hand bag then taking an envelope from it.
“Can you help me with this it has been handed down generation
to generation in my family. This is a photograph of a painting.”
Teara looked at it, smiled asking Tamara to move four paces
“Those in the painting are Sgt. Wentworth and Samantha then
Ruby and Joe and if you look at the river and the hill behind me.”
“It’s the same as in the photograph, they stood here, amazing.”   

Vixana looked in the envelope she picked out the note from it.
“Is there any part of this note what you don’t understand about?”
“Yes,” said Tamara, “It says, thank you for the buttons, C.W.
What or where is a C.W. and what buttons?” asked Tamara.
“A couple of the buttons on his tunic were sewn on by Ruby.
C.W. is Police Sergeant Charles Wentworth he was married to
Samantha who was Ruby’s adopted sister, Charles arrested Joe.

He and Samantha were married and while Joe was in prison.
They cared for Ruby and when she gave birth the baby as well.
That button came loose when Charles and Joe helped a sheep.
The painting was made just after Joe was released from prison.
And Charles not being in a uniform, he was the magistrate.
Now look at the picture, to the left of where they are standing
By the rivers curve is where Charles arrested Joe,” said Teara.

Teara asked Tamara if she was ready to meet Ruby and Joe.
“I don’t know, I’m scared at the thought of seeing their ghosts.” 
Teara and Vixana looked to each other, they began to smile
They then looked to Tamara, and started laughing. “Scared?
You will be too scared to see ghosts? But you’re chatting to us
a nine hundred years old witch and the Goddess of the river.”
“How old, you’ve been living here that long?” asked Tamara.

“Not here though I was one of the first people to arrive here.
I used to live south of here. I remember I had a cave there,
not far from what is now the road to Truro. I have been back 
a few times, but I don’t like it there, I have a reputation there,
I’m known as an ugly old crone. No, I do prefer it being here
being known as a pretty young thing.” “That’s understandable.”
“I know what,” said Teara, “Come back tomorrow morning,

we can go to see the places Ruby and Joe lived,” said Teara.
“Thank you, but I would like to know about Sgt. Wentworth?”
“We can try, we don’t know much more than he arrested Joe,
Though we know more about him after he was a policeman
When the old magistrate left, the one not many people liked
it was Charles who became the towns temporary magistrate.
One of the things Charles did was to try and get Joe released,

Luckily his timing was good, events unknown to him helped,
You see, over the other side of country there was a celebration
A Victorian bushranger had been hung, he was the Ned Kelly
Because of him being hung they allowed Joe released from jail.
Joe had been in there over ten years, he didn’t know of Louissa
his daughter, Ruby had never mentioned to Joe he was a father
Louissa was ten years and one month old. She was a surprise.”

As Louissa said, one month was important to her,” said Teara,
“I think it was that sight that did it, seeing Ruby and Louissa 
together, because Joe never needed to be on the run again.” 
“Joe had a lot of learning to do, about Samantha and Charles 
they were married, Joe found out that they had two children.
Louissa played with them, James was five and Victoria seven.
Watching Joe with three children, what a sight,” said Vixana.

Tamara stood up. “I know if I don’t take this chance to see them
What they look like, I will always regret it, I want to know them
When I do meet their ghosts will both of you come with me?
Will you help me in case I get scared?” “That’s Vixana’s domain,
but if you ask her nicely.” Tamara grinned, she smiled sweetly.
“Do not even think even you can sweet talk me into doing that.
And I’d prefer it if you didn’t.” Vixana looked to Teara, Tamara.

“You’re related, you’re as bad as Joe,” she looked to Tamara. 
“Just don’t expect me to do it again.” Vixana was just about
to walk away from the river. “Before you ask, why I’m here.
I’m not helping you, this isn’t being done as a favour to you,
this is for them.” Feeling the ghosts of Ruby and Joe appear,
and become whole, walking next to Tamara, both sides of her.
Vixana went back to Teara, she sat down, shaking her head.

“I am going to get a good name for this, aren’t I ..... Damn.”


He had gone with his uncle, to buy some land to cultivate. He had intended to grow grapes to make wine, or port. Did he succeed, who knows.

Barton, Alice
Alice was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton. At fourteen years old she met some people who would change her life forever. She began to question what others said about life and became a notable figure for the running of one of the local churches. She would turn the other cheek when people cast dispersions about witches. But if anyone ever said anything bad about Vixana, they’d get it.

Barton, Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Barton’s youngest son was ten years old when he caught a cough. It became so severe that his constant coughing caused him to lose his voice. He never forgot the day his voice was given to him, or the other people he met that day.

Barton, Harry
The oldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Barton, he kept in touch with his brother and sister for as long as he could.

Barton, Mr.
He took over the sheep farm from his father, which he will probably leave to his children.

Barton, Mrs.
She got married in the year fifteen fifty two. Her father was a farmer who grew wheat on a farm that was, as she believed, in the middle of nowhere. 

He stayed near to the town in a quiet area, he married and had several children. He was able to buy his own farm near to the western boundaries of the area. His children would sometimes play with Ruby and Joe’s child, Samantha’s children as well, when they visited them.

Johns, Tamara
Not everyone has ancestors like hers, not everyone has friends like she had, and not everyone has an ancestor who is a legend.

Magistrate, The
He never knew why he had to leave town, though it was said by certain people he should have been kind to Ruby. Ruby had a couple of friends who looked out for her, one was Teara the other was known as Vixana.

When Joe was caught he fled to the south, where he lived the last of his days in isolation after being bitten by a non-poisonous snake he survived the bite. Martin would tell people that the snake was poisonous, he used that as an excuse to be driven partly insane. Not totally insane though, he was still able to successfully convince people that he was the Moondyne Joe. That left his old friend to live his final years in peace.

Moondyne Joe
His real name was Joseph Bolitho Johns. He mentioned to Ruby that his great, great, great, great grandfather was a druid that lived near the shores on the Isle of Anglesey. I am a bit hesitant to believe the druid connection although when Moondyne Joe wanted to charm people he would spoke in the soft tones that highlighted his northern Welsh accent.   

He would repeat that he once saw Moondyne Joe though not that he gave his mother some food. Even later in life as a sixty year old when he got drunk, he always changed the part about who gave the food. He never claimed it was Moondyne Joe and Ruby for he believed that Moondyne Joe’s family still lived in the area, and for what was done that day they would always have his respect.

Nathaniel’s mother
At a young age she became a follower of Vixana. Living in the country she kept near to Vixana and would, when she could, be of help to Ruby.
Trying to keep it a secret about not having enough food, and who gave her some food. Her other secret was about her being a witch.

She lived in a village that doesn’t exist anymore. The daughter of David and Ethel, her unofficially adopted sister was Samantha. The adoption never bothered Ruby or Samantha as they were the best of friends. Samantha’s daughters great, great daughter has two invisible friends.

Samantha’s parents had lived eighty miles to the north, they travelled through the area going to the sout coast when their baby (an eight month old Samantha) took ill. Unable to feed or give her any kind of medication Ruby’s parents took her in and raised her as Ruby’s sister. She was distraught when Ruby went away, and nearly unable to control herself when Ruby returned with Moondyne Joe. It was through them that Samantha met her husband Sgt. Charles Wentworth.

Known as the Goddess of the river, where she comes from no one knows, and she won’t say.
Vixana might know the answer but really, would you dare to question her?

She used to live in a cave near the village of Truro road. When she lived there Vixana was known as an evil person. She looked the part as well in her old black hooded cape and dark brown skirt that could have been a potato sack. Bent forward she always relied heavily on her cane that looked as though it used to be someone’s leg. And if you ever saw her with her hood back, that old haggard look was promoted by several moles and a wrinkly skin. 
To those who used her name without permission they pronounced her name Vix-Ana, but those few who she gave permission to use her name, they said her name as Vi-zar-na. There was some who pronounced her name that way without being told they were Teara, Alice, Joe, Ruby and Tamara. They were who she thought of as nice people. 

Wentworth, Charles, Sergeant
He was popular person, the people in the town knew him as friend, silently he had two other friends though they were not spoken of very often, they were Vixana and the Goddess of the River. As Sgt. Charles Wentworth he married Samantha and had two children, he also took care of Ruby and her daughter until Joseph B. Johns came to take care of them. By then the Sergeant had become the  magistrate.
When Charles was much older both of his grandchildren loved to hear tales about Ruby and Moondyne Joe. Though Charles gave them the respect they deserved, he never told his grandchildren that the children they played with were the descendants of Moondyne Joe.
Charles was responsible for getting Joe released from prison early. He never said exactly where Joe and Ruby lived the rest of their days. Once or thrice he told Vixana and Teara that it was near the area that has his name, Moondyne.

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