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Writer's Discussion / Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:07:58 am »
Here is my latest attempt to write something of worth, it isn't finished yet and needs a good edit, but it is getting there. I might even see where it can be improved by posting it here. 

CREATION part 1                                                                 

     Of the time that was the beginning, when all that was life on earth were the volcanoes. Masses of massive molten rocks were spewed from the depths of the earth. They became the lava flows that covered where the continents and oceans now rest.
     When God had first looked all he saw was a glowing red ball he felt no inspiration; the world was simply here. After many thousands of years had passed the lava flows had begun to cool. Then thousands of years became time of the past and the tectonic plates had shifted; they moved the vast continental shelves upward until they became as walls.
     With the red lava flows now cooled the red planet now took on the appearance of a seemingly endless black rock. More thousands of millennia’s passed before that unending black rock had broken apart to become massive boulders. Then the boulders fell apart and became rocks that appeared a few centuries before becoming stones that would and day become the dust or soil. From that was born the first moisture that was borne into pools created by gathering winds. The moisture gathered into pools that rose as evaporation into the fluffy white clouds that blew so easily across the sky. As more moisture evaporated he white clouds grew in size then those clouds grew darker and the  dark clouds banded together to become a storm. The water laden mountains didn’t just drop rain. The specks of moisture that were brought together formed threatening little pellets of rain, that were thrown to earth; caste down, hard.
     Those pellets of rain gathered in ponds of repeated pools of water. Those that joined then flowed down the hills into the depths of the valley’s to become rivers that collected and flowed into gully’s. They joined from the ends of those ponds to form lakes that flowed into the larger bodies of water. Then once again they soon evaporated and became the moisture in the fluffy white clouds that gained weight to become the dark clouds that enabled water to be dropped back to the earth as rain.
     Dust grains from the lava flow’s remains were pushed along in the streams creating an edge in the oceans and seas. Where the sunlight blanched the brown grains that collected on the edges of the oceans; the beaches formed. They kept back the swollen mounds of fertile ground. Lands that had gathered to be the continents; fertile grounds that burst forth with life.
     Then with Gods delight did he foresee what beauty those empty soils could be and create; they grew green. God saw the beauty of that colour and thought it would look good, better than the red and black. But too much of anything is too much, so God created the grass in many shades of green. Vast fields of lands bore trees. But with only green and brown God soon saw the land needed variety so he had it bear flowers in a vast multitude of colours.
     But still, as God looked to the earth he saw something was missing, he thought what could be and saw his creation lacked life. So he made some to be on and above the land and he called those new ones his animals and birds. He created fish to live in the seas and all the waters of the oceans they flourished between the lands. He even created some to control those that lived in the waters. That was Gods first mistake for while he created those fish to control he could, unknowingly see some land and he had created one to control all that was there. All was well in God’s eyes he was pleased with his creation.
     With the passing of the years some of the animals and birds needed more land to find their prey so they began to roam across others territory, that caused the fighting to start between each other and with each other. 
     So God created an army, these he called his Angels. He wanted them to keep those animals and birds apart. It stopped many being killed and it stopped even more being eaten by each other. But the leader of the Angels found that he enjoyed having control over them. And he had liked it when they were killed, then he started to kill them himself. God really disliked that and sent him down to watch the dead he had made. He was also to watch over all the dead that would go his way. That Angel would become known by several names though to many he was known as the Devil.
     Though the Devil enjoyed having control of the dead he soon began to get bored; as there was so many of them it began to be a boring routine. To relieve that boredom he created himself a son who was to help him control the ever increasing number of the dead. But the son became like him and after a decade or four his son became so bored. There were so many more, though rather than create another to help him control the son created an army of the dead. As the years passed the army continued to grow in number. Unknown to the son of the Devil God had created yet more to help the Angels.
     The Son captured a few of them and he forced the rest of them to do his bidding. It was then that God created new mammals to control the birds and all the animals that were. And of those new ones God called them his children, Mankind.
     As the son caused those he had blackmailed to attack God’s new creation they became infected and bore the same qualities of those who attacked them. The son killed those who he caused to attack and kept all the ones they created. They treated the son with great respect and did what he wanted and they did whatever he wanted willingly. The son had then attack the birds and animals.
     The Son’s army grew fast and strong, of those he called them his Legion; more and more of Gods children had been turned by his Legion and soon God himself noticed. And the Son liked what they did, drinking the blood of God’s creation then contaminating those of God’s children and they would become part of his Legion. Of God’s other creations the animals and birds, the Sons Legion took many of them and oh what fun they had. So many variations were made and so many made of each of them that the Son soon had to form many more new Legions.
     God hated him for what he had done, God himself said of the Sons creations.
     “From now on I shall know them the damned.”
But the Son soon changed that name, it wasn’t that he disliked the name but he hated that God had chosen the name, so he called them his demons. Knowing it would upset God even more he called the kind he had taken from God his Vampires.
     The Devil had heard of the hatred between his son and God, he saw how many Legions his son had and how big his army had become.
The Devil saw he needed to raise his own army that it needed to be bigger and more powerful than his sons. His army had just been built in time for the sons attack, the battle raged for days. Many thousands of demons were killed on both sides. When the war was over the Devil had won though the Devil failed to make a decisive win. The Son escaped with many hundreds of those who protected him and many more followers.

     He had won the right to be known as the Son, he made a vow to his father.
     “Know this now but don’t think it will be forever. For I will return, and when I do I will have my vengeance. And to God, he had best be aware that of the day I return I will fight for control of your domain and his.”

     The Devil spoke to God, he said what had happened, he said that if his Son was to ever to return they would have to join. God knew his army of Angels was not big enough, nor strong enough. Knowing he had too much to do watching over all he had created. He created two more to make an army for him, an army to protect the all. He created the Goddess Tianara to guide the army when it was on the land. And for those in the sea, he took the largest he had made and fashioned it after man. God gave him the name King Neptune.
     God wanted them to use their free, that with it they would want to give him an army. The Goddess of the land called to the King of the sea, together they agreed to make God his army, to protect those
that God called his children. The Goddess Tianara was to search the land to find and make the army. That the Generals would be of King Neptune’s children, they would be ready when called. God liked the army they promised him, he gave his thanks for the army to be.

General Discussion / A blood moon
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:21:51 pm »
To any of you guy making short films etc: did you now that tonight (14/6/2014) a blood moon will be visible, the moon will appear as red.
This effect will also happen in October and twice in 2015.
PS I live in Australia.

General Discussion / Ouija Boards
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:11:12 pm »
I'm looking into why or how Ouija Boards were started and who by.
I've heard they might be of French and German origin and that is mainly because of the name Oui and ja.
Also that it was a game that virtually stopped being used after it was shown in a film in the early 1970's The Exorcist.

Has anyone got any info?

Share your writing / Re: Another short script I wrote
« on: February 13, 2014, 12:05:46 pm »
The Ashwordly Witches


Song; Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath 1st part (2 min 45 seconds)
Two men are carrying shovels across a field towards the woods.
They stop outside the woods.

             Are you ready for it?


             Put a foot on the ground inside
             the bounds of the trees.


Jeffery steps forward into the woods, as soon as his foot touches the ground a bell begins to ring.
Stephen stops and listens.

             How did you know about that.

             My dad told me and his dad told
             him. When anyone is in these woods
             a bell starts to ring.

             Oh great, does whoever know why we
             are here.

             More than likely.

             That makes me feel good.


Two men start digging.


The bell keeps ringing.
Nervously both the men look into the woods

             Why do we get the scary jobs?

             Because we are paid to protect the
             towns people and I don’t want to
             be alone in here.

             We should get paid extra for this.

Stephen looks about again.

             I hate being in here, it feels as
             though I am being watched.

             Didn’t you know, you are.

             I am, by who?

             I’m not sure if it’s a her or not.

             What do you mean by that?

             The figure that is the guard of
             the church.

Stephen looks at Jeffery.

             Come on the sooner we finish this
             the sooner we can go.


They walk to a cleared area.

             You dig a grave there I’ll dig the
             other one here.

Stephen looks about.

             Where is the sound of that bell
             coming from.

             You have seen the church haven’t


             Probably just as well, that figure
             I said about appears to guard the
             Church. That feeling you have of
             being watched, well the figure is
             pointing at us, but at least we
             will be safe.

             What makes you think that.

             I was told by the mother.
Stephen listens to the constant toll of the bell.

             Whose mother.

             Everyone who is here.

             By digging these two graves for
             we are safe? Have you got much
             else to frighten me with?


             What do you know about these woods.

             Nothing, I only came here for the

             The name of these woods is Withes
             Woods, but two hundred years ago it
             had the name Witches Woods. Only
             witches are buried in these woods,
             and they are all Ashwordly Witches.

Jeffery keeps digging a pit.
He looks to Stephen.

             Don’t worry about making these
             graves to good, three foot will do
             and long enough for a body. There
             is only one condition and that is
             they are to be buried face down.

             Really why is that.

             It is simple, or so I was told.
             When they get out they don’t get
             soil in their eyes.

Stephen looks to him.

             Can I laugh now, please.


The car park, it is almost full, there is a carnival atmosphere.
Some people have already started to party.
Two car loads of people are passing long white cigarettes to each other.


A couple is walking near the car, Dave gets out of the car.

             Here do you two want some.

             I’m not sure

             I don’t think so but I know he

             Have you ever had some before?


             Do you smoke cigs.


             Then the chances are you’ll cough
             a bit but after a while you’ll get
             used to it.

             What will he be like?

             He might say some words of wisdom.

Gareth bumps into them, he is looking at a CD.

             Sorry I didn’t see you, I was
             looking at this CD. Amazing isn’t
             it, all the music comes from these
             tiny grooves.

Susan looks at Graham, her eyes open wide she shakes her head.


             Some people will think your words
             of wisdom are so meaningful while
             others will think you are bloody
             stupid. But overall, most folk
             will appreciate the silly.

Graham put the joint between his lips and sucks in deep

             A bit too much for the first time,
             we’d best stand back for this.

Susan and Dave step back.
Graham breathes in deeply.
(Song: Sweat Leaf by Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)(play most)   
Trevor gets out of his car.

             Excuse me what is everyone so
             excited about.

                     SUSAN AND GEOFF
             Because the witches are coming
             Here, and on today of all days.

             What is so special about today.

                     SUSAN AND GEOFF
             It is All Hallows Eve, when the
             dead come to life.

Trevor looks towards the woods.

             What’s it like in there.

             You are joking right it is way too
             scary to go in there.


             And a girl from college went into
             The woods two years ago, that was

             Where is she now?

             She is catatonic in the psych ward,
             and has been there for two years.

             What do you think is in there?

             Some say the devils children play
             in there.

Trevor looks about.

             It sounds like there is a church
             in there because whenever anyone
             goes into the woods a bell starts
             to ring. Quick, behind you, look.


By the turnstile nine people in dark brown hooded robes walk
on the path towards the woods, they each have a six foot staff.

             I take it that is them.

The brown robes are tied at the front with a golden cord, the hood covers their heads.
Nine people slowly walked into the field around the woods.

They stop halfway across the field, one of them uncovers her head, it is Brenda.



She steps forty nine paces into the field, stops and turns and signals for us to be quiet.
Her people spread out in a circle, each begins to whisper,

the sound became louder as if more join in, then they stop, all is quiet.
Brenda lifted her hood into place then without any warning

each member of the coven strikes the ground in front of them seven times, (in unison), then stood still.
The sound of thunder rolling is in the ground.

The coven face away from the centre of the circle, then face the left and went to where the next of them was standing.
They strike the ground seven times.

Each of them turns and goes to the right to where that one of them standing. The ground is struck seven times.
They all turn to face the middle, and strike the ground once.

They kneel and bow then stand, they step backwards six steps,
bow, kneel and lay the staff’s on the ground alongside them.
The coven stay there, they appear to be waiting.

The ends of their staff’s become lit by a glowing light.
The ground vibrates as nine blocks of stone rise up.

(Song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath 2nd part (the rest)
Brenda leads her people back to the path they go in a single line into the woods. As the first one steps into the woods, a bell begins to toll.

As the last of them enters the woods the stones slid back into the ground. Some of the crowd showed bravado, they go to the edge of the woods. 

Four short black figures with red eyes appear they block the path.


                     BLACK SHAPE #1
             Come on, keep coming I’ve been
             told I can play with you.

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
             Yes, yes, come on it’ll be fun.

                     BLACK SHAPE #3
             For us.

                     BLACK SHAPE #4
             We can find out what makes your
             body tick.

                     BLACK SHAPE #1
             Piece by piece.

One of the brave people steps forward

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
             And do you want to know who said
             we can play with you.

                     BLACK SHAPE #2
                 (it smiles)
             Daddy did.

A big black shape appears behind them.
Fire erupts around them.
The fire gets bigger.
They all vanish.

Their bravado gone they run, a girl falls to the ground.

Song:After Forever by Black Sabbath  Master of Reality til end
As the witches walk into the woods a church appears, standing between Brenda and the church is the figure in black.
Brenda stops, she looks to it.

Brenda notices the white-washed walls at the front of the church, the faded old wooden roof and the belfry.
The figure in black floats towards her.


Standing just in front of her the dark pools of its eyes stare at Brenda.
The figure turns and goes back to the church door.

             We need go to where the two paths

They walk to where the two paths meet.
Brenda points at the barren ground.

             This is the place, this is where
             they are buried.

Brenda looks about.
The bell is still ringing.

             There is another grave here, their
             mother, it is empty now, it’s
             resident has returned. We are only
             here for the girls Monica and

Brenda holds her arms wide she slowly turns about.
The others formed a circle around the graves.
Brenda stands between the graves.

The coven focuses on Brenda they send power to her, Brenda adds her power to theirs which she directs at the graves.
They remain at the graves, watching them.

The sound of the bell gets louder
Then it stops, all is silent

The sound of the bell starts again.
Though it now has an echo
The earth above Monica’s grave is being pushed up 

The pile is getting bigger then it falls to the sides.
Fingers appear then Monica’s hand appears.
John and David go to her to help her rise from her grave.


They walk in single file from the woods,
the bell tolls until the last of them leaves the woods.
They stop and looks at the people.


The crowd has waited for them to return.

             Here they come.

             Bloody hell, I can guess what
             they’ve done.

People near them look at them.

             You can, what have they done.

                     PERSON IN CROWD  O.S.
             Yeah, come on, what is so obvious.

             Look at them, they are in single
             file, all nine of them went into
             the woods, but there is eleven of
             them now.

Geoff counts them.

             So, that might mean two were
             already in the forest, mind you I
             wonder how long they were in
             there for.

             Looking at the dresses that are
             Sticking out from under the robes
             of the last two. I’d say two maybe
             three hundred years.


             Oh crap

             The something big they were meant
             to be doing.


             They just brought the dead back to
All those watching are silent

                     PERSON IN AUDIENCE  O.S.
             And this being All Hallows Eve.


The End

Share your writing / Enjoying a poem
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:18:20 am »
I wondered if there was a subject not to write as a poem


The Angel that God sent
to watch over the dead
that the Angel had made.
Soon more dead followed
and the Angel that
God had created
then caused him to watch
over the dead
became known to some
as the devil.
He created himself a Son
to help control the dead.
He caused him to work
but the Son became bored
because he so soon
had much to do.
But the Son did not
create himself a helper,
he created himself an army.
He said he knew better
and his army grew and grew.
God created anew
to watch the animals and birds
the Son captured their dead
he mixed them with
the animals and the birds
all manner of them he created
forcing others like them
to do his will, his bidding.
The Son had himself a legion
he had them attack
his father and won
the Son now had control
though he still was bored.
He found himself a friend
someone he could talk to
she was a witch most vile
and God saw what had happened
he gave forgiveness to the Angel
hoping he’d learnt
what God wanted him to know.
That Angel, the devil
killed his Son
and the devils demon
caste the witch
from the garden
through the gardens gates.
The witch Vixana
needed a place to stay
luckily for her
the last thing
the Son taught her
was how to create
others at will
and others she did create
but only a few
she called them her daughters


In the wooden jail at Ashwordly
Monica and Jessica were sat
at the wooden table in the cell.
Facing each other
the nineteen year old girls
were sharing the chicken
on a plate between them.
It was to be their last meal
or so they’d been told
as they were to be hung
and buried
during the following day.
There were four jailers
watching over them,
they were sat at a table
at the other end of the jail
they watched them
though none of them dared
to look into their eyes.   
Our last meal
is our birthday meal.
Monica wished her sister.
Do have a happy birthday.
Happy birthday,
what is there for us
to be happy about,
tomorrow we die,
accused of being witches,
Jessica looked at the jailers,
The least you sods could do
is tell us what
we are meant to have done.
Jessica glared at Jeffery,
the head jailer, he saw her
turn to face him.
About to return the glare
he stopped himself,
he looked away
as quickly as he could.
Why are you so scared of us,
what have we done
to warrant that, tell us.
You have been accused
of witchcraft most vile
that should have been enough
but not for you two,
the girl who accused you died
no one had more to gain
from the poor girls death
than you two
it was decided that
it was your doing, said Jeffery.
Jeffery spoke to the jailers,
Michael, Matthew and Stephen.
They were sat around a table
against the end wall, scared.
Whenever you hear them speak
to you and you need to answer
remember not look at their eyes,
only look at their hands.
When the mornings light comes
we can hang them, he added.
Will someone else
will have the job
hanging and burying them,
Michael looked at him,
Please say that’s true.
I wish that it was 
we have to take them there
to hang them at their
hanging tree and wait until
the sun is overhead
the need to hang them
and have them hang that long
the magistrate and the vicar
were so very scared of them,
Jeffery wished the day over.
So scared that they might be
they told the jailers
to take them there
to wait at Whichery Woods
until there were good and dead
then carry their bodies
into the woods and dig a grave
and put them in dead or alive.
Though why they have thought
that the hung witches
could still be alive?
Matthew stared at Jeffery
then you weren’t told
what those witches
endured at the torturers hands
that during one day
all their nails were pulled
but not one scream
did the witches make
and when the next morning
the torturers poured salt
on them the witches bodies
showed no signs of ill health.
Those two were tied to chairs
and dropped in the towns pond
they were left all day
dragged up and left on the side
and discarded in the castle
dungeon for the night.
The following day came
with a fright for all
two witches waited for them
no court was called
they are to wait here
from here they go
to be hung then buried
that is why it is said
to be buried dead or alive.
Then the sooner that they
are in the ground
the better, then we might
learn to forget, said Stephen.
Michael started to make
a hot drink for them all.
This can’t be happening.
He looked at the girls eyes.
They are not normal witches.
this cream was fresh today,
it cannot have gone off
yet it has, it has curdled.
He looked at them again,
“They must have come
from the Devil himself.
Now look at the candles,
the flame burns black.”


The ghost of Debra walked
through the cell wall,
the jailers see her
they try to get out.
Who is she, asked Matthew.
It is their mother,
we buried her last week,
as he tried to leave.
That’s far enough boys,
can’t have you leaving
now can I, so stay there.
The jailers stopped
where they were.
The ghost went to the table,
she sat near Jessica
and ripped a piece of chicken,
she started to eat it.
When finished
she smiled to the girls.
Don’t bother your jailers.
I can tell you
why you are here,
why they fear you so.
Your pain and the knowledge
of what was done
was taken from you
lest it caused you pain.
We knew what they would do
to you so my mother and I
stopped your pain
and caused your memory
to be gone.
You are a witch
Each of you
you killed to give life to me
but it did not work it
could not work
for as you can see
I’m not dead.
That left the girl
who accused you
when she killed herself
to rid herself
of the pain
of her brother being killed.
So you couldn’t get your revenge,
Not now not in this time,
It is arranged for you to return
at some time in the future.
As for why your jailers
are so scared of you,
all were scared of you
even the torturers ran. 
They pulled your nails
your fingers and toes
but never did you scream
the next day you stood
before them with nails
on your fingers and toes.
They drowned you all day
two dead bodies were dragged
and dumped in the dungeons
for more witches to see
and the next day
they saw you stood you
waited for them
you asked them next
now you are here
the magistrate was to scared
to see you and tomorrow
you are to die
and like then, once again
you will return for revenge.

Writer's Discussion / What are you writing at present?
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:13:51 am »
Care to share what you are doing?
Just give a brief synopsis of 500 words max.
If nothing else this might be a good place to practise doing a synopsis and you never know, if you want a critique of your synopsis you might get one.

Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« on: December 27, 2013, 04:45:39 am »
Two armies that fought
to protect those who were weak
and those who had been wronged.
The Goddess caused each army
to be near to the other.
Though one would have to wait,
God said he saw one
in one army would be right
to be who he wanted
when the time was right.
For the Goddesses plan
to work she needed that
she would not be seen,
so maybe she would join
as one who could foretell,
that is who she would be
though she hid herself as a seer
as she wanted to meet Garet
one of those army’s weapons maker,
she wanted to inspire him
to create the weapons that would
be used for God’s new army,
the Two Swords.
Guiding both armies to be where
they should be,
where she decreed they should be;
both ready to be created one.
For one of that army to be given
unto God, many gifts
would she bestow.
The Goddess,
she waited and watched.


Holly Marie Eloepe looked
at her broken army.
She saw the distraught
and disfigured bodies
scattered about, on the battle field.
“So many good warriors,
so many were once good friends.”
Soldiers who she knew and trusted,
it had been left to them
her chosen guards
they looked at all the fallen bodies,
they looked for signs of life.
She watched and hoped
that each time they stopped,
it would be to kneel and offer help.
And they did stop, often, 
but on many of those times
they’d plunge their spear into a body
to stop a soldier who suffered,
be it one of her soldiers or theirs.
Holly rolled over a body herself,
She saw a friend to whom she knelt
quietly she spoke to her
she hoped to hear a reply.
“Gwellyn? can you hear me?”
Gwellyn looked up to her. “Did we win?”
“Yes, we won,”
replied Holly with a wry smile.
“But our losses were far too many.” 
Trying to sit up,
Gwellyn wanted to look,
she asked Holly for her help.
Raising Gwellyn’s head
Holly held her back high,
so that Gwellyn could see,
she stared at all the fallen.
She was so saddened
by the sight of so many.
Holly helped her to stand
she broke the end off a spear,
then gave her the rest. 
“Use this, it’ll help you walk.”
Holly heard shouting in her camp,
she looked to see who it was,
she saw a few of her archers
had already begun to celebrate the win.
Holly ran into the camp,
getting angrier as she ran towards them
some of the archers sang and danced
with jugs of ale being swung about.
Holly knocked the drinks from their hands,
she glared at them.
“Get back to the battlefield, now.
Help my guards to find our injured.”
As an archer passed by Garet
the archer told him
how useless he was.
Holly, about to state he was good
was interrupted by another,
a woman who walked towards them.
“Don’t pay any attention to him
of what you will do
it will be of benefit to them
soon they will want to thank you.”
Garet looked to her, surprised
and confused, he didn’t know her.
Holly faced her.
“Tell me, who are you?”
“I am your new seer,
I was told to be here,” she said. 
“Well I lead this army,
and I don’t know who you are,
I need to know you,” said Holly.
“I agree,” said Garet he faced the seer.
“As I said, I am the seer
though you don’t know me,
don’t doubt me
because I know you.
That I know of your past,
of what you are doing now,
and soon I’ll know of your future.
Of how I know
that you can question later
but as for now
I know more of each of you
than you know of yourself.”
Holly smiled,
she held Garet’s shoulder.
“You’ve got to admit,
she does speak like a seer.
I’d like to know more
but I doubt I’d understand her reply.
I’ll go back to the battlefield.”
“Don’t go now,
just because you don’t understand me.
I have said what I am
of why I am here
though it will only be for today,
tomorrow, or the next day.
Then I promise you will know
who I am,
by then you will know more of each other
and more of yourself.”
Holly stared at the seer,
drawing a blank she looked to Garet.
Holly shrugged her shoulders.
“I’ll leave you two to talk
I’m going to go to the battlefield.”
“Before you go Holly
do you know what Garet is making
or what he plans to make?”
Holly was about to tell off Garet,
keeping such a secret from her
but she had doubt
she couldn’t remember if she knew.
Had she asked Garet what they were
and if so had Garet replied to her.”
The seer’s answers caused confusion
as for Garet,
he was concerned,
he wanted to know how the seer knew
of his plans and of his thoughts.
Holly had stopped where she was,
she thought to herself and said.
“I’d like to know about the weapons,”
she looked to Garet and the seer.
“Garet, go and prepare them,
they will be needed soon,” said the seer.
Holly and Garet stood in silence
they waited to see if
the seer continued,
she only smiled at them,
and faced the distant hills behind,
she pointed to them.
“When your army is ready to go Holly
have them march into the third valley,
when the mornings sunlight falls
to the valley floor
watch as it goes toward
the other army.
But know this,
when you do meet their leader
she will appear between you.
Be ready to answer her,
for she will ask
that your armies join
as one.
And if you say yes,
you will see many wonders that day.”
The seer turned and went into a tent.
Holly wanted to know more,
she followed,
into the tent
but Holly found herself alone,
going outside again,
she looked about
but Garet had gone.
The seer’s words repeated in her head.
‘Onto the valley floor
over the second hill.’
Holly went to the battlefield,
she looked at her army,
she knew it was not ready for battle
or even the walk to the battle.
Speaking to each of her guards
Holly said of the battle
that the seer spoke of
in the next couple of days
Holly wanted to tell them
her guards to only tell
those who could walk.
The next morning with a depleted army,
and of those many of her warriors
who bravely walked with lengths of wood.


Holly hoped that where they were stood
at the edge of the valley floor
the rays of sunlight would be in
the eyes those they were to battle.
As Holly watched the sunlight
go down the hill onto the valley floor
it revealed a massive army;
that her army was out-numbered
by at least ten to one.
Holly accepted within herself
that she would not see another day.
Though she would not go with grace,
she would keep fighting
until her last breath left her body.
Seeing movement at enemies armies front,
expecting an early charge,
Holly was about to call to her army.
But she was so surprised;
she saw their leader had gone
to halfway between the armies.
Holly did the same,
she expected
to be asked to surrender.
When she was close to him,
about to ask his conditions
she saw a glow of light
grow from the ground,
a dome of brilliant pure light.
Both of them withdrew their sword,
each accused the other of trickery.
The light spread over the ground
until it covered them as well.
“Put your weapons away,
you do not need them here,
for I caused this light to be.”
They looked at who said those words,
Holly was surprised to see her new seer.
The leader of the other army, Grevoth,
he looked to Holly
he said that she was their seer.
“I was never a seer
to either army,
I said to each of you
that you will have to choose,
to be of one army or not.
But before you do choose
each of you should know this,
Grevoth, those of your army who fell
when they were marched here
they will be returned to you, alive.
And to you Holly, those warriors
who fell in the last battle.
If you join they will not be dead,
they will return free of injury.
But only if you say yes
and only if you say yes,
after today you will never see one
of the new army stay dead
for the army will always be.
It will never stop.”
Holly looked to her.
“Who are you?”
“That I cannot say to you,
to either of you,
but if you both walk towards me,
I will see that as you saying yes,
for your armies to be as one
then I can tell.”
Grevoth looked to Holly,
he turned to his army,
then he walked towards her.
Holly looked at her army,
she went to be at Grevoth’s shoulder.
“We agree,” said Holly.
“What can you tell us of what will be.”
“Beginning of this day,
Grevoth and Holly,
a new destiny begins for you both.
The new army will be The Two Swords.
Against each other
You each had one sword,
so together you have two
though you can only use one
for the will be the power.”
“And what of us?” asked Grevoth,
“You won’t need two leaders.”
“I will liaise with you,
I will be your leader
and your guide
for the army is his, he is God.
You will be Generals in his army.
Now know about me,
as I appear to you now
of who I am,
as I am now, I look a person
know that I am Tianara,
but when like this,”
her whole body became bathed in light,
“Know me now as Goddess Tianara.
Now I invite you both
to call your armies,
tell them to feast,
to join and become friends
and have them prepare.
The first battle is in two days,
where the battle is and who the
battle is against,
leave that to me,
I am and will be your guide,
I will cause you to be there.”
The light about her faded, she disappeared.
Calling their armies to join,
both Holly and Grevoth were
surprised to see their warriors who
once had injuries
they were now fit
and those who were dead,
they walked amongst them.
That night, those of the two
armies started to become friends.


In the early mornings light
on the second day
that one army stood on barren ground,
they looked towards a town
within a big stone fort.
Holly and Grevoth stood at the head.
The Goddess Tianara appeared
ahead of them yet she faced them.
“As of now you no longer fight
to save the weak and the wronged,
from now you will battle
all that is evil.
The first battle will be against
two hundred demons,
seen as the Sons protectors
and I foresee that you will win.
All those you will face 
have the same weakness,
they always believe they can win,”
said Tianara as she pointed
to the ground.
“See this line that I’ve drawn,
when you cross over it
you will be start to be the Two Swords.
Your clothes will change
and be the battle dress.”
Holly and Grevoth stepped over the line,
as was said their clothes changed
they looked down at their battle dress.
“The crossbow over your shoulder
is a weapon that Garet has made
it will always be ready for use.
Now feel the swords
and know the other is power.
Holly drop your sword to the ground.”
as she did it appeared in her hand.
“Both of you, take another step forward.”
Grevoth and Holly did as they were told.
They saw in front of them
the sunlight began to spread its
light on the walls of the town.
They knew that behind then
the once two armies now stood as one,
they of the Two Swords had begun.
Hearing a new sound behind
Holly and Grevoth turned to see
that Garet had started to slap
the leather of his battle dress.
“Why aree you doing that?” asked Holly.
“This will be my first battle,
I need to ready myself.”
Grevoth smiled, he faced the
army, he called to them.
“Do as Garet the weapons maker does,
from this day on,
the leather being slapped
it will be our battle cry
one we can all do together, as one.”
The army began to march forward,
they began to slap the leather,
the sound grew louder as more joined in.
The army neared to a hundred paces
from the town’s walls
and the army stopped.
Horse pulled chariots raced to the walls
as the soldiers threw hooks
into the walls window portals,
returning the attached ropes
for other soldiers to pull them,
the hooks loosened many stones
the portals became holes in the wall.
As more hooks were withdrawn the
holes grew bigger.
Vampire demons were seen hiding
from the suns murderous rays
people of the town escaped
they appeared running from the town,
all were confused yet thankful
that they had been saved.
When all the town’s people
were known to be free,
with the Two Swords ready.
Grevoth raised his sword,
that signaled the archers to run
to the front.
Terracotta urns filled with burning oil
were placed at their sides.
The archers began to send a rain of fire
onto the roofs of the buildings.
With broken walls
letting the sunlight in
and fire spreading throughout the town
the vampires ran to try and find safety,
to seek the shade though none was found.
Holly led the main army’s charge
to kill all the vampires there.
When they had all withdrawn
the town the people were allowed
to return, one of the people went
to Grevoth.
“Please help me,
my wife and children
they await my return home,
if you help them be here
all the new horses I have they are yours.
My house is to the west of here,
nestled over the second hill
in the valley,” said Tiberinus.
Holly looked to Grevoth.
“The same as where our armies met.”
Though he wasn’t aware
Tianara stood near,
she heard his plee
she smiled to Holly and Grevoth
“I will do this.” She vanished.
Thankful for their rescue the
towns people celebrated long into
the night.


In the mornings light,
More than a few had sore heads
and were deep in regret.
Tiberinus still waited
for his wife and children,
placating himself
he wandered aimlessly
passed the town’s walls.
He saw his home,
not a hundred paces away.
Running there,
and into his home he was greeted
by his wife and happy children.
“We didn’t expect you back so soon,
did you go to the town?” asked his wife.
He held Grecia. 
“I did get to the town
I am still there, and now, as are you.
Look outside.”
Puzzled by his reply
she looked to her children,
who now stood by the doorway,
excited they called to her to join them.
Grecia went to be by them,
she saw the people of the town.
“Tiberinus, how could this be?”
“I’m not sure,” he said,
“I think it was because of…...”
Before he could tell the story,
a bright light rose from the ground.
There walking in all her majesty
from within the light,
a glow still reigned about her body
was the Goddess Tianara.
“How?” he asked as he stared to her.
“You asked us Tiberinus,
to bring your wife and children here.
In return you said we could have
your new horses;
those white unicorns I gave them wings.
Know that they will be cared for,
know they are the charge
for each of The Riders.”

Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« on: December 13, 2013, 10:50:15 am »
I've been playing with what I've done of late. The poem entitled, Smile here comes Death, has been re-titled The Two Swords. I took away the verses and re-wrote it as an Epic Poem.
It still needs a bit of an edit but it is more enjoyable to write like this and will with luck be going to a publisher next week. The bit here is only the first two and a third pages of the 137 pages written.
Being a glutten for punishment I'll propbably do a book 2.

CREATION OF THE ARMY                                                                 

God was pleased with the world,
the plants all began to grow.
The animals and the birds he
created began to thrive.
All was well in his eyes.
Through the years
the animals needed
more land to find their prey,
then it was soon noticed
that not all animals
lived in harmony.
They began to fight
with each other
and amongst their own kind.
So God created an army,
the Angels, 
to keep the animals apart
it stopped them being killed
and it stopped them
being eaten by each other.
But the leader of the Angels
found that he had enjoyed
them controlled and he liked
to it when he killed them
even though they were God’s creations.
God really disliked that 
and sent him
to look after the dead.
He became known
by several names
though that Angel would soon become
known to many as the Devil.
But the Devil soon
began to get bored,
to relieve that boredom
he created himself a son
to help him control
the ever increased number of the dead.
Then his son soon became bored
though rather than create another one
to help control what was
the son created an army.
As time passed that army
continued to grow in size
as many hundreds from above died.
God created others to help
the Angels, but they soon turned
against those animals.
Then God created more animals
to control those that were.
And of those new ones
God called them his children.
The Devil’s Son’s army
he called them his legion
he played with God’s creations.
He created some who ate each other
and some who drank of blood.
Those the Son liked best
were those who attacked God’s children
before they died.
The Son mixed animals and birds with
God’s Children and made himself
many a legion
of what God said, “They are damned.”
The Devil’s Son now
hated God nearly as much
as he detested his father.
So much that he even changed the name
the Son called them his demons.
Soon, when the Son had created
the many
even the Devil himself
saw his Son a threat,
He himself needed to make many,
and many more.
And just in time
as the Son made war
and they fought for control
of the Devil’s domain.
Long fought was the war
a great many demons lay dead
but the Devil won through
though the Son escaped
with legions of those he had made.
He the Son, of the Devil
vowed to his father
“I will return
and I will have my vengeance. 
On you and your friend God,
you’d best be aware
for of the day I return
I will fight for control of
everything his and yours.”
The Devil called to God,
he said of what had happened
he knew that if his Son
was to ever to return
they’d have to join.
God knew his army of Angels
was no good,
that army was built to control
the plants and animals.
So he had made others
to help
to control those
on the land.
And he gave himself Goddess Tianara
and for those in the sea,
he took the largest
and created it into a man.
God gave him a name
King Neptune.
He hoped
with their free will
they’d give in return.
The Goddess of the land,
she called to King of the sea,
and together they agreed
to make God an army,
to protect them
that he called his children.
The agreed that the Goddess
of the land was to search,
to find and make the army
but that the King of the sea
would give of his children
when called
to be a General or more
in the army.
God liked the promised gift
he gave his approval for the army,
for he had a great fear
for his children.
The Goddess Tianara
began her search,
though a thousand years or four
passed before the Goddess found
both of who she searched for.

General Discussion / Vampire blood anyone?
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:37:39 am »
I've been watching a dvd of the series Moonlight for the last few nights, the last night I watched episode 6,  B.C. it goes on about a nightclub known as V and a drug that is based on vampire blood that gives human a real high of the sexual variety. Which got me wondering about the drug used in the series Tru Blood, did someone watch the other series? Does anyone have any ideas, knowledge?

General Discussion / How are you at writing script?
« on: October 04, 2013, 11:36:31 am »
Here you are, it is my latest re-write of a re-write of a re-write that hopefully I'll do as a book.
But the thing is, how would you write it as script?
State if for TV or film, don't bother being to fancy with the format, as long as it is understandable.
But if enough people offer something you might get to see another way of writing what you've done.
Do all of it, or part of it, I don't mind.
If you want to rewrite parts of it for the script, not a problem.

Samuel started the eighteenth meeting
of Swandar Ghost Hunters Club.
He looked dismayed at Rosey.
“Do I have to call
the start of the meeting
with only two the two of us present.”
He looked at all the empty chairs.
Tabling the minutes
of the last meeting
asking if there were any apologies? 
“What do you think Rosey.
Should we make all apologies
Rosey stood up quickly 
she slapped both hands on the table, hard. 
Samuel reacted with surprise.
He grabbed at his chest.
Rosey liked his reaction.
“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” he said
clutching his chest, breathing deep.
Rosey told him who had offered
their apologies and what they were.
“Suzy and Jeff are in town,
getting her dad a birthday gift,
Kal was told a close friend had died,
she has gone to pay her respects
at his grave.
That Glenn and Linda have gone,
to do an exorcism.
“What about Susan and Adrian.
have they spoken to you of late?”
“Most nights,” said Rosey,
“they’ll be at the local library
they are busy doing research
for a documentary they are making.
They did some filming at where
they have chosen,
and found a ghost,
so the research is to find out why
the ghost is there.
Though they did ask for our help.”
“Here we are at a meeting
that they haven’t turn up to,
and they have the cheek to ask
us to help them in what they are
doing,” said Samuel.
The telephone started to ring,
it was loud, Samuel almost jumped
out of his chair.
He grabbed at his chest.
“That’s twice in one night,” he said.
Rosey grabbed the phone.
“Samuel,” she asked,
“Why is the ring so loud?”
“I turn it up when I go to the garden,
I forgot to turn it down.”
Rosey listened to hear who it was.
“Kal,” she said, “I thought you’re
going to a friend’s grave?” 
“Yes, still going,” replied Kal,
“I’m calling you, reporting in for
the meeting. You know how Sam
likes an apology.”
“Just hang on a sec, I’ll turn on the
extension speaker. That’s better
now Samuel can hear us as well.
He wanted to postpone the meeting,
as it is just Samuel and I here.”
“Oh Rosey, by yourselves at last?
You clever girl, how did you plan
that?” “It was, I planned it? What
are you on about?” asked Rosey. 
“You know full well what I mean,
still, what if I say, you two should
get a room?”
Rosey blushed,
she looked to Samuel.
Then whispered into the phone.
“Kal, how could you say that?”
Samuel called from his chair.
“You do realise I can hear you,
don’t you Kal?” he asked,
“Are you far away from here,
and will you be getting any
further away.”
“I’m on the coach,” replied Kal,
“And it is going away, so yes,
you could I’m going further away.
Though maybe I shouldn’t have
said all that, another reason why I
rang is I need your help.”
“Excuse me,
after what you just said,” said Rosey.
A smile on her lips.
“I think some serious grovelling
is in order. So KNEEL BITCH.”
Kal laughed aloud,
taking Rosey’s outburst in jest.
“I am, I am,” she cried,
“I’ve she’d just woken from a
Dream, a very vivid dream.
Maybe it was because of the
movement of the coach,
the dream being so weird.”
Samuel looked to Rosey.
“Why is Kal so worried,
it is only about a dream?”
“Linda and I have been teaching
Kal, we both agree there is
something else with her, we were
going to teach her about the usual
meanings; like a snake in a dream
means something good,
but Kal’s dreams aren’t like that,
I’ve seen her dreams come true.
Once she said what we would do
while she had the dream.
So if she thinks her dream is weird,
I’d suggest you believe her.”
“So her dreams are not with
hidden meanings,
are you saying they might be true
prophetic dreams?” asked Samuel.
“The last one she had, she told me
where I would be sitting,
what I was wearing,
even the weather.”
“That’s fair enough. Kal, tell us
about your dream, and give us as
much detail as you can.”
“Okay, but this one was weird,
I’m worried that this one might
come true, this was my dream.
In an area of the ocean some
bubbles began to rise, they burst
on the water’s surface, on the swell.
A giant floated down and watched
as another giant rose up out of
the water.” “Kal, who they were?”
“The one who floated down,
he was God. The other,
the one in the sea
he was the Devil
and the reason they met?
It was because they were bored.
The Devil said that he had nothing
to do. God joked, about the Devil
causing pain, that it wasn’t the
same as it used to be.
The Devil agreed,
he said about the first screams
and threats, that they were fun.
But when he’d heard them
repeated a thousand times
they stopped being fun. But now
they were just a memory.
Then God said those first souls
that went to him,
they were full of tears
of happiness, cries of joy.
And before long they sounded
the same. But that was then,
like you God said there had been
The Devil said something must be
wrong, he said that a flood
wouldn’t do this time, that more
needed to be done.
I can still recall the look
on Gods face.
He was worried.
The Devil asked if he had received
any souls since his son had returned.
As the Devil said, he’d had none. 
They looked to each other.
“If you are right said God
who could do this?
The Devil said he hoped he was wrong
but it could be his son,
that the son wanted to get revenge
and that he was going to
remove both of us.”
“God said he’d send his army
to investigate. But the Devil said no.
He said that if he was right then
whoever it was might face his son
with the power of the souls of the
dead from the last two thousand
years. That his power might be
too great, the Devil suggested
that she should be sent in.
God said yes and no,
he said she might face your son,
his followers and that he might
have the power of the souls of
the dead as well, that this time the
Debt Collector will need all your
power and all my power.
Then the Devil said he knew where
she was, but he said that you
should call her,” said Kal, “What
do you think?”
“Yes, that was weird,” said Samuel.
“Much more than weird,” said Rosey,
“Given that it is true. It means that
God and the Devil exist, more so is
this other the Debt Collector, she
faces a battle with the Devil’s son.
"Was there anything else Kal?”
“Yes, what is next I found
disturbing, it is why I rang.
This Debt Collector has been
hidden in mankind and that she is
a woman, that she is on a coach
and that the coach is about to
crash, very soon.”
“Kal, you don’t think that you are
this Debt Collector an emissary of
God and the Devil?” asked Samuel.
“The Debt Collector name is
Kal-na. Before I met any of you, 
when my sister was young and
learning to speak. Before she
could talk properly, before she
could say my name,     
my full name.
None of you know this as
everyone knows me as Kal,
my real name is Kaelyn Nataniella.
Her name for me was Kal-na,
that was shortened to Kal
by my friends. But the Devil said
the person was about to die in a
coach crash. I am so worried
right now, tell me it can’t be me,
“Kal,” said Samuel, “You are
taking this a bit too seriously,
I mean really,
you think that you are
this Kal-na. No I don’t think you….
Tyres screeched,
the sound burst
from the phone
the sound filled the room.
Rosey and Samuel stared at the phone.
The wheels of the coach locked,
from fifty five miles per hour to
nought. The tyres loudly protested
Rosey’s turned to face Samuel.
Tears welled in her eyes,
then ran down her cheeks.
“Sam?” stated Rosey.
“Rosey, no, a coincidence, it must
be a coincidence,” said Samuel.
“Is our Kal dead?” asked Rosey
Her voice beginning to tremble.
Kal looked about, why had she
been thrown forward? She saw
a man in the middle of the road
he stood still and watched as the
coach slammed into him. The
coach had been swerving,
trying to avoid him, it began to
tip over then the windows
smashed, as the metal was
ground onto the road.
The runaway coach slid down
the side of the road,
slicing through a fence
smashing against trees,
the quiet of the night was gone.
Then the coach slid onto muddy
ground. The quiet returned,
The coach stopped,
bodies of people lay still,
trails of blood ran onto the earth,
bloodied corpses abound,
so many people were dead.
The driver was slumped
on the steering wheels, covered
in safety glass,
halfway along the coach,
in the luggage rack
a passengers remains hung.
Kal’s distraught torso
lay where a window was
it leaked blood
that formed a trail,
Kal tried to raise herself
onto an arm but to energy
wasn’t there. Her arm fell
to her body’s side.
She felt herself falling asleep.
The figure of Kal-na rose,
from Kal’s body
she glanced about
then looked down at Kal.
“You don’t want me to do this,
this should be your time of peace
but you’ll thank me for this later.”
Kal-na stomped on her arm
and caused a fracture.
“That’ll do.”
Kal-na wandered to the back
of the broken coach
climbing from the wreckage
she saw the carnage of bodies
all around,
she saw one on the road.
She walked to it,
watched it repair itself
so she kicked it, hard.
“Wake up, what were you doing,
damned vampire?”
Not knowing what was
it turned its head,
it looked to the side
“Ah, I had the coach crash,
lots of dead for me, all that blood.”
The vampire looked to Kal-na.
“And noe there is you. You can
be first, lucky you.”
Kal-na grinned, breathing in deep,
accepting with glee what she’d do.
The vampire’s eyes lit up,
it bared its teeth.
“Now I’m going drink you.”
The vampire opened its mouth wide,
Kal-na’s eyes began to glow.
“What? You? You don’t scare me,
I scare you, my name is Kal-na
I am the latest Debt Collector and
you owe God a debt.” 
Her eyes became as blue,
her face lit with light
brightness grew around her,
the brightness of the sun.
It enveloped the vampire
then returned into Kal-na.
The vampires body became dust
the wind blew it away
before it reached the road.
“And I bet you thought
God gave the wind
to cool the day,
idiot vampires.”
Rosey was shocked, she gazed
to Samuel, she sobbed,
“And now she is dead? 
Should we call the police,
the hospital,
the owners of the coach?”
Samuel thought hard and fast,
wondering how they could
explain it to the authorities
“What is it that we know?
What do we say,

General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:26:32 am »
I've been having a few small problems with the books publisher, so I've had the books release date postponed. I'll let you know when all's well again.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« on: September 24, 2013, 01:36:57 am »
That's what I thought you meant, the book is listed at most online books stores. I'd suggest people look at the shipping costs of the various places first. At it is $14:00 but at it is $23:00 and at it is $28:00
They have as really good marketing system, get me to do as much as I can. But I asked them for a list of where the book is listed all I got was try the online book stores.
At those sites it is put in obscure places, considering what I wrote is an epic poem it is listed in general fiction. The easiest way to find it is by doing a search of the books title, AKA MOONDYNE JOE.

Short synopsis to follow.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a blog?
« on: September 23, 2013, 03:27:12 am »
Thanks for that Rich, I am great at all things that are computer technology related, my you, after the computer is turned on that is when my brain looks at the problem and exits quickly leaving the rest of me to look at the screen, or should I use the term, 'stare blankly'?
However, I shall endeavour. My next two submissioned stories, both epic poems might be easier. And the one I'm doing at present, you never know I might know what I am doing by then.

Just a thought here, with the Anthology books you do, if you set up a branch of thegreatesc to do books would you be a traditional publisher?

General Discussion / Anyone have a blog?
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:41:46 am »
I've just had a book published (POD) and I am looking for places to to let people know about it. It is an epic poem in the genre of fiction.
It is available 18th September. And it does have a nice picture on the front cover, of the river Avon. I took the photograph which is 30 yards from my front door.

Share your writing / Re: Just a couple of poems
« on: August 27, 2013, 12:41:25 am »
Verse   303  to Verse  327      TAMARA JOHNS                                     


Tamara had gone to the town to find out about an ancestor
she had been to see a local historian, but that was no use
as she couldn’t get any help finding out who ancestor was,
but only having her great, great, great grandmother’s name
wasn’t being very helpful. Tamara felt it, she was at a loss.
The historian said to go to the river, but he didn’t say why
nor did he give any clues, as to what she would find there. 

Tamara was upset, knowing she might give up, after the river.
She wandered beside the railway, crossing, then down a field.
It was there that she stopped, she knew the grass was green,
but looking about all the green grass it had changed to brown.
Hearing a strange sound she looked to the corners of the field.
But only heard the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees
thinking that was it, though it sounded as a woman’s scream.

Looking about realising it wasn’t so, as there no echo was heard.
She continued down to the river, occasionally looking behind,
she noticed that the grass had once again become that green.
Knowing something there, something that made her feel good   
and that something drew her want to go down, beside the river.
Several times she looked to the river, yet nothing was there.
She still went. Standing there after she’d taken off her shoes.

She relaxed, rested, allowed her feet to dangle in the water. 
Almost at a sleep she watched the storks, then heard a splash,
looking about, the ducks paddled about, they were content
quickly putting on her shoes, going where she heard the splash.
Clambering over the undulating ground by the water’s edge,
seeing ripples on the surface of the river, she knew she was near.
There she saw a pretty young woman who was sat by the river.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here,” said Tamara
she looked to her but the young woman did not react to her.
Tamara looked over her shoulder to the field she had crossed.
“Did you hear a woman’s scream, I thought I did I’m not sure?”
“I heard the scream, I’ve heard that scream many times before,
though not as clear as it was today. Why, what brings you here?”
“I’m on holiday,” said Tamara, “I was told an ancestor lived here.”

“Really, I’ve known people that stayed here, man or woman?”
Tamara looked at the person, who hadn’t acknowledged her.
“Ruby, that name is all I know, she did have a baby though.
I’m hoping that she was married, that the name I have was his,
that might help me find an answer or two, my name is Johns.”
Suddenly the woman stood up, she faced, was looking at her.
“It’s you, I hoped you’d come, you are here at last, welcome,

I knew of Ruby she was quite well known by some people here.
She was born in an old village not far from here, toward the city.
It doesn’t exists any more, but your great, great great grandfather,
he was well known, seen as a friend too many, he is still known.”
“He is, sorry was, I mean. What was his name?” asked Tamara.
“He has the same name as yours, Johns. Joseph Bolitho Johns,
though best known by his other name, there’s a festival here.”

“Here, in this town.” “He is remembered each year,” said Vixana.
“He is? There is a festival here, in the town,” exclaimed Tamara.
“I dare say not many people will know him by his real name, 
he was best known by what he was known as, Moondyne Joe,
there was even been a few songs written about him, his exploits. ”
“I’ve heard that name, but only because Ruby was from here.”
“She still is, she and Joe pop in from time to time,” said Vixana,

“Of all the people I’ve met I thought of Joe and Ruby as nice.”
“What do you mean? That you knew them or you know them?
Because you can’t know them, they would have died long ago.”
“Nineteen eleven as far as I remember, I did know them alright,
it was in March eighteen sixty seven when we met, the tenth.”
“It can’t be them, a hundred and fifty years ago,” said Tamara.
“More like a hundred and forty five, you just be careful though,

our Joe is a bit touchy about his age,” said Vixana, smiling.
“No, that’s not right, you couldn’t possibly have known him?”
“Oh I see, you don’t believe me. You had best ask Teara then,
She‘ll be here in a minute.” Vixana looked into the river’s water
“She will?” Tamara looked for her along the bank of the river,
“Can you tell me which way to look for Teara, I don’t know?” 
“It won’t be long until she’s here, and she’ll come in the water.”

“Can you tell me more about Ruby or Joe, why you liked them.”
“It’s like this, Joe and I have a bit of history in a roundabout way.
I knew Joe’s great grandfather, he liked animals and was nice.
He was a descendent of druids that lived on The Isle of Anglesey.
But I doubt Joe knows that, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say.” 
About to question Vixana, Tamara saw Teara rise from the river.
Not noticing her Teara talked aloud to Vixana. She was upset.

“What is so important now? You were nearly screaming to me.”
Vixana pointed to Tamara. “We’ve got company, it‘s Tamara.”
“It is! Where?” she asked looking for her. “Oh, there you are,
I didn’t see you, I didn’t expect, I am glad you have made it here.
Tamara froze, Teara walked on the surface of the river to her.
“I should say Ruby and Joe called Teara, Goddess of the river.”
“I knew when I saw her baby this day would happen,” said Teara.

“The screams you heard in the field, it was Ruby,” said Teara,
“Joe will love to meet you, and Ruby will completely flip out.”
“Before that happens Teara, someone doesn’t believe we met.”
“I’ll say we did and do, guess who made this ring of flowers,
and she’s made me one of them every year since,” said Teara.
She took of the ring of flowers putting it on Tamara’s head
Tamara was stunned. “But how can you have known them,”

shaking her head, “You people…” Tamara slumped to the floor.
“People, she called us people Teara, maybe we are,” said Vixana.
“We should be kinder, gentler in how or what we say to her.”
They sat by the river waiting for Tamara to wake and speak.
When Tamara had regained from her faint, they hugged her.
“Know this of us Tamara we are excited to see you, to be friends
we do not want to scare you, but we will always say the truth.”

“As I have said, this lady is Teara the Goddess of the river.”
“And this fine woman only allows friends to use her name, she
wants you to know her as Vixana. When you hear people saying
about the wicked witch of the west, Vixana is who they mean.”
“That was until your Ruby and Joe came along,” said Vixana.
Tamara stepped back. “Please don’t be worried,” said Teara,
“She is a real sweety really.” “Don’t tell her that,” said Vixana.

Tamara opened her hand bag then taking an envelope from it.
“Can you help me with this it has been handed down generation
to generation in my family. This is a photograph of a painting.”
Teara looked at it, smiled asking Tamara to move four paces
“Those in the painting are Sgt. Wentworth and Samantha then
Ruby and Joe and if you look at the river and the hill behind me.”
“It’s the same as in the photograph, they stood here, amazing.”   

Vixana looked in the envelope she picked out the note from it.
“Is there any part of this note what you don’t understand about?”
“Yes,” said Tamara, “It says, thank you for the buttons, C.W.
What or where is a C.W. and what buttons?” asked Tamara.
“A couple of the buttons on his tunic were sewn on by Ruby.
C.W. is Police Sergeant Charles Wentworth he was married to
Samantha who was Ruby’s adopted sister, Charles arrested Joe.

He and Samantha were married and while Joe was in prison.
They cared for Ruby and when she gave birth the baby as well.
That button came loose when Charles and Joe helped a sheep.
The painting was made just after Joe was released from prison.
And Charles not being in a uniform, he was the magistrate.
Now look at the picture, to the left of where they are standing
By the rivers curve is where Charles arrested Joe,” said Teara.

Teara asked Tamara if she was ready to meet Ruby and Joe.
“I don’t know, I’m scared at the thought of seeing their ghosts.” 
Teara and Vixana looked to each other, they began to smile
They then looked to Tamara, and started laughing. “Scared?
You will be too scared to see ghosts? But you’re chatting to us
a nine hundred years old witch and the Goddess of the river.”
“How old, you’ve been living here that long?” asked Tamara.

“Not here though I was one of the first people to arrive here.
I used to live south of here. I remember I had a cave there,
not far from what is now the road to Truro. I have been back 
a few times, but I don’t like it there, I have a reputation there,
I’m known as an ugly old crone. No, I do prefer it being here
being known as a pretty young thing.” “That’s understandable.”
“I know what,” said Teara, “Come back tomorrow morning,

we can go to see the places Ruby and Joe lived,” said Teara.
“Thank you, but I would like to know about Sgt. Wentworth?”
“We can try, we don’t know much more than he arrested Joe,
Though we know more about him after he was a policeman
When the old magistrate left, the one not many people liked
it was Charles who became the towns temporary magistrate.
One of the things Charles did was to try and get Joe released,

Luckily his timing was good, events unknown to him helped,
You see, over the other side of country there was a celebration
A Victorian bushranger had been hung, he was the Ned Kelly
Because of him being hung they allowed Joe released from jail.
Joe had been in there over ten years, he didn’t know of Louissa
his daughter, Ruby had never mentioned to Joe he was a father
Louissa was ten years and one month old. She was a surprise.”

As Louissa said, one month was important to her,” said Teara,
“I think it was that sight that did it, seeing Ruby and Louissa 
together, because Joe never needed to be on the run again.” 
“Joe had a lot of learning to do, about Samantha and Charles 
they were married, Joe found out that they had two children.
Louissa played with them, James was five and Victoria seven.
Watching Joe with three children, what a sight,” said Vixana.

Tamara stood up. “I know if I don’t take this chance to see them
What they look like, I will always regret it, I want to know them
When I do meet their ghosts will both of you come with me?
Will you help me in case I get scared?” “That’s Vixana’s domain,
but if you ask her nicely.” Tamara grinned, she smiled sweetly.
“Do not even think even you can sweet talk me into doing that.
And I’d prefer it if you didn’t.” Vixana looked to Teara, Tamara.

“You’re related, you’re as bad as Joe,” she looked to Tamara. 
“Just don’t expect me to do it again.” Vixana was just about
to walk away from the river. “Before you ask, why I’m here.
I’m not helping you, this isn’t being done as a favour to you,
this is for them.” Feeling the ghosts of Ruby and Joe appear,
and become whole, walking next to Tamara, both sides of her.
Vixana went back to Teara, she sat down, shaking her head.

“I am going to get a good name for this, aren’t I ..... Damn.”


He had gone with his uncle, to buy some land to cultivate. He had intended to grow grapes to make wine, or port. Did he succeed, who knows.

Barton, Alice
Alice was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton. At fourteen years old she met some people who would change her life forever. She began to question what others said about life and became a notable figure for the running of one of the local churches. She would turn the other cheek when people cast dispersions about witches. But if anyone ever said anything bad about Vixana, they’d get it.

Barton, Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Barton’s youngest son was ten years old when he caught a cough. It became so severe that his constant coughing caused him to lose his voice. He never forgot the day his voice was given to him, or the other people he met that day.

Barton, Harry
The oldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Barton, he kept in touch with his brother and sister for as long as he could.

Barton, Mr.
He took over the sheep farm from his father, which he will probably leave to his children.

Barton, Mrs.
She got married in the year fifteen fifty two. Her father was a farmer who grew wheat on a farm that was, as she believed, in the middle of nowhere. 

He stayed near to the town in a quiet area, he married and had several children. He was able to buy his own farm near to the western boundaries of the area. His children would sometimes play with Ruby and Joe’s child, Samantha’s children as well, when they visited them.

Johns, Tamara
Not everyone has ancestors like hers, not everyone has friends like she had, and not everyone has an ancestor who is a legend.

Magistrate, The
He never knew why he had to leave town, though it was said by certain people he should have been kind to Ruby. Ruby had a couple of friends who looked out for her, one was Teara the other was known as Vixana.

When Joe was caught he fled to the south, where he lived the last of his days in isolation after being bitten by a non-poisonous snake he survived the bite. Martin would tell people that the snake was poisonous, he used that as an excuse to be driven partly insane. Not totally insane though, he was still able to successfully convince people that he was the Moondyne Joe. That left his old friend to live his final years in peace.

Moondyne Joe
His real name was Joseph Bolitho Johns. He mentioned to Ruby that his great, great, great, great grandfather was a druid that lived near the shores on the Isle of Anglesey. I am a bit hesitant to believe the druid connection although when Moondyne Joe wanted to charm people he would spoke in the soft tones that highlighted his northern Welsh accent.   

He would repeat that he once saw Moondyne Joe though not that he gave his mother some food. Even later in life as a sixty year old when he got drunk, he always changed the part about who gave the food. He never claimed it was Moondyne Joe and Ruby for he believed that Moondyne Joe’s family still lived in the area, and for what was done that day they would always have his respect.

Nathaniel’s mother
At a young age she became a follower of Vixana. Living in the country she kept near to Vixana and would, when she could, be of help to Ruby.
Trying to keep it a secret about not having enough food, and who gave her some food. Her other secret was about her being a witch.

She lived in a village that doesn’t exist anymore. The daughter of David and Ethel, her unofficially adopted sister was Samantha. The adoption never bothered Ruby or Samantha as they were the best of friends. Samantha’s daughters great, great daughter has two invisible friends.

Samantha’s parents had lived eighty miles to the north, they travelled through the area going to the sout coast when their baby (an eight month old Samantha) took ill. Unable to feed or give her any kind of medication Ruby’s parents took her in and raised her as Ruby’s sister. She was distraught when Ruby went away, and nearly unable to control herself when Ruby returned with Moondyne Joe. It was through them that Samantha met her husband Sgt. Charles Wentworth.

Known as the Goddess of the river, where she comes from no one knows, and she won’t say.
Vixana might know the answer but really, would you dare to question her?

She used to live in a cave near the village of Truro road. When she lived there Vixana was known as an evil person. She looked the part as well in her old black hooded cape and dark brown skirt that could have been a potato sack. Bent forward she always relied heavily on her cane that looked as though it used to be someone’s leg. And if you ever saw her with her hood back, that old haggard look was promoted by several moles and a wrinkly skin. 
To those who used her name without permission they pronounced her name Vix-Ana, but those few who she gave permission to use her name, they said her name as Vi-zar-na. There was some who pronounced her name that way without being told they were Teara, Alice, Joe, Ruby and Tamara. They were who she thought of as nice people. 

Wentworth, Charles, Sergeant
He was popular person, the people in the town knew him as friend, silently he had two other friends though they were not spoken of very often, they were Vixana and the Goddess of the River. As Sgt. Charles Wentworth he married Samantha and had two children, he also took care of Ruby and her daughter until Joseph B. Johns came to take care of them. By then the Sergeant had become the  magistrate.
When Charles was much older both of his grandchildren loved to hear tales about Ruby and Moondyne Joe. Though Charles gave them the respect they deserved, he never told his grandchildren that the children they played with were the descendants of Moondyne Joe.
Charles was responsible for getting Joe released from prison early. He never said exactly where Joe and Ruby lived the rest of their days. Once or thrice he told Vixana and Teara that it was near the area that has his name, Moondyne.


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