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Writer's Discussion / Re: Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
« Last post by Maidenscombe on July 30, 2014, 03:35:04 am »
Here is a list of the chapters I've written

THE CREATIONS                                               
BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE                             
WITCHCRAFT AT WAR                                                         
KAL-NA’S RETURN                                   
KAL OF SWANDAR                                     
THE SONS PROTECTORS                           
CHURCH MATTERS                                   
OF THE SONS FOLLOWERS                       
AT THE DIG                                                 
DEATH BY WHITE NOISE                         
GHOSTS TO SEALS IN TEN                       
SOULS OF THE DEAD                                                                   
SEARCH FOR THE SISTERS                       

SOME CHARACTERS                                 
Writer's Discussion / Re: Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
« Last post by Maidenscombe on July 30, 2014, 03:30:29 am »

A few days after the towns regatta at the school the exchange students were left to begin learning about the world’s history finding details on the World Wide Web. Julie and Tammy were studying about the pyramids of Egypt. The teacher pointed to the quiet, studious exchange students.
     “Some in this room are fast learners, shame about the rest.”
Tammy leant to Julie, and said just a bit too loud. “Ooh sister, did you hear that he didn’t refer to us as you rabble.”
Julie looked to her sister, grinned and tried not to laugh then she looked to the teacher.
     “Hmm, right, open your books to page seventy two, today you will read what the bible says of the plagues in Egypt and what the bible states they were, your assignment for the week will be to state what else could have caused those plagues. I will expect your answers to be given to me before the regatta and I will expect your answers to be in your best handwriting,” said the teacher.

     At the days end, outside the school Julie, Tammy and Ka-im with half the schools pupils waited for the school buses to take them home. Gavin, Andrew and Brian from a nearby school confronted Julie.
Gavin pushed her aside from the others girls. “So here you are Julie, without a teacher and no one else to protect you,” said Gavin with a smile.
Tammy tried to get in the way, but the two other boys pushed her aside.
Julie looked to Ka-im, Gavin saw her look. “Don’t bother looking there, there is nothing she can do to help you.” he said keeping her away from her friends.
Gavin moved a pace toward Ka-im, all of the exchange students ran to stand in his way. Initially Gavin was surprised at their reaction but he soon became angry that they had got in his way. He knew why they did that but he couldn’t comprehend why they would put themselves in the way. A voice behind the exchange students spoke to Gavin it gave him a warning.
     “You should leave now.”
Gavin tried to see who it was that said that. “I don’t think so,” he looked at Julie, then towards where he’d heard the voice, “No, I don’t think I will, I’m going to stay just here.”
     “You will only get one more warning,” said the voice. Gavin casually looked over his shoulder to his friends.
     “And if I still say no what then?” he asked.
A young women and a fit muscular young man walked to be in front of the exchange students, the young woman stood next to Ka-im. The young man stood in front of them he looked to Julie and told her to stay where she was. “Do not move, I will protect you.” Tammy eased her way to stand beside her sister. She looked at the two new girls who stood by Ka-im, she didn’t know who they were, she couldn’t remember seeing them before but she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.
     “I asked you to leave and you refused. I told you only one more warning but you are still here, so now I am telling you, now you should beware,” said Kal-na.
     Cla-ere held an arm in front of Ka-im, she told her to keep behind her. Surprised, Gavin stayed where he was, he looked about to see where his friends were then he looked to Julie.
     “One day Julie I will get you by yourself, I won’t forget this.”
Kal-na took hold of him, without a care of who he was she violently swung him about so she could look into his eyes.
     “That sounded just like a threat. You will never harm her, never make the mistake of being the cause of my return,” said Kal-na.
     “Really,” said Gavin breaking free of her grip, “I’m so scared, I have never heard a threat before.” He laughed at Kal-na.
Kal-na faced Cla-ere. “Say the word and this threat ends now.”
Tammy began to feel more worried than she had been, Kal-na faced Gavin and his two friends she glared at them. Never will you threaten those two again. Kal-na’s clothes changed to that of her battle dress. She slid her sword from its sheath and stared to each of them and vehemently spat the words to Gavin.
     “Understand this, leave now, or never leave, this warning, is the last you will ever get from me,” said Kal-na.
Gavin and his friends stared at him in disbelief, Gavin saw a glow begin in his eyes and watched as it spread over his face, they all turned and ran away, fast.
Cla-ere turned to look at the exchange students, to everyone there. “Thank you for protecting her, now forget.”
     One of the teachers from the school had gone to Tammy and Julie’s house after school to see their parents. When he arrived he was invited in to the kitchen and to go to the table. Once there he sat with them for a cup of coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Weisse wanted to know why a teacher from their daughter’s school had come to the house to see them.
     The teacher said that there had been a problem at the school, that they should be made aware of, it only happens after the school day ends and has involved three boys from another school nearby; it is when the children wait for the school buses. Some bullying is involved but to what extent no one has said. All the teachers are aware of it and we will try to help.
     “We will take care of the situation identify the boys and stop the situation escalating. I was told to come here to tell you what is happening to make you aware.”
Tammy and Julie’s parents looked to each other.
     “The timing sucks it isn’t the best time if this happened at any other time of the year we would want to be there for our daughters. But one of them came.. ..,” the father looked to the teacher, “Do you know about the exchange students?”
The teacher told them that he did. “I was born in the town, I think that was why I got the job at the school. I know about the fairies and where they come from but what has that to do with now. Neither of your daughters became a carer to one who came in at the regatta.” 
     “I’m sorry to tell you this, you should have been told of this before now. Our girls care for Ka-im she came just before the regatta.” The twin’s father got up from his chair, he went to stand at the window and looked out, across the lawn towards the garden gate.
     “What my wife knows but you do not is that I was sent here, I was told to wait here and watch for her, I knew that a special one was about to come, that the wait has now been justified. He turned to face his wife and the teacher, “That one is here, now.” The teacher and the mother went to the kitchen window.
     “The only one who is here, is Ka-im you don’t mean her do you?” asked the teacher.
     “It all started this morning I began to know that one was here. From every other minute of the day my memory grew, it wasn’t a case of my memories getting clearer more that the veils were being lifted so that I was allowed to see more.”
He pointed into the garden.
     “It is all about her, the girl by the gate, Ka-im she is the girl who our girls are watching over. Not that they will need to watch out  for her soon, she will be able to do that for herself, especially when they get here. And I dare say you’ll want to know the reason why she is there, she is waiting for the others to take her.” 
While Mrs. Weisse looked to Ka-im and wondered who she was two others walked into the garden, one strode straight towards Ka-im the other looked about, he was more cautious though he never let the other get far from his side. They both stood near to Ka-im.   
     “Who are they” asked the teacher.
     “Those two, well I can tell you only one of them passed through this way the young man he is an anomaly and why he is here I have no idea. Ka-im is here to take the place of the woman, of what she was not what she is,” said Mr. Weisse.
His wife looked to him, she tried to understand what her husband had said but was unable to.
     “The one Ka-im is to replace is Cla-ere, not for who she is but for what she was. Until recently Cla-ere was the General of the Riders,” said Mr. Weisse.
     “Ka-im is a special one, she’ll be that General?” exclaimed Mrs. Weisse. 
     “The other one, who is he?” asked the teacher.
     “That is where this is all wrong, I can only guess why is he here.”
The twins entered the garden and approached Ka-im. They stopped, knelt and bowed as they approached. Mrs. Weisse and the teacher looked to each other, then too her husband. “Why did my girls just do that?”
     “They knelt to Cla-ere, as I said she is no longer a General of the Riders; she is now the Goddess Cla-ere.” Mr. Weisse looked at them and the attitude of the one with her and Ka-im.
     “Something is wrong though, very wrong for that other one to be here as a protector for them. Cla-ere would normally be surrounded by her own guards but she isn’t and he here. For him to be here something must be seriously wrong. I don’t expect either of you to know who he is.”
     “Instead of talking to yourself about the if’s and but’s, why don’t you just tell us who he is?” asked the teacher.
     “Sorry, that is Kal-na he has attained the heights of being one of Gods favourites. He was chosen by him to do his bidding and return the many who had escaped him. But if Kal-na has been told to be here there must be great need. Once known as Kal-na he was honoured by God many hundreds of your lifetimes ago, he was given the position of Death one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. So for him to be here as he was, what is so important.”
     “Could Kal-na be here for the Devil?” asked the teacher.
The girl’s father looked to Kal-na.
     “No, God would not send Kal-na for him. The Devil was once created by God as an Angel, the leader of his army of Angels. The Devil will forever have the inherent ability of being given a chance that he could be forgiven. No, Kal-na could only be here because of the danger posed by the Son.”
     “The who?” asked his wife.
     “The Son of the devil, that must be it, Kal-na would only be here to escort Cla-ere and Ka-im to the new home, gives you some idea how well thought of Kal-na is by him.”
     “But if Cla-ere is a Goddess why doesn’t she have the power to protect herself and Ka-im?” asked the teacher.
     “She will do soon, but not yet and she will always have the power to do what needs to be done, but with her guards to protect her. Plus she needs to understand her power and how to use it,” said Mr. Weisse, “But you should understand that the Goddesses as my father are there to guide God’s army. The Goddesses would aspire to be like Kal-na the Debt Collector.”
As Mr. and Mrs. Weisse and the teacher watched they saw them Ka-im, Cla-ere and Kal-na thank their daughters, they waved to them, then vanished.

(I can't believe how many times I've altered the wording on that chapter, and no doubt I will do more.)
Writer's Discussion / Re: Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
« Last post by Maidenscombe on July 30, 2014, 03:20:17 am »
     “Remember what was said about their height of the fairies, the tall ones are the new ones; a few of the mermaids become new fairies,” said their dad.
     “Many of them will go to be a soldier in his army. But once in a life time of blue moons the mermaid comes to us who is to be as a special one. But first, what I said about us having a picnic,” said their father. He looked to the girl’s mother.
     “Okay,” she smiled.
A blanket appeared on the grass and a spread of food appeared on that.
     “Mum, that was you, you were the good witch?” asked Tammy.
     “Yes it was now look at the house, at how it is built. Not many houses are built like that these days. The house is your father’s house and before him it was his brother’s house. It has always been a family house, it has always had an ancestor of yours living here. Before the house was here there was a hut before the hut there was a shelter.”
     “Don’t you mean it was dad’s father’s house?” asked Julie.
     “No, the house the hut the shelter whatever type of shelter it was it was always lived in by a brother not your fathers father. Now you need to know about the school and what part the school has played. After the regatta each year there are foreign exchange students at the school.”
Tammy said she remembered them.
     “They were at the school to learn about earth’s history. that was odd why they weren’t taught normal history.”
     “One day, one will come along who is like the others but her place in the army could be very, special,” said their dad.
Their mother looked at them.
     “Because of them never get too close to the gate three paces is the limit, any closer would be dangerous without someone there to protect you. If a fairy thinks you weren’t invited you would be held captive and if you are dressed like their enemy, I just hope they tell us,” said their mother.                   
     The telephone started to ring; it drew their mother’s attention away from them, she went into the house to answer it. As she went away Julie looked to her father.
     “Dad, can you tell us where the Sirens come from?” she asked.
     “Sorry, not many can claim to be friends with them and even then they wouldn’t say anything. They don’t talk to anyone who’s not one of them.”
Their mother ran back to them.
     “That was the Dressmakers shop there’s a new one in the shop,” she said.
     “A new what?” asked their father.
     “A blue whale just brought her in,” she motioned to Julie and Tammy, “The person who rode it here is asking for them.”
     “Really! Okay girls get into the car,” said their father.
Wanting to know more about a special one, the twins moodily got in the car. After the car had left the house and was being driven to the town.
     “When we get back home will you tell us more about the special ones?” asked Tammy.
Their mother said that she could on the drive to the shop but if they wanted to wait until after their father had driven then there. So if  you want to that is fine.” 
     “You were, oh please tell us now,” said Julie.
Neither of the girls thought she would tell them straight away. Quickly became very attentive.
     “Most mermaids who are ready to change they get here at the same time, but not all of them. And I know that upsets you, I’ve seen you out there on the beaches you’ll try to help those who bring them. But you will never succeed, not until each of the whales know that she is safe they won’t leave even if you free them from the beach.”
     “What do you mean?” asked Julie.
     “The whales that beach themselves, and swim back to the beach even after they are freed.”
     “All those times we set them free, why would the whales do that?” asked Tammy dejectedly.
     “Tomorrow you will know, but for now you’d better know. The whales have a reason to do what they do, they beach themselves on purpose. For it is their presence that protects the mermaids and they will always remain until they know the mermaid is safe, they will always stay. They hope as much as we do, as all the fairies do, that she is a special one. As long as the whales are there, the mermaid is safe. Then we take over from the whales we are to make sure the mermaid has protection.”
     “Something isn’t right, Julie was didn’t understand how the whales would know when it was safe?” asked Julie.
     “They should know,” said their mother, “It is your father who tells them.” She looked to the both of them.
     “Of a special one the last was called many hundreds of years ago she didn’t become a fairy, she did not become one in the army, she became a General in his army, or more. A hundred and thirty years ago a mermaid did come here, who wasn’t going to be a fairy or be in the army,” said their father. 
     “Why was he sent here?” they asked.
     “That mermaid was sent here to be ready. At some time soon a special one will come but no one knows when.”
     “You said about the army but not what army, if she is a special one does that mean the army is special, and if it does what could be so special about an army?” asked Julie.
     “You are right, the army that is special, it was created by King Aqueion and the Goddess Tianara, it was given to him,” said their father.
Their mother extended her arm wide then pointed up. “His army.”
The twins looked up then at their mother. “Do you mean God’s army?” She smiled to her girls.
They stared open mouthed.
     “Have you never wondered why all the people in town go to church? Even when the national attendances are down, is it because all the people who live in this town know that God exists?”
The twins continued to stare at their mother. Their father parked the car alongside the boat ramp.
     “So here we are, about going into the dressmaker’s shop, to help a mermaid, your father and I are needed here. 
     “I will be with you in just a minute, I’d better go and see our friend, to let the whale know that it is safe to go,” said their father.
     “This has been said a few times So just in case it is what you are thinking. When a mermaid lives in the sea she has a tail, when she is called she can go on the beach and when her tails dries it changes to be legs so she can learn how to walk. When her time is done her body begins to produce salt and the salt in the sea water becomes intolerable to her. That is when she begins to breathe air and a whale will carry her to the beach to her and she will need to breathe air.
So until someone in the town is given to look after her it is your mother and I who help her. If you want would you help her, until the right one is found?” The twins look to their father.
     “What, yes, yes, of course we will.”
     “You will get help teaching her, she will be a foreign exchange student.”
     “That mermaid, will she be a fairy?” asked Tammy.
Her father looked to her.
     “Or will she be in the army?” asked Tammy.
Inside the door their mother went to the shop assistant. “Is the shop’s owner here Miss Cubiere?”
The assistant smiled broadly, she gazed at the twins. “Which one of you is Julie?”
Julie stepped forward. 
     “And you are Tammy,” she looked at them both, “The twins.”
     “Yes, but we are not identical twins,” said Tammy, she realised what she had just said, and looked down at the shop floor embarrassed for herself. Knowing that the assistant would have noticed that as soon as she looked at them. She looked to her sister. “That is the sort of thing to say that should only be said when one of us is on the phone.”
The assistant began to turn from them towards the changing rooms. “I will be back with her in a bit.”
She soon came back from the changing rooms with a young girl who looked a few years older than the girls Julie and Tammy. 
The shop assistant faced him.
     “These are the two you asked for. And this their mother and Father,” said the assistant as she looked at the girls.
     “My name is Ka-im,” she told the girls that when she lived out there in the sea her name was Tyunalci, “And you who are their father, know that our father misses you, that he still speaks of you and he is proud of you.” said Ka-im.
A long low pitched wail is heard outside. Ka-im looked out of the shop to the sea. She leant out from the window.
     “That was my dad,” she said.
Loud whale song is heard in the shop. She faced them and smiled as she looked to them. Seeing the puzzled looks on the girls faces.
     “That was me saying goodbye to dad,” she glanced out to sea again, “I will miss my dad.” 
The girls were still a bit puzzled.
     “My father, he is King Aqueion.”
Both Tammy and Julie looked as though they were still puzzled.
     “He is father to all mermaids, your father’s father is King Aqueion as well.” Ka-im looked to the girl’s father.
     “They do know what is meant to happen don’t they, as I was being prepared to be here I was told that they are to teach me, that is right isn’t it?”
Both of the girls pleaded forgiveness, Julie explained to Ka-im that they had never had to teach anyone before, you are our first. Ka-im smiled understandingly to her.
     “Okay. We have a couple of days before your school begins another term, that should be enough time for the both of you to teach me another language.”
Julie and Tammy didn’t know what to do they were so worried they both asked me how they could do that.
Sternly their father faced Ka-im he tried not to smile.
     “Now that was mean, but I did like it,” their father looked at his daughters, “Ka-im’s first language was and is whale song, the language that she just used to speak to our father in,” said their father as he looked to Ka-im, “I’ve missed that sense of humour.”
Tammy looked to her father she muttered something to Julie about him. Julie smiled to her and tried not to laugh.
     “There is one thing Ka-im, about our father you said he used to be a mermaid right, so when he came to live on the land he was already old. As earth people go, how old would that have been?” 
Ka-im faced the twin’s father, she grinned. “I think he would prefer me not to say.” 
     “Oh, he’s that old?” said Tammy, she looked to Julie and both the girls giggled with each other.

Writer's Discussion / Re: Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
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     The sixteen year old sisters Julie and Tammy Weisse nervously crossed the lawn. They continuously looked about hoping that none of their friends had chosen that time to visit them, neither of them wanted any of their friends especially the boys to see them dressed as they were in such revealing clothes. It wasn’t that they didn’t want their friends to see them dressed like that, well they didn’t want any boys to see them like that. And it wasn’t that they preferred girls either, they didn’t want any of their friends to distract them from what they wanted to do. It had taken them a couple of days to build up the courage to be dressed as they were because: the long flowing Chiffon gowns were almost see through and normally they’d wear something like those dresses over another dress. As it was, their modesty was only retained because of the bikinis that they wore. And the reason why they were dressed like that? They believed that they had to wear clothes that featured their bodies in order to see a fairy in the lands beyond the garden gate. They held each other’s hand, expectant and hopeful of what they might see also to remove the fear they had. Tammy was nearly at the gate, she reached for the latch; about to lift it and allow the gate to open she heard her mother call to her telling her to stop, their mother she did not want her to open the gate. The twins turned towards the house, they saw that their mother looked towards them, she leant from the kitchen window. As soon as they had heard the window open they faced their mother though they said nothing. Their mother called to them to return to the kitchen where she would tell them what they might hope to see in there.
     “Whatever you do, please don’t go in there dressed like that,” called Mrs. Weisse.
Surprised at what their mother had said, they looked to each other.   
     “Does mum know what we want to see?” asked Julie.
Though both Julie and Tammy wanted to see the fairies though now they were intrigued by the concept that their mother knew what they wanted to see, Julie’s question remained.
     “Do you think our mother believes in fairies?” Tammy asked Julie.
As they went back over the lawn towards the back door of the house and opened it to get in to the kitchen. They went to the table, sat down and waited to hear what the mother said. While they were stood there they became aware of the clothes that is why they had sat down so quickly. They had felt embarrassed that their mother would see them dressed in so little. Going across the lawn they saw their mother close the window, and heard her fastened the lock. As the girks entered the kitchen they saw a saucepan of milk had been out to boil, she had taken three mugs from one of the kitchen cabinets and put them on the side ready for the chocolate powder the milk and a bit of sugar she asked them if they’d both like as drink of hot chocolate. She looked at them before they had time to answer her.
     “Why would you even want to wear clothes like that, do you know I can see right through them?” 
The girls defended their need to wear the gowns. “But mum,” announced Tammy she looked to her sister for support as she tried to explain their choice of what to wear.
     “The only people we have seen who have gone to see the fairies are on the internet. And they have all been dressed like us, some of them have worn even less,” stated Julie.
Their mother sighed, she was not impressed that her girls would allow themselves to consider those sites as being truthful indicators of what people wore.
     “No fairy would ever want to be dressed in that way, so thank God I saw you before it was too late.”
Their mother looked to them, she shook her head and told them to go to their room and get changed into what they normally wore. As they were about to leave the room she poured the hot milk onto the chocolate in the mugs. “Would you like some choccy biscuits as well?”
Tammy and Julie ran up the stairs to their bedroom each stood at opposite ends of the room; they each sought some form of sanctuary. They both opened a wardrobe door to stop them being seen by the other; for some semblance of privacy. They rushed to discard their gowns. They longed the freedom they knew they would feel as they stepped into what they would normally wear. Tammy faced herself in her mirror; she felt so much more relaxed now, in what she had chosen to wear. She looked at the dress that had been unceremoniously dumped on her bed than at the clothes she had changed into.
     “I hope I never want to wear anything like that again,” Tammy said to her reflection.
     “Nor me.” she heard her sister say.
She hadn’t been aware that Julie could have heard her or that she wanted to hear her. Tammy stepped away from the wardrobe door and looked towards where Julie was stood.
     “I don’t know about you but I never felt so embarrassed, exposing myself like that, if anyone of our friends had seen us dressed like that in those gowns,” Julie stared at Tammy. Surprised and pleased as they saw what each other had changed into.
     “Yet, after all that, after what we did out there, even now we still dress the same,” added Julie. Even though they didn’t know what the others would change into, even though we hadn’t tried to be alike we still looked and dressed the same. They were about the same height and both had the same shoulder length hair with a central parting even though they did have different coloured hair. Their slim figures were highlighted because of their clothes; a red checked flannelette shirt and a pair of jeans with a tight leather belt. Even their choice of shoes was the same. Going downstairs to the kitchen Tammy wished her dark brown hair was more like Julie’s strawberry blonde hair, but her dark hair seemed to suit her round face, she was proud she took her looks from their mother. Julie had a thinner longer face just like their fathers. As they stood at the kitchen door they were happy to see that their mother had put the plate of nice choccy biscuits on the table ready for them.
     “Sit yourselves down my girls and I’ll try to explain why you should never go into there, dressed like you were.” Their mother grew serious as she caste them a quizzical frown.
     “Do I take it you wanted to see one of the fairies or was it all the fairies? Did you know that beyond the garden gate there are also all manner of witches, and those witches would have loved to see you dressed as you were in those gowns.” 
The twins looked to each other, smiled and admitted to each other that even in those gowns they did look pretty. Their mother grimaced to them.
     “If you had stayed on the lawn then yes, I will admit you would be pretty but so much more would have to be considered if you had gone passed the garden gate. You would only have reminded the witches
what they were before, and of what they did before,” their mother said.
Their mother gave them and herself the mugs of hot chocolate.
     “Had they seen you those witches would have lured you to a place that you wouldn’t want to be. Once there they would have attacked you stripped you of your clothes then they’d have stripped you of your
skin; they would have killed you.”
The twins were shocked, they looked to each other.
     “We had never even thought that there would be witches in there.”
     “Many many years ago, one of the witches that was in there was banished, thrown out of the garden by some of the Devil’s demons. The witch was so evil that she was feared by most of those who lived there. Her name was and probably still is Vixana. She was said to have tried to control all who there, initially her controlling them was seen as a good thing. But she liked controlling them too much. Killing others of her kind or different to her wasn’t evil in her eyes, but the problem may have been that she enjoyed killing those others, even if she did so because that was how she was. She was known to have had one friend who frequented the garden. Though he wasn’t kicked out, he left when he wanted to. He was and is the Son of the Devil. Of that witch Vixana though, when she was caste out of the garden that was nine hundred years ago. No one to this day knows to where she went when she was thrown out of the garden. There is one way we know of how to find where she is but that way is when she meets the Son, she will light a small camp fire and finding that fire would be much too hard. So if you see a small fire, run away. All her memories of the garden would have been kept by her, so if you ever go in there be aware not to speak to a stranger, it might be her,” said their mother.
     “If we ever do go into there, how would we know what she looked like or if she was near?” asked Julie.
Their mother sat back and looked to them.
     “She was said to have changed her appearance, sometimes daily so I doubt anyone would recognise her. She used to live in a cave that had its entrance faced away from the ocean. I think she wanted to avoid the winds that came in from over the water. That might have something to do with it; there is a candle in her cave even now it is a candle
that always burns. The flame is black if she is here, it burns blue if she is near and it burns as any flames burns, then you are safe. And no one here ever wants her ever to return.”
The twins looked to each other then they faced their mother. Tammy said that she didn’t want to talk about witches anymore and asked if they could know more about the fairies instead. 
     “When we said that we were going to go into the garden it was just to see if there was one, we don’t really know if they are any there,” added Julie. Neither of them knew for sure if they would see anything, but they hoped they would. Tammy asked her mother if she thought that they might be real. Their mother smiled to them.
     “I don’t think they are real, I know they are though I only know one of them by name, she was known to me as the Queen T’lucyan. So yes I do believe. Have you asked your father what he believes?”
     “No, we haven’t said anything to father, we didn’t see much point. Neither of us thought he’d believe about them,” said Tammy.
     “Okay,” said their mother, “I can understand that why you might
think that, but not why you do. When you decided to go into there, to beyond the garden gate which one of their circles did you want to go to?”
Tammy and Julie exchanged a puzzled look.
     “We only thought there was one circle, how many circles are there. We had intended to go to the circle that is near the beach,” said Julie.
     “That would have been a waste of time then you wouldn’t have seen one, not there. No fairy would be there not at this time of year. They’d be at the circle that is hidden by the trees, on the left not far from the garden gate. They would be making the circle ready. If they had seen you dressed as you were they would all have run away and you’d never have known about them, all you’d see would be the circle,” said their mother.
     “We’d scare them?” asked Julie.
     “Dressed as you are now, no. But if any of them had seen you dressed as you were then yes. I think you need to understand where the witches come from to understand that. Years ago all of the witches were Sirens, and the Sirens hated everyone who lived in the sea and worked on the sea. As for the age of the fairies they don’t measure
Their age as the taller they are the younger they are. The eldest ones are those who seek shelter from the rain under mushrooms.”
The girls mother finished her drink of chocolate, she put the mug in the sink and looked out of the kitchen window at the garden gate.
     “But you would know that, if you knew where they came from.”
The girls turned to look at the door. “Dad,” they each exclaimed, “How long have you been there?”
He looked to his wife.
     “Why are you telling them that? Today of all days.”
     “They need to be told, tomorrow they come of age,” she replied.
The twins looked to each other. What was this coming of age, it wasn’t near their birthday. Their father looked at their mother shaking his head. Their mother went to the kitchen cupboard, she opened a drawer and took out  the birthday candles putting them on the top, and she took a large diary from the drawer and began to flick through the pages.   
     “I started this diary when they were born, so I know that tomorrow will be their coming of age day and they ought to be told today so they know what to expect, here we are oh,” she said.
     “If there is one thing that I as their father would always need to get right. It would be to do what is to get their special days right. It is one thing to be wrapped around their little fingers, but to have them tell you off for getting the day wrong. Let’s just say I’m not that brave,” said Mr. Weisse.
Their mother grinned to him, she pointed to the garden gate.
     “Well I just stopped them from opening the garden gate not thirty minutes ago, that is why I decided to tell them,” said Mrs. Weisse.
Their father looked to her then at the girls.
     “They did?” He said after he faced his wife then them, “If that was what they did then yes, I agree.” 
     Their father looked to them then he went to the kitchen door. He stopped to tell the girls that they ought to have a picnic. Opening the door he went across the lawn towards the garden gate.
     “Now that the curiosity in you has begun to rear its ugly head I need to know what you know. Time is almost upon us, and that you need to know more.”
     “Father?” asked the Tammy.
     “Know of this, as of now you need to know about what lies beyond the gate because right now they will be able you and by the end of tomorrow you will be able to see them,” explained their father.
     “Our girls wanted to see a fairy, which is nice or could have been but they were dressed like a Siren, a see through gown and all,” said their mother.
They told their dad that they weren’t naked under the gown, that their mother was exaggerating, and that they were wearing a bikini under the gown. “The bikini’s that you bought us dad. What mum said though, do you believe that fairies exist in there?” asked Tammy.
     “Yes I do believe in them, I know about them and what they were before they came here. I also know about the witches and what they are from.”
     “Mum told us that witches are from Sirens, but I didn’t really understand as the history books are full of tales about witches that are just normal people.”
     “I would agree you but that isn’t quite right. Away from here there was only one real one, the witch Vixana,” said their father.
     “I did say about her,” said the mother.
     “Nearly all the witches you see in the street, at the clubs, they are normal people who have another belief but not those beyond the gate. In the garden every witch used to be a Siren, she would lie on the rocks, and by not wearing much she could try to tempt sailors towards them and the ship would run aground on the rocks. The ship would usually crash on the rocks and sink, that was good in the days gone by, but then then more and more ships were built of steel and they didn’t always sink. Sirens once lived all over the world, in many of those places that they were it can still be found if you know what to look; it was where a lighthouse was built. So when the ships were made of metal the Sirens had to evolve and they began to be witches. They still try to lure some onto the rocks but they are now witches not Sirens. There are a few wooden ships, fibreglass is often used for boats as is metal. But the main victims are mermaids not sailors.”
Tammy and Julie were puzzled.
     “Are any there any Sirens beyond the gate and if so are they evil?” asked Tammy.
     “Understand this; all Sirens became witches, and only one witch has been kicked out of there for being too evil. She would even attack others like herself if they didn’t do as she told them. Another was removed but she was a good witch,” said their father.
     “The one that kicked out, what can you tell me about her?”
     “The evil one Tammy she bore the name Vixana, she was the only one removed. There was another who left a good witch and that was from about two hundred years ago.”
     “Thank you, it was a hundred and ninety three years dear.” 
     “Yes my dear,” he said as he looked to his wife, “Touchy isn’t she. Now what can you two tell me about the mermaids and the fairies?” asked their father.
Julie looked blankly at him.
     “Do you remember the town’s regatta?” asked their mother.
     “The town’s boating regatta, the one held in the harbour each year. It is held the week end after next.”
     “That’s right has either of you remembered about the towns fishing fleet? That it always leaves for an hour or so,” said their mother. Both the girls remembered, but they wanted to know why the fishermen left and where they’d go. Their father told them that all the fishing boats would come to the beach beyond the garden gate. That the fishermen would form two lines from the sea to the circle nearest where they were. Julie was a bit confused she wanted to know how her father knew that.
     “Listen to your father my dears, when the fishermen first get to our beach they wait until the whales are seen. Because some of those whales have a mermaid on their backs, when a whale has reached the beach the mermaid is taken off and carried onto the beach. Those who can walk are allowed to go to the circle in the forest, the others are carried there.”
Oh neoO that post was so funny, I haven't written anything that funny in years.
Unless you were being serious of course then I'd have to assume your knowledge of bad spelling and bad grammar comes from the fact that English is your second language.
That may be contributed to by your being a complete and utter wack job.
I would have said raving looney but because that is based on the total phallacy of a person being affested by a full moon. Does anyone these days really believe that the moon falls apart in quarters and is then rebuilt in quarters with the same outer pattern as the previous month.
People who wear orange clothes and ring bells/or other musical instruments that produce a similar sound are excused from answering that as I'd prefer folk to give sensible answers or ones I find funny.
The thing some people should accept is that their role/ sole purpose in life in too makes others of all religions to laugh, an important role these days.
Unfortunately though some wack jobs like to pretend they have intelligence and say stuff like, ' if you are not able to say what you did on a particular second of a day that is proof you didn't forget it. And that you will not forget this life in the future. And you keep repeating the life until you do remember it, then you get accepted to be one of the few. Or when put another way.
Definition of a wack job, watching a repeat of a football game on a DVD and hoping the score will be different.   

So neoO
About what is written at the start of your start of your post? is it meant to have meaning?   
(i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you thought and done on every single second ).
If it is you that wrote that please can you explain it as it grammatically incorrect many times, and it makes the kind of sense that isn't.
Now if it was the Supreme Lord Krishna who wrote that through you what is his excuse for being so thick?

So thanks for writing complete and utter drivel, I feel as though I can face the day (of talking to a flower, well, telling it off for not growing quick enough) now that I have that rant removed from my psychy.
Say Hi / Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
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Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you have thought and done on every single second )

can you tell me every single detail of your `1 cheapest Minute Or your whole hour, day, week, month, year or your whole life ??

if you are not able to tell me about this life then what proof do you have that you didn't forget your past ? and that you will not forget this present life in the future ?

that is Fact that Supreme Lord Krishna exists but we posses no such intelligence to understand him.
there is also next life. and i already proved you that no scientist, no politician, no so-called intelligent man in this world is able to understand this Truth. cuz they are imagining. and you cannot imagine what is god, who is god, what is after life etc.
for example :Your father existed before your birth. you cannot say that before your birth your father don,t exists.

So you have to ask from mother, "Who is my father?" And if she says, "This gentleman is your father," then it is all right. It is easy.
Otherwise, if you makes research, "Who is my father?" go on searching for life; you'll never find your father.

( now maybe...maybe you will say that i will search my father from D.N.A, or i will prove it by photo's, or many other thing's which i will get from my mother and prove it that who is my Real father.{ So you have to believe the authority. who is that authority ? she is your mother. you cannot claim of any photo's, D.N.A or many other things without authority ( or ur mother ).

if you will show D.N.A, photo's, and many other proofs from other women then your mother. then what is use of those proofs ??} )

same you have to follow real authority. "Whatever You have spoken, I accept it," Then there is no difficulty. And You are accepted by Devala, Narada, Vyasa, and You are speaking Yourself, and later on, all the acaryas have accepted. Then I'll follow.
I'll have to follow great personalities. The same reason mother says, this gentleman is my father. That's all. Finish business. Where is the necessity of making research? All authorities accept Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You accept it; then your searching after God is finished.

Why should you waste your time?
all that is you need is to hear from authority ( same like mother ). and i heard this truth from authority " Srila Prabhupada " he is my spiritual master.
im not talking these all things from my own.

in this world no `1 can be Peace full. this is all along Fact.

cuz we all are suffering in this world 4 Problems which are Disease, Old age, Death, and Birth after Birth.

tell me are you really happy ?? you can,t be happy if you will ignore these 4 main problem. then still you will be Forced by Nature.

if you really want to be happy then follow these 6 Things which are No illicit sex, No gambling, No drugs ( No tea & coffee ), No meat-eating ( No onion & garlic's )

5th thing is whatever you eat `1st offer it to Supreme Lord Krishna. ( if you know it what is Guru parama-para then offer them food not direct Supreme Lord Krishna )

and 6th " Main Thing " is you have to Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare ".
If your not able to follow these 4 things no illicit sex, no gambling, no drugs, no meat-eating then don,t worry but chanting of this holy name ( Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra ) is very-very and very important.

Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare " and be happy.

if you still don,t believe on me then chant any other name for 5 Min's and chant this holy name for 5 Min's and you will see effect. i promise you it works And chanting at least 16 rounds ( each round of 108 beads ) of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily.
Here is no Question of Holy Books quotes, Personal Experiences, Faith or Belief. i accept that Sometimes Faith is also Blind. Here is already Practical explanation which already proved that every`1 else in this world is nothing more then Busy Foolish and totally idiot.
every `1 is already Blind in this world and if you will follow another Blind then you both will fall in hole. so try to follow that person who have Spiritual Eyes who can Guide you on Actual Right Path. ( my Authority & Guide is my Spiritual Master " Srila Prabhupada " )
if you want to see Actual Purpose of human life then see this link : ( {Bookmark it })
read it complete. ( i promise only readers of this book that they { he/she } will get every single answer which they want to know about why im in this material world, who im, what will happen after this life, what is best thing which will make Human Life Perfect, and what is perfection of Human Life. ) purpose of human life is not to live like animal cuz every`1 at present time doing 4 thing which are sleeping, eating, sex & fear. purpose of human life is to become freed from Birth after birth, Old Age, Disease, and Death.
General Discussion / Re: Ouija Boards
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It was an American invention from the late 19th century, with the word Ouija picked for sounding vaguely Native American and spirity (like the infamous 'Wgasa Monorail' - ). The design originates from that initial product.

Prior to that, methods of 'spirit communication' that the Ouija is based off date back as far as the 12th Century. Here's a good article on the subject:
General Discussion / Re: Vampire blood anyone?
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It was less drugs in True Blood - more that due to the number of vampires in the world, they had created synthetic blood - but sadly, it wasn't as good as the real thing.

Haven't watched Moonlight. Is it any good?
Writer's Discussion / Re: Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
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CREATION  part 2

     The Goddess Tianara had begun her search, though a thousand years or four was to pass before the Goddess found both of whom she searched for. Of those two armies they each fought to protect those who were weak and had been wronged. The Goddess caused each army to be near to the other. God had seen her choice, there was one he saw that he could use for another task so he had her wait. He wanted her kept in secret for the day should his will ever come to be.
     For the Goddess Tianara’s plan to work she needed to be seen but not as herself. She chose to join the army with herself unseen and as one who could foretell. She hid herself as a seer as she wanted to meet Garet that army’s weapons maker. She wanted to inspire him to create the weapons that would be used for God’s army. 
     Guiding both armies to be where they should be, where she decreed they should be; she had both armies be ready to be created one army
And if so she had many gifts to bestow. The Goddess waited and watched for her time to join.
     Holly Marie Eloepe looked at her broken army. She saw the distraught and disfigured bodies scattered about the battle field.
     “So many good warriors, so many were once good friends.”
Soldiers who she knew and trusted lay dead, she had cause to have it left to them her chosen guards they look at all the fallen bodies,
they looked for signs of life. Holly watched and hoped each time they stopped, it would be to kneel and offer help. And they did stop, often,  but on many of those times they’d plunge their spear into a body to stop a soldier who suffered, be it one of her soldiers or theirs.
Holly rolled over a body herself, she recognised her as a friend. She knelt to be beside her and quietly she spoke to her, hoping to hear a reply.
     “Gwellyn? can you hear me?” asked Holly.
Gwellyn opened her eyes and looked up.
     “Did we win?” she replied.
     “Yes, we won but our losses were far too many,” said Holly with a wry smile.
Gwellyn tried to sit up, she wanted to look at the battlefield.
Holly raised Gwellyn’s head she held her back high, so Gwellyn could see, she stared at all the fallen; she was so saddened by the sight of so many.
Holly helped her to stand after she had broken the end of a spear, and handed her the pole.   
     “Hold this, put your weight on it, it’ll help you to walk.”
Holly heard people shouting in her camp she looked to see who it was. A few of her archers had already begun to celebrate the win. Holly ran into the camp getting angrier as she ran towards them. The archers sang and danced with jugs of ale being swung about. Holly knocked the drinks from their hands, she glared at them.
     “Get back to the battlefield, now. Help my guards to find our injured.” As they were going to the battlefield one of the archers passed near to Garet, the archer told him how useless he was. Holly, about to tell Garet that he was important to her, to the army, that he should ignore the archer. But she was interrupted by another woman who walked towards them.
     “Don’t pay any attention to him of what you will do it will be of benefit to them, soon they will want to thank you,” she said.
Garet looked to her, surprised because he didn’t recognise her.
Holly faced her. “Tell me, who are you?”
     “I am your new seer, I was told to be here,” she said. 
     “Well I lead this army, and I don’t know who you are, I need to know you,” said Holly.
     “I agree,” said Garet he faced the seer.
     “As I said, I am the seer though you don’t know me, don’t doubt me because you don’t know me for I know you. And that I know of your past, I know of what you are doing now, and I know what is in your future. Of how I know that you can question later but as for now I know more of each of you than you know of yourself.”
Holly smiled, she held Garet’s shoulder.
     “You’ve got to admit it, she does speak like a seer. I’d like to know more but I doubt I’d understand her reply.” She smiled.
     “I’ll go back to the battlefield.”
     “Don’t go now, just because you don’t understand me. I have said what I am of why I am here though it will only be for today, tomorrow, or the next day. Then I promise you will know who I am, by then you will know more of each other and more of yourself.”
Holly stared at the seer, drawing a blank she looked to Garet.
Holly shrugged her shoulders.
     “I’ll leave you two to talk I’m going to go to the battlefield this time,” said Holly.
     “Before you go Holly do you know what weapons Garet is making or what he plans to make?” asked the new seer.
Holly was about to ask Garet why he had kept a secret from her but she then had doubt. She couldn’t remember if she knew. Had she asked Garet what they were and if so had Garet replied to her the seer’s comments caused confusion. As for Garet, he was concerned that the seer knew, he wanted to know how the seer knew of his plans and of his thoughts. Holly stopped where she was.
     “I’d like to know how you are progressing with those weapons,” said Holly as she looked to Garet and the seer.
     “Garet I want you to go and prepare them now, they will be needed soon,” said the seer.
Holly and Garet stood in silence they waited to see if the seer continued but she only smiled at them, and faced to the hills behind them. She pointed to them.
     “When your army is ready to go Holly have them march into the third valley, when the mornings sunlight falls to the valley floor watch as it goes toward the other army. But know this, when you do meet their leader she will appear between you. Be ready to answer her, for she will ask that your armies join as one. And if you say yes you will see many wonders that day.”
     The seer turned and went into a tent. Holly watched her walk away from them, she wanted to know more so she followed where the seer had gone into the tent. But when Holly got into the tent she found herself alone, confused. Going outside again she looked about for Garet but he had gone as well. The seer’s words repeated in her head. “Onto the valley floor over the second hill.”
     Holly went to the battlefield she looked at her army. She knew it was not battle ready, some of her army were unable to stand. Many of the army were unable to walk all the way to the battle, let alone battle as well. Speaking to each of her guards Holly told them of the battle that the seer spoke of in the next couple of days, Holly told her guards to only tell those who could walk.
     The next morning with a depleted army, and many of those were warriors had bravely walked with lengths of wood. Holly hoped that where they stood at the edge of the valley floor would be of help as the rays of sunlight would be in the eyes those they were to battle. As Holly watched the sunlight go down the side of the hills opposite them onto the valley floor, it revealed a massive army. Her own army was out-numbered by at least ten to one. Holly accepted within herself that she would not see another day. Though she would not go with grace, she would keep fighting until her last breath left her body.
     Seeing movement at the enemy armies front, expecting an early charge, Holly was about to call to her army but was surprised; she saw their leader had started to move forward until he was halfway between their armies. Holly did the same yet as she walked towards him she expected to be asked to surrender.
     When she was close to him, about to ask his conditions a glow of light grew from the ground; a dome of brilliant pure light.
Both Holly and Grevoth withdrew their swords; they accused each other of trickery then stared at each other. The light spread over the ground until it covered the both of them.
     “Put your weapons away, you do not need them here, for I caused this light to be,” said Tianara.
They looked at who said the words; Holly was surprised to see her new seer. The leader of the other army looked to Holly. He said that she was their seer.
     “I was never a seer to either army, I said to each of you that you will have to choose to be of one army or not. But before you do choose each of you should know this. Grevoth, those of your army who fell when they were marched here they will be returned to you, alive. And to you Holly, those of your army who fell in the last battle. If you join they will not be dead and they will return to walk with everyone free of injury. But only if you say yes, also if you do say yes you will never see one of the new army stay dead. For the army will always be, it will never stop.”
Holly looked to her. “Who are you?”
     “That I cannot say to you, to either of you, but if you both walk towards me, I will take it that you are saying yes that your armies to be as one, then I can tell.”
Grevoth looked to Holly and put his sword in its sheath, he turned to look at his army, and then he walked towards Tianara.
Holly looked at her army; she went to be at Grevoth’s shoulder.
     “We agree,” said Holly.
     “What can you tell us of what will be?” asked Grevoth.
     “Beginning of this day, Grevoth and Holly, a new destiny begins for you both and for those of your armies. The new army will be known as The Two Swords. Against each other you each had one sword, but together you still have two swords though you can only use one. The other will be your power.”
     “And what of us you won’t need two leaders?” asked Grevoth.
     “I will liaise with you, I will not lead you I’ll be your guide but I am not your leader for this is God’s army. You will be Generals in his army. Now know this about me, as I appear to you now I am Tianara, but when like this.”
Tianara’s whole body became bathed in light.
     “Know me now as Goddess Tianara. Now I invite you both to call to your armies, tell them to join and become friends. To have them prepare for the first battle is in two days. Where the battle is and who the battle is against, leave that to me, I am and will be your guide, I will cause you to be there.” As the dome of light faded, she disappeared.
     Calling their armies to join together, both Holly and Grevoth were surprised to see their warriors who once had injuries they were now fit and those who were dead, they walked amongst them. That night those of the two armies became friends they joined to become one army.
     In the early mornings light on the second day an army stood on barren ground. They looked towards a town, built within a big stone fort. Holly and Grevoth stood at the head of the army. The Goddess Tianara appeared a few paces in front of them; she faced them.
     “As of now you no longer fight to save the weak and the wronged,
from now you will battle all that is evil. The first battle the army will face will be against two hundred demons, they who we believe are as one of the Sons protectors and I foresee that you will win. All those you will face have the same weakness, they always believe they can win,” said Tianara. She pointed along the ground in front of them.   
     “See this line that I’ve drawn, when you cross over it you will be the Two Swords. Your clothes will change and you wear the battle dress as designed by Garet.”
Holly and Grevoth stepped over the line, as was said their clothes changed they looked down at their battle dress.
     “The crossbow over your shoulder is a weapon that Garet made it will always be ready for use. Now use the hand you would normally use to hold the sword, feel the sword and know that the other sword is your power. Holly, drop your sword to the ground.”
Holly looked to her, she removed the sword from its sheath and dropped it to the ground. As instantly as it touched the earth it appeared in her hand again.
     “Now both of you to move forward another step.”
Grevoth and Holly did as they were told. They saw in front of them the sunlight began to spread its light on the walls of the town. They knew that behind then the once their armies now stood as Gods army, the Two Swords had begun. Hearing a new sound behind her, with Grevoth they turned to see that Garet had started to slap the leather of his battle dress.
     “Why are you doing that?” asked Holly.
     “This will be the first time I have gone into battle, I need to ready myself.”
Grevoth smiled, he stood as tall as he could and faced the rest of the army and called to them.
     “Do as Garet the weapons maker does. From this day on the leather being slapped will be our battle cry one we can all do together, as one.”
     The army began to march forward, as they marched they began to slap the leather, the sound grew louder as more joined in. The army neared to a hundred paces from the town’s walls and the army stopped.
Horse pulled chariots raced to the walls as the charioteers threw hooks into the walls window portals, returning the attached ropes for other soldiers to pull them, the hooks loosened many stones as the portals became holes in the wall. As more hooks were withdrawn the holes grew bigger. The demonic vampires that could be seen to be hiding from the suns murderous rays could do nothing to stop the people of the town running to their freedom. When each one of the people were known to have escaped the town.
     With the Two Swords at the ready, Grevoth raised his sword, a signal for the archers to run to the front. Terracotta urns filled with burning oil were placed at their sides and the archers began to light their arrows to send a rain of fire onto the roofs of the towns buildings. With broken walls letting the sunlight in and fire spreading throughout the roofs of the towns buildings the vampires ran to try and find safety; to seek any pockets of shade and where the fire hadn’t reached.
     Holly led the main army’s charge to kill all the vampires that remained there. When they had all withdrawn from the town the people were allowed to return, one of the people went to speak to Grevoth.
     “Please help me, my wife and children they await my return to our home, if you can help them be here all the new horses I have they are yours. My house is to the west of here, nestled over the second hill in the valley,” said Tiberinus.
Holly looked to Grevoth.
     “That is the same as where I was told our armies would met.”
Though neither were aware Tianara was stood near, she heard his plee. She made her presence known, she smiled to Holly and Grevoth
     “I will do this,” she vanished.
     Thankful for their rescue the town’s people celebrated long into the night. In the mornings light though many of them had a sore head they were deep in regret. Tiberinus still waited for his wife and children, placating himself he wandered aimlessly passed the town’s walls. Then he saw his home, not a hundred paces away. Running to, and then into his home he was greeted by his wife and happy children.
     “We didn’t expect you back so soon, did you go to the town?” asked his wife. He held her
     “Grecia I did get to the town I am still there, as are you, look outside.”
Puzzled by his reply she looked to her children, who were now stood by the doorway. Excited they called to her to join them. Grecia went to be by them, she saw the people of the town.
     “Tiberinus, how could this be?”
     “I’m not sure,” he said, “I think it was because of…...”
Before he could tell the story, a bright light rose from the ground.
There walking in all her majesty from within the light, a glow still reigned about her body was the Goddess Tianara.
     “How?” he asked as he stared to her.
     “You asked us Tiberinus, to bring your wife and children here. In return you said we could have your new horses; those white unicorns I gave them wings. Know that they will be cared for, know they are the charge for each of The Riders.”
Writer's Discussion / Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
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Here is my latest attempt to write something of worth, it isn't finished yet and needs a good edit, but it is getting there. I might even see where it can be improved by posting it here. 

CREATION part 1                                                                 

     Of the time that was the beginning, when all that was life on earth were the volcanoes. Masses of massive molten rocks were spewed from the depths of the earth. They became the lava flows that covered where the continents and oceans now rest.
     When God had first looked all he saw was a glowing red ball he felt no inspiration; the world was simply here. After many thousands of years had passed the lava flows had begun to cool. Then thousands of years became time of the past and the tectonic plates had shifted; they moved the vast continental shelves upward until they became as walls.
     With the red lava flows now cooled the red planet now took on the appearance of a seemingly endless black rock. More thousands of millennia’s passed before that unending black rock had broken apart to become massive boulders. Then the boulders fell apart and became rocks that appeared a few centuries before becoming stones that would and day become the dust or soil. From that was born the first moisture that was borne into pools created by gathering winds. The moisture gathered into pools that rose as evaporation into the fluffy white clouds that blew so easily across the sky. As more moisture evaporated he white clouds grew in size then those clouds grew darker and the  dark clouds banded together to become a storm. The water laden mountains didn’t just drop rain. The specks of moisture that were brought together formed threatening little pellets of rain, that were thrown to earth; caste down, hard.
     Those pellets of rain gathered in ponds of repeated pools of water. Those that joined then flowed down the hills into the depths of the valley’s to become rivers that collected and flowed into gully’s. They joined from the ends of those ponds to form lakes that flowed into the larger bodies of water. Then once again they soon evaporated and became the moisture in the fluffy white clouds that gained weight to become the dark clouds that enabled water to be dropped back to the earth as rain.
     Dust grains from the lava flow’s remains were pushed along in the streams creating an edge in the oceans and seas. Where the sunlight blanched the brown grains that collected on the edges of the oceans; the beaches formed. They kept back the swollen mounds of fertile ground. Lands that had gathered to be the continents; fertile grounds that burst forth with life.
     Then with Gods delight did he foresee what beauty those empty soils could be and create; they grew green. God saw the beauty of that colour and thought it would look good, better than the red and black. But too much of anything is too much, so God created the grass in many shades of green. Vast fields of lands bore trees. But with only green and brown God soon saw the land needed variety so he had it bear flowers in a vast multitude of colours.
     But still, as God looked to the earth he saw something was missing, he thought what could be and saw his creation lacked life. So he made some to be on and above the land and he called those new ones his animals and birds. He created fish to live in the seas and all the waters of the oceans they flourished between the lands. He even created some to control those that lived in the waters. That was Gods first mistake for while he created those fish to control he could, unknowingly see some land and he had created one to control all that was there. All was well in God’s eyes he was pleased with his creation.
     With the passing of the years some of the animals and birds needed more land to find their prey so they began to roam across others territory, that caused the fighting to start between each other and with each other. 
     So God created an army, these he called his Angels. He wanted them to keep those animals and birds apart. It stopped many being killed and it stopped even more being eaten by each other. But the leader of the Angels found that he enjoyed having control over them. And he had liked it when they were killed, then he started to kill them himself. God really disliked that and sent him down to watch the dead he had made. He was also to watch over all the dead that would go his way. That Angel would become known by several names though to many he was known as the Devil.
     Though the Devil enjoyed having control of the dead he soon began to get bored; as there was so many of them it began to be a boring routine. To relieve that boredom he created himself a son who was to help him control the ever increasing number of the dead. But the son became like him and after a decade or four his son became so bored. There were so many more, though rather than create another to help him control the son created an army of the dead. As the years passed the army continued to grow in number. Unknown to the son of the Devil God had created yet more to help the Angels.
     The Son captured a few of them and he forced the rest of them to do his bidding. It was then that God created new mammals to control the birds and all the animals that were. And of those new ones God called them his children, Mankind.
     As the son caused those he had blackmailed to attack God’s new creation they became infected and bore the same qualities of those who attacked them. The son killed those who he caused to attack and kept all the ones they created. They treated the son with great respect and did what he wanted and they did whatever he wanted willingly. The son had then attack the birds and animals.
     The Son’s army grew fast and strong, of those he called them his Legion; more and more of Gods children had been turned by his Legion and soon God himself noticed. And the Son liked what they did, drinking the blood of God’s creation then contaminating those of God’s children and they would become part of his Legion. Of God’s other creations the animals and birds, the Sons Legion took many of them and oh what fun they had. So many variations were made and so many made of each of them that the Son soon had to form many more new Legions.
     God hated him for what he had done, God himself said of the Sons creations.
     “From now on I shall know them the damned.”
But the Son soon changed that name, it wasn’t that he disliked the name but he hated that God had chosen the name, so he called them his demons. Knowing it would upset God even more he called the kind he had taken from God his Vampires.
     The Devil had heard of the hatred between his son and God, he saw how many Legions his son had and how big his army had become.
The Devil saw he needed to raise his own army that it needed to be bigger and more powerful than his sons. His army had just been built in time for the sons attack, the battle raged for days. Many thousands of demons were killed on both sides. When the war was over the Devil had won though the Devil failed to make a decisive win. The Son escaped with many hundreds of those who protected him and many more followers.

     He had won the right to be known as the Son, he made a vow to his father.
     “Know this now but don’t think it will be forever. For I will return, and when I do I will have my vengeance. And to God, he had best be aware that of the day I return I will fight for control of your domain and his.”

     The Devil spoke to God, he said what had happened, he said that if his Son was to ever to return they would have to join. God knew his army of Angels was not big enough, nor strong enough. Knowing he had too much to do watching over all he had created. He created two more to make an army for him, an army to protect the all. He created the Goddess Tianara to guide the army when it was on the land. And for those in the sea, he took the largest he had made and fashioned it after man. God gave him the name King Neptune.
     God wanted them to use their free, that with it they would want to give him an army. The Goddess of the land called to the King of the sea, together they agreed to make God his army, to protect those
that God called his children. The Goddess Tianara was to search the land to find and make the army. That the Generals would be of King Neptune’s children, they would be ready when called. God liked the army they promised him, he gave his thanks for the army to be.
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