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Title: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: mysticjim on January 06, 2013, 01:03:22 pm
Hi Guys

I know its been quiet here over Christmas, but thought i'd post this here amongst the many other places I'll be posting it.

So, I've finally finished the music video I've been working on for my friends band, and here it is;


Hope you like it, feedback welcomed.

Jim (feeling knackered!) ;)
Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 07, 2013, 12:31:46 am
That seems okay, I wonder what it would have been like if you'd have used 19 or 20 year olds as the musicians?
Using older musicians makes it seem like a political statement, rather than a song.
Should the record become popular, then that music video would probably keep it off the telly.
Alternatively, if it had that ZZ Top appeal.
Now that you have done one, are you going to do another? Maybe do one for the TV and make it completely different, and give it that something that will get it noticed.
Like, (the ZZ Top thing).
The group sitting in a moving, big old American convertible (with the top down). Have them holding and pretending to play their instruments. For the drum parts, the car stops. Boot lid open, the drummer sits on a drum stool on the road, with a drum kit set up in the boot. When the lead singer starts repeating 'All riot now' have some 'attractive' girls washing the car.
That should promote the 'get the music video' noticed without seeming to promote the concept of rioting.   
Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: mysticjim on January 07, 2013, 01:08:31 am

The band have a combined age of almost 200, they are overtly political and have no misconceptions of getting on TV!  I've known their singer for nearly twenty years, I was at the bands first gig in 2002, have depped about 4 times as their bassist and attended their 10th anniversary gig last summer. 

The concept for the video was mine - they'd written the song about four years ago, and in 2011 - at the time they were recording the song for their recent album, and incidentally while I was filming my first attempt at a video for them, the summer rioting in London, Manchester and Birmingham kicked off.  I just thought it was the perfect the musical backdrop for an idea I'd had - I'd been wanting to do some green screen work and the concept of a virtual news studio popped into my head.  It would be another year until it got shot, and in that time I decided to actually increase the political and social messages myself with the provocative captions in the footage.  The song itself criticises people who hijack legitimate protest and turn them into violent confrontations with the police - in the video the band deliver that message as themselves, but then you have the juxtaposition of the newsreader, who represents propaganda, government controlled media - the big brother state - and the figure in the darkened room - possibly an activist being interrogated. 

Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 07, 2013, 11:57:41 pm

Um, what provocative captions in the footage, all I see are some of the lyrics. I've watched the video a few times now and all I see is rioting and I hear the words All Riot Now.
If the lyrics criticize people who hijack protests to be all about fighting the police, why in the first half of the video are the words All Riot Now sung when the video is of people rioting.

Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: mysticjim on January 09, 2013, 01:14:29 am
There is a caption every every time the newsreader is in shot - initially the captions are headlines, as you would get in a real broadcast, but they become more like orders as it progresses.  They're like subliminal messages, only well, not really subliminal - they're in plain sight, although apparently you didn't spot them?

The verses, well specifically the first verse quite blatantly criticises people who hijack protests.  The chorus, and the songs title is 'All Riot Now' - but its not to be misconstrued as a call for 'All to Riot.'  I spoke to Jon, the singer/songwriter about the chorus fairly recently, he said he'd been on a few protest marches that turned ugly and they all seemed to follow this same type of pattern - there was a minority at each of them had definitely had a confrontational agenda, for whatever reason.  He says it was strange watching how the situations developed - that minority concentrated in a group and then began getting progressively more rowdy.  They started by getting a bit mouthy and antagonistic with the police, at that point just your average police in uniform who were deployed on the course of the march.  Then they began throwing bottles and bricks and stuff, then they began committing acts of vandalism - they would smash a few shop windows - eventually the riot squad got deployed.  The minority then got in the faces of the riot squad, causing a them to try and force back marchers - Jon said that it was a ploy to draw a reaction from the police, before they knew it an over jealous policeman started swing a baton, managed to hit someone quite innocent - just unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,  the crowd got incensed at what they saw as police brutality and all hell broke loose.  Jon said it felt like everyone around just got caught up in this mob mentality - the minority got what they wanted, i.e. a fully fledged riot broke out.  And it inspired the song title, it was like someone flicked a switch and it made them 'All Riot Now.'

And frankly, its a good, catchy hook, too! 

So, its not pro-rioting, but the song is called 'All Riot Now,' there was never any doubt I was going to feature footage of rioting in it.
Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: Scarecrow on January 09, 2013, 02:03:15 pm

Not really about the video, so much as wanting to point out in the many ways the demonising of "rioters" as a anarchistic "bad element" is just part of the inherent instutionalising of certain forms of protest. That is to say, a dynamic is being set up where "legitimate protest" exists which is peaceful, and quite and within the law, and then this is opposed to violence and riots.

This is a false dichotomy. Because, whislt peaceful protest *can* be highjacked it isn never this simply. But rendering riots as "bad", and peaceful sits ins as "acceptable" what the establishment does is remove any real power. Ultimately it can *ignore* peaceful protest. And then it can turn everyone against the "bad element". Thus it ignores the complaints, and renders all anger as outside, and in need of punishment. This refuses people their anger. It removes, diffuses and refuses the fact that some people, not just a "bad element" but ordinary people, students, protestors or whoever, CAN and DO turn to more drastic action because they are *angry*. So a message of rioting is *not* inherently bad. It's not inherently good, but the point is it's not simple. A riot is not just a bad element, it can often *also* be a legitimate complaint of anger. So student protests wasn't "peaceful students" and the "bad element" ruining it... no, *some* students were genuinely that pissed off. And rightfully so.

So the sentiment of "All Riot Now" is a very appropriate and suitable one, that at the very least opens up these ideas, and reminds us to question these controlling, ordered dichotomies.

 - Scarecrow
Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 09, 2013, 09:28:18 pm
I can only guess about the newsreaders captions, because all I see are parts of the lyrics, No other writing appears on screen.

When did Jon go on the protest rallies? I did a few rallies in 1972 - 1974.
The ones I took part in, or to be correct, they were protesting against the people holding the rally. The main rallies were run by The National Front. Our side was run by the International Socialism group, and 'we' were organised.
'We' had a group of about 200 who would patrol the various parts of our rally, and keep it safe. At one of the anti-national front rallies our little group of 200 goose stepped along a main street of Nottingham, just ahead of the main rally. And our little stunt got national TV news footage for a week.
As for any rowdy elements, we were there to stop them. If anyone or any group tried to get rowdy, we would move in and stop them. We were operating with the knowledge of the police, and if we did remove a rowdy element they were handed to the police.
How the problems at rallies started, I believe, was when like minded people got together to protest something. They didn't organize the protest, allowing the rowdy element free movement at their rally.
And like you said, a few people can insite others to do what they want, then violence breaks out.     
Title: Re: I've finally finished the Music Video!
Post by: mysticjim on January 12, 2013, 09:39:23 pm
As I understand, I think the height of his protesting days were from the very late 70's to the late 80's.  I know he did a few CND marches, and he did some protesting in support of the miners strike in the early 80's and he definitely did a few poll tax protests, but as to which ones turned nasty I've no idea.

As for the captions, the only lyric from the song that appears in the newsroom footage is the phrase 'voices raised in anger,' and besides that, the only reference to the lyrics that appear on screen are the words 'All Riot Now' the first two times they are sung.  In order the captions read thus;

Widespread Rioting,
Voices Raised in Anger,
Protest Turns Violent,
Police Break Heads,
It's All Kicking Off,
Yes, Break Stuff Now,
Do As We Say, Not As We Do,
Believe Everything You Are Told,
We'll Be Watching You,
You Can Trust Us,
Obedience Is Good,

Then during the guitar solo

Yeah, Baby, Yeah,
Rock Like a Bastard
Shred Like a Motherfucker
Eat My Dust, Suckers,

Then as things 'breakdown' at the end,

Error *&^%$£??
**Frazzley Bollock Wank Shite**

They are there, but I wouldn't read too much into them!  ::)