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Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: April 24, 2013, 10:40:29 am »

Not exactly video, but you may have noticed, we have a special preview of the upcoming Gabriel Cushing graphic novella on the site! :) 

 - Scarecrow

Hello I am interested in the job advertised. Not too sure if it's this July coming or the July already gone which I apologise if it was last year. I don't have no experience but willing to learn.

Hi Laura,

As the member above has said, this has already been completed but we are working on more projects. If you're interested, keep an eye on our pages both here and on Facebook, if you have it:

You can also email us, tell us a bit about yourself and we can add you to our list of contacts. :) 

 - Scarecrow

General Discussion / Re: The "Doctor Who" Thread
« on: March 19, 2013, 07:58:47 pm »

Second half of Series 7 starts 30th March, and will be fabulous. New trailer is up online! :) 

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: March 17, 2013, 04:04:34 pm »

A portion of the script...

The trio walk in single file. Suddenly Gabriel pauses, in the lead.


Everyone freezes, speaking in hush voices.

What is it?

I thought I heard something.

They listen a moment.


Gabriel nods.

Let's continue...

As he steps forwards a ZOMBIE VAMPIRE RAMBLER (ZVR#1) leaps out from the tree in front of him, a bloody fanged mess!

Gabriel staggers back, into Ben, knocking them both down. Another ZVR#2 jumps behind the group and the third appears, rushing towards Melanie. It grabs her and swings her round and to the ground some distance away. Gabriel and Ben stagger up to see Melanie run past them as ZVR#3 gives chase after her.

Come on, run!

The other two stagger up, going to follow when ZVR#2 grabs Ben and goes to bite him. Gabriel hesitates back, grabbing a stake. He rushes up behind the creature and jams the stake in its back. There's a wet squishy sound.

Soft bodies! I was right!

ZVR#1 suddenly crashes into him, knocking him out of shot!

Melanie has run some distance, and darts behind a tree. ZVR#3 isn't expecting her to suddenly lunge out again with a stake however! It strikes the shoulder however, missing the heart. Snarling, he grabs Melanie and shoves her back hard, to the ground.

As she hits the ground we see her box of matches fly up through the air.

ZVR#3 runs towards her... and then stops suddenly as matches rain down in front of him. He stops and glances down. And then goes as if to make a run at her, then seems frustrated. He glances from Melanie to the floor and then back again. And with a frustrating, bends down and starts picking up the matches, one by one, rummaging in the undergrowth.

Melanie stares at this a moment.

You have got to be kidding me.

Elsewhere ZVR#1 is uncertain whether to attack Ben or Gabriel. It hesitates at both. Running after one then the other.

Returning to Melanie she holds her stake a she sidles round ZVR#3, trying to get behind him. She slowly edges forward as it picks up a few others, placing them into its hands. She raises the stake, as the creature suddenly turns.

This time she doesn't miss and plunges the stake into its heart. It cries out, collapsing back to the ground writhing. Melanie steps back, disgusted.


Also, for your guys, I am sure barely contained excitement, this is not the end of Gabriel Cushing's adventures...

 - Scarecrow

General Discussion / New Blog Post - Webcomic Starts Monday
« on: March 10, 2013, 04:22:26 pm »

The new blog post is up, announcing our action-horror web comic that will be coming to you on a regular basis, a new page or two at least every month. Each page should work as a mini scenario as well. Check out the Comics forum below for more information on Hellbound Media and The Great Escape!

 - Scarecrow

Comics Discussion / Hellbound Media
« on: March 09, 2013, 11:02:14 am »

Hellbound Media are the horror comic group associated with The Great Escape, and behind several of the comic projects on this site.

We've got our own website up online, where you can see previews and purchase our comics found here: 

We will also have an exclusive web comic coming soon for the Great Escape, so keep an eye out for a blog on that!

We'll also be producing the joint venture upcoming Gabriel Cushing comic adventures, again more news soon.

Please, check us out!

 - Scarecrow

Writer's Discussion / Re: Recommended resources
« on: February 11, 2013, 12:07:42 am »

Honestly? Just say it's scary.

I mean, you can add detail if you have specific ideas, or feelings. But it's a script, it needs to tell the director what *he* needs to convey. That it can be done in a lyrical, effective way is fine and can be good but ultimately a good script also needs to be clear about what needs to be presented.

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: February 11, 2013, 12:05:50 am »

Certainly, would be possible to get the script up eventually. I think maybe it will be a future extra on the great escape site. We'll discuss it as a group, and hopefully something good shall come of it!

In terms of the group in Satan's Grove, certainly the idea was that they were 'playing' with Gabriel and Ben and toying with them before the kill. The fact that Melanie came at that point was just lucky for them!

One aspect I think was a shame we just lost for time was a few more traps in the montage. That is, we had a plan for them to dig a pit filled with stakes for a Zombie Vampire to fall into. Doing this material was a huge learning experience really, we now know how long that kind of effects heavy group work takes!

Shame Gabriel never won you round, perhaps it's just a personal taste? I also think Gabriel and Melanie both, following the loss of Ben, get a bit more grimly determined in their fighting back. On the other hand, maybe it's just Melanie's influence? I'd hoped Gabriel had learnt enough to know what to do and how to survive but it's fair if you personally never got that.

Certainly comments are not on deaf ears and are being taken into account when considering future stories, scripts and projects of all kinds. :) 

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: February 09, 2013, 09:57:11 pm »

The time has come, you guys, to make the final call. Yup, the final episode is here!

"Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires - Episode VIII: The Last Stand" has now been released, and can already be found on our youtube channel. The other updates I imagine will be seen soon.

We await your feedback in both excitement and terror! ;) 

 - Scarecrow

General Discussion / Re: The "Doctor Who" Thread
« on: January 27, 2013, 08:55:49 am »
I wouldn't say Dr. Who inspired me, but it did send me in the right direction. And did it scare me, when it first came out, the original first few episodes. I do have a recollection of what the back of the couch looked like.
Now if you want scary, the old stuff could be better. Take for example the Professor Quatermass series, that originally went to air in very late 1952. That was deemed unsuitable for the BBC to air, questions were spoken of it in the Houses of Parliament and it was decided it should be taken off the air, mind you it was soon put back on the BBC. Not because of public pressure, because the then brand new Queen Elizabeth (2) said she wanted to see how it ended.
And another snippit of useless information, about Hammer Studios (Bray) the alien flying machine in the War of the Worlds (Jeff Wayne's musical version) stage show was made there. The DVD of the Wembley arena performance is recommended.

Now that's a sureeal urban legend. As much as I'd love it to be true, alas, the Queen simply has no power or authority over anything such as this. The original Quatermas Experiment ran for six episodes that, as was standard for the day, were broadcast LIVE. This was a huge pressure at the time, but certainly there was no possibility of delay in that system. In fact, even early Doctor Who was essentially shot as live, usually a week before broadcast with maybe two or three cuts per episode.

 - Scarecrow

General Discussion / The "Doctor Who" Thread
« on: January 26, 2013, 07:18:02 pm »

Inspired by the fact that our main page is showing me an advert for the Doctor Who Experience (finally, something relevant) I thought I'd post on the greatest television show of all time. Certainly its one of my huge influences, and I've been a fan since really the 7th Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy (now seen in "The Hobbit" don't you know...). It's influenced a lot of what I've done, alongside my passion for Hammer horror. Indeed, Doctor Who is really a kids early taste of horror in many of its guises and even today can be more terrifying for genuine suspense and scares than a lot of contemporary horror.

So here's to Doctor Who! ;) 

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: January 19, 2013, 11:11:59 pm »

"Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires - Episode VII: Satan's Grove" has been released! Enjoy!

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: January 09, 2013, 10:02:25 pm »
Thought the episode was slightly let down by the ending - as previously mentioned, Lucinda was almost completely drowned out at one point, and I thought the ancient vampire rising up through the ground aped Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters a bit too much.  Personally, I think the scene of him rising from the ground was a bit overdone and over long.  And from a cinematic point of view, having risen, the camera revealed him looking down upon him, I think a hero shot - filmed from a low angle to make him look bigger - more imposing, would have been better.  As a cliffhanger, I was actually expecting a whole load more zombie vampires to spring out and surround Ben and Gabriel, giving them what looked like an impossible situation to somehow overcome.  As it is, I'd back Ben and Gabriel to just leg it in the opposite direction, doubt Lucinda can sprint in that outfit, and if the ancient vampire takes nearly a minute to get to his feet, you wouldn't bet your house on the fact that he could run very fast!

The Fulci homage is 100% deliberate, but that's fair enough if it was too on the nose. itw as also inspired by the Blind Dead series.

What I really wanted to note was that that's exactly what was originally scripted for the cliffhanger! Unfortunately, time, cost and other technical issues and the like meant the final result was greatly reduced. I hope it was just about got away with!

 - Scarecrow

General Discussion / Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:03:15 pm »

Not really about the video, so much as wanting to point out in the many ways the demonising of "rioters" as a anarchistic "bad element" is just part of the inherent instutionalising of certain forms of protest. That is to say, a dynamic is being set up where "legitimate protest" exists which is peaceful, and quite and within the law, and then this is opposed to violence and riots.

This is a false dichotomy. Because, whislt peaceful protest *can* be highjacked it isn never this simply. But rendering riots as "bad", and peaceful sits ins as "acceptable" what the establishment does is remove any real power. Ultimately it can *ignore* peaceful protest. And then it can turn everyone against the "bad element". Thus it ignores the complaints, and renders all anger as outside, and in need of punishment. This refuses people their anger. It removes, diffuses and refuses the fact that some people, not just a "bad element" but ordinary people, students, protestors or whoever, CAN and DO turn to more drastic action because they are *angry*. So a message of rioting is *not* inherently bad. It's not inherently good, but the point is it's not simple. A riot is not just a bad element, it can often *also* be a legitimate complaint of anger. So student protests wasn't "peaceful students" and the "bad element" ruining it... no, *some* students were genuinely that pissed off. And rightfully so.

So the sentiment of "All Riot Now" is a very appropriate and suitable one, that at the very least opens up these ideas, and reminds us to question these controlling, ordered dichotomies.

 - Scarecrow

Video Discussion / Re: Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:09:17 am »

"Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires - Episode VI: Hunted" has been released! The first upload had an error, now fixed. Enjoy!

 - Scarecrow

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