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Writer's Discussion / Re: Writer? Tell us about yourself
« on: August 30, 2011, 11:24:22 am »
Hi, I've had two books published. They are both doing me a great service, one is under the fridge keeping that level and the other is keeping the washing machine level. Yep they sure are doing me a great service.
Should I ever write another book hopefully that will make it to my bookshelf.
I only write fantasy, sci-fi and comedy stuff. I did a comedy which I tried it as a 1,000 word story, a 4000 word story and I'm trying to do it as a film script.
I'm forever writing new ideas, a few even make it past the twenty page mark.
The way I try to get past the dreaded writers block, is to have several ideas on the go at the same time. 
The worst idea I ever had was to change three characters names, three quarters the way through a story.

Share your writing / Just a couple of poems
« on: August 29, 2011, 11:51:02 am »


The lonely lane dwindled through the archway of trees,
Cold grey tarmac, cushioned by autumns golden leaves.
Solitary reflections renewed the memories of summer,
As a bronzed leaf spiralled down to a growth of heather.

Fearless marble lions stood firm unto the hint of winter,
Wrought iron gates reflect grandeur they canst remember.
Roses stood tall waiting for the final summers inspection,
A Crocus lay down and dreamt of a last minute salvation.

The lush green grass flowed, as the tides with the breeze,
A greenhouse fell back, without the slightest hint of ease.
The mansions fallen, now resting on the rich brown earth,
As tree branches stored energy, for their next virgin birth.


Glowing with magnificence from an age gone by,
Castles standing still, with its footings in the wet,
Although now ruins, its battlements ruled the sky,
Defending a lost treasure, which no one canst get.
The grass now grows, where the knights they trod
Their shiny armour still reflecting the light within,
Their horses in the yard, quietly waiting to be shod,
Dead servants are ready, the tournaments to begin.

Echoes of a time gone by, the lights now blown out,
Proud armour now lining a museum along the road,
The crumbling stable is home, for the solitary goat,
Looking for animals have gone, save a golden toad.

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