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General Discussion / S.H.I.E.L.D. good or bad?
« on: November 16, 2014, 09:58:37 am »
It doesn't have a very good basis for a series, the council in the Avengers were okay with the notion of sending a nuke to blow up the city.
The only redeeming quality the council had (for me) was having that most quintessential of English actresses in the council, Jenny Agutter. 

On other forums folk are still saying how good the series of Shield was/ is. Any thoughts?

General Discussion / PM's?
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:50:12 am »
Any reason why the PM's don't work?

General Discussion / Writing plays for the stage
« on: July 30, 2014, 03:44:43 am »
I decided I'd try my hand at writing a play for the stage, but finding out the hows, and what not to do is a bit hard to do are a bit hard.
Does anyone have any knowledge on scripts writing for the stage, or any links to theatres in the UK?

I'm trying to write a comedy.

Writer's Discussion / Of Kal-na, Ka-im and Vixana
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:07:58 am »
Here is my latest attempt to write something of worth, it isn't finished yet and needs a good edit, but it is getting there. I might even see where it can be improved by posting it here. 

CREATION part 1                                                                 

     Of the time that was the beginning, when all that was life on earth were the volcanoes. Masses of massive molten rocks were spewed from the depths of the earth. They became the lava flows that covered where the continents and oceans now rest.
     When God had first looked all he saw was a glowing red ball he felt no inspiration; the world was simply here. After many thousands of years had passed the lava flows had begun to cool. Then thousands of years became time of the past and the tectonic plates had shifted; they moved the vast continental shelves upward until they became as walls.
     With the red lava flows now cooled the red planet now took on the appearance of a seemingly endless black rock. More thousands of millennia’s passed before that unending black rock had broken apart to become massive boulders. Then the boulders fell apart and became rocks that appeared a few centuries before becoming stones that would and day become the dust or soil. From that was born the first moisture that was borne into pools created by gathering winds. The moisture gathered into pools that rose as evaporation into the fluffy white clouds that blew so easily across the sky. As more moisture evaporated he white clouds grew in size then those clouds grew darker and the  dark clouds banded together to become a storm. The water laden mountains didn’t just drop rain. The specks of moisture that were brought together formed threatening little pellets of rain, that were thrown to earth; caste down, hard.
     Those pellets of rain gathered in ponds of repeated pools of water. Those that joined then flowed down the hills into the depths of the valley’s to become rivers that collected and flowed into gully’s. They joined from the ends of those ponds to form lakes that flowed into the larger bodies of water. Then once again they soon evaporated and became the moisture in the fluffy white clouds that gained weight to become the dark clouds that enabled water to be dropped back to the earth as rain.
     Dust grains from the lava flow’s remains were pushed along in the streams creating an edge in the oceans and seas. Where the sunlight blanched the brown grains that collected on the edges of the oceans; the beaches formed. They kept back the swollen mounds of fertile ground. Lands that had gathered to be the continents; fertile grounds that burst forth with life.
     Then with Gods delight did he foresee what beauty those empty soils could be and create; they grew green. God saw the beauty of that colour and thought it would look good, better than the red and black. But too much of anything is too much, so God created the grass in many shades of green. Vast fields of lands bore trees. But with only green and brown God soon saw the land needed variety so he had it bear flowers in a vast multitude of colours.
     But still, as God looked to the earth he saw something was missing, he thought what could be and saw his creation lacked life. So he made some to be on and above the land and he called those new ones his animals and birds. He created fish to live in the seas and all the waters of the oceans they flourished between the lands. He even created some to control those that lived in the waters. That was Gods first mistake for while he created those fish to control he could, unknowingly see some land and he had created one to control all that was there. All was well in God’s eyes he was pleased with his creation.
     With the passing of the years some of the animals and birds needed more land to find their prey so they began to roam across others territory, that caused the fighting to start between each other and with each other. 
     So God created an army, these he called his Angels. He wanted them to keep those animals and birds apart. It stopped many being killed and it stopped even more being eaten by each other. But the leader of the Angels found that he enjoyed having control over them. And he had liked it when they were killed, then he started to kill them himself. God really disliked that and sent him down to watch the dead he had made. He was also to watch over all the dead that would go his way. That Angel would become known by several names though to many he was known as the Devil.
     Though the Devil enjoyed having control of the dead he soon began to get bored; as there was so many of them it began to be a boring routine. To relieve that boredom he created himself a son who was to help him control the ever increasing number of the dead. But the son became like him and after a decade or four his son became so bored. There were so many more, though rather than create another to help him control the son created an army of the dead. As the years passed the army continued to grow in number. Unknown to the son of the Devil God had created yet more to help the Angels.
     The Son captured a few of them and he forced the rest of them to do his bidding. It was then that God created new mammals to control the birds and all the animals that were. And of those new ones God called them his children, Mankind.
     As the son caused those he had blackmailed to attack God’s new creation they became infected and bore the same qualities of those who attacked them. The son killed those who he caused to attack and kept all the ones they created. They treated the son with great respect and did what he wanted and they did whatever he wanted willingly. The son had then attack the birds and animals.
     The Son’s army grew fast and strong, of those he called them his Legion; more and more of Gods children had been turned by his Legion and soon God himself noticed. And the Son liked what they did, drinking the blood of God’s creation then contaminating those of God’s children and they would become part of his Legion. Of God’s other creations the animals and birds, the Sons Legion took many of them and oh what fun they had. So many variations were made and so many made of each of them that the Son soon had to form many more new Legions.
     God hated him for what he had done, God himself said of the Sons creations.
     “From now on I shall know them the damned.”
But the Son soon changed that name, it wasn’t that he disliked the name but he hated that God had chosen the name, so he called them his demons. Knowing it would upset God even more he called the kind he had taken from God his Vampires.
     The Devil had heard of the hatred between his son and God, he saw how many Legions his son had and how big his army had become.
The Devil saw he needed to raise his own army that it needed to be bigger and more powerful than his sons. His army had just been built in time for the sons attack, the battle raged for days. Many thousands of demons were killed on both sides. When the war was over the Devil had won though the Devil failed to make a decisive win. The Son escaped with many hundreds of those who protected him and many more followers.

     He had won the right to be known as the Son, he made a vow to his father.
     “Know this now but don’t think it will be forever. For I will return, and when I do I will have my vengeance. And to God, he had best be aware that of the day I return I will fight for control of your domain and his.”

     The Devil spoke to God, he said what had happened, he said that if his Son was to ever to return they would have to join. God knew his army of Angels was not big enough, nor strong enough. Knowing he had too much to do watching over all he had created. He created two more to make an army for him, an army to protect the all. He created the Goddess Tianara to guide the army when it was on the land. And for those in the sea, he took the largest he had made and fashioned it after man. God gave him the name King Neptune.
     God wanted them to use their free, that with it they would want to give him an army. The Goddess of the land called to the King of the sea, together they agreed to make God his army, to protect those
that God called his children. The Goddess Tianara was to search the land to find and make the army. That the Generals would be of King Neptune’s children, they would be ready when called. God liked the army they promised him, he gave his thanks for the army to be.

General Discussion / A blood moon
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:21:51 pm »
To any of you guy making short films etc: did you now that tonight (14/6/2014) a blood moon will be visible, the moon will appear as red.
This effect will also happen in October and twice in 2015.
PS I live in Australia.

General Discussion / Ouija Boards
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:11:12 pm »
I'm looking into why or how Ouija Boards were started and who by.
I've heard they might be of French and German origin and that is mainly because of the name Oui and ja.
Also that it was a game that virtually stopped being used after it was shown in a film in the early 1970's The Exorcist.

Has anyone got any info?

Share your writing / Enjoying a poem
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:18:20 am »
I wondered if there was a subject not to write as a poem


The Angel that God sent
to watch over the dead
that the Angel had made.
Soon more dead followed
and the Angel that
God had created
then caused him to watch
over the dead
became known to some
as the devil.
He created himself a Son
to help control the dead.
He caused him to work
but the Son became bored
because he so soon
had much to do.
But the Son did not
create himself a helper,
he created himself an army.
He said he knew better
and his army grew and grew.
God created anew
to watch the animals and birds
the Son captured their dead
he mixed them with
the animals and the birds
all manner of them he created
forcing others like them
to do his will, his bidding.
The Son had himself a legion
he had them attack
his father and won
the Son now had control
though he still was bored.
He found himself a friend
someone he could talk to
she was a witch most vile
and God saw what had happened
he gave forgiveness to the Angel
hoping he’d learnt
what God wanted him to know.
That Angel, the devil
killed his Son
and the devils demon
caste the witch
from the garden
through the gardens gates.
The witch Vixana
needed a place to stay
luckily for her
the last thing
the Son taught her
was how to create
others at will
and others she did create
but only a few
she called them her daughters


In the wooden jail at Ashwordly
Monica and Jessica were sat
at the wooden table in the cell.
Facing each other
the nineteen year old girls
were sharing the chicken
on a plate between them.
It was to be their last meal
or so they’d been told
as they were to be hung
and buried
during the following day.
There were four jailers
watching over them,
they were sat at a table
at the other end of the jail
they watched them
though none of them dared
to look into their eyes.   
Our last meal
is our birthday meal.
Monica wished her sister.
Do have a happy birthday.
Happy birthday,
what is there for us
to be happy about,
tomorrow we die,
accused of being witches,
Jessica looked at the jailers,
The least you sods could do
is tell us what
we are meant to have done.
Jessica glared at Jeffery,
the head jailer, he saw her
turn to face him.
About to return the glare
he stopped himself,
he looked away
as quickly as he could.
Why are you so scared of us,
what have we done
to warrant that, tell us.
You have been accused
of witchcraft most vile
that should have been enough
but not for you two,
the girl who accused you died
no one had more to gain
from the poor girls death
than you two
it was decided that
it was your doing, said Jeffery.
Jeffery spoke to the jailers,
Michael, Matthew and Stephen.
They were sat around a table
against the end wall, scared.
Whenever you hear them speak
to you and you need to answer
remember not look at their eyes,
only look at their hands.
When the mornings light comes
we can hang them, he added.
Will someone else
will have the job
hanging and burying them,
Michael looked at him,
Please say that’s true.
I wish that it was 
we have to take them there
to hang them at their
hanging tree and wait until
the sun is overhead
the need to hang them
and have them hang that long
the magistrate and the vicar
were so very scared of them,
Jeffery wished the day over.
So scared that they might be
they told the jailers
to take them there
to wait at Whichery Woods
until there were good and dead
then carry their bodies
into the woods and dig a grave
and put them in dead or alive.
Though why they have thought
that the hung witches
could still be alive?
Matthew stared at Jeffery
then you weren’t told
what those witches
endured at the torturers hands
that during one day
all their nails were pulled
but not one scream
did the witches make
and when the next morning
the torturers poured salt
on them the witches bodies
showed no signs of ill health.
Those two were tied to chairs
and dropped in the towns pond
they were left all day
dragged up and left on the side
and discarded in the castle
dungeon for the night.
The following day came
with a fright for all
two witches waited for them
no court was called
they are to wait here
from here they go
to be hung then buried
that is why it is said
to be buried dead or alive.
Then the sooner that they
are in the ground
the better, then we might
learn to forget, said Stephen.
Michael started to make
a hot drink for them all.
This can’t be happening.
He looked at the girls eyes.
They are not normal witches.
this cream was fresh today,
it cannot have gone off
yet it has, it has curdled.
He looked at them again,
“They must have come
from the Devil himself.
Now look at the candles,
the flame burns black.”


The ghost of Debra walked
through the cell wall,
the jailers see her
they try to get out.
Who is she, asked Matthew.
It is their mother,
we buried her last week,
as he tried to leave.
That’s far enough boys,
can’t have you leaving
now can I, so stay there.
The jailers stopped
where they were.
The ghost went to the table,
she sat near Jessica
and ripped a piece of chicken,
she started to eat it.
When finished
she smiled to the girls.
Don’t bother your jailers.
I can tell you
why you are here,
why they fear you so.
Your pain and the knowledge
of what was done
was taken from you
lest it caused you pain.
We knew what they would do
to you so my mother and I
stopped your pain
and caused your memory
to be gone.
You are a witch
Each of you
you killed to give life to me
but it did not work it
could not work
for as you can see
I’m not dead.
That left the girl
who accused you
when she killed herself
to rid herself
of the pain
of her brother being killed.
So you couldn’t get your revenge,
Not now not in this time,
It is arranged for you to return
at some time in the future.
As for why your jailers
are so scared of you,
all were scared of you
even the torturers ran. 
They pulled your nails
your fingers and toes
but never did you scream
the next day you stood
before them with nails
on your fingers and toes.
They drowned you all day
two dead bodies were dragged
and dumped in the dungeons
for more witches to see
and the next day
they saw you stood you
waited for them
you asked them next
now you are here
the magistrate was to scared
to see you and tomorrow
you are to die
and like then, once again
you will return for revenge.

Writer's Discussion / What are you writing at present?
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:13:51 am »
Care to share what you are doing?
Just give a brief synopsis of 500 words max.
If nothing else this might be a good place to practise doing a synopsis and you never know, if you want a critique of your synopsis you might get one.

General Discussion / Vampire blood anyone?
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:37:39 am »
I've been watching a dvd of the series Moonlight for the last few nights, the last night I watched episode 6,  B.C. it goes on about a nightclub known as V and a drug that is based on vampire blood that gives human a real high of the sexual variety. Which got me wondering about the drug used in the series Tru Blood, did someone watch the other series? Does anyone have any ideas, knowledge?

General Discussion / How are you at writing script?
« on: October 04, 2013, 11:36:31 am »
Here you are, it is my latest re-write of a re-write of a re-write that hopefully I'll do as a book.
But the thing is, how would you write it as script?
State if for TV or film, don't bother being to fancy with the format, as long as it is understandable.
But if enough people offer something you might get to see another way of writing what you've done.
Do all of it, or part of it, I don't mind.
If you want to rewrite parts of it for the script, not a problem.

Samuel started the eighteenth meeting
of Swandar Ghost Hunters Club.
He looked dismayed at Rosey.
“Do I have to call
the start of the meeting
with only two the two of us present.”
He looked at all the empty chairs.
Tabling the minutes
of the last meeting
asking if there were any apologies? 
“What do you think Rosey.
Should we make all apologies
Rosey stood up quickly 
she slapped both hands on the table, hard. 
Samuel reacted with surprise.
He grabbed at his chest.
Rosey liked his reaction.
“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” he said
clutching his chest, breathing deep.
Rosey told him who had offered
their apologies and what they were.
“Suzy and Jeff are in town,
getting her dad a birthday gift,
Kal was told a close friend had died,
she has gone to pay her respects
at his grave.
That Glenn and Linda have gone,
to do an exorcism.
“What about Susan and Adrian.
have they spoken to you of late?”
“Most nights,” said Rosey,
“they’ll be at the local library
they are busy doing research
for a documentary they are making.
They did some filming at where
they have chosen,
and found a ghost,
so the research is to find out why
the ghost is there.
Though they did ask for our help.”
“Here we are at a meeting
that they haven’t turn up to,
and they have the cheek to ask
us to help them in what they are
doing,” said Samuel.
The telephone started to ring,
it was loud, Samuel almost jumped
out of his chair.
He grabbed at his chest.
“That’s twice in one night,” he said.
Rosey grabbed the phone.
“Samuel,” she asked,
“Why is the ring so loud?”
“I turn it up when I go to the garden,
I forgot to turn it down.”
Rosey listened to hear who it was.
“Kal,” she said, “I thought you’re
going to a friend’s grave?” 
“Yes, still going,” replied Kal,
“I’m calling you, reporting in for
the meeting. You know how Sam
likes an apology.”
“Just hang on a sec, I’ll turn on the
extension speaker. That’s better
now Samuel can hear us as well.
He wanted to postpone the meeting,
as it is just Samuel and I here.”
“Oh Rosey, by yourselves at last?
You clever girl, how did you plan
that?” “It was, I planned it? What
are you on about?” asked Rosey. 
“You know full well what I mean,
still, what if I say, you two should
get a room?”
Rosey blushed,
she looked to Samuel.
Then whispered into the phone.
“Kal, how could you say that?”
Samuel called from his chair.
“You do realise I can hear you,
don’t you Kal?” he asked,
“Are you far away from here,
and will you be getting any
further away.”
“I’m on the coach,” replied Kal,
“And it is going away, so yes,
you could I’m going further away.
Though maybe I shouldn’t have
said all that, another reason why I
rang is I need your help.”
“Excuse me,
after what you just said,” said Rosey.
A smile on her lips.
“I think some serious grovelling
is in order. So KNEEL BITCH.”
Kal laughed aloud,
taking Rosey’s outburst in jest.
“I am, I am,” she cried,
“I’ve she’d just woken from a
Dream, a very vivid dream.
Maybe it was because of the
movement of the coach,
the dream being so weird.”
Samuel looked to Rosey.
“Why is Kal so worried,
it is only about a dream?”
“Linda and I have been teaching
Kal, we both agree there is
something else with her, we were
going to teach her about the usual
meanings; like a snake in a dream
means something good,
but Kal’s dreams aren’t like that,
I’ve seen her dreams come true.
Once she said what we would do
while she had the dream.
So if she thinks her dream is weird,
I’d suggest you believe her.”
“So her dreams are not with
hidden meanings,
are you saying they might be true
prophetic dreams?” asked Samuel.
“The last one she had, she told me
where I would be sitting,
what I was wearing,
even the weather.”
“That’s fair enough. Kal, tell us
about your dream, and give us as
much detail as you can.”
“Okay, but this one was weird,
I’m worried that this one might
come true, this was my dream.
In an area of the ocean some
bubbles began to rise, they burst
on the water’s surface, on the swell.
A giant floated down and watched
as another giant rose up out of
the water.” “Kal, who they were?”
“The one who floated down,
he was God. The other,
the one in the sea
he was the Devil
and the reason they met?
It was because they were bored.
The Devil said that he had nothing
to do. God joked, about the Devil
causing pain, that it wasn’t the
same as it used to be.
The Devil agreed,
he said about the first screams
and threats, that they were fun.
But when he’d heard them
repeated a thousand times
they stopped being fun. But now
they were just a memory.
Then God said those first souls
that went to him,
they were full of tears
of happiness, cries of joy.
And before long they sounded
the same. But that was then,
like you God said there had been
The Devil said something must be
wrong, he said that a flood
wouldn’t do this time, that more
needed to be done.
I can still recall the look
on Gods face.
He was worried.
The Devil asked if he had received
any souls since his son had returned.
As the Devil said, he’d had none. 
They looked to each other.
“If you are right said God
who could do this?
The Devil said he hoped he was wrong
but it could be his son,
that the son wanted to get revenge
and that he was going to
remove both of us.”
“God said he’d send his army
to investigate. But the Devil said no.
He said that if he was right then
whoever it was might face his son
with the power of the souls of the
dead from the last two thousand
years. That his power might be
too great, the Devil suggested
that she should be sent in.
God said yes and no,
he said she might face your son,
his followers and that he might
have the power of the souls of
the dead as well, that this time the
Debt Collector will need all your
power and all my power.
Then the Devil said he knew where
she was, but he said that you
should call her,” said Kal, “What
do you think?”
“Yes, that was weird,” said Samuel.
“Much more than weird,” said Rosey,
“Given that it is true. It means that
God and the Devil exist, more so is
this other the Debt Collector, she
faces a battle with the Devil’s son.
"Was there anything else Kal?”
“Yes, what is next I found
disturbing, it is why I rang.
This Debt Collector has been
hidden in mankind and that she is
a woman, that she is on a coach
and that the coach is about to
crash, very soon.”
“Kal, you don’t think that you are
this Debt Collector an emissary of
God and the Devil?” asked Samuel.
“The Debt Collector name is
Kal-na. Before I met any of you, 
when my sister was young and
learning to speak. Before she
could talk properly, before she
could say my name,     
my full name.
None of you know this as
everyone knows me as Kal,
my real name is Kaelyn Nataniella.
Her name for me was Kal-na,
that was shortened to Kal
by my friends. But the Devil said
the person was about to die in a
coach crash. I am so worried
right now, tell me it can’t be me,
“Kal,” said Samuel, “You are
taking this a bit too seriously,
I mean really,
you think that you are
this Kal-na. No I don’t think you….
Tyres screeched,
the sound burst
from the phone
the sound filled the room.
Rosey and Samuel stared at the phone.
The wheels of the coach locked,
from fifty five miles per hour to
nought. The tyres loudly protested
Rosey’s turned to face Samuel.
Tears welled in her eyes,
then ran down her cheeks.
“Sam?” stated Rosey.
“Rosey, no, a coincidence, it must
be a coincidence,” said Samuel.
“Is our Kal dead?” asked Rosey
Her voice beginning to tremble.
Kal looked about, why had she
been thrown forward? She saw
a man in the middle of the road
he stood still and watched as the
coach slammed into him. The
coach had been swerving,
trying to avoid him, it began to
tip over then the windows
smashed, as the metal was
ground onto the road.
The runaway coach slid down
the side of the road,
slicing through a fence
smashing against trees,
the quiet of the night was gone.
Then the coach slid onto muddy
ground. The quiet returned,
The coach stopped,
bodies of people lay still,
trails of blood ran onto the earth,
bloodied corpses abound,
so many people were dead.
The driver was slumped
on the steering wheels, covered
in safety glass,
halfway along the coach,
in the luggage rack
a passengers remains hung.
Kal’s distraught torso
lay where a window was
it leaked blood
that formed a trail,
Kal tried to raise herself
onto an arm but to energy
wasn’t there. Her arm fell
to her body’s side.
She felt herself falling asleep.
The figure of Kal-na rose,
from Kal’s body
she glanced about
then looked down at Kal.
“You don’t want me to do this,
this should be your time of peace
but you’ll thank me for this later.”
Kal-na stomped on her arm
and caused a fracture.
“That’ll do.”
Kal-na wandered to the back
of the broken coach
climbing from the wreckage
she saw the carnage of bodies
all around,
she saw one on the road.
She walked to it,
watched it repair itself
so she kicked it, hard.
“Wake up, what were you doing,
damned vampire?”
Not knowing what was
it turned its head,
it looked to the side
“Ah, I had the coach crash,
lots of dead for me, all that blood.”
The vampire looked to Kal-na.
“And noe there is you. You can
be first, lucky you.”
Kal-na grinned, breathing in deep,
accepting with glee what she’d do.
The vampire’s eyes lit up,
it bared its teeth.
“Now I’m going drink you.”
The vampire opened its mouth wide,
Kal-na’s eyes began to glow.
“What? You? You don’t scare me,
I scare you, my name is Kal-na
I am the latest Debt Collector and
you owe God a debt.” 
Her eyes became as blue,
her face lit with light
brightness grew around her,
the brightness of the sun.
It enveloped the vampire
then returned into Kal-na.
The vampires body became dust
the wind blew it away
before it reached the road.
“And I bet you thought
God gave the wind
to cool the day,
idiot vampires.”
Rosey was shocked, she gazed
to Samuel, she sobbed,
“And now she is dead? 
Should we call the police,
the hospital,
the owners of the coach?”
Samuel thought hard and fast,
wondering how they could
explain it to the authorities
“What is it that we know?
What do we say,

General Discussion / Anyone have a blog?
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:41:46 am »
I've just had a book published (POD) and I am looking for places to to let people know about it. It is an epic poem in the genre of fiction.
It is available 18th September. And it does have a nice picture on the front cover, of the river Avon. I took the photograph which is 30 yards from my front door.

General Discussion / Screen Capture Software. (question)
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Has anyone had any experience with using 'screen capture'
And just to make sure I've got the correct name, its the image as in the film Beowulf.
Where an actor appears like a cartoon.

Share your writing / To do an edit, and why.
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It's usually the case that when you send your writings out there that you see that obvious error.
So have a look at this, what errors can you see?
Have you made those errors?
As normally happens, when you read your own story, any errors you have done will be automatically corrected by your brain so that you don't see it.
And that punctuation, it looks right on your computer screen, but when it is on a web page does it still look right?

Written by
John H. Barnes


     Joseph Bolitho Johns was born in 1831, well, that is my belief. Other authors and some historians have put his year of birth as being in 1826 (and most years in between). So depending on which book you read, that is the year of birth.
     There are several web pages that state official sources, and they have varying years of birth. That is the same for where he was born, some folk give convincing arguments that he was born in Cornwall, whilst others give equally convincing reasons why they maintain that he was born in Wales.
     The origins of his middle name Bolitho, being a Cornish name has caused some to imply that he was of Cornish origin. And yet others maintain that because the family lived in Wales that Wales was his country of birth.
     Why did he have a Cornish name? Maybe his mother and father could see into the future and wanted a good laugh. As you can tell his place of birth was not noted.

     His fathers name was Thomas Johns, he was a blacksmith, Joseph learnt most of what his father knew about being a blacksmith, Joseph also became quite competent as a carpenter. When he went to work in the mines, he adapted to the life and became accepted for his apparent skills as an iron ore miner, traits that would serve him well in later life. It was a possibility that due to his ability to read and write, being the fairly eloquent man that he was, that he may have been employed to complete the shipping invoices that would have brought him into contact with John Williams, who he became friends with.

     John Williams was also known as William Cross, having another name could have its benefits. If you wanted to make a fresh start in another part of the country you could, just by having a new name. With modern day methods like the telephone and e-mails contact with a town a hundred miles away was hard at best.   
     John Williams worked as a boatman on the Brecon to Monmouth canal serving the Clydach Iron Works in Monmouth, Wales. Originally he was from Gloucestershire, although his home area was in the west country.

     Joseph B. Johns and John Williams became friends, so much so that they broke the law together one night, they were arrested near Monmouth. A policeman saw cause to watch them, thinking that their general demeanour was suspect. After allowing him self to be seen by them their behaviour became erratic. When he stopped them and began to search them he found each of them to be carrying several items of food. Not being satisfied with their reasons for having the food. They were taken to a police station where it was later discovered that those items of food were reported as stolen from a house nearby. The items were: three loaves of bread, several cheeses, a shoulder of mutton, a piece of bacon and a hunk of suet.   

    Much later, in the following year, at the Brecon Assizes in March 1849 they had there day in court. Where it should be said, that they pleaded not guilty and chose to defend themselves of the charges. Had they pleaded guilty to the charges the chances are they would have received shorter sentences, as others that day who were charged with similar offences and pleaded guilty were given three month labour. The defence was conducted by Joseph B. Johns who though quite literate and clever knew little of defending himself in court.

     Instead of a ten minute case, having to be instructed after making many mistakes of law, the judge became impatient. Joseph B. Johns was becoming being seen as rather irksome, he became disliked by the judge who saw him as annoying, hence, John Williams and Joseph B. Johns received ten years transportation each.

     John Williams being transported to Hobart in 1852.   

     Joseph B. Johns was transported in February 1853, after serving four years in various English prisons. Such as Shorncliffe army camp, Dartmoor prison and Pentonville prison. On the 2nd of February 1853 he was put on the convict ship Pyrenees bound for the Swan River settlement.

     Setting sail with 294 convicts it landed in Australia with 291 convicts, 3 had died. And on April the 30th of 1853 Joseph Bolitho Johns arrived in Fremantle. The first place he would have gone to was the Fremantle Convicts Establishment, laterly known as Fremantle Prison. Our Joe was a ticket-of-leave prisoner. A Ticket-of-Leave prisoner was one who was deemed to be of good behaviour, and as such was granted several privileges.   

     Once in the open pastures amongst the plants, the animals and the new land owners he quickly became regarded as someone who’d get the work done, gaining a reputation that he was a happy person, a nice person to be near as he was neither looking for an excuse of rest and that he was careful and mindful of all wildlife. Once or thrice he challenged those who were cruel to the animals in their care, seeking to admonish those people with words not action.

     On more than one occasion he gave more help to people than he was supposed to, drawing on his experiences in Wales and Cornwall, when the landowners whose control he was in needed knowledge of mining. At other times he was able to offer his ability of carpentry and being a capable blacksmith he became known as a friend of the people. 

     After many years of being a convict worker in the area, when he was released he chose to live near the town site. Making good of his rapport with animals he offered his services to farmers and the like for finding their lost animals. He built an area for horses, so that any horses found could be housed there. But, an ex-convict gaining popularity wasn’t appreciated by some, and he was arrested for putting his own brand on the horse instead of reporting that he had the horse. On being detained in the town’s lock up he didn’t waste to much time making his escape, his escape was made even more swift as he took Mr. Durlacher’s horse which had  a saddle and bridle on it. Mr. Durlacher just happened to be the town’s resident magistrate.

     Upon his capture he was quickly charged with stealing, and, given another three years, hard labour in Fremantle Prison where he was known as convict 5889. Being moved about he was given the convict number 8189.

     Deciding not to escape he was released three years later. He gained employment as a charcoal for which he was soon earning a good amount of money, when he was given the option he jumped at the chance of being a stockman. He was in the job he preferred, but not with the people he would have chosen and was soon in trouble with the law again, this time though someone claimed he was responsible for killing a steer. Even though he pleaded his innocence, the magistrate sentenced him to ten years labour. The evidence that would have cleared him wasn’t allowed in court.

     Gaining experience from his previous times in custody he knew to behave himself and was soon sent to the Canning Work Depot, a place where the security wasn’t adhered to as strictly as it could have been. He wasn’t kept in shackles, he wandered about the work party at will showing he could be trusted. However after he made friends with another absconder he planned, sought and gained an escape from his captivity.     

     It was during that period of freedom that he was given the name Moondyne Joe.

Accepting the name and promoting its use. However keeping his freedom was becoming harder, for now his fame was widespread. The newspapers in Perth often spoke of him and his exploits, after a meeting with a shepherd one evening.

     Forcing him to make them some damper of which Joe shared with the shepherd, when asleep that night he was arrested by several police. In court once again he was given a relatively short sentence but he was given the rest of prison sentence to serve; several years.

     The following year he must have decided he’d spent long enough in prison as he started to prepare an escape, this time though his plans were thwarted and he got an extra six months on his sentence. But the intention was there and within the week he was gone, making his way to a blacksmiths, where he rid himself of his shackles. It was during that period of escape that he met three convicts who had been working on Green Mount road. Making friends with them they began to make plans for their continued freedom, plans that were agreed upon.

     They attacked a elderly couple in their home, taking what they could, although as the couple didn’t have very much the four ex prisoners left there virtually empty handed. Needing to commit a further robbery with plans already made they set about preparing for the robbery. After committing a successful robbery at the store they set in motion their plans for escape.   
Unluckily for them the troopers hadn’t followed their false leads or heard of all their elaborate tales, they caught them at Boodalin.

     So, once again Joe languished in the back of a police wagon bound for Fremantle prison.

     On the ninth of October eighteen sixty six Joe heard the prison gates close behind him. This time though he was given special treatment, for he had become infamous. I’m not convinced that the special treatment was nice treatment, as most of his escapes made the authorities look a bit silly.

     The name of Moondyne Joe had been well received by the newspapers. Joe’s notoriety had spread amongst the police because of his many escapes, making them and his captors the subject of many a joke. The people of Perth began to hold Joe in favour, while he was a criminal he was also a hard worker, a friendly person and he had the personality that many people liked.

     Once in prison again the authorities were determined to keep him there and make him pay for his past crimes. He was shackled to a walk and a neck shackle chained to a post while a special cell for absconders was prepared for him. For four months he was held in the tiny cell that had a window that didn’t open. Until the prison doctor ordered that he have some fresh air.

     The prisoner who had absconded many times had to have his exercise when no other prisoner was there. Also, to ensure that he got plenty of air into his lungs, the prisoner was given plenty of rocks to break. That presented the prisoner (our Joe) with an opportunity and a means to escape. Breaking those rocks he also added to the pile; he was starting a tunnel through the prison wall, by moving the pile of rocks he could conceal the hole. On that fateful day, or happy day

(depending on your sense of humour) the prisoner (our Joe) escaped.

     For two years he remained a free man in and around the town of Toodyay. (It ought to be noted the whereabouts of Toodyay. The town site used to be located about 3 km upstream of its present location, and it was known by the name of Newcastle, after the town site was moved due to regular flooding the two name s of the town were used, the name Toodyay wasn’t officially declared until about a decade into the nineteen hundreds.)
When very little is known of our Joe during those two years of freedom, though it is rumoured that he was married and had a daughter during those two years. (Which is when the story in this book is set). 

     Unfortunately for our Joe he wanted to celebrate his two years of freedom by taking some wine from Houghton’s Winery, due to some bad timing Joe was caught.

     After serving his time, in 1873 he was declared a free man.

     That was followed by a busy time for our Joe, and in 1879 he married a Louisa Hearn nee Braddick. Moving to Vasse they worked together, while there our Joe discovered a cave (it now bears his name). Joe had a few jobs while he was there, transporting timber, building boats, and helping to run a brothel.

     By 1887 Joe and his wife were living in Toodyay again, getting work transporting timber all went well until ownership of the horses and wagon were questioned, resulting with both parties being blamed for not doing the paperwork effectively.

     Then the word on everyone’s lips was Gold! Joe, despite being an elderly man of 60 he and his wife set out for the goldfields. Being a man who was known to the police it wasn’t long before he was suspected of law breaking. But this time the magistrate was on his side and threw out the case.

     Moondyne Joe and his wife stayed in the Southern Cross area and that is the area where his then wife died. Joe left the area heading for Kelmscott. Being an elderly man he became somewhat vindictive towards those who had treated him badly. That was his downfall as when he made claims about others those claims backfired. In 1896 he was in court again, this time though it was for forging coins. Some clever research found that making your own coins of the realm was not illegal in the colonies, and he was released, but the law was introduced very quickly.

     But Joe’s health was starting to deteriorate, and after a few run-ins with the law-most of which were imagined by Joe he handed in his final ‘get out of jail free’ card. He was buried in Fremantle cemetery in plot 580A, also buried in that plot are W. McGrath, S. Steel and R. Peck.

Which leads us back to what we had about his birth, when did he die and how old was he when he died? Although this time there is the added storyline of, was it just someone who claimed he was Moondyne Joe who died or was it the real person?


General Discussion / About the Audio software package, Plural Eyes 3
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I've just seen the feature about the audio software Plural Eyes 3 at does anyone have any working knowledge of it?

General Discussion / About Zombie Vampires
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Have you any thoughts on where Zombie Vampires came from?
Who it was that could have started them, or who it might have been?
How they live ( or don't live ), or give your own brief explanation.

My thought would put Dr. Frankensteins 'monster' as the first Zombie.
In the film Van Helsing the monster could give life to the Dracula's kiddies, so there is a link there.
Also, as the monster was built from seven (or so) dead people, the link with Zombie's is there.

What are your thoughts, ideas?

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