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Title: Writing plays for the stage
Post by: Maidenscombe on July 30, 2014, 03:44:43 am
I decided I'd try my hand at writing a play for the stage, but finding out the hows, and what not to do is a bit hard to do are a bit hard.
Does anyone have any knowledge on scripts writing for the stage, or any links to theatres in the UK?

I'm trying to write a comedy.
Title: Re: Writing plays for the stage
Post by: Maidenscombe on October 29, 2014, 03:09:46 am
If anyone is interested I have no problem passing on what I've been told. I am a complete beginner, it took six months to find out what format to use, one place said look how an old playwright did it 60 odd years ago and copy that format other theatres wanted to see all scripts in others formats. There in lies the trouble, each theatre had a different format to use.
I opted for a format that was easy to write and easy for them to understand.
An example can be given if asked.
When I asked what could be performed on stage that varied from theatre to theatre, some theatres could set a scene inside a vehicle while some theatres couldn't.
A lot will depend on the imagination of the playwrite, in the play I've been trying to write which is a comedy, having a scene portrayed which has two police cars at speed and the anti riot squad going to an incident can be done if the writer sees it from the audiences perspective. So having two policemen side by side trotting across the stage one holds a flashing blue light over his head the other makes the sound of the siren (in australia the siren is an animals sound wawa and howl) to produce the wawa sound especially for a comedy ask someone to keep flicking a cat's nose. The next scene could be inside the anti riot squad van. 
If the play is accepted getting the scene on stage would be between the sets manager the editor and maybe the writer.