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Title: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on August 29, 2011, 11:51:02 am


The lonely lane dwindled through the archway of trees,
Cold grey tarmac, cushioned by autumns golden leaves.
Solitary reflections renewed the memories of summer,
As a bronzed leaf spiralled down to a growth of heather.

Fearless marble lions stood firm unto the hint of winter,
Wrought iron gates reflect grandeur they canst remember.
Roses stood tall waiting for the final summers inspection,
A Crocus lay down and dreamt of a last minute salvation.

The lush green grass flowed, as the tides with the breeze,
A greenhouse fell back, without the slightest hint of ease.
The mansions fallen, now resting on the rich brown earth,
As tree branches stored energy, for their next virgin birth.


Glowing with magnificence from an age gone by,
Castles standing still, with its footings in the wet,
Although now ruins, its battlements ruled the sky,
Defending a lost treasure, which no one canst get.
The grass now grows, where the knights they trod
Their shiny armour still reflecting the light within,
Their horses in the yard, quietly waiting to be shod,
Dead servants are ready, the tournaments to begin.

Echoes of a time gone by, the lights now blown out,
Proud armour now lining a museum along the road,
The crumbling stable is home, for the solitary goat,
Looking for animals have gone, save a golden toad.
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Rich on August 29, 2011, 11:35:02 pm
These are excellent poems - thanks for sharing them!
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on September 20, 2011, 05:20:55 am
That damned obsession, writing.

I am so distant to my friends, I’m held in time,
Writing stories, they are just exercises in mime,
Noting a riddle, one that has rhythm not rhyme,
Tales of future or past. Of memories not mine.

Mentions of aliens, this planet they came to see,
Do they attack now? As a battle there would be,
They could return when we’re dead, a century?
To get a free new world, a gift from you and me.

Of vampires, zombies, monthly werewolves too.
Tales of  the creatures, that never went to a zoo.
Demons that live to scare the crap out of you,
Glints from their colourful eyes, they aren’t blue.

Do I write with a pen, a lead pencil or quill,
A computer using a word processor as well.
And those new names so that friends can’t tell,
if it’s them, else they’ll exclaim, what the hell?
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Rich on September 25, 2011, 12:11:03 am
Good, intense poem there. Thanks for sharing, keep it up!
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on October 05, 2011, 02:12:46 am
From a time of old.

As with the time of old, their present time passed,
Remaining within the stones of the stone circles,   
From a forgotten past, waiting for the time undone.

They would search the land, if the Goddess called,
Then respond, and rising up from the circles of old,
To protect the people, the land, and protect the all.

They would do battle with the demons on the land,
They’d go to fight the demons that lived in the air.
They’d even go to hell and fight the demons there.

A force of evil, it had sought to control this world,
But the maidens, they faced her, fighting her fold,
To a new beginning, a life, they healed the ground. 

Glowing eyes in the undergrowth.

Deathly bright, from the nightly light, its eyes watch from the gloom
Seeing, staring at the mime, hearing the deaf of the nights full moon
Shouting its thoughts, it is smelling the sounds that float in the air.

Moving forward, into the light, walking fast. It is tracking its prey.
Then faster, not running but chasing. Stopping, it goes to ground,
Sensing that now, this is the time, its victim is unaware it is there.

This nights rewards, its stomachs rights. Leaping out into the light,           
Moving on a path passing through the trees. Stalking turns to sight,
Seeing them, then chasing them, their fear breathes a new delight. 

Pounding hard on the ground, it’s gaining, it is guiding their fright,
A glint in sight, seeing a light, it brightens the darkness of night,             
Standing at the edge of the trees, it looks at the lights of the town.

Quietly moving forward, keeping watch to the man on a lonely path,
Through the borders of the planted false gardens in the towns park, 
Gliding over the branches, and the lost leaves of yesterdays growth

Onto the cold dark ground where cars are parked till the light of day,
The man now walks, seeking the light and life of his drinking hole,
And the wolf grins, its gleaming eyes rise up till it’s the height of man.
It sees the man walk into a house filled with life, drink and laughter,
Padding across black stones it swings open the doors and growls,
Watching with glee as the humans scream and run from their destiny.
Quietly, happily the werewolf returns to a familiar ground, its home,
Its eyes they’re beginning to glow like flames, burning a deepest red, 
Such deathly bright of darkness light, then it growls, a fulfilled groan.
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 19, 2013, 12:57:08 pm
Here is the first eight verses of an epic poem I am writing. I'm not to sure how long it will be, guessing though, 150 verses is a good place to start.


I hereby bring to order the eighteenth meeting of the Swandar Ghost
Hunters Club, said Samuel. He looked at Rosey embarrassed that he
was calling the start of a meeting with only the two of them present.
Looking to the empty chairs he tabled the minutes of the last meeting.
Going through the motions, agreed for each meeting he faced Rosey
Saying who was present, he then asked if she’d had any apologies?
Smiling as ever Rosey suddenly stood up, causing her hair to bounce,
Samuel nearly had a stroke, Rosey loved overstated remarks and deeds
Yes, Suzy and Jeff are in town they’re getting her father a birthday gift,
Kal was told an old friend had died, she’s gone to pay her last respects.
Glenn is with Linda, they said they are going to do an exorcism tonight.

Samuel asked about Susan and Adrian, have they spoken to you Rosey?
Most nights, Susan and Adrian are at the library, they’re doing research
A documentary that they have to making for the course that they‘re on.
The lecturer at the university gave them a project, a ten minute show
To make it of a unique tourist feature near Perth in Western Australia
Then to make it interesting with a scary aspect that’s part of the story.
So that is why they are not here, they’re finding tales of ghosts to use             
Not made up tales like yesterday, of what they’re doing, it has a ghost
The ringing of the phone was loud, almost causing Samuel to have a fit
Rosey grabbed the phone, telling Samuel to lower the sound of its ring
Hi there Kal, said Rosey, are you still going to visit your friends grave?

Yes, still going there. I’m just calling because of the meeting tonight.
The meeting’s cancelled due to lack of interest, it’s just Sam and me
Ooh Rosey, by yourselves at last? Clever girl. How did you plan that? 
It, what was? What are you on about? Rosey was unsure what she meant.
You know full well Rosey, me telling you that you need to get a room?
Rosey blushed, she looked to Samuel. Kal, how could you think that?
Samuel called from his chair, you realise I can hear, don’t you Kal?
How far are you from here, and will you get any further?” he asked.
I’m on the coach, replied Kal, and it’s going away from you, so yes.
Though maybe I shouldn’t have said that, as now I need your help.
Excuse me, after what you just said? asked Rosey a smile on her lips

I think some serious grovelling is in order. So Kneel Bitch! she said.
Kal laughed, taking Rosey’s outburst in jest. I am, I am, she replied.
Kal told them that she’d just woken from a dream a very vivid dream.
I saw two giants playing Draughts. One was God, the other the Devil.
They were saying that they were bored, that neither had recieved a soul
Devil hadn’t had any souls to torment, God said he‘d had none to love.
In my dream, the devil was winning, twenty five games to seventeen.
I don’t know if they had been playing for a while, or just sometimes.
God suggested, the devil agreed they send someone to find out why.
Then I got worried, the Devil told God that a person was about to die,
And that the person would be named Kal-na, the new Debt Collector.

Then the devil said that the person was about to die in a coach crash.
Thing is, what most people don’t know, my name is Kaelyn Nataniella.
My sister couldn’t say my name and called me Kal-na, now I’m Kal.
I don’t think you need to worry, said Samuel’s his words cut short
Interrupted by screeching of coach tyres, then a crash it was repeated.
Rosey gasped, looking to Sam, those tears of fear welled in her eyes.
Of Kal’s dream could she prophesise a future that’s just minutes away
If it is true, what could she be feeling, and what is it that she can see?
Smiling, the man stood still, he standing in the road, facing the coach.
He grinned, as he heard the first screech of the tyres, then the screams
Those passengers who were asleep, were suddenly wrestled from rest.

Of the man who was standing on the road was hit, his body cast aside.
Lurching to it’s side the coach began to tip, sliding along the road
Dropping down on the hard shoulder, it smashed against some trees
Then loud crashes, breaking the quiet as it sliced into solid ground.
Bodies of people, bloodied corpses remained, lying on comfort seats
The driver lay broken on safety glass, he’d tried to steady the wheel
Halfway back, in the luggage rack there lay, a passengers remains
Kal-na rose from Kal’s distraught torso. Looking at her loss of blood. 
She raised Kal’s arm, moments later she let it fall to her body’s side
You’ll not want me to do this, but you’ll thank me for doing this later.
Looking to Kal, she stepped on her arm causing a fracture. That’ll do.

Wandering out the back of the broken coach. Kal-na looked to the road.
Seeing the body of the man lying in the road she walked towards it
Kicking it to make it wake up. Damned vampire what were you doing?
It turned its head, looking side to side, he surveyed the wrecked coach.
Shame, all that blood, just wasted. Still I’ll get what’s left, and yours.
Kal-na grinned, breathing in deep, accepting with glee what she’d do.
The vampire’s eyes lit up, it bared its teeth. Now I’m going to get you.
Kal-na’s eyes began to glow. You? Scare me, I’m a Debt Collector.
Her eyes became fire, the flames from her eyes went into its body
enveloping vampire’s inner demons, then back to Kal-na they flew.
The vampire itself began to fade, its body lying on the road as dust.

Rosey was shocked, gazing towards Samuel, her eyes started to cry.
What if Kal’s dream was right, she sobbed, and now she is another? 
Should we call the police, the hospital or the owners of the coach?
Samuel thought hard and fast, wondering how they could explain
What is it that we know? What do we say, Kal works for the devil?
Kal-na stood, leaning on the doorframe, listening she laughed aloud.
I think that you’ll agree, that was what she’d call her weirdest dream.
Rosey turned, walked to her, she touched her. Sam, she’s not a ghost.
If I were Kal, then yes I agree, a ghost I would be. But I am not Kal,
For I am Kal-na, their latest and their first, I am their Debt Collector.
Think not that I’m a demons sin eater, but I’ll eat a demon who sins.
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 22, 2013, 03:02:15 am
continued from previous post

What was a dream, is now all true, my memories are from all before.
Of what there is to do, what they’ll have me do, I will do with pride.
To find why souls of the dead, are not going to where they should.
To find who caused it and why, and be judge, jury and executioner.
As from Kal we know you are, so the two of us, we wish you well
Never feel alone, though we’re human will others be there with you
Molly of the Riders, one of Gods people, she will be with me soon.
And from you my friends, of all who want to be, no, I’ll not be alone.
Rosey went to the computer, turning it on she went to the internet.
I’ll see what I can find, about you who you are as a Debt Collector.
I’d be interested to know, all of what you find as well, said Samuel.

Rosey did as planned though what she found was just the one site,
a painting portrayed the first Debt Collector, now known as Death.
Also known as one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, said Kal-na.
Horseman or woman? How can you tell, just by looking at a skull?
The name does not depict the gender, as with mankind it means both
Kal-na looked hard, said good point to Rosey, nothing else was there.
Kal-na stopped talking, she closed her eyes. Then facing to the side,
she began to smile. Word from Molly, a presence has been found.
The Two Swords will soon make battle, for them and me, it’s begun.
For now, you as I, we have to wait. On a search for sightings of them
Molly is with four more of them I’ll know when this war has begun.

Molly called down, stone circles awoke, stone’s began to glow bright
Not of stone was Molly reborn, for within the stone she was at rest.
Light flashed down like lightning, from Molly to stone’s inner ground
The message heard, from within the circle a dome of light was formed
A Goddess came to be, when the light faded, then pointing to stone
Others to Molly they rose, to begin to find those, who’d hid the souls.
Molly waved them on, willing them look down at overflown ground
Silently, transparently they traversed the land, looking for even a sign
Where the enemy of all would begin, beginning to feel senses raised
A look now a stare, at blade of grass, grain of sand they waited to see
On barest of ground, as if emitting its sin, three photographers went.

Gary, Edmund and Brian walked across a field to the stone circle,
each carrying a camera tripod and their camera’s in a shoulder bag.
Standing near, they inspect the altar stone, from various directions.
Setting his gear down, come on them, said Gary, this is what we do.
As if given permission they start to take photographs of that stone,
Moving tripod about, from here to here, that ideal of light they seek
Concentrating on photographs to take, becoming blind to all around
They don’t see those many thousand winged gargoyles, that fly down
to the earth, near them, around the stone circle, then stay as statues
Four foot high, wings a sinewy glistening skin, each smiling its delight
trying to blend with the circle the ground, as if none wants to be seen.

Looking at the sun, to where a shadow will rest, Brian sees a gargoyle
Then sees the statues of gargoyles around. But I don’t remember them
I must have walked right through them. He called to the others to see
Moving closer to them, adjusting settings on camera’s full of glee                                                     
Taking stills upon stills and videos, their memory cards began to fill,
photographs of each they took. Unknown gargoyle, captions to read. 
Guys I’m off to that ridge, called Edmund, I want to a panoramic view
Brian agreed a panoramic view of the circle and them, that’ll be good.               
Standing on the ridge, stunned at what he saw, he called to his friends.
Running onto the ridge, the statue of a giant winged gargoyle they saw.                                                                   
In wonder they closed to Brian, waiting, wondering of what he’d seen. 

Facing one more, though it was giant, it’s wings so transparently wide,
ignoring those that are small, they began to see their photos in print.                             
Gary turned, wanting to compare the giant, with those that are small
If only he saw inside the giant, the devil’s son, in one of his forms.                   
Realizing in horror, the damned things are moving, coming this way.
Quick grab your gear, shouted Gary. Brian, Edmund, be bloody quick!
As they ran, not turning, waiting until they found safety behind a wall.
Those gargoyles all began to hop, jump, glide towards the giant statue.
The gargoyles to the statue do go, they dance around it, they worship it.                                                 
One of the smaller gargoyles, knelt to the giant, then rose up to the sky.
All other gargoyles stop, they all stood back. Then beginning to smile.

They hopped for joy, they looked up, then the giant it started to smile,
then looking to them, screaming its glory, with its worshippers flew up.
Into the air it joined with them. And together they flew across the land.                                                                         
Looking ahead at the countryside, to a distant hill, it lay on the horizon.                                               
Molly’s stood on that hill with eighteen more soldiers, looking around
looking for them, then hearing they’re sound, they hid in the ground.
Molly ordered nine soldiers, see what is on the other side of the hill.                                                                                                 
Looking to the sky seeing gargoyles that are dropping, as if to land.   
Going to where Molly said that the few gargoyles must have landed.
When Molly and the soldiers get closer, there are many more they see.
As more winged unicorns were flying overhead. They stared to them.                                                                                                                                               

Molly said to creep, the gargoyles have landed near. Careful everyone,
The soldiers in groups of three, beginning to search in the field nearby.                                                                                           
Suddenly they were attacked, outnumbered and almost surrounded.           
Seeking cover in a shelter. She sends Anne to get help. We are trapped.
Molly saw gargoyles dancing, prancing happily through the bushes.                                                                                       
Seeking escape, she saw was an old wooden shelter, she led them there.
The gargoyles taunted them, poking them with their long wooden poles.
Several gargoyles rushed at them, they capture and drag away a soldier.                                           
Hearing the soldiers screams, the giant flies down to gloat with them.
Now the others know where we are, help is on the way. Smiled Molly
The gargoyles pointed at the shelter, proudly showing off the captives.
Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 23, 2013, 11:44:26 pm
continued from.....

The giant gargoyle walked towards the soldiers trapped in the shelter.
They had to listen to the screams of the soldier the gargoyles captured.
The gargoyles danced happily near the shelter. Taunting the Riders
Then quiet, as the screams from the captured soldier suddenly ceased.
Standing back the giant gargoyle waved them to get another soldier.                                                   
The gargoyles come and grab another. She is felled near the shelter.
The giant jumps up high, then drops onto her, deliberately he kills her.
The gargoyles dance happily, the giant screams, signalling happy glee.
Molly bids them be ready. The soldiers crouch down, weapons loaded.
The giant gargoyle attacked the shelter, jumping on and wrecking it.
The soldiers rolled clear from the wreckage as Molly screamed NOW!               

NOTE verse 18 will have to be done separately,
this site will not print it properly.
She stands outside the circle, dropping to a knee raising her crossbow
With Goddess Claire and Goddess Darla pointing to each of the stones.           
From each stone, soldiers walk or run, and go to protect the rising new
More soldiers appear, joining those who stood ready awaiting the next.                             
Wave after wave of the soldiers run forth, as the army starts to be here.
A few mounted winged Unicorns from the ground rise up into the sky.
The soldiers on the winged unicorns, cross bows levelled in their sight
ready to defend those who are now pouring from the ground in style. 
The Goddess Darla creates a vision of where the gargoyles they are, 
Now you know where to go, I have shown you how do yourself proud.
They all move into a field, grouping together, moving down the slope.               

More soldiers join them as they go down the slope to where others are
The army not stopped, slowly it moves letting more become as one.
Darla floats up, waving to the Riders, pointing for them the way to go.
Darla and Claire look to each other, smile, then go into the stone circle.                             
Then spreading their arms wide, rise from ground they slowly do turn.
Their feet not touching the ground, and now they both begin to glow.
Pointing down to the ground drawing a pentagram it begins to appear.
A dome of light forms, then fades to a glow, as the Goddess Tianara is,                           
Cold lines of the pentagram, they start to glow then they become flame.             
A funnel of blue light flows up from pentagrams centre into the night.
And massed numbers of mounted winged unicorns rise from in ground.               

Lazy clouds laying on horizons line, move aside, the sunlight bursts out.
Covering all the land and sky, the glare of the yellow light filled the air,         
In passing time the glare of the sunlight began to fade. And all was seen                                                   
The gargoyles knowing they’d win though vied, their rightful conclusion.
The giant gargoyle flew down to lead them. Its landing shook the ground
With wings spread wide, talons dripping sin, it calls the battle to begin.
Gargoyles peer to the land opposite, then a line of  soldiers did appear,
Then line after line after line covering the land that is seen to the horizon.
And in the sky, mounted winged unicorns appear, turning dawn to dusk.
The soldiers began to march, closing their ranks, the battle cry is made.         
Now slapping their side; their battle cry. Distorted sound waves form.

The Goddesses appeared, six steps in the lead, each glowing with light
And sound waves become seen, visible in the dusty mornings light.                   
The soldiers stop. Short marching ceased, echoes of sound released         
The Goddesses raised their arms towards the airborne sound waves.                                                             
Moving those sound waves forward and down towards the gargoyles.
With the sound waves thrown at the ground that bore gargoyles feet. 
The ground exploded underneath them, surprise and horror to greeted.           
Vast explosions in the ground thrust gargoyles up, to the atmosphere.   
Only silence came forth, rolling clouds spread fast across the Dawn sky
Visual explosions peppered the light, the bright then darkness loomed
As the last gargoyles bodies explode. And Goddesses fade from sight.

Molly appeared next to Kal-na. Even with nearly dying, that was fun.                                                   
Kal-na laughed, looking to her, only Molly would greet her that way.
I know that your side won, I felt the battle, how many did you find?
Yes we did, there was only ten thousand of them that stood against us.
Kal-na grinned, even I know that’s a stupid thing. The foolish idiots.
Why did you say that? Calling them idiots like that? asked Samuel
Some of the Riders, a few thousand of us were there to protect the
skies, but only part of the Infantry was there, we were just millions.
That many! How big is the infantry, asked Samuel, the whole army?
No one knows, said Molly, we are Gods army, we are all immortal.
The one I seek, was news of him found? asked Kal-na, hope unfound.

The phone had started to ring, Rosey picked up the receiver. Listening.
Hey Samuel, she called, it’s Adrian and Susan. They want some help.
They are just a bit hopeful aren’t they, not turning up for the meeting.
That project they were given from the uni. To make that documentary
I said about the landmark they had chosen, and of a scary story to do,
Well remember I said that they had uncovered about a ghost haunting.
Why are you telling this to all of us? Is there a reason? asked Kal-na
That scary story that they sought to include, it isn‘t just one, it‘s many.
Many ghosts? asked Molly, I like that, it’s amazing what they can say,
a ghost story? Yes Kal-na, I wonder what we might learn, said Molly.
Kal-na looked at Molly. Okay, Rosey can you tell them we’ll be there.

to be continued
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Post by: Maidenscombe on January 24, 2013, 12:02:06 am

Raising up onto a knee, then they began firing rapidly at the gargoyles.
More soldiers appeared and joined them, laying the gargoyles to waste.
On a dragon Darla flew down, leading the soldiers to the stone circle.   
Stay clear of the circle, surround the stones and be ready to protect.
Claire walked to the stone circle, standing in the middle of the circle.
Standing with her arms held out wide. Then slowly she turned around
Looking to each of the stones in the circle, then she began to glow.                           
With Darla glowing, the floating Goddesses move closer together.
Together they look to each other, happy to be as one, happy together.
A soldier in battle dress stepped forward, she appeared from a stone.
The Goddesses Claire and Darla, point her to the rest, where to protect

Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
Post by: Maidenscombe on January 29, 2013, 10:52:39 am

Rosey stood with Molly and Kal-na, waiting for Susan and Adrian
Coming along the track carrying shopping bags each, they waved.
Standing close, who is she? Rosey faced Molly. She wants to join.
Welcome to the deep end, said Susan, there are several ghosts here.
Molly looked around. I’ll fit in well, I like speaking to dead people
As I told Rosey, the research we did we found many tales of ghosts,
and the work reports we found, giving lots of ghostly goings on, here.
To avoid getting bogged down, with the reports of ghosts and occult,
we decided to make our film, but when doing so we heard that ghost.
Heard? What do you mean? The ghost was talking or playing a tune?
Well done, you’re good. We heard ghostly sounds of a pipers pipes.

Molly looked to Kal-na. A piper? I wonder, if it be the Pied Piper?
Kal-na whispered to Rosey. Ask them if they’d play the documentary
Adrian turned on the lap-top, playing the disc. We play this ourselves
Sat on the ground, watching the screen, of all that had been filmed
Can you fast forward to the parts that have ghosts in? asked Rosey. 
What was that? asked Molly. Before getting to the haunted scenes, 
yet they rewound the film, to watch the part that Molly asked for.
Something, said Molly, I saw it in the background. It had red eyes
Adrian looked to Susan, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen that before
I haven‘t either, replied Susan, I’m sure I’d have remembered if I had
Rosey increased the volume, behind the talking they heard the pipes.

A happy tune? The eyes and the pipes. Do they know about the other?
Molly, those eyes you saw, at what height were they at, asked Kal-na
Looking again, she couldn’t see them. Were they here or up higher,
Kal-na looked, red eyes she saw, why is that here, that’s a full demon,
Rosey, Susan and Adrian looked to each other, but none understood
What’s going on, asked Kal-na, there’s nothing here for such a demon, 
Are you be so sure? asked Rosey. Kal-na thought of what she saw
I’d like to see it on a big screen first, before I say what that demon is.
Well when I was in the library, people who worked to build this said,                 
of strange things that happened, tools that vanished, horses that shied.
The next part of interest is the sound of a piper, much clearer though.

Watching the screen, Molly asked when people knew of the field                                                                                                                                             
I do, replied Adrian, this area was settled the late eighteen seventies.
A girl walked through them and the tents, she pointed into the field.                                                     
Molly looked at her, how long have you had to keep walking here.                                                     
She asked Rosey, have your ever wanted to be friends with a ghost
Rosey stood up, she looked to Molly, about to follow on the track.
Watching the ghost walk away Rosey followed, but knowing where   
The jokes not on me, said Rosey pointing to the ghost on the track
Rosey walked towards her, but just as she was near, she vanished
Why vanish, she called, I followed you only to offer you my help
The ghost reappeared, he is here! The sound of pipes is what I hear.                                               

Look! called Rosey, in the field, I see children running in there!                                                 
And what looks like a man playing a flute, are children following.                                                                                 
The ghost looked to Rosey, pitifully pleaded, please help my friends?
The girl vanished. Roser looked to Molly. I want to, can I help her.
Molly looked at Kal-na. What do you think? Could we, should we?
If we do, we’d need to know more, about them, and, about her
I’ll call her here, said Susan she held an Ouija board, from her bag.
Is anyone there? Waiting for the pointer to move. Is anyone there?
Susan looked to them. Is there another here who wants to have a go?
I will, said Rosey. I don’t know who you are, we need your help.
The pointer didn’t move, well, she asked, what is the next plan?

Just a minute, I have had a thought. The pointer moved to Rosey.
Looking at Susan, sat opposite her, she pointed to right behind her,
Don’t turn quickly, you’ll scare her, she’s behind you, said Susan.
Rosey slowly turned to see the little girl was looking right at her.                     
Hi, what’s your name? Georgina Swift, or Georgie to my friends.
Odd, said Susan, you don’t read or write? Yet you know name,
how do you know your name? Georgie looked then smiled too her
It was Molly. She looked at them. Don’t you know who Molly is?
She stared at Molly. You’re not here to help me, are you? she asked.             
No, we are not, but I’m hoping by helping ourselves we’ll help you.
Molly grinned, when we know why you are here, it might help us.

Georgie sighed, all I want is to find where my best friend was taken.
That won’t help us, knowing where won’t, but knowing why might.
If you can remember, do you recall of who it was who took her?
He didn’t take her, exactly. It was more like she wanted to follow.
I don’t know why, although I remember how the tune was played.
That’s what could help, do you know how many others were taken?
Georgie pointed to the field. I’ve seen many groups of many taken.
I heard of that, many times through the centuries. Missing people,
if it is who I think it is, you have been a help. Groups have gone,
then missing, following him. The piper called them to follow him,
Have you seen? Who that the piper passed them to, asked Kal-na.

I saw another, but once. Wearing a big black cloak, he rode a horse.
Kal-na smiled, from what you say, you didn’t see who it was, did you
Not really, his cloak covered him from head to foot, said Georgina.
Who you saw, it wasn’t a man but a girl, as all debt collectors are.
The piper and one like you, together, what could they were doing? 
The one that’s sat on the horse, is Death. An answer’ll soon be ours
when we have found the answer, know that we will tell you Georgie.
Susan, do what you need for the story, but never go the other side, 
I’m telling you, of the pipe keep back, the results much too scary,
Of what the piper is, and who those red eyes are, said Kal-na, it is.
On the horse was Death? Before I know, I’ll need to know more.
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follows my previous post

Leaving them to ponder what could be happening beyond the pipe,
Molly and Kal-na emerged walking around the corner of a church.
Making sure that no one saw, they went to now open church doors.
Above the doorway, those were the ones that we heard, said Molly.
Kal-na looks to the three stone gargoyles. You are right, it looks as
though they have moved recently, to the archway above the doors.
The gargoyles roared to Kal-na. Looking up at them, Idiot creatures.
Looking to Molly. More were here, I’ll need to know of them first.
Standing in the doorway, the priest welcomes them. Please, come in.
Looking to Father Lucas. All this church, is it yours? asked Kal-na.
No, but with Father Bryant we are in charge. In this house of God.

It might well be one of Gods houses. But this is not where he lives,
If he did, he would leave the doors open all night, and you do not.
Father Bryant and I are mere servants of God, we control his house.
Kal-na began to smile, that is all I wanted to know, you have right.
Who not to invite into this church, those you see as wrong, or evil 
This is the one, Molly. She moved to where Kal-na stood waiting.
Then looked to Father Lucas. We heard the call of the gargoyles. 
Father Bryant walks to them. Father Lucas, do you have a problem
Pointing to his head in a circular motions. Yes, these young ladies
They seem to think the gargoyles are alive. They made the sound.
Father Bryant, can you say what animal sound it was, or explain it?

No, do you really think that the gargoyles could make such sound?
A roar is a welcome to all the evil ones they protect, said Kal-na.
Kal-na looked about. They’ve been here, they have walked inside,
they might still be. Know they could be here in this house of God.
Molly looked to Kal-na, even now? Kal-na then touches the floor.
Tell me Father Lucas, why think that no evil could ever be in here?
For we are the men of God and we wouldn’t let any evil into here.
If evil ones looked like me, how would you know not to invite it in?
There is an evil within mankind and there is evil. Are you that evil?
That one down there, he helped create me, so yes, I am of that evil,
Feel no fear, for the other who created me, it was from him up there.

Father Bryant looked at her with distrust, “Why would you say that?
Why would our God ever have occasion to join together with him?
It might be that the devils son is doing battle his father and our God.
Father Lucas looked at her, he looked to Kal-na then Father Bryant.
You say that as though we should believe it. Why, who are you?
I am Molly, General of the Riders, the Two Swords of God’s army
This is my friend Kal-na, she was created by the devil and by God.
If you choose not to believe, that is okay. But please believe in this,
I know many demons were in here, for us to end them, trust is sought.
You know Allan, of the bookshop? I’d prefer you to take us to him.
Each getting into the Fathers car, they go to Allan’s book-shop.

Allan is sat at the table, various books being open, several piles of
paper are spread about, in front of him. Good morning Allan, you are
looking very busy today. He said looking at the table, what’s that for?
I was sent this yesterday, it’s of various cultures that seem to speak
of the same event. Something they all thought was quite important?
It tells of a future event, that hasn’t happened. And of she who does it.
How do I know it hasn’t? The carvings of stone walls of museums
in Mesopotamia and Babylon, on many Sumerian artefacts. Even
what were unknown Egyptian hieroglyphs, thousands of years apart.
The Dead Sea Scrolls had mention of this, but in detail the same thing.
Allan looked at the Father. A prophecy, of one that no date is given.

What was said, of this the prophecy? One that so many nations said of
It is written in secret, that only the devout would see. It is as Kalefilna...
Father Bryant interrupts him. Kalefilna 1:01 I learnt of that myself
You know of it? Please tell me of it, I’ve tried, no one seems to know.
Kal-na and Molly step from a bookshelf to show themselves to him.
Allan looked at them. I don’t think I know you, do I? Who are you?
My name is Molly, the General of the Riders and my friend is Kal-na.
The Riders? He looks to Father Bryant, then Molly. The Two Swords?
Father Bryant stood still, he was amazed. Do you know of these two?
Not of them, but I do know of the name the Two Swords. Many years
ago, while researching spectral events. The ghostly battle at Edge Hill.

I was there for a battle of the civil war, the Roundheads and Cavaliers.
But it wasn’t them, it was two others that fought. Allan looks to Molly.
I found a woman who I thought was about to die, the front of her body,
her skin had been ripped from her. I offered to her souls atonement. 
He looked at Father Bryant, as I knelt next to her, her body repaired.
Within the minute I saw her walk again. She that I helped is Tianara
And the battle in the sky was the Two Swords against the gargoyles
The person you helped, her name is Tianara, she can be here soon.
She sends you her greetings. We need the Father to accept us, to see
 we are who we say we are. The gargoyles were battled again. The
Two Swords of Bouicendeni won, and they killed every one of them.

Allan fell backwards over his chair, trying to get away from Kal-na
He looked at her. I’ve heard of them, she is really a Debt Collector?
She went to help him to his feet. But,.... but? He looked at her hand.
Allan, Kal-na’s the first of the kind, created by the devil and by God.
Allan looked to Molly then to Kal-na, he is surprised. He cautiously
held his hand to hers. Kal-na greets him, then helps him to his feet.
He faced Molly. She’s created by both, what could be so very wrong
First the devil’s son sought revenge, now it’s both God and the devil.
We need the Father to see us, and accept us. That is why we are here,
for him to feel comfort with you knowing of us, he sees trust in you.
Kal-na said there was evil in the church, the father needed to know.

to be continued
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from my previous post

Should we leave till then, said Molly, could some be in there, now.
Though admittedly a gargoyle in the catacombs, it doesn’t seem real.
Kal-na glanced at Molly, it was you who said of gargoyles not me,
I know that those that were heard, they couldn’t be in the catacombs.
Though it does make me wonder, if that what I felt was leaving?
I’ll go inside, I’ll look in the catacombs, then tell you what’s there
Though if they are there, I’ll need empty the church of worshippers.
So be ready, have some more of the Riders here ready to protect
Danny wanted to help Janice choose the birthday gift for their son.
Now, they were looking at the menu in the front window of the cafe,
Trying to decide what to get. The peoples screams made them turn. 

Everyone on the footpath was starting to look towards the church 
The doors burst wide, worshippers ran their shouts filled the air.
Fifty of the Two Swords appeared, running to be behind them,
As they ran their clothes began changing to their armies battle dress.
They formed a barrier between the people and the doors of the church
motorists who’d been argumentative towards girls blocking the road
that led to the church, they began hearing scared peoples screams.
And the girls in front of them, in battle dress, the swords withdrawn
But pointing to the ground, with their winged white unicorns behind.
Janice and Danny gasped, as two hundred more soldiers appeared
running into the church. Janice and Danny could only stand and stare

They held the other, looking at the church hearing the dying screams
that filled the air, shock became horror. As vampires ran from within
running from the church, into the sunlight they only burst into flames.
Then as suddenly as the noise started, it stopped. Those who’d been
blocking the road vanished. Janice and Danny looked at the silence.
Molly and Kal-na appeared in Allan’s bookshop, quietly at the table.
That was to quick, to easy, I had hoped for more, Kal-na was upset.
Allan, do you know of any reports of the strange that have been said,
Allan looked to Kal-na. There is one, a church is said to be haunted.
Is the church built to a new design, or an old design, asked Molly
Looking at her Father Bryant and Allan were silent. Does it matter?

Old churches were built properly, like the early town meeting halls.
Forget the steeple, the main building was designed as a demon trap
Demons that flew to close, were pulled inside, then trapped within.
Then the one that I know of, could be just what you want, said Allan
Strange sounds being heard. Loud bangings are heard from within
But no one can see the problem, stones are thrown at all who visit.
Later that day saw Molly and Kal-na, standing by the churches gates.
Looking at the church, they didn’t see the woman approaching them.   
She was calling to them. Please tell me you are not going in, are you
there’s something in there that stops everyone going passed the gate 
Kal-na asked Mrs. Priestly, to show her the side gate to the church.

When they were out of sight, Molly went toward the main doors.
Two soldiers of the Two Sword appeared there to keep others away
Andrea and Judith said of a demon who was trapped in the church,
The Goddesses Darla and Claire, will soon help end the demon.
In the church the Goddesses appeared, Molly asked who was there.
Saying she was with Kal-na who wants to know what demon’s here
Seeing a hand invite her in, Kal-na told Mrs. Priestly to go home
that she’d be told when it was safe in the churchyard, to the church
My friend will be inside the church. And soon will I, she vanished
Standing amid the pews, Kal-na looked to the demon, I know you
Molly said of those red eyes, those were where the Pied Piper was.

Kal-na and Molly called to the demon, then watching it, it flew down
We saw your eyes near the pipe, where ghosts are and the Pied Piper       
But that wasn’t why you were there, asked Kal-na. The demon grins
She who I protect was there, just the trail of essence is all I can find
Who do you protect, and why are you so fraught. The demon grins
No souls of the dead have reached purgatory, it was the devil’s son
The gargoyles protect the vampires, so the Pied Piper gets people     
those that can be wolf, an army to battle vampire. But I’m in here
Then know I’m Kal-na made by them, to free those souls, and I will
They are of Two Swords, they did battle with the gargoyles and won.
You Debt Collectors? Together when apart, you’ll combine to save.

Why else are you here, asked Kal-na, to tell Death the good news,
that the devil’s son took a wrong form, but I’m sure that you know,
you don’t know, he was a giant gargoyle. So it was the Two Swords,
Word shall be given to the piper, to release the army of the manwolf
Something’s still wrong, said Kal-na, where are the souls of the dead,
The devils son took them, so why be a gargoyle, not non corporeal
If vampires know the son is dead and seek to finish the son’s work,
where are those souls, Kal-na waved to Darla, to come and join them
Kal-na introduced Death’s protector then said of the sons demise, 
disguised as the leader of the gargoyles, Molly said you killed him.
Why the Piper has joined with Death. Please set the protector free.

Molly we should go and tell Georgina not to fear for her friends
There is more for us to do, tell Mrs. Priestly that her. She stopped,
Molly can you do those things that I suggest, Rosey is calling me.
Molly appeared in the front room of Mrs. Priestly, Darla is there
I didn’t feel you here, nor did I know that you’d be here, said Molly.
I chose not to surprise Mrs. Priestly, I came to here by the front door.
Who are you people? asked Mrs. Priestly, Kal-na vanished before me,
now you appear from nothing, who are you, what do you want here?
Darla stepped forward. Please Mrs. Priestly you have no need to fear
What we learnt in your church has helped, we offer to you thanks.     
About the damage done to your church, know we need to do more 

to be continued
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continued from

Tonight the church will be destroyed, but in the dark it’ll be rebuilt
by morning light it will safe, I need to go, God’s work is never done
The room filled with pure white light, the Goddess Darla was gone
Molly handed Mrs. Priestly a telephone number. If ever you feel that
the demons run free, ring these people they do know how to call me.
or there is another way. In the church, sit on your knees and pray.
Molly disappeared. Mrs. Priestly covered her mouth with her hand.
That was them, looking at the telephone number, putting on a coat
she ran to the church, she watch it destroyed and rebuilt, by no one.
Molly appeared with Kal-na on the inspection trail by the pipeline,
calling Georgina, telling her all was good, that her friend is well.

Kal-na stood, leant on the doorframe. Hello Rosey, still alone with
Samuel I see. What is it that would cause you to want to call me?
Rosey hugged her, glad to see her. We just had a strange phone call,
A friend of a friend was out walking, at the area Southern Downs
she saw something walking, but it’s knees were bending backwards.
That is why I called you. Kal-na looked to Rosey as Molly appeared.
Molly, of Southern Downs? Do you think the name, sounds right?
maybe it might be. Samuel looked to them. Where who might be?
Kal-na looked to Molly. If that is what I think it is there will have to
be another just like it, can you get your people to search the ground
find another place, or find more places and find out about the area.

We’ll be able to help with the history of the area, people we know
friends we learnt from them, they were investigating the place before
They will be willing to help, said Rosey, Samuel knows their address.
Everyone waits not far from the house while Molly went to their door.
pretending that she was lost, they invited her in to see a route home.
Come in. I am Elspeth, these are my sisters Rosanne and Granore, 
Who is she? asked Granore, and where is it that you know her from?
Elspeth looked to her sisters. I’m sorry, but we’ve never met before,
though I felt in her a trust, something in her, about her, she is good.
But as my sister said, who are you? Molly looked to Elspeth, I trust.
I came here to speak to you, to see if we could trust you, said Molly.

I know we can, looking about the room, with ease, Molly sat down,
Rosanne approached her. This we that you speak of, can we meet?
Soon you shall, replied Molly, for they are only two house down,
First tell me what you found at Southern Downs, say why you left.
The sisters glanced at each other, looking at Molly without any trust.
And say what of the mound, do you stop those who’d want in or out
we also need you to say of what you know, saw at Southern Downs
Molly smiled to them as Rosey and Kal-na walked into the room.
They know what might be there, but they are scared we don’t know
Kal-na grins, of the thing that walks, with its knees bending back
a flying thing, a gargoyle for it protects. Vampires are in the tunnel
They did not make secret the help we sought, they meant no harm.
Then I’ll them everything we know, said Kal-na so that they’ll know.
In the mound was the body of Ignatius Winterborne, a demon hunter
His body was put there to stop the un dead moving up into the world.
But as happens, if evil has time, the best of good was moved away
Now that the way is about clear into the world they want to appear
Not from Southern Downs for we’re here to end them all we shall. 
Molly smiled to Elspeth, tell me, what do you know of the name?
Southern Downs, said Kal-na. the direction is south it was that way,
but as southern, many years ago, was a term used for what is below,
Southern linked with Down; both mean the same. The devils home.

If it isn’t where the devil lives, why are we here protecting the world
Rosey stands, Molly’s Riders will cover the land near the mound
as Kal-na with twenty five of Molly’s riders go to Southern Downs
There they’ll enter the tunnel, and begin to push the vampires out.
Not now, no vampire will go into the sun, for it knows it will die.
Such is the fear they have for Kal-na the Debt Collector, as they will.
Then so is Molly? She is a general of The Two Sword, said Rosey
Together? asked Granore. Together, said Rosey. Both kill vampires. 
Kal-na will kill any vampires she sees and others will run, into the sun
and should block its way, Molly’s Riders will deal a hand of their fate. 
Until Kal-na and more Riders rise onto the field and know all is done.

Samuel put two large plates of sandwiches in the centre of the table,
You can thank the CWA for them, just in case you think I make them. 
He looked at each of them, right then if you are all ready, we’ll begin.
I hereby open the twentieth meeting of the Swandar Ghost Hunters
Club. Rosey stood up. Those present are Samuel, that’s me, Rosey,
Kal-na, Susan and Adrian, Suzy and Jeff. The door opens to Molly.
What brings you here? Molly is surprised, as if you need you ask
She turned to Kal-na, Darla asked me to tell you, so now I’ll tell you.
There will be a meeting soon, something that happens very rarely
The last one was nearly four hundred years ago, this one’s for you,
so the chances are at the meeting tomorrow night you’ll get the go.

Molly looked to Kal-na, you may not need it but, all our good luck.
Hope and Molly walked across the floor to the police station desk.
The duty sergeant casually looked up, to see who was in the station
What are you two wearing? Going to a fancy dress party are you?
Our names are Molly and Hope. We are here to warn you of others 
They’ll be at the ruins tonight. We want you to have all roads closed
Who is going to be there? You should have given several days notice.
You have been told what to do, so do it or we will, said Molly.
You’ll know when we are ready, we will change the colour of the sky
An officer said of the weapons they wore. I hope that they are not real
Hope withdrew her sword and lay it on the counter with her cross bow.

As you can see, they are real, not what’s worn for a fancy dress do?
The duty officer, Sgt. Bertrand looked at them. Who are you people?
Riders, and if we are needed many thousand more will be here tonight.
Hope put her crossbow in her shoulder harness, the sword in its sheath
then turned and walked towards the door, disappearing as they walked.
Running upstairs, pushing open the door of the senior staff’s meeting
They glared at him, they demanded to know what was so important
Two women just told me that they want some roads closed tonight
I told them no, but they showed me their weapons, then vanished
They said they’d change the colour of the sky when they are ready
Senior Superintendent Barrett spoke. What were the weapons?

A sword and a crossbow and they had an ancient leather battle dress
They vanished? Okay. Take a couple of officers tonight, have a look.
Report what you see, if all seems real, then we’ll decide what to do. 
Outside the ruins, three officers wander about, with shining torches.
An officer radioed the station. All seems quiet, it’s cold and creepy.
One of them caught a glimpse, Who is that? The others complied
shining torch lights around. Oh, just part of the ruins. Creepy place.
It’s the end of our shift, how to let the others know, how creepy it is.
Holding his phone, taking a picture. I’d prefer, if you didn’t do that.
They quickly turn to see who it is. Oh, you again, said Sgt. Bertrand.
The roads aren’t closed, you’ve got ten minutes, then they’ll be here.

If the roads are not closed we will do it, and, you do not want that.
Because this town will be on every news programme in the world.
We’re about ready to end our shift, he pointed to just in front of them
Thirty more like Molly were walking towards them. Who are they?
Ten minutes to go, said Molly, they will close the roads, if you don‘t.
I’ve told the senior police, what else could I do, said Sgt. Bertrand.
If you don’t close the roads, they will be here so it is your choice
Station, said Sgt. Bertrand on his radio, we’ve seven minutes to go
so close the road or they will. That is what I have just been told.
They are appearing all over the place, out here, stated Sgt. Bertrand.
As the sky became green. That’s a five minute warning, said Molly

Police cars raced through the streets to the ruins, blocking the roads.
An outside broadcast crew were the first stopped by the road block.
Sgt. Bertrand got to the road block just before Molly and Hope.
Are we in time? he asked Molly. You were, but you left it to late,
our people are here, and so they will be, fear not, none will be seen.
A drunk staggered towards them, staggering on not seeing the scene
A policeman told him not to pass. This road is closed, can’t you see.
I’ll do what I want, go where I like, I live over there, the drunk said.
He pushed, moved the policemen aside, staggering passed their cars.
More fool him, if the sky turns yellow, those we protect are here.
Seeing the broadcast crew ready to film, Sgt. Bertrand faced Molly

Oh no, what else could go wrong? If the sky turns yellow, said Molly.
Outside broadcast unit here, can someone tell us what is going on?
Sgt. Bertrand faced the reporter, then the camera. He turned to Molly.
I don’t know what to say. The dark sky began to change to yellow
And know you don’t need to, said Molly, that drunk will have to go.
Soldiers appeared and one on her unicorn, surrounding the drunk.
The Rider called to him, kneel or die! He knelt, then they vanished.
The whole sky turned red. Sgt. Bertrand looked up What did that?
Not what, that was Kal a human, she is a very highly regarded one.
In her is another, Kal-na wants to battle a follower of the devil son
It would be best not to repeat her name. No good will come of it.

That Kal-na then, she isn’t like you is she? he asked, not of God?
Yes and no, in that she was from God, but also she was of the devil
Sent to earth, she was, to save all the souls taken by the devil’s son
which she did. She wants to return, to stop more souls being taken
How will she do that, who could stop tomorrows souls being free?
It is said that a follower of the devils son could do it, said Molly,   
She will do battle to end him. She’s that good, said Sgt. Bertrand
Yes, that good, aided by her special gift. Impervious, of you or I,
only from them, they both have to will it, without that she’ll not die,
she’ll kill, if it has or needs to be done. In that she’s good to them.
What you saw, a mere slip of a girl she’ll kill vampires and demons.

In the ruins, surrounded by old walls, they met without prying eyes
The Goddesses who brought the lights, waited for her with the news
Though not what is she here for. They gave light on what she will do
Sgt. Bertrand stood at the road closed sign that now blocked the road.
Hope opened a police car door, policemen ran, closed, looked to her.
Why? Molly didn’t want you to see, we did as told, for long enough.
What did happen, were these people in danger, asked Sgt. Bertrand.
The Goddesses were gathered on grass in the middle of the ruins.
They wait for Kal-na, though not a goddess, but she has respect.
Death appeared next to where she be, courteously greeted Kal-na.
To all Goddesses, a follower is rising, and I Kal-na I’ll need help.

But before your help I’ll practise, so vampires beware, I’ll be happy
some vampires who where were I was stood, I saw where they were
a group of them, they meet near there, the Riders and I will end them.
The best laid of plans came from a party, when they all made merry
The vampires would meet and make a plan for every flying attack.
Then going home a gathering they’d have before finally going back.
Knowing from where is their lair is good, get them after an attack
for killing is so much fun, when they to busy changing happy to sad
Through the following day, Kal-na said plans of what they would do
As days last light began to fade, they went and waited by the house
They laid low, taking the time, watching birds at night; ornithology

to be continued
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Trying to remain quiet, the night wasted away, they waited for them
with their tools, and all geared up, by an old house soon to be used
but vampire baiting, can be a time wasting task, while laying in wait.
Then at last the beating of wings was heard, they all watched the sky
counting the bats as soon vampires they be, the Riders trap was set 
Three crossbow arrows were sent to smash the windows of the house
the vampires looked close, seeing the windows were all smashed in.   
Gathering in the garden on lawn, no one was seen who was attacking   
Morphing into bats, all ready to fly on up, nets were thrown on them 
The Riders took ease placing sturdy wire around the necks of the bats.
then waiting for vampires return, then the wire removed their heads.

Molly and Kal-na moved the net aside, collecting ringlets of wire
Our numbers are wrong, more should be here, looking at each pile
there should have been more, said Molly, some didn’t come here
Kal-na looked guilty. Bloody vampires, you just can’t trust them.
They won’t stay where they made the attack, they don’t hang about
they’d not go straight home, they’ll gather so that none are missing
if some saw us, we may have caused them to gather somewhere else
Another attack? With dwindled numbers, panic will enter the game
I’ll tell Darla, she’ll see what can be seen, and tell where they’ll be
Some vampires have the church surrounded near there, said Darla.
some you say, how many do you mean and are there any people?

There are fifteen vampires and twenty seven people in the church.
Kal-na and Molly took a walk around the church their sight unseen
wanting to know what and how many would be expected and where
Only allowing them to be seen behind the wall of the churchyard.
Six vampires to the right and four to the left while two are in church.
Molly told Diane, you’re to take six hunters to the side that is left, 
Kal-na, you watch the church doors and make sure none get out
I will have ten Riders with me, at the side that is right, said Molly
There is only one way out. If you want Kal-na I’ll send them to you
or you can take it easy and we’ll battle with those we know are there
I will guard the doors, and the way out. I can help the left and right

Diane and six Riders crept silently, watching the four vampires there,
Suddenly standing, the vampires were surprised, no sound was heard
Diane and her six fired their crossbows, only two vampires were hit
two of the Riders ran forward both wanting to end the two vampires
beginning to raise their swords as if they were about to strike a blow,
both vampires moved to block the swords, not seeing the other hand
an arrow head slammed into their necks, forgetting about the swords
then they grabbed at the arrow in their neck, the sword came down
they almost had time to know their mistake before dust blew away.
They went along the side then around the end to stand facing Molly
who saw them, then knew the vampires had no where to escape to.

Stay at the end and we’ll begin our attack, A few is all that I’ll want
Molly stood up, and firing at them, they knew they’d not last the day.
Keep a distance from each other, I don’t want you immortal just yet
Use your swords or arrows I don’t care of which, take no prisoners.
confronting two of the vampires, they were cut of from their friends,
Two more saw their friends die, they looked to each other, but to late
then more were caught by arrows, their dust scattered on the wind.
Kal-na saw the last vampire end, she opened the doors to the church
A vampire stood facing her, but not for long. Others saw and knew
Calling to all the people to leave. The path outside is safe for you. 
People looked outside seeing, they saw the Riders guarding the path

As with the most of the Sunday afternoons, the car parks in the town
were nearly full. Several churches had their doors unlocked to those
that wanted to roam amid the quiet of the walls. Week-end tourists
were window shopping, looking at highly polished antiques. Gazing
at the vases of lovely flowers that adorned the shops. A child shouted
The stone on this cross it is too hot to sit on! But no one believed him.
The cross exploded! Cars, shops, houses; were peppered with small
fragments of the heated rock of the stone cross. In a second, the only
sound to be heard were the car and shop alarms. Dead lay all around,
many dead people, lying still on the path held their dead dog’s leash.
Cars that were once going somewhere, had fallen to the road sides

The occupants in those cars were now dead and slumped in the seats.
Where the once famous Cross once stood, now catered in memory
There he was, looking like a young man of twenty nine all normal,
but with his skin like stone, his sinewy ribbed wings that shone,
and the icy cold stare from flame filled eyes slid into you like time.
He rose to the sky, then flew with the wind to the hill known as Hob
Leaving behind a once postcard picture town, now a restless wreck
He’d gone a few miles west passed a quiet village, into the green
Kal-na stood proud, then casting an eye on the scene called Molly.
And together they stood. This is why I called the meeting in the ruin
I knew this would happen, it would come. He was a friend of the son

Call them Molly, let the Keepers know he’s risen they need to be told.
Call others like you and more, many is a the field that’s their home.   
If they are known to be here, friends of us will be as well, said Molly
If that is as you say, villages not far away, always was felt concern
Sending your people to the villages of Compton, help you may find.
There is another place you’ll see, known as the Great White Horse.
Not the one that is carved into chalk figure on the hill, asked Molly
I do, now the secret can now be told, for it was made for such a day
Who the Pied Piper took, then gave them to Death, some were here
For it never was a horse on a hill, it was carved by the first one of me
she who’s known as Death. The devil’s pet is a werewolf not a horse.

If they do get the upper hand in this battle, and we need a lot of help
I will open the hill, inside the hill are many big caverns, said Kal-na.
In each cavern are those who can be the devil’s pets. Help is at hand.
When were the caverns built? asked Molly, I was never told of them 
The caverns were never built, not built as such, more those in there
were kept secret, just in case the devil wanted his way, and he may. 
How can you get in, or is that a secret that only a demon can use?
Kal-na smiled to Molly, here’s another secret for your kind to know,
what was known, in time was lost, all in Two Swords has demon.
How do you see in the dark? Kal’s dream, of the God and the Devil
playing a game of Draughts. Enemies or two who make a balance.

Before time when the Devil led God’s armies, when he liked killing
God made him God of the evil dead. But they still played Draughts
The Devil’s pet was the werewolf, his army could see in the dark
So the Two Swords have the essence of a werewolf? asked Molly.
At the end of the trailing leg was once a mound, just stand there
Call the hill to open, stay and stand where once demon was found,
that hill will open, know the hill be alive with a sound of music
Molly looked as Kal-na smiled, you wanted to know of a way in
I’ll leave you to get in touch with the witches in the Compton area
from what I’ve just heard demon’s affecting the houses by the hill.
Bread won’t rise and the milk just went sour, I’ll go to its start.

When Kal-na got to the cross, all the tv’s she could see in the shops
The sets lost all aerials reception, then all electricity power went off.
Holding a telephones receiver, Kal-na heard the phone the lines stop.
Looking up at the sky, it got darker as winged demons flew to town.
The sky turned dark red, any cars still used were hunted, left dead 
no occupant stood a chance, against those flying demonic hordes.
When the evil moved to town, destroying anything that they wanted
The police from surrounding towns never reached the affected area,
their cars slammed into invisible walls on the roads. Even the RAF,
two jets flew to investigate, but those jets vanished from their radar
Kal-na knew, until they could raise an attack, the town was theirs. 

All across the country, stone circle’s began to glow, all armies called
Goddesses now released all the Two Swords forces from their rest,
of tourists, out for a family day, to show their children of what was,
faced fear, of glowing stones, an army appeared, then disappeared.
Kal-na contacted Molly. The attack will be different than I thought,
There’s many more than I thought, so now they have to accumulate,
and I have found a battles wall, an old salt track east of the town.
All the witches to make walls of protection, at south of the town.
Your armies to seal in those demons in from the north and west,
when they’re contained I’ll go in, I’ll destroy any demon I can see.
Molly organised what Kal-na asked, then only screams were heard.
People had been caught and were being chased by leering demons
Calling to them she guided them to the salt track, and their safety
Kal-na stood there, smiling with pride, she had a very good day.
Some were called by the Goddesses to be in respectable clothes.
To face and see senior policemen and the outside broadcast crew,
Molly called that Tina Standish, as she knew of Kal-na and her.
It’ll be easier for all, if the people that meet are known by each,
get them here, I’ll call Kal-na to be here and say what is happening.
Make them see our viewpoint, say why you have requested them.
And if others are sent, if they send others then we’ll sit and wait,
We’ll tell them we are in charge, not them. They will do as we say.

Noticing their numbers reduce, she heard a legion of the damned   
had escaped to another old place of battle, the sky over Edge Hill.
Feeling good, that many were old vampires, Kal-na called Molly
Saying she’d follow, smiling, she said it with a song in her heart
Molly said of some were going to where a ghost is said to ride
But Molly was sat on the roadside, waiting with a few like her,
as Kal-na joined them. Kal-na looked about, what ghost is here?
A ghost that has been said by those who are old, as old as Death,
It was said to haunt here in many a form, a horse, a wagon, a stage.
There have been tales of something always being there, said Molly
Only one sighting has been made and it happened during the day.

So we all have to sit and wait here until it comes along, said Kal-na.
Molly looked to the empty road, waiting for the ghost to appear
Molly grinned. A ghost that will vanishes when it’s in front of you,
it’d scare the crap out of you, or me. But how to get it to be here.
Kal-na began to smile. I know of this, and this is that sort of case,
it sounds as if the ghost is live, for it chooses the intended victim
So a good person it might leave, but a demon will cause it appear.
In you is only an essence of demon, that is neither here nor there
But not me though, for the Devil helped create me, I appear evil.
Come on the road and stand with me Molly, for me it will appear
No sooner than said, the truck sped to them. Waiting as it got close.

Kal-na jumped out of its way, Molly jumped up, turning as she did
sat on the passenger seat, the driver looked to her. What’s going on?
The ghost saw and stopped, getting out of the truck he faced Kal-na
Why were you with her? Looking at Molly, why allow her with you
We both seek the souls of the dead, said Kal-na. But what do you do?
In the back of this truck, I hold the secret of where souls are hidden
The first of you, she bade me kill all evil, or be seen by devil’s son
You won’t see him, I was with those who saw him killed, said Molly
I cannot tell you how, but know this Debt Collector, you’ll find them
He looked to Molly, when someone leads the way, know this Molly
Of what you have wanted to find, you will find your second Sword.

to be continued
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Those that escaped you, I killed them here, shame there wasn’t more
But those who were here, they tried to stop me, if I’d stop for them.
Though there is something you might want to know, said the driver
Look for signs, and seek the Seven Seals, they will help the future.
Returning to the town near the hill of Hob, they saw dark clouds go
The sun shone true again. The demons left there, had with no leader
Howling winds burst from the north, blowing demons up into the air.
Behind the winds was nothing, demons fell to earth, litter the ground.
Tina, being filmed by her camera crew, watched the demons in the air
then they dropped, their glistening bodies slamming into the ground
The cameraman, unwilling to move, had recorded the demons end.

Rosey, Linda and Samuel were about to have a tour at a haunted Inn.
A few weeks before the actress of a documentary said about the place
Waiting in the reception area, for the guide, a Mr. Robert Saunders 
They didn’t expect to see a ghost, just a cold wind or white smoke,
or to be told this is where the ghost is seen, but they were hopeful.
They had only been there a few minutes before being approached.
Morning my wife is running a bit late, she asked me to do the tour.
What can we expect? asked Rosey, the usual musty smells, or more?
That’s hard to say, ghosts don’t always do as we’d like, said the owner
but you never know, the ghosts here they tend to like making contact
He pointed through to the bar, your first experience here is that way.

The ghosts here? Are some of them seen by every tour or just a few? 
Linda looked to him, waiting for an answer. I’m not sure how to reply
it really depends on if the ghost likes the guide, or those on the tour.
And how susceptible the people doing the tour are to seeing a ghost.
So, about the ghosts here, how many do you know of, asked Samuel.
Some, many it’s hard to say for sure. They come and go as and when.
from what you are saying, that infers there’s more than one ghost
Rosey looked at the walls. What can you tell us about this place?
According to local history, my great grandmother was an owner, her
sisters were smugglers, she had a child and you‘ll hear a babies cries,
but there’s no proof that is her child, but the cries can be distressing.

Mr. Saunders, I feel as if there’s something in what you say. Even so
it might not be what you think it is, I can feel that something is here.
What part of the Inn is it that we to go to first?” she asked, he smiled.
as for what part of the Inn you go to first, that will depend on you,
do you want to see the scary stuff first or last? Rosey thought about it,
a smile lit her eyes telling him that she’d prefer something exciting. 
Then follow me, he said we should be heading towards the courtyard.
From there we can go into the old scullery, that isn’t a scary place, but
what is in there is, and it’s weird.” He opened a door to the courtyard
and it can be very weird down there, Rosey looked at the door locks
Mr. Saunders looked at her, weird, very weird to down right scary!

As he unlocked the door, the locks are here to protect the innocent
Samuel went to look inside, Mr. Saunders put his hand on a shoulder,
No, don’t go in yet, there is a few things I need to warn you of first.
why he shouldn‘t go in? Mr. Saunders said we need to give this first
he looked at the wall outside the room, picking up a potted flower.
In case the ghost is here, you’ll need to give her a gift, it will help
Help what, asked Linda. Give her a gift or you might not get out, ever
She’ll kill us? No, you’ll never be seen of or heard of ever again
give her a gift, she’ll let you leave, don’t give her a gift, say goodbye
Do you normally let just anyone into there? that sounds a bit much
we are not allowed to open the door for anyone, only ghost clubs

It is best if you understand exactly what is going to happen in there.
you’ll have no insurance of any kind in there, as you may not get out.
Hold my hand Linda, if we do get in any danger, I’ll call for Kal-na
Who is this Kal-na that you hold so revered? Is she your spirit guide
Kal-na, she is a friend of a friend, she’ll have no fear to go in there.
Well do as I say, it won’t get to that, he puts a plant inside the door.
Notice that, one plant for each except you. He holds Rosey’s hand
Step inside the door, then I’ll pull you out. Rosey did as he said
With them again, when I was in there I could only see a thick black.
An oily black was once said, placing a potted flower inside the door
Now step inside again, no blackness you’ll see only the scullery room

Going down the steps Mr. Saunders told them, note the washing up.
The door on the back wall, you can see it’s to the kitchen, but it isn’t
No room exists past the door, that’s the wall twixt here and next door
To the right into the preparation room, where the animals were killed
and the room behaves strange. A room behaves strange? asked Linda 
Windows that you can see out of even though there’s none outside
and a door to the courtyard, but turn around and only a wall you’ll see
Is there any ghosts in there, it’s good that we can see or can’t, but.
You want to see a ghost? She might be there, my great grandmother.
As they go into the room, wet blood is seen to run down the wall.
There is no point to clean the walls, but we do clean the window glass

What ghosts are there that go in the scullery and here, asked Rosey
The one who causes the black, the scullery maid and someone else
Hmm, okay said Rosey, so who’s that looking in the window up there
Mr. Saunders looked to the courtyard, I can’t see any ghost there.
Not that window the window on the wall behind us, said Rosey.
Nice, said Mr. Saunders, because that’s another window not there.
I’ve no idea who the ghost could be, maybe you have found a ghost
or the ghost found you! makes you think, why would a ghost want to
Taking them back into the scullery he pointed out the sink to them
Odd that we didn’t hear a sound of the pots and pans being cleaned?
Even when stepping to the courtyard Rosey looked to the empty sink

Mr. Saunders smiled as he stepped outside, the sink will be full again.
Outside the scullery they all felt a chill go passed. That’s a new one
Well, I have felt a chill before but there has always been a reason.
Two horses were heard to gallop to where they were, then stop.
Kal-na? Molly? asked Rosey, is it you? Mr. Saunders looked to her
That is twice that you’ve said her name, and now when no one’s here
hearing a whisper he turned thinking it was Linda, but no one’s there.
Now you’ve got me at it, only I’m hearing voices, no, I heard a voice
Samuel looked at Rosey, two horses are heard then someone speaks?
I wonder what she wanted to say to you, or what it was she did say?
Molly was told you won’t see up or down, just away from the light

They all just watched as Mr. Saunders great grandmother walked by. 
Well, I’ve seen a ghost, so why do I think there was a reason why?
A coincidence? Something neither Molly or Kal-na would believe
and if a coincidence isn’t to be believed, then there is a reason why.
Something I’d like to know, why an afternoon tour, asked Linda.
Because that’s what I asked for, tonight we’ll stay at a haunted hotel
Speaking of, are you going to give them a ring, asked Mr. Saunders
The one you’re going to is a good one that’s fifteen minutes away
When you have gone I will let then know that you are on your way
That will keep them happy, said Mr. Saunders. They had a sighting
Two people saw a ghost in their room, they were not impressed.

Samuel steered the car into a parking bay at the Watersview Hotel.
Getting out of the car he opened the car door for Linda and Rosey
Then Molly and Kal-na got out as well. Samuel looked at them
You could have waited till we were in the room, now I’ll have to pay.
They went in, then to the reception desk, a porter was waiting there.
Good evening, my name is Antoinette, do you have a booking?
We did, it was for three, but two others decided to be here early
The name is Swandar Ghost Hunters Club. Thank God you’re here.
The ghost was seen, thirty minutes ago. We’ve enough rooms now.
Oh good, said Rosey, seeing another ghost, that will make my day.
Rosey was happy, then she saw that Kal-na and Molly looked grim

What is it, she asked. Molly looked, something else is here, or things
Rosey looked to Antoinette, I think you better show us the rooms.
Walking along corridors Antoinette led the way. Your in other rooms.
Antoinette said, she opened a door. This is where the ghost was seen.
But only of late, some rooms were added, now she’s a regular visitor
Antoinette went to the door, turning to them, I’ll leave you to it then
Before you do go, can you come back inside, just for a minute or two.
Molly motioned Rosey to go into the bathroom, they stood by the bed
Rosey went into the room, a woman was having a shower. Oh, sorry
Rosey was about to leave, the woman got out of the shower, naked.
her body passed through the shower curtain, her clothes appeared.

She walked through the wall into the bedroom, behind Antoinette.
What would you do if you saw a ghost in this room, right now?
Samuel asked her, then he stood waiting for her reply. I don’t know.
I’ve never seen one, but isn’t a ghost is just a person who is dead.
Antoinette sat on the bed, she picked up one of the hotels brochures.
It states in the brochure, that this room is one of the new ones added
The police were notified, but I’m not expecting to much from them,
investigating ghosts is not what they do. Though they got a medium
who said that the ghost is a man who is either a smuggler or a pirate.
Then don’t get that medium again, said Molly, the ghost is a woman
and if you want to see a ghost, turn about, you’ll see her for yourself

Rosey invited her to sit down, Samuel asked her what her name was.
Mariatha, quietly she looked about the room, studying each of them.
sorry, I’m Molly, Rosey, Samuel, Linda and Antoinette works here.
We’ve been told that you’re a smuggler or a pirate, I’d say a smuggler.
Either way what would cause you to come here are you by yourself.
A smuggler it is, but I am not alone for a sister Julienne is also here.
We search the forest for our other sister, she went missing near here
We had just taken some small barrels to a public house over the hill.
Molly looked to Mariatha, call your sister, that time is getting near.
Julienne appeared, smiled to her sister. What is it why call me here?
She faced Molly. Sister why is a general of the Two Swords here

Like you, I am not alone, another is here. And as I feel she will know
she will be here soon, of that I’m sure. Of what I she has gone to seek.
She appeared, looking at the ghosts left wrists. You are right Molly
they are the same, it’s off a Brandy barrel and on their cuff Julienne
Mariatha, Molly has found your sister, dead but a ghost like you.
Julienne smiled went to hug her but she stepped back. I don’t do that
Molly grinned, this is my friend, she is Kal-na, the Debt Collector.
Something or someone else is here? She sharply breathed in, it’s you
Kalna dropped to her knees, in front of Antionette. Molly, kneel.
Why, what is it, she is Antoinette, the receptionist who works here
Your friend’s right, I’m just Antoinette, I’m just the receptionist here.

Who is she Kal-na, asked Molly. Kal-na looked to Molly call Tianara
this is not what she says she is, she is of the Seven Seals, this is Faith.
Streaks of lightning flashed between clouds, Linda ran to the window
The night became as day, all was whiter than the suns yellow light
Tianara appeared, she touched Antoinette, they left, she and Faith.
Is that it? asked Molly, do we go now and if so do you know where
Back to where the sister is, something there speaks of coincidence.
Of the Three horses Inn, is there a reason for choosing that name
was it because of the ghosts horses you heard were they there before
Did the three meet there, while they were searching for the forth
The fourth what, asked Linda. The four horsemen of the apocalypse

to be continued
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Time seemed to stand still, as did Kal-na she was stood upon a hill
Looking at Molly she shook her head. I can’t see any other way
We need to read of what it was, to see what it was in your history.
If you tell me what it is you seek, said Molly, I’ll pass it on and try
The hidden words that’ll guide us to the sixth and the seventh seal.
Rosey was drying her feet, after a relaxing water massage for them
answering the doorbell she saw Molly and Kal-na stood in the hall
It was Molly’s idea to appear this way, I’d emerge watching the tv.
Rosey smiled. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going out tonight.
We’re not said Kal-na walking in, grinning, unpaid security guards?
The books of the history of the Two Swords will be here tonight.

Sat by the table Molly sees Rosey sitting down. You’re not going out
I can go to the pictures next week, will I ever see these books again?
No, said Molly. So I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this.
Kal-na, Rosey and Molly started to read the books as they appeared.
This has about the first battle, there’s no mention of Goddess Darla
Although it says about your battle dress and you had two swords
It’s got who designed them, Holly Marie Elope’s weapons maker.
Mention is made that she would know of his end, it not who it was.
If it is of the son, then wouldn’t it be that she is a seal? asked Kal-na
She was said to have been sent to stand guard on the door to hell
Kal-na said that is wrong. When I was there I saw no door or guard.

Rosey read more. The leader of the army, was Holly Marie Elope,
When couples leave to get married in secret, they are said to elope.
So she was the first to go away in secret, where the meaning began.
But if the secret was that she did not go away, there is the secret.
Also that the first two and last two letters they make another name.
I don’t know, said Molly, I’d think that it would be to obvious
Kal-na maybe it is, maybe it is so very obvious that it’s true, Rosey?
All I have is of the first battle, when to armies joined, of names said
Names were said, none passed the tests, even a Rider named Molly.
One name had all the goddesses say no, no reason was ever given
The name is Saffron. I’d like to know why they wanted her a secret.

It is in this book as well, mention the name of Saffron. This is odd
This speaks of Saffron being missing, oh it’s being written today.
Saffron name has been kept hidden, protected by all the Goddesses
She helped a goddess release her father, from ferrying all undead
I don’t understand this. What is it, asked Molly I will try to explain
Mentions of one of the army, it reads like it is being written now
Here it is it says the whole army has just been put on standby alert,
That she has been missing for to long, who could have taken her?
If her father was Charon, said Kal-na and he ferried the undead
It could be feared that she’s been taken to do what her father did
Fools, for now I’m in play, it must be vampires who are doing this

If she’s missing now, there’s no hindsight of what’s being written,
And without hindsight to relate to, the worst could easily be feared
I agree, said Kal-na, don’t forget the worst, another answer it may be.
Rosey read two chapters on, to read what the hindsight might see,
here it lists another. Then use the word panic, said Molly, of where
she is no one knows, they are but guessing, not seeing their thoughts
I’ll be as me, with the name I can see her feelings, that of her not me
A ball of flame came towards her, covering others the flames hit her
She had saved her friends. Molly felt her skin tighten, tear then fall
Patches of sight and sound were felt, of flashing light she was aware 
of light looking down, but those lights were a strip here a strip there

All was blurred, as if the bright was full of clear jelly, voices heard
only a fragment here or a fragment there, she felt herself in a bed.
Molly’s mind, lay there, in Saffron’s body awaiting a sense to reveal
But her burnt and nearly lifeless body lay there, nought could it feel.
Molly searched in Saffron’s body, for her mind would think not see.
A meeting of minds began as Molly followed to Saffron’s thoughts
Giving the will to see those friends, Molly bonded in Saffron’s soul
Taking them to see Saffron’s friend Samantha. She heard beep, beep
and saw a monitor that listened to her vital signs. This is a hospital.
Willing her to see the other, Molly saw strip lights on the ceiling
Standing by a door Molly looked up, reading Intensive Care Unit

Looking into the ward, several nurses were stood by the doctors desk   
Molly’s thoughts pushed Amy’s arm, it caused the door to hit its stop
Come in Amy, the doctor said. Sit with your friend its touch and go
Stood at the foot of her bed Amy heard the nurses update in the ICU
Molly’s essence flew to Saffron’s body, then woke in Rosey’s room
Calling the Goddesses to her, telling them she’d check if it was her.
The nurses stepped away, Molly stood in full battle dress, by the bed
Yes, I was right, it is her. Ten more Riders dressed like Molly appear 
A glow started in the ICU, the Goddess Tianara appeared, Thank you.
Saffron drew the covers off the bed, her battle dress took form on her
Goddess Darla appeared, as the sound of an army marching is heard.

The sky by the hospital became brighter, brightness filled the gloom
Armies of the Two Swords emerged standing in the hospital grounds
Samantha and Amy watched as Saffron and the Two Swords vanish   
Lynda was watching the nine year old girl learning to ride a horse
her attention drawn to the four dark objects in the sky getting nearer
Hearing a horse galloping, turning she saw the child hanging on
as the horse ran around the paddock. Then it slowed and stopped.
Going to how the child was Lynda saw the four winged unicorns.
The Riders going to the aid of the child, helping her, settling her
As Lynda reached the girl the horse showed signs of stress and fear.
It is alright, she brings need for you to harbour your animals fear

Looking into the sky, a winged black unicorn flew down, landed near
Kal-na jumped down, looking to the forest. It is somewhere in there?
Excuse me, said Lynda, careful in there, as all plants they will move
The children who come for horse rides, call it the forbidden forest
As a path will move, even the one you walk on, while walking on it
Looking to Molly, we’ll be alright, said Kal-na, no fear will be for us 
If you know that we’ll find our way out, then yes no fears there’ll be
No worries can there be with Riders to guide us where we cannot see
Good said Molly, I am curious why a path does that, how a path can
Walking towards the forest, I hope you don’t mind if I come, Lynda 
As long as you know, that in there you might see things that cannot be

What do you mean? Like unicorns that fly, of white and of black?
You sound sure that you’ll find your way back, it makes me feel safe
I didn’t mean to be so convincing, neither of us know what we’ll find
In there lies a secret that your kind may never see, that’s if we find it
My kind, said Lynda. What d’you mean. Kal-na looked. Human.
Those we may find in there, of this be sure, they will never harm you
We will both do what we can, and believe me, said Molly, that is a lot.
Lynda stopped, she looked at the rows of bushes behind. Clever that
Being able to see what I knew to happen, though now has meaning
Kal-na looked, what could be in here that causes that, trees or what
Meaning, asked Molly. Is it the trees hide their shame or someone?

Someone asked Lynda, what person could do that she looked about.
From many a ago, he sought not to be seen, he protected his young
Herne once covered his tracks in the forest so they were not seen
walked from the forest. It was in this forest as well, but it isn’t him.
It could be the trees themselves, hiding what they never want found
And if they never want it found, the path ahead could be changed
Molly stood away from them. Hear me I am the general of the Riders.
I’m Molly of the Two Swords, together with them, we free the souls,
If we can find the tunnel, there is a possibility that all will be well
Trees and bushes were seen to move, to the side a cave did appear
Molly looked to Lynda, look, follow the Rider. Tell of us in here.

Waiting for Riders to appear Molly and Kal-na went into the cave
Creeping along a light began to be seen as into a cavern they did go
There, and there a hundred yards in front, lay an enormous castle,
Going on, they opened its doors, a great many vampires it did hold.
Seeking pleasure, they spread out like a fan, Kal-na kept to the side
Charging at them they ran to the waiting lines of the Two Swords.
It was never into purgatory I needed to be but the tunnel of light
As the last few vampires ran into her sword, Molly looked to Kal-na.
I have got used to you being here, I’ll be sad to see you go, said Molly
Why think like that, I was created to do a job, and the jobs still here,
I could stay, and make sure all the gargoyles and vampires are dead.

Opening the door they saw a long cylinder with faded light one end
Kal-na, make yourself ready for it may be that the evil hides here.
Turning to see, Death walked to beside them. Now its near, she said
going towards the light, the closer they got, the light stayed the same
Only Death held back, though it felt strange not being on her horse
Kal-na held her hand to the light, in front of her eyes. I do see light
But when I hold my hand behind me, I see that the light has no glow
Where does the light come from, or is it just there? It is just there.
Now hold your hand away from the light, said Death, you can see it
Holding your hand away from light it’ll be in the dark of the tunnel,
To see the light go towards it, face the light, use it to guide your way.

So for the new souls they can go toward a light that will guide them
Think of the brightness of a light from a torch, you’d shield your eyes
The light would guide you, but you wouldn’t see it, it’d hurt too much
Those people who have said that they had a near death experience,
when they came back they spoke of the light at the end of the tunnel,
So, General of the Riders of the Two Swords, what of blinding light
No mention’s said of blinding light, only light at the end of the tunnel
Molly turned to look into the black darkness. Kal-na looked with her.
What can we expect to find if we follow into the black? she asked.
Call to the Goddesses, there’s more than one that’s never been there
Molly called on them to join her walking to the bottom of the tunnel,

Through dark black cloth, grained with texture of old, well used oil.
Walking on, not seeing who was by, until ground was under foot.
Death told them to stop, she called so they could be near her voice,
Of here stay still, none of the rules of heaven, hell, or earth apply.
A door could be in front of us. Molly held her arm out, saying aloud.
I want to open a door. Then turning a handle she was opening a door,
Letting in light, the darkness was all hidden. She held up her hand.
Is this light I see false or is it all around, they walked into the light.
What do you see before you, are there several fields of a long grass.
Death waved her hand across her body, in front of them lay a lake.
Of the things I thought I’d see, I never thought of a lake, said Molly.

Molly looked to Death, I know it’s wrong, but I can feel you smiling.
Death lifted back the hood of her cloak, she uncovered her aging skull.
Am I grinning at you or having a laugh, how do you feel a skull smile?
Now, may you stand firm, find something that will help you stand tall.
But not you Molly, I want you to walk into the water, to waist height.
Molly stopped, she looked about, curious at the lake of her dreams.
In this lake are the souls of the dead. They were held here, protected
Death faced Molly. In this lake is held what you have searched for.
Watch the middle of the lake and put your hand on your sword.
Molly looked to the middle of the lake. Death called to the lake.
Molly, general of the Riders, of the Two Swords, she stands in water.

to be continued
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From the middle of the lake the tip of a sword was seen. It rose up.
It rose above the surface of the water, then a woman’s arm appeared
She held the sword. The woman walked unheeded towards Molly.
Stopping, the woman bowed to Molly. Laying the sword on her hands.
As Molly held the hilt of the sword, it appeared in her second sheath.
The woman turned walking away she sank beneath the waters surface.
Molly, said Death, Hold that sword with both hands, brace yourself.
Call out to there, that you now have the sword. Death looked to her.
Suddenly forced to step back, a breeze of warmth passed through her.
The water on the lakes surface begins to churn. They all felt many
small gusts of wind pass through them. For several hours it continued.

Then all was quiet. The surface of the water became calm, as did they.                   
What was that? asked Molly. Death only laughed. Such small breezes,
of movement on the water, they were the souls of the dead. She gave
them protection, she held them here for their safety. Why do you think
the son of the devil never attacked in his own form? All those souls he
kept from them, he didn’t get them either. Death, she looked at Molly.
Now is the time you should say your farewells, for her this time is done
Molly looked at Death, knowing the truth of what it was that she meant
Kal-na, you are my friend. I would choose so much more. She stared at
her then shrugging her shoulders Kal-na was gone. Molly felt alone,
she who was her balance was gone, looking at Death she saw her smile.

Kal-na looked into Kal’s open coffin. She smiled, now rest little one. 
The funeral home attendant was giving the coffin a final clean. He
looked at Kal‘s body. I was told that they waited for your arm to heal,
before your body is buried. But no one ever knew who gave the order
that your body be kept alive. He looked at her eyes. You can’t do that!
He looked closely at her eyes again, he watched as her pupils moved.
He rang the ward she was on. I am telling you doctor, her eyes moved!
I rang you, am ringing you, to tell you right away, even now, as I speak 
she is sat opposite me. I’ll tell you, I am just glad she wasn’t cremated.
Kal grins, be that I’m of the devil of God or both. Whether I’m buried
or cremated who cares? I am Kal, within me is Kal-na, I cannot die.

Molly walked into the bank where Kal was stood, waiting in the line
Standing quietly behind, she casually spoke. Just what to do all day
it’ll be a shame if you miss this, to keep your place waiting in line.
Kal turned to face her, of when you read books with Rosey and me
A few secrets did we find. Darla has asked Rosey to read them again
And Rosey, she’s found another secret? Has she found a big secret.
The secret has been revealed was an unknown truth, I know that you,
sorry, I know that your other will like, would you like to be her now
I’m not so sure, said Kal. Waiting here, to get some money for bills
Or to risk flying on a winged black unicorn looking around unseen
or making the unicorn not seen, just smiling as those gliders fly by

Kal-na looked to Molly, to join Rosey who is still reading the books.
The bank teller looked. I know I saw two women waiting in the line.
Molly looked about, her eyes unsure. Feeling guilty looking to Rosey.
There was a time when we covered the earth, I don’t know of it now,
of the Two Swords we fly in the air on land is infantry and cavalry.
Is this of what you said to me? Where in the water could you, they be
From where was I given the sword, it is of there that I want to know.
Then you’ll need to read what I found, it’ll lead you there. Of giants.
Rosey smiled. Of each it will lead to the other, follow this one first
as through learning of what is from this, you’ll be led to underwater.
You’ve read of what is underwater haven’t you Rosey, asked Kal-na

Good reading in these books, but making notes of details obscure
can lead you on paths to where obscure lives, in a mound or water
Many times mentions of Glastonbury hill often seemed to relate
One said of many secret captors keeping theirs and their secret safe
So I looked for who the secret captors were and what the secret was
One spoken of night dwellers who came out in light, that was odd
I mean it said night dwellers, then it goes on that they like the day
Look at it another way, that they are seen in the light of a moon 
In logic the moon is always full, so werewolves are always there
That they are the secret captors and their secret is still a safe secret
The light of the full moon? That’s the sun’s reflection, and no more

Then I got to thinking, vampires can be where ever there is no sun
And the moon is always full, so the werewolf can be day or night
Or is there a distance thing, that the other side of the world is to far?
So if the werewolves were the captors, why would that kept a secret
Is it due to a likeness of the word, and of what the variations of it are
Captors are those who captured them, not who keeps them captive
So them, being those keeping them captive, that’s a secret to keep
And the reason why they’re there? Werewolves want to get vampires
So, in the mound there is a vampire, doesn’t it seem a bit big for one
If there are many vampires in there, why haven’t they been fought
Which led me too see that there’s two or three giants in the mound.

Rosey looked to Molly and Kal-na, this is where I’d like your help
To go there, to find out, how many werewolves keep them captive
If you find there’s a lead ... I wonder if Death controls what’s there?
I’ll give her a call, said Kal-na. I wonder what news she will bring
What else do you know about the place? An old place but a bit odd
All kinds of tests have been done to see if anything is in the mound
If nothing’s seen, could it be that something is being kept hidden
Either that or it is so big, that no one recognises it because it’s so big.
Or the authorities know what is there and pretend that nothings there
Well done, said Death, you’re right. Would you tell everyone of them
There are two vampires kept there, they are giants. Two of the three.

Others can be giants God, the Devil and his son but they can be small
There’s one who’s a giant who can live free, he hasn’t shown himself
The one that’s free and you know his name as stories are told of him.
King Neptune lives where people can’t see, there was not long ago
I’ll get the one who was before you Kal-na, she can say what it was.
Walking into the room Kal-na looked to her. You are as me, Bridgett.
Looking to Kal-na what is it why I was called? I called, said Death
They want to hear of the giants, soon they will have to face two more
The two under St. Michael’s church, or what is left of it she said
Those werewolves make them quake and turn, localised earthquakes
From church to ruin in years. You get a nice view from there though.

What is the reason why you want to know of the Two Swords below?
Not much is known of them below and nothing is known of giants.
So will you tell us of when you were called there, of what happened?
Bridgett grinned, okay it started when the one who was his favourite 
went missing one evening, deciding to leave her six sisters to find her.
Watching them, their not being able to find her, he became impatient.
All they knew was that she had gone, taken was what they thought.
They didn’t know it at the time, but she had gone to see a human,
being caught when the fisherman took in the net too get his catch
And what a catch, seeing a mermaid caught amongst fish in the net
But her sisters didn’t know that, nor did her father, the King Neptune.

Andrew didn’t know of the other mermaids, he thought her the one.                                       
He wanted to keep all knowledge of him catching a mermaid a secret,
And that he did for a while, but his plans went awry he was found out
Luckily for us, when he was discovered it was by a local policeman
who let him go, the policeman liked the idea that mermaids existed
And there aren’t any laws about kidnapping or abducting mermaids.
Nor’s there a Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Mermaids.
So Andrew took her home, but put her in a bath of water; tap water.
He wanted to keep her well so he could sell her to a research place.
Back in the water the sisters called on their friends the whales to help
They all said yes, wanting to help find the kings favourite daughter.

If only he’d known that she needed salt water, like what is in the sea
The search began to be noticed by the people who lived on the land
Mermaids and whales talking to each other, calling in whale song
People window shopping stopped hearing the whale song all around
In the light of a new day Andrew’s trawler was found in the harbour
Then three whales went in, making waves at it, they caused it to sink
Bridgett looked to them, the next has been withheld from you. Secret.
Neptune’s other his daughters mother went to the waters of the land
living in a lake that only one knew of, that other she covered it green
he hoped she had not gone to find her mother, he knew that she’d fail
She has always been my favourite, the youngest, she will be the last

I know my girls are ready, time is close, he looked to the next to go
Tyunalci broke the waves next to him. Father tell me what am I to do
Go to your mother, to the souls of the dead, see if your sisters there
If your missing sister is there with her, ask your mother to tell me
Here we are Molly, you will learn why you don’t know your family
Of the mermaids, daughters of King Neptune and Queen T’ara’s girls
When old enough they walk on the land, they will go and see T’ara
And say goodbye to their mother, from there they will be a general.
Do you mean me? asked Molly, a daughter of Neptune and T’ara?
There is more of this secret, that every Goddess was once a general
Neptune and T’ara, mermaids, giants, both were once Blue Whales.

Then she who is missing? asked Molly, she is not ready to be like us
Not ready, nor does she know, she won’t even know she can walk.
Her sisters will know, they’ll have to be told, if Aserme’s on the land
Bridgett sighed, mermaids are born of eggs given life in a Halocline
And like the Two Swords though you are seldom if not rarely seen
Every thousand years or so, humans are sought if they can be of help
So it was for them, two took knowing of the eggs without malice
They were to know of them, to help find the one that was missing
Hazel and Terry were the town’s Oceanographers, preparing a dive
Dangling her legs in the water, as she put on her S.C.U.B.A. gear
through her wetsuit she felt her legs being touched she screamed.

Hazel jumped in. Two mermaids were before her then swam away.
Why would they do that, asked Kal-na, why make themselves known.
Because Hazel found a clutch of eggs, and kept the location secret
For what ever reason, they were seen as safe. So to help find Aserme.
To look on the land, something that no mermaid could, said Rosey.
I’ve already said what they will be, said Bridgett, and Molly has legs,
when the time is right one of them will go but they are all ready to go.
With their young sister gone, they needed to trust someone on land,
Hazel and Terry were trusted with the eggs, they would soon be more
The sisters went to them, making friends then said what they sought
Then being friends, the sisters calls were heard; calls as whale song.   

Hearing whale song all around, they saw how much Aserme meant,
That day they made a radio advert, saying how to keep sea fish alive
Adding words so that Aserme’s captors knew she was wanted back
The sisters began to start a call that usually was made underwater
The sound made underwater was carried on the current tides flow,
on the ground it was the wind that would carry the sound the same
On tip toe, arms held high they began to mimic upright seaweed
A Pans Pipe of seashells, standing downwind of them made the call
Should Aserme hear the sound in the wind she’d know where to go
Thirty minutes after making the call, Andrew walked towards them.

to be continued
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He carried a rolled tarpaulin, Terry said stop, this is a private party.
Recognising the voice. Asking him what he meant, those of the sea,
he revealed Aserme’s face and her tail, Terry waved Meralci to them
Andrew laid Aserme on the beach, as her sisters wanted to greet her,
Hazel called them to look at the sea, that the water was going away
That is father, he’s going to send a tidal wave so we can swim inland
That water is going out to fast to run after it, said Andrew, what else?
Dig a hole in the sand, I’ll speak to father in the water, said Aserme.
That was what led to it, said Bridgett, that was when Tyunalci left
she went to visit her mother and to see the sword that Molly has,
she left there, she is going to wait until soon when the time is right.

So what happens now, asked Rosey. Molly asked about the mound
There’s no need, said Kal-na. They are in there, they can’t get out
There’s no reason to be involved, the werewolves can have their play.
though there is something to do, take Molly to where I’ve been told
Rosey asked Kal-na where it was she had been told to take Molly to
not getting an answer she asked again, looking to her she was frozen.
Rosey looked at Molly, she had been chucking sweets to her mouth
then Rosey began to stare, the sweet she had thrown was in mid air
The room took on a hazy blue glow, Goddess Darla appeared to her.
Molly is being promoted but no one must know, we want you to help
Of course, replied Rosey, I will do what ever I can, when ever I can

Kal-na, Molly and Bridgett left the room. Rosey said I’ll read more
As the door was closed Rosey appeared in the Two Swords library
To be near so many books, with many tales of what was, said Rosey
Darla walked into the room, through a wall. Then do as we want.
What is it you want me to do, where should I to do it, asked Rosey.
A big meeting needs to be called, that everyone needs to be there.
Rosey looked about the room, looking at the colours of all the books
What I just saw, that glow you made when you appeared in the room
When you appear in the fields can you make the same thing happen
Darla smiled, yes Rosey I can fill the whole sky when I appear, why.
If the other Goddesses do as well with other colours that would work.

The Goddesses Clayre, Tianara and Darla joined Rosey in the room,
we have the colours yellow for Clayre white is Tianara, said Darla
Just a thought but can you change the colour to be red, asked Rosey.
And do you have any places of meaning to you, that other know of?
If you create a coloured sky at those places then a multi coloured sky
Our friends will know they are being called, not why they are called.
So, Rosey was this your idea? Your being present that will be a first
Why are you shaking your head Darla, will there be another first?
Two Debt Collectors, the Seven Seals, she’ll be the only human, ever.
Of the places we could use, I’d say six, said Darla. I’d suggest this
if you want to send a message then do the important one first and last

Sgt. Bertrand was minding the reception desk in the police station,   
Looking up he saw a girl walking towards him. Just a gentle warning
she said, of what’s going to happen at Stonehenge in a few days time,
it is very big. Okay, please can you fill in the form for me, please.
Looking at the form. My first name is Clayre, I’ve no surname and
you don’t have my title. The room became yellow. I am a Goddess.
Each room in the station glowed, the police station itself glowed
Sergeant Susan Phipps was transferred from Brighton to Stonehenge.
She had spent ten minutes putting ‘GO SLOW’ signs on all verges.
Four weeks doing this, in case of a festival, what could happen here.

A ball of light of light appeared above the middle of the stone circle.
For a minute then the darkness returned. Sgt Phipps called the station.
I have just had a ten foot ball of white light appear over the stones.
what is going on here? Oh and I took loads of photos, as proof of it.
We just had a message, in a weeks time something big will happen.
A big ball of light appearing isn’t big, what do you think it will be?     
It’s gonna be big, I don’t know what, but a lot are getting worried.
The next night was quiet, no station had reported anything strange.
The cleaner of the fire station in Penzance was standing at the station.
Talking to two firemen looking at the sky, it‘s gone eight o‘clock.
Why is the sky still blue. At this time of night the sky should be dark

The blue light stopped, all the sky was immediately black. That’s odd.
I wish I could have fifty thousand pounds in suitcases at my feet.
The firemen laughed but still looked in case some money appeared.
A police car stopped beside them, the officers got out and joined them
That’s better, it is quiet here, our radios is much too noisy, they said.
Your radio’s to noisy, a quiet one means a long night said the firemen
Not like this, it should be dark with no moon. Not Glastonbury though
there is a big light above the town, Cambridge as well, bloody big.
The following night as the ruins of the castle walls became dark
All around was the sound of rushing air, the night sky filled with light.
The sky started to change colours, blue, white, yellow then it was red.

At four in the morning a feature about Britain’s mysteries was starting
The episode is about Stonehenge. Many theories about its use abound
if any are true, who knows. The truth might be the circle has religion 
or astronomical maybe there are healing qualities. Or a Druidic belief   
Whatever the reason, it’s a wonderful piece of mysterious architecture
Once it was claimed the stones were evil, anything to stop vandalism   
As some folk liked to take a piece of them home. So lets have a look.
Why, you might ask is there in the circle a stone called the altar stone 
One might suggest a church, what was in those days was a cathedral
Some say that originally there were timber supports by each stone
if true that‘d be like an Orgone Accumulator, a place built for power.

Moving closer to the stones the actor met a group of young women
Why are you here, he asked. To get the area ready for the ceremony
There is here, are many coming here. He looked about at the fields
Sgt. Phipps was ending her shift, watching what they were doing
walking to where they stood, she asked them what they were doing
the crew and I are making a dvd about the ancient English structures
What are you girls here for. Sgt. Phipps looked but they were alone.
They said they were here to get the place ready, for some do today.
I was afraid of that, that’s why I’m putting the signs out, for a festival
Where did those girls go,  I can’t see them anywhere, or hear them.
Sgt. Phipps walked to her car, she noticed the sky was a bright red.

At eight that morning, reports of heavy traffic in the area were made.
by nine thirty the road towards Stonehenge was becoming congested
People were parking their cars on the roadside, many were on foot.
The roads in nearby towns were struggling to cope with so many cars.
Crowds of people were congregating in the fields around Stonehenge
Just after ten the Amesbury police declared the towns car parks full                                                           
Thousands of people walking on the road towards the stone circle   
Sgt. Phipps had stayed near the circle, amazed that no one was close
it was as if an invisible barrier was keeping the people at a distance.
Then the stones started to glow, all around the people began to cheer
Coloured lights poured from the ground, then the sky became red

Sgt. Phipps was calling for back up as Darla appeared then vanished 
Mounted on their winged black horses Kal-na and Bridgett took form
As two hundred vampires emerged, stopped and looked at the crowds
flames shot from Kal-na’s and Bridgett’ eyes engulfing the vampires
clouds of ash floated on the breeze as their lifeless bodies left them.
From each of the stones young women in battle dress began to walk
three hundred of them each of going outside the stones facing inwards
they knelt, swords on the ground facing in, cross bows at their side.
A dome of light slowly rose from the ground it covered all the stones
two hundred mounted winged white unicorns climbed up into the sky 
The people moved forwards until they stood at the edge of the road.

Sgt. Phipps looked at the people, each of them making a quiet whisper
the girls that had been knelt down now stood up, swords held in salute
the glow in the stone circle changed to yellow then to a bright blue
flying from the ground came the Riders, the eight thousand of them
in the sky the infantry and the cavalry started to appeared, all of them 
All the people watching dropped to their knees, then they all bowed
The glow in the circle grew brighter, figures could be seen to appear
A figure appeared shrouded in a white, she went to the altar stone
Two others appeared one in blue the other in yellow they follow her
Rising from the ground Molly appeared she went to in front of them
A red haze begins the grow around her body, until it lights up the sky.

The sound of four pairs of huge wings beating the air flows to them
The winged dragons land near them. Molly looked, she was surprised
Darla smiled, There is one for you, we don’t use them but we can.
About to get on hers but Darla held her back. A few things to do first.
Tyunalci approached the altar, standing there a battle dress took form
As you are one of us now Tyunalci, Kim is now general of the Riders
Around the stone circle the people watching began to clap and cheer
Molly looked to Kim then Darla. What else do you want me to do?
Go to Rough Tor with Kim, introduce her to Kal-na, she’ll be there.
Standing near the boulders on top of the hill, looking at the country
Nice view isn’t it said Kal-na gazing out at the gently rolling hills.

Kim, meet your new best friend, said Molly. Kal-na smiled, Not now,
what they wanted me to do is done, God has let me be. Now I’m his.
She unravelled her arm, pointing down at the ground. Like I say, his.
So now we are the balance for each other, she said, now we are here,
yes it’s true as I’ll still kill vampires, something we both want to do.
And not far from here there is a few, and one who my boss wants.
I am to kill with a Debt Collector, said Kim. Sometimes, occasionally.
And it does get worse Kal-na pointed to who was waiting for them
She is a witch, just platonic with my boss, she’s news of the vampire.
Kim and Kal-na go down the hill to speak to her. Her name is Vixana
which would you prefer for her, an ugly crone or a pretty young girl.

She lives in Australia in the Avon Valley a pretty girl is fitting there.
Kim looked to Vixana. I don’t understand, why want a vampire dead?
I told him that I’d be the go between or would you prefer him instead
This is Kal-na’s job, and if she wants you together he doesn’t mind 
So what can you tell us who and where we are to do this? asked Kim
It’s an old farm, near the next town along, before you get to the bridge
Be wary though as that vampire can cause an illusion, and has done.
Molly gave Kal-na a sword. Here, take this I have two thanks to you.
Driving a car there that afternoon they got to the back undetected
Feeling four vampires in the barn, they happily disposed of them
Six more were resting in the basement, in their coffins until the night.

Neither Kim nor Kal-na wasted much time or effort, helping them go
Going to the front of the house they barged in, a vampire stood there
surprised, frozen to the spot. The vampire swung a blade by the door
Kal-na looked at bits of Kim that were now motionless on the floor
she looked to the hall. He changes at will. So what are you? A wall
swinging the sword to a wall, ignoring a puppy that ran from behind
Are you the door? Set to swing the sword she stopped. From behind?
Seeing it on the stairs she ran up after it then looked at all the rooms
choosing the third door, she slammed her shoulder against the wood 
she saw three dogs lying on the bed. Raising her sword to strike them.
Which pretty little doggie are you? Hearing the blade slice the air,

Hearing the floor creak behind her. She dropped, then rolled aside,
the vampire swung his blade, missed, the blade caught in the floor
Kal-na swung her sword catching the vampire right behind his knees
Smiling she stomped on its chest. Oh please change to curtains now
I’d love to rip and tear you apart, said Kal-na swinging at his neck.
Kim stood in the doorway. That’s done then, time for us to go home.

The End

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I did a bit more to that one, but not wanting to alter the end to much I wrote a new beginning. The total length is 211 verses and all up it is 34,500 words or there abouts.


VERSE      1 to  14      WITCHCRAFT AT WAR
The war office were convinced that witches might have a part to play in world war 2. As it was, through their efforts God’s army became involved and so did Kal-na the Debt Collector.

VERSE     15 to  23      IN THE WINDOW BY THE DOOR
Alison was teaching Det. Rathbone about how to solve the riddle, she became aware that his powers of deduction were better than she thought. Then they met another in the painting, one she didn’t know existed.

VERSE     24 to  30      THE WHAT OF WHO’S TO COME
Alison soon realised that Det. Rathbone was more than she thought. That the one who was in the painting treated him as special.

Turee came to answer their call, only this time she brought another, Molly who is the General of the Riders in his army. Then Molly accidentally revealed who Turee really was.

VERSE     39 to  51      KAL-NA’S DAY
Kal-na appears to them, she seeks who the occult being that the Gestapo might have. She and Molly begin to respect each other. Molly says who Kal-na is, she is the latest Debt Collector; The devil’s collector of debts.

VERSE     52 to  56     GERMAN BOMBER CREW
Caused to crash after being hit by anti aircraft fire, they crash to close to Avebury stones, that which must be protected and is, only this time the evil from hell steps in.

There was little activity at the Beltone police station that morning,
Tidying the main desk PC Rawlings was on roster to take the first calls.
He stood there making sure making sure everything was in order,
Then he checked the calendar to make sure it showed the correct day,
June twentieth, nineteen forty. He made sure all the pens worked.
Checking the information pamphlets to ensure that there was enough.
Thinking what to do next he began to doodle on a scrap of paper,
A doodle is all he’d admit to, art wasn’t something he was any good at.
Hearing the telephone start to ring, he reached for it, then waited.
Not wanting to pick up the receiver to quick, waiting for the third ring.
Trying to sound cheerful, good morning, how can I help you today?

Waiting for a response, repeating what he’d said. hoping for a reply,
He heard the caller greet him, saying his name was Henry Newbury
PC Rawlings listened he was told the man thought his wife missing
PC Rawlings then asked the man to explain why he had said that
I work at a bakery, I did my final night on night shift work last night
When I left our home last evening my wife Alison, she wasn’t there
And then when I got home this morning I found that she wasn’t in
And I rang her work, but found that she hadn’t been there either
So now I’m ringing you, though I’m not sure enough time’s elapsed
At most it has been only sixteen hours that I haven’t seen her for
Normally we would like wait for twenty four; I’ll take details anyway
Her name is Alison Newbury, she works at The Marhaul Industries
She is one of the firms orders clerk, she’s twenty six healthy and fit. 
I am sorry to say this but could she be at friends, asked PC Rawlings
Someone you don’t know, from her work, I do mean other men
Henry thought, she said two names about a year ago, but none of late
They were a Peter Featheringue the other one being Reg Farnsworth. 
For entertainment she is the secretary for a local ghost hunters club
They always meet every Friday and quite often at the week-ends too
Though that’s when they visit a haunted house and there’s always one
Come to think of it, she was meant to be going to one in a week or so
With some other ghost hunters who aren’t in her club, they’re all girls

Leave all that you said with me, said a thoughtful PC Rawlings
I will take the details of your wife, those you said to get the ball rolling.
He took what information he had upstairs to see detective Rathbone
Sat at his desk he was filing reports of a case, he looked at Steve.
Morning, what can I do for you on such a lovely day? he asked.
PC Rawlings gave to him the details he had of the missing woman
I’ve told the husband she’s only been missing for sixteen hours or so.
Detective Rathbone read what the details of the missing woman are.
Okay Steve, he said leave it with me but tell me who are these others.
I was told they are two men she was in contact with about a year ago.
And five girls are those she was going to a haunting with down south.

Waiting until he was alone, the detective went to the incident room.
He looked to the whiteboard, two girls names reported missing.
Detective Sandra Moore smiled to him. What’s Eddy in here for?
I have just this minute been handed details about a missing woman.
Those two girls names on the whiteboard, what are they there for?
Wendy Rhodes twenty two, Greer Symes twenty four they‘re missing.
And both of them went missing, both reported today, which is a worry 
If you haven’t got a case, Det. Moore asked him please help with this
Something is wrong I don’t think this case is as simple as it should be
We’ll need to see if we can get some photographs to use of these girls
I think it’ll be best if one of us does to see Wendy Rhodes parents first
Of the girls reported as missing her parents was the first report I had

Det. Rathbone knocked on Wendy’s parents front door then waited,
the door was answered just a few moments later by Mr. Rhodes.
Have you heard from her? The detective asked. Mr. Rhodes was sad.
Nothing he replied, I had hoped that it was her knocking on the door.
Det. Rathbone said I’m always optimistic, most times they do return
Usually after a day or so but not always though. It might be later.
The reason I am here, I hope you can this do you have a photo of her.
I think I have one upstairs, he replied give me a minute while I get it.
At the station, looking at six names on the whiteboard in the room
It looked bad before with just the six names, now there are the photos.
Get the husbands in keep the interviews informal, said Det. Moore

The girls work colleagues and then parents, but we will do them later
I think we should interview the husbands first in the station cafeteria.
Get Alison’s husband in there first, talk to him don’t interview him
Make him feel at ease and see what he has to say, you never know.
Asking Henry about those other men, the women and the ghosts.
On the day Henry brought several sheets of paper with some details on.
About Alison going to a haunting with five girls I  don’t know where
I’m saying it again, as now I have a list of the names, of all of them.
Even though I’ve a list of the girls, I don’t know much about the men.
He willingly gave to the detective Rathbone the list of the girls names .
I can say the men’s names but not who or even what they are, sorry.

Henry handed Det. Rathbone the list with the girls name, they are
Alison Newbury, Wendy Rhodes, Karen Parsons, Sandra Hillsam,
Judith Wyrd and Greer Symes the men’s names are Reg Farnsworth
And Peter Featheringue. Det. Rathbone looked at the women’s names.
Will you wait here, for just a minute, asked detective Rathbone. 
Going to the incident room and handed to Det. Moore the list of names
The phone rang, Det. Moore answered it, hearing it was a Sgt. Seams.
She looked to Det. Rathbone. It’s a policeman, he claims to know them.
Det. Moore, he said Reg is  Reginald Farnsworth or to be correct he is
Brigadier General Reginald Farnsworth, he is in the Foreign Office,
As are all the girls you have listed. Their work is listed secret, it’s MI5.

Should you ask they’re not they’re listed as being in the Foreign Office
The other, Peter Featheringue he is also based here, he and the women
They are all classified top secret case, so you would not find them.
The women’s names are Wendy Rhodes, Greer Parsons, Karen Symes,
Judith Wyrd, Sandra Hillsam and Alison Newbury. They have all just
started in an official capacity that is all I can tell you at the moment
To know anymore, you’ll both need to have a high security clearance
And that will be from King George VI and the PM Winston Churchill,
Oh really, I didn’t know do I need a clearance, replied detective Moore
Need one or not, you’ll both have one. They’re due to meet in a minute.
Det. Moore put the phone down. Tell that Henry we’ll get back to him.

Three days later the two detective stood outside Dartmouth naval base.
They met Sgt. Seams as he drew up in his car near to where they stood
Inviting them to get in his car, telling them he would drive them there.
It isn’t here, he said but it’ll only take twenty minutes with me driving.
Sat in the car each detective expected each junction they passed was it.     
When we get there, said Det. Moore I want proof the women are safe.
We will meet all the young women when they finished their class.
What classes are they for, added Det. Moore. To find their proficiency
Sgt. Seams smiled, the young women, they are studying witchcraft.
At the moment there are a dozen women here that you might see.
An the reason why you are here is to contact their families, loved ones.

What if  they live to far from us, we will more than a need a decent car.
They could live in John O Groats or from Lands End, said Sgt. Seams.
I’ll tell you the names of whose coming here, you’re to tell their people.
The two detectives stepped away, they whispered to each one another.
The other man’s name, you haven’t said of him is he a missing person.
Sgt. Seams smiled, yes he’s known to live as a hermit, he’s not missing.
The person that you will mean is Peter Featheringue, said Sgt. Seams
He is here, he’s in charge of the girls and more. He’s in charge of it all.
Det. Rathbone grinned, you might think that I am a bit odd, about here.
I get a feeling from my gut, it tells me that something else is going on.
Odd, no, you sound just like those who are here, said Sgt. Seams.

What can you tell us about Peter Featheringue, asked Det. Rathbone.
Peter Featheringue is highly regarded, in certain circles he is known
As the unicorn, the high priest of all the covens throughout England
And the high priestess? She is Alison Newbury, said Sgt. Seams
But I not to sure about all of those at the war office, but it does to some 
After all Brigadier General Reginald Farnsworth is sequestered there
As in some of the select corridors, where those of high power move
In the Houses of Parliament word is Hitler’s collecting items of occult.
And it stands to reason, for those who have to; fight fire with fire.
But according to her husband, Alison was in a ghost hunters club.
Sgt. Seams smiled, that is true, but its easier than admit she’s a witch

When we first came here what I said about them being taught in class,
What the witches were being taught was the basics of how to be spies,
A couple of them are learning the intricacies of how to train spies.
They are, exclaimed Det. Rathbone ignore me I’m still having trouble
Accepting that they are helping fight the war, with war office approval
I understand, said Sgt. Seams I was recently a non-believer, like you
Not now though, one of them showed me what’s called a parlour trick
They did with magic what I would call doing miracles, the impossible.
I was told to sit and I sat down at a table opposite that Alison Newbury
She placed her hands in front of her, she stared at a five pound note
Soon, in between her hands appeared another one, exactly the same

I watched her, she just stared at that banknote for another ten minutes.
Then she told I could touch it, it was just like the other five pound note                       
I held it up towards the light looking for floors, until she set fire to it.             
I told her that I’d easily have spent it, I asked what was wrong with it
And she told me. What she conjured to appear was an exact replica
To exact she said, the numbers would have been the same on both
That is not the sort of thing to do twice, said Sgt. Seams but they do
Hundreds of them they’ve caused to be, maybe more and forgery’s all
But they are German bank notes, some are packed ready for delivery
It was that which gave them cause to be noticed, that brought in MI5
How we deliver it is special, hence we’re in a Foreign Office building.
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Before that we used a four bedroom house, didn’t tell next door though
That was in Stow-on-the-Wold, a lovely part of the country, handy to.
But here is best, we could go by the river; the estuary. Out to the sea   
And a submarine base is planned, near where we met in Dartmouth.
The method of delivery we have, you won’t believe it until you see it.
It is here, under our feet some ten foot below, in the quiet basement
Sgt. Seams took him down granite steps to look at a basements wall
On which was a painting of the house, nothing else was hung near. 
That painting of here is worth more than any other, said Sgt. Seams.
Though not because it is painted so fine, but what can be done with it
Told to look in paintings window, Det. Rathbone saw a person in there.

That young woman I know her, from her photo, so how can she be there
Then the woman stood before him, large as life. It’s fun in there she said
I heard that you were looking for me Det. Rathbone, my name’s Judith 
This painting is of a pair, the other is where they go, said Sgt. Seams
He stepped back. Det. Rathbone grimaced at the painting then Judith
I am getting more confused, if the in door is here where is the out door
And if it isn’t here, the somewhere else it is, is it a good elsewhere?
After the Germans invaded Paris France, it soon became a Gestapo base
All the occult that they’d collected is being moved to there, lucky really
People can go to see what they’ve got, others here find what it’s for
Anyway, who’s going to guess a painting is the way in and the way out.

What happens if the Gestapo finds how to get in, asked Det. Rathbone
Someone from here left some riddles in there to answer, if you get in.
Sgt. Seams grinned, he looked over the Det. Rathbones shoulder. Well?
Alison Newbury smiled. He is one of us, just born from time gone past
He looked nervously at Sgt. Seams. What does Alison mean by that?
Don’t worry, Alison has tested you, and you’ve tested as she’d like.
Long ago, one of your ancestors was like us, one of us, said Alison
He looked to her. What does that mean, one like you, you mean, oh.
Alison grinned. You’d need to be like us to know what the riddles are
And I will soon take you to see the world that is inside the painting
So you’d better prepare. The detective’s body flowed to the painting.

Sgt. Seams invited Det. Moore to go closer and inspect the artwork
Wondering why, she looked at the brush strokes, then stepped back
She saw Det. Rathbone at the window near the door, waving to her.
Inside the painting was a room, the same where he was. It is in 3D
Is that painting an exact replica of this room? asked Det. Moore.
Det. Rathbone looked around to see where the first riddle might be
Alison smiled. You will need to wait until you are on the stairs
Already eager to say what it was to face a new riddle, he sighed
Alison walked with him, together they stepped on the bottom step,
He looked both ways, he thought of it all, then said of what he saw
Of the luxurious varnished wood paneling, both sides of the stairs.

He moved closer, he looked at the painting that was hung on the wall
Noticing three more he moved up the steps; the painting’s the same.
Are those four paintings the same, exactly the same as this house is?
Going from top to bottom of the stairs, they were at equal distances.
But which was painted the first, and which one should he look at first?
He looked close at each one. Stepping back, he relied on his instinct.
Each of them except the first, the edge of the front door had no shade.
Alison neither smiled or grinned, she wanted him to see it, himself.
With no offered help from Alison he looked again at the doors edge
Thinking the doors edge was painted darker because of the shade
Remembering to say it aloud, thinking what he had thought, he did.

They appeared standing in a stone passage. What now, where are we?
Is this the second part of the test, asked Det. Rathbone looking about
He said what he saw, five paintings on each wall that is ten in all.
That’s odd, said Alison, I was told that it would only be five in here.
The riddle was always to be of the house, so you’d know the answer
The riddle was to stop someone else getting in and getting out again   
Thing is who put the extra paintings here, I don’t know where we are.
On one hand that is good, as I don’t have to solve the riddle myself
On the other hand where are we going to go and who put the test here.
Alternatively, said Alison, who else got in and why do the same riddle 
Forgetting Occam’s Razor, that’d be the Gestapo, who else could it be.

I don’t know, said Alison like you say, let’s forget the obvious answer.
That still leaves us having to solve the riddle, if what’s here is a riddle
I suggest I answer the riddle that was already here, said Det. Rathbone
If that answer does not do anything, then we will do what it might be.
Or we could, said Alison, do an answer for what is here straight away
And for that to be, we need to study ten paintings to find an answer.
Looking at all ten they mention the difference. The size of the tree.
In each painting the tree has grown a bit, except for the last painting
For in the last one there is no tree. Why not, asked Det. Rathbone
Looking at it, he said, your or their riddle is about the size of tree
The other is not about the tree, but the countryside beyond the tree

In the tenth painting we are not looking at the tree but what is beyond
The first painting is of a tree with bits of countryside about the house.
In subsequent paintings we always seem to get closer to a bigger tree.
Then in the eighth and ninth painting we would be up against the tree.
Yet in the last the tree is gone and so is the house, said Det. Rathbone
Which makes me think, are we meant to see something that they want.
Alison looked at the painting. There’s nothing, just empty grass fields.
Det. Rathbone looked about. Maybe that is the point, there’s nothing
But of the tree at the house, behind it are just stones, stones in a field?
Should that be said to me, my first thoughts would be of stone circles
They are both in another passage, a small light seen at maybe its end.   

Alison looked at Det. Rathbone. You are much better at this than me.
No, even if you always say what’s wrong, you could make me right
By causing me to think of other than what I would, so keep saying it.
This test that is here, it’s new to me, this isn’t even something I’d do
So take it that this is not of the test, it’s something to do, he smiled.
He laughed, I cannot see anything. If you can’t see, what do you do?
Stay here, until our eyes get accustomed to the dark, in a minute or so
Or we could go into the light, said Alison. I wouldn’t recommend that
Stay where you are, it is safer. The voice they heard was from in front.
I do stand in front of you, but not in your view as the light is on me,
You are closer yet I can’t see it on you. Give the light its proper name.
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For you to see the light properly you would have to be there, not here.
For here you are in a corridor, and that light’s known to be in a tunnel.
What you are doing, but not intending to, you’re helping me and mine.
It will cause us to not have to reveal ourselves, for that we will help.
It will? I’d like to know what it is that you’re going to do, said Alison
So that we can keep doing, what we do, in a way that will help you.
It is important to us, we protect the Avebury stones for them to be safe.
Of everything you could’ve said, I didn’t see that coming, said Alison
To think of the test, said Det. Rathbone, the empty fields with stones.
Long ago, she said, people worshipped there, knowing they were safe
They worshipped another name, but it was all to him, he heard it all.

Now there lies only in rows of stone, what once were many buildings.
A place of worship that the people knew it was safe for them to go to.
As all of the buildings, like many town halls were built the safe way.
The shape all churches of old were built; all like magnets to demons,
Once in there, when were caught, no demon could escape, she said.
When those of us chosen were found, we’d enter to end the demon.
You said of a safe place to meet, a towns meeting hall? asked Alison
Yes, a building that was safe for people, one no demon could enter.
All of rectangular shape, built in wood and stone, the power of earth.
All old churches were the same shape, using wood and earth’s stone.
A secret held at the Avebury Stones, and why we protect what’s there.

Most of the churches that I know, the bells that are rung, said Alison,
Is there a meaning that is given to the sounds of the bells being rung?
All that is heard now is a pretty sound, but once it did have a meaning.
Once the bells were just a warning for those to pray in the meeting hall.
Yet, you have both been gone long enough and you have listened to me
So now the time is right, now you’ve learnt what to know, I return you.
Standing on the floor near the stairs. That is odd, said Det. Rathbone.
I see the sun is at the front of the house, it was at the back when I left.
A woman walked into the hall, she looked at them puzzled, then about.
How are you here, I could see the door, how are you here? asked Judith
I know you, I am Det. Rathbone. Oh god it’s you, Alison, you are here.

Judith burst into tears and she hugged them both, then rushed away.
Alison and Det. Rathbone were stunned. Fifteen others ran to them. 
They were soon joined by forty more. Judith shouted aloud to Peter.
Peter ran into the hall. He stopped and looked at them. What, how?
Some sand must have got in his eyes, for in each there welled a tear.
What’s going on, asked Alison, you can’t have missed me that much. 
I, we thought we’d never see you again, you’ve been gone so long.
No we haven’t, said Alison we went into the painting ten minutes ago.
That was months ago, said Peter. Today is August the twenty seventh.
Shame you are back, said Judith, tonight they will be bombing again.
England is losing planes faster than can be built, they might invade.

Tell me have the Avebury stones been bombed, asked Det. Rathbone
No, but tonight we’ve no defence. Hitler will know it’s safe to invade.
Det. Rathbone looked to Alison, we’d best contact Turee, let her know.
They looked at him as did Alison. Who? That’s who we met, he said.
Turee came into the hall from the basement, her body bathed in light.
She went up to Det. Rathbone. She stood looking to him for a while,
She greeted Alison then silently went to the door to the basement.
Her name is Turee, she was in the painting and she gave me, us a test.
Turee is someone we should, I will trust, she is the leader of his armies.
How do you know that? That’s what she just said, said Det. Rathbone.
And before you ask. He held his arm wide, pointing up. His armies.

A meeting was called for later that day, all who could attend were there.
They were Brigadier General Reginald Farnsworth, Det. Rathbone,
Alison Newbury and Peter Featheringue. Det. Rathbone took the floor.
While I was in the painting with Alison we met a leader of God’s army.
She told us where to protect, that their army will and has through time.
The place she said is the Avebury stones, it holds secrets for mankind.
The Brigadier General stood, asking Det. Rathbone from what or who.
He found it hard to believe the leader of Gods army wanted their help.
Protect it from bombs and any damage that will be, during an invasion,
You said that as if it happened before? he asked, when did you mean?
Once there was a threat of invasion, that was from the Spanish Armada.

They helped avert the invasion, but from that help another was re born.
He was not happy with them, his ruling not to interfere in man’s affairs.
The invasion was thwarted, said the Brigadier, and that I see as good.
But what they caused to be was not, in the battle at Gravelines she died
A woman named Kalistra, on a privateers ship, she the cook was killed.
It gave rise for the Devil to take her and created a new Debt Collector.
More powerful than any in Gods army, respected and feared by all.
And if you want an idea of the power of a Debt Collector of who she is.
She became known as Death, she of the four horsemen of the Apocalyse.
God forgave them as luck on their side, that Debt Collector was busy
She killed many, then went missing, hopefully the Devil took her back.


The room they are in, it fills with a white light, as the light it fades.
The witches look to Det. Rathbone, they want to know where to run.
Are we under attack? asked Alison, or do you think that was a bomb?
Stay where you are everyone, he said, wait until the bright light fades
Each stood still. Det. Rathbone said, now look at the opposite wall, 
By the wall stood Turee and another, who is she asked Det. Rathbone
This is Molly, she is the General of the Riders, of The Two Swords.
I was once known by another name, said Molly with my daughters
I fought for this country for the rights of my people, against invaders.
They were known as the Roman Empire, soon I might have to again.
I was good at history said Judith. A mother and her two daughters?

Against the invaders, the Roman Empire. One name comes to mind   
I was once known as Queen Boudicca, said Molly, damned Romans.
We decided to take her just before her death. For the rescue she did
Yes, and many times I’ve thanked you for that, you and your sisters.
Yet once more my thanks are freely given. My thanks Goddess Turee.
WOW! declared Alison. You are a what...
Molly I don‘t think you need say that again, I wish you hadn’t now.
That is massive news, said Alison, you didn’t tell us you had sisters.
Oh, Turee looked at Alison, sorry I thought that you meant ...
Turee noticed Alison was smiling. Like that did you, asked Alison.
Turee closed her eyes, tried not to grin. Hm, very good, you‘ll keep.

Peter Featheringue stood up. In deep thought, walked to the fireplace.
Thinking of the flames, looking to everyone in the room, then Alison.
I think that we should contact each of the covens throughout England,
Give them a time so we can join together to send a message to Hitler .
I want to convince him that it will be a bad choice to invade Britain.
Turee walked to Peter, she stood next to him. You will have our help.
Molly’s surprised. Again, do you want us interfering with mankind?
I know what you mean, replied Turee, it can’t be worse than before.               
Staring into the flames, without warning the flames, they were blue
The flames flared up, bubbles of blue message bubbles floated away
Rising from the chimney they floated on winds to havens by the coast.

All the Observers stood by anti-aircraft guns watched the daylight sky.
As the dark cloudbank it slowly sailed by, and floated out over the sea 
The observers, looking with binoculars for flashes of light in the sky.
The handles being quickly wound giving extra power to the radio sets
The command centre given that hours report. No sight but lots of sound.
Breaking from the cover of clouds, groups of planes began to be seen
Hq, hq this is the Bexhill-on-Sea Observer, sighting moving north west
I have a visual on six groups of ten bombers they are nearing the coast.
I’m watching the skies by them, but no sighting of short range fighters.
Seven more groups of ten can now be seen breaking cover of the cloud.
There is something higher, no identification, it’s a bright ball of light.

Bexhill-on-sea Observer this is HQ, you’re online to central command.
Observer reporting the ball of light seems to be moving towards them
It is going horizontal towards the planes. I’m trying to keep focus now
It is moving slowly towards the German planes. I see no markings.
The plotters in central command can here droning of aircraft engines
You will not believe this, it looks it is all stationary, nothings moving
That ball of light is still there in front of them. It, it might be moving.
A few raised voices are echoing in the War Office. What’s happening
The plotters are asking that you repeat all of that, which you just said
The droning sound stops.
Bexhill-on-Sea Observer here, I have a clear sky, no aircraft in sight.

Sitting in an office at Totnes Manor, Judith is reading the day’s report
It says here that the Germans have moved their all the occult artefacts,
The whole collection of occult memorabilia is in the palace near Paris.
There appears to be a reaction by most of the artefacts to something.
Judith looked up, to the window. I wonder if it could it be the painting.
Or is it something in the painting that could be causing the reaction
Maybe one of the occult items they’ve collected is causing the reaction
Judith began to wonder if something they have has so much power
She called for Alison and Peter, telling them answers need to be found
To find out what artefacts are, what they do, if any present a problem
Alison pointed out that it was beyond them, that they need to get Molly

Molly was at a loss. I am not aware of what it is with that much power.
Though, I dare say that someone from the other side would know.
This other side, do you mean from one of those from him down there?
There is one, she will know, I’m not a regular contact of her though.
Who can we send from here to find what they have, asked Alison. 
Molly said she would go with her, to find that out and to make a list, 
We’ll need someone here, to say if anything there has that much power
Of something they have that could be used to spearhead an invasion.
Molly and Alison go into the painting. Judith calls Sgt. Seams to help.
Peter smiled, he is just Sgt. Seams, a policeman of the local police,
Or is he much more, is he from them, a contact that they have on earth.

They have to wait, lot longer than hoped for Alison and Molly’s return.
But when they do they have an extensive list of everything they found.
We would have been back sooner but there was a lot of activity there
Having waited for them to leave, whatever was there was a top secret
Det. Rathbone and Sgt. Seams listened as Alison describe what it all.
I’m not sure how to say this, what I saw, it seemed to move by itself.
Most of what they have, I think needs more items to make them work,
It could be everything is safe. I’ll need to make sure first, said Molly.
What I saw, said Alison, was in a locked cell, but I don’t know why.
Though I overheard a couple of guards say that it is sought by the son.
But like I said, what was in there I did not discover, but know I tried.
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KAL-NA’S DAY (16th of September 1940 11:30 pm)

Given whatever it was, it was locked in a cell so it doesn’t mean much.
There was nothing to say what it was, only that it was something alive
Was it locked in a cell to stop us getting in or to stop it getting out.
And who knows what it was, what the guards talk of the son about
A forceful voice echoed in the room, a voice alien to each of them
So, the son of the Devil will want what they have. I’ll want to see it.
The shutters on the windows slammed shut, the door of the room.
The room suddenly became dark. Flowers on the window ledge died.
A heavy sound of large wings is followed by horse hoofs on the floor.
I know who that is, the sound, the darkness, said Molly, oh my……. 
Then you know not to say his name don‘t you, said the voice.

Molly called aloud. Let there be light. They all looked at the figure.
A black colourless figure with piercing eyes stared at each of them.
Everyone, please be very careful what you say to her, said Molly.
They could tell that Molly had a deep respect for her. She is Kal-na
She is the Devils collector of debts, known as The Debt Collector.
They all faced her. Kal-na the Debt Collector stepped to Alison.
Spitting words to her. Tell me now, what, were, the, guards, doing.
Alison is too scared to talk. Tell me, or he will ask, said Kal-na.
Alison looked to Molly. Molly extended her arm, she pointed down.
Kal-na means him. Trust me you don’t want him to have to ask you.
Alison is very scared. She looks to Molly then Kal-na. Please, no!

Alison breathed in. She looked to Kal-na. I heard what they said.
The guards outside the cell, they did not know what it was in there,
Even with the cell door locked, they didn’t know why it was locked.
Kal-na looked at Molly. We need to go and discover, together, now.
Her winged horse appeared Kal-na got onto it then rising, vanished.
Everyone, you should have known, I’m sorry for this, said Molly
A winged white unicorn appeared in the room, and Molly got on,
It flapped its wings rising to up above the floor, they then vanished.
The window shutters opened, the doors opened, as all light returned. 
Alison, still a bit shocked. She was stood right here, she spoke to me.
It was Molly, she said that it was Kal-na the Devil’s Debt Collector.

Molly and the Kal-na carefully walked along dated stone passages
They quietly progressed to where the guards stood by the cell door.
As they neared to both of the guards. Halt, they called them to stop.
Kal-na didn’t bother to stop, a mere flick of her wrist and they died.
Kal-na walked to the cell door, she touched it causing it to crumble.
They went in. A figure was sat in the room, facing the other away.
It slowly turned its head to them revealing itself to be a vampire.
Kal-na smiled to Molly. This is going to be fun, such lovely thoughts.
It faced them. Why have you come here, who are you? it asked.
I am the General of the Riders, said Molly. The vampire smiled.
You are oh good, at last I’ll be able to enjoy some quality blood. 

Kal-na grinned. Mine you won’t, I am Kal-na the Debt Collector.
The vampire heard Kal-na, it quickly turned to her. Oh no not you.
Kal-na began to glare at the it, her eyes glowing a brilliant red,
Her face became the red glow like molten rock, a happy lava flow
That spat its life to envelop the vampire then rushed back to her.
Kal-na stood in the cell with a satisfied grin. Hmm now that was nice
She looked about at what occult artefacts were collected in the room
I might well come back for this stuff, probably most of it, said Kal-na.
Either this year or next year there is no hurry, unless they get another.
Most of what they have here is pretty, like the parts of a child’s toy
But there’s nothing of power here now, it was the vampire had it all.

Molly called for her unicorn, she climbed onto its back then left there.
When she got back to the manor she found everyone in the basement
Waiting at the painting, standing behind them. Who you waiting for?
Even by the time they got to the office, Kal-na still hadn’t returned.
Molly noticed that Alison was still staring into space, her empty mind 
Caused her not to reply to anyone even if anyone chose to talk to her.
Trying to give her the comfort she, the Debt Collector had taken away.
Alison saw the air about her change to darkness, yet she heard talking.
Alison only saw Kal-na walk through the darkness, then she smiled.
Fear is not what I gave, said Kal-na. To you I choose to give my thanks
And though he is not here himself, I know he wishes you his thanks.

Kal-na turned to the darkness and vanished, and so did the darkness.
Alison started to shake, screamed then she burst to tears and collapsed.
Those in the room gasped, comforted her, then helped her to her feet.
She was here, that Kal-na was here again, she spoke to me, said Alison
But this time she spoke as a friend, she offered her thanks so does he.
Who does she mean who could he be? Be grateful for small mercies. 
Molly held her, he might have come here and said thank you himself,
Though why, I can’t see that he’d want to. Alison looked at Molly.
I don’t understand, does she know who it could be? asked Alison.
Molly stood still, she extended her arm, and then pointed down. Him.
Molly walked to the door. Why would the Devil want to thank Alison.

Walking until she stood alone on the lawn near the front of the house.
Speaking softly Molly quietly called Kal-na to be with her, to see her.
Hello Molly what do you want, I have only just left here, said Kal-na
Just a quiet word, for your help, you do know these humans are at war
They have battles with one another, though we want something else.
If that comes to be then we will help, but it will be without helping.
Yes, I know, you have still got that no interference rule, said Kal-na
Yes, said Molly, as you might well know however well intentioned,
The unexpected can occur. Kal-na smiled, yes, like me for instance.
Molly waved her arm, motioning to Kal-na to take a walk with her.
In that French castle? When I take it, you will be told, said Kal-na

What they have there, as you said it isn’t a danger yet, added Kal-na
Know this though, we will make sure it doesn’t get to be a danger.
Kal-na was getting bored, she stopped walking. What do you want?
Soon, in four years time, a battle to save the French will begin to be.
These here will want us to wait until then, for us to take that from them.
As they said, if it’s taken to soon those others might think it potent
That what’s there is more powerful than and want to keep it, said Molly
That could be true, though only I know what it will do and who made it.   
As I know of what it is and what it will do, don’t worry about taking it 
For I know it will not be a problem to you, or me, or them; don’t worry       
Ignore what is there, said Kal-na, and you’ve done nothing, have you?

Because of that vampire, it was one he wanted, I owe you, said Kal-na.
Molly looked to her. Thank you, it may be best if I don‘t say that.
Good, she replied, now why else did you want me here? asked Kal-na
Molly stopped walking, facing Kal-na she looked deeply into her eyes.
Respect where respect is due. I want to tell you what is their plan. 
Is that the reason why I am here, asked Kal-na, then as you said Molly
Respect where respect is due. That said it can, does works both ways.
Kal-na looked down, she looked up to where Molly stood and grinned.
Though I would ask of you, please don’t tell my boss I said that of you.
Your boss the Devil. He doesn’t mind if you call him that? asked Molly
If I add a smile or a cheeky grin. And I give him what he wants, then no.

Knowing they have respect for each other, they walk a bit further; silent.
Kal-na stopped. He will not admit it, but I think that she ... that witch...
Do you mean Alison Newbury? asked Molly
I will take part what those others have, so no army of vampires will be.
But, know this, I will only talk with you, and no other, Kal-na stated.
Her winged black horse appeared, Kal-na climbed up on to it.
About to fly away, she stopped, in deep thought, she looked to Molly
The humans or so you have said, or I felt it. They rely heavily on trust.
The other the humans who they felt in the painting, thinking it Turee.
You should tell them to look at who married Alison. Think of traitor.
Molly walked to see Peter. She looked to him but stayed quiet.

Peter Featheringue noticed her look. What is it that you have to say?
I just saw Kal-na, she is now my friend, she was in a good mood.
She gave me the reason to think of Alison’s husband Henry Newbury,
That he might be working for the Gestapo. I’m not to sure if he’s a spy
I sensed a feeling from Kal-na that he is making a copy of the painting.
Back in the office, on the phone Peter spoke to Detective Rathbone.
I’d appreciate it if you could come to the office now, don’t tell anyone.
He agreed, he went to see him right away; no more than a minute.
Detective Rathbone walked in, in the room he greeted Molly and Peter.
Molly said that Alison’s husband might be Gestapo, a spy, a traitor.
Det. Rathbone agreed. I always thought something wrong with him.

If Det. Moore picks him up I’d ask that he be brought here, said Molly.
No I wouldn’t suggest here, this is the worst place, said Det. Rathbone.
Peter was confused thinking here was good. Where else, he asked.
He should be taken to a place that is secure and miles from anywhere
And I know just the place, he said, give him a cell in Dartmoor prison.
It is in the middle of nowhere, a bleak terrain, nowhere for him to run.
And after we get what we can from him? asked Peter, he’ll be trained
Let Molly’s people ask him the real reason for all of that occult stuff.
I like the sound of that. But if we do fail I know that Kal-na could not
I think that the others will agree, so take it from me, agreed, said Peter
Then leave the first obstacle with me, to get him, said Det. Rathbone.   


One of a formation of sixteen bombers heading for the Bristol docks,
Anti-aircraft fire littered the sky east of the city; the formation broke.
One of the planes had its tails flaps hit, directional control was lost
The German bomber turning north, away from the Bristol target
Weaving its way towards the coast it was hit flying south of Oxford
Unable to control the plane properly the pilot was forced to crash it
The five crew were able to escape the wreckage, hiding by a hedge
The co-pilot had time to verify where they were and plot where to go
He pointed to horizons glow. That should be the Town of Avebury.
The pilot suggested they steal a car, get as far as they could at night                     
But crossing the fields towards the glow, they were being watched.

PC Dawes was riding his bicycle around; he heard the plane crash.
He followed the sounds, reporting their progress whenever he could.
He met three more policemen waiting for him, trying to keep warm.
Is this anything to do with the bombers that passed here an hour ago
I heard that one of the bombers was heading this way; it had been hit.
That’s good, said PC Bearing, the chance to do something that’ll help.
Four of us against an armed bomber crew, one of us needs to get help.
The police follow over field towards the field where the stones wait.
They hope the others arrive soon, they were getting close to the stones.
The station Sergeant arrives with five others, to keep the village safe.
Should we just follow, I’d like to know where they plan to go to.

Flying high above, Molly said those German’s they are getting to close.
I need to stop them, I just hoped we wouldn’t need to show ourselves
Then stay here, I said I owe you, this is it. Kal-na grinned. Back in a bit.
Molly looked up, she thought she heard thunder rolling over the land
But the skies are clear. Just my boss, said Kal-na, a few words for me.
He just told only to do what has to be done, not to enjoy myself, much
Kal-na dropped to the ground, stood up, she looked at the German’s.
The police stared at her disbelief, looking at where she had come from.
You... shall... not... pass... ever. Kal-na changed to be a winged demon.
Her eyes dark red, the glow covered her, them. Then returned to her.
Kal-na smiled to Molly. My boss did say not to enjoy myself, too much.

The bombers were to destroy a ship that carried the plans of a bomb
Others were to land send people to Bath, capture the Haruspex stone.
To help the new German weapon, that occult they had was a magnet.
Not anymore though, said Kal-na, as I said it’s of no use to them now.
It was all to bring them more vampires, but we destroyed the catalyst.
Then as witchcraft wanted to send them away, another was at work.
So the German’s headed east, to the Russian’s it was thought, but no.
It was to the land of the vampire, another catalyst is what was sought
The magnet be made whole; attract the undead; invasion plans reborn.
Such a laugh, said Kal-na using that which he made to attract vampires
The Devil made it for me to kill all vampires drawn to it; he hates them.

So all that time the Gestapo collected the occult, nothing they’d gain
But knowing all that time, said Molly I wish you would have told us
Maybe, but I made a choice, nothing was said because of the traitor.
So they’ll lose the war, not by what is done, all of it will be their fault.
I found it strange that humans rely on artefacts from my side or yours
They’ll never know why those items were made, or understand why,
Still, I’m glad they did, for if they hadn’t would we never be friends
Or fight for the same result, even if our motives were other than seen.
Kal-na’s winged black horse appeared, looking to Molly with a smile.
Give them fifty years or more to get over this, then we will return,
No doubt by then the reasons why this happened will be made clear.   

(carries on with Kal of Swandar
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Verse     1  to   14      GOOD ON YER JOE                                     
Verse    15  to   34      LIFE IN THE HILLS


During to many days he had to endure rings of iron
placed to rub on the skin of his ankles and his neck,
Shackled with iron chains that were fixed to poles
Buried in the ground or fastened to rocks in a wall.
Joe’s thoughts were often drawn to the art of escape
Gain his freedom, to feel the wind on his face again.
And yet here he was shackled like feral wild animal.

Having been given some tools fashioning them to suit
The Joseph B. Johns was planning yet another escape.
He waited until evening until the cover of darkness
Then he removed his chains; he kept in the shadows.
Having a good knowledge of the blacksmiths tools,
at a nearby forge he removed his shackles and chains.   
Just for cheek he borrowed a lonesome horse and fled.

He headed to thick bush and there he met three more.
Those convicts were of Green Mount road work party,
Namely John James, Thomas Bugg and John Bassett.
The newspapers wrote of them; Moondyne Joe and Co.
Such was his notoriety he was known as Moondyne Joe.
And not by his real name, that of Joseph Bolitho Johns.
As friends they began to plan for a continued freedom,

They attacked an elderly couple that sat in their home,
taking all they could, as the couple didn’t have much,
so the four Ex-convicts left virtually empty handed.
Needing to commit a further robbery, with plans made
they set about doing the robbery in a hardware store.
After a successful robbery they lived plans for escape
to the other side of Australia, a live a life of freedom .   

Making good their escape, they rode their horses away
across unused barren lands, taking care not to be seen
until they found safety north of the city of Melbourne.
Tending weary horses they made a camp near to a track.
Two more days ride, having to free the worn out horses.
They followed the track away to a blacksmiths forge,
Joe helped the owner complete several outstanding jobs.

Promised some money they were all fed and watered,
after repairing the wagons wheels for a travelling show,
seeing an opportunity to fade from the sight of the law
Joe and Co. spent the days helping them as they could,
each day was further away from Melbourne’s thrall.
Joe suggested an act so they could blend in to the show,
of tale’s his parents said of Knights in shining armour.

Joe built him a suit of armour, not for hits from a sword
but this armour wasn’t to withstand the hits from bullets. 
Wearing clothes over the armour Joe seemed impervious,
even some sharp shooters tried their luck at injuring him.
After one of the successful shows, in the town of Greta,
amazing the locals, policemen began to take an interest.
They showed great interest to know Joe wasn’t injured.

After agreeing our Joe and the Co decided to leave
as what they were doing, could lead to prison time.
Not knowing the land they returned to be near Perth,
because if they got caught, any escape would be easier,
as there they knew where the towns and forests were.
Then one dark night, they quietly went back to home.
Only memories would say of fun in a travelling show.

What would our Joe have thought, if he’d only known
that while doing that performance in the town of Greta,
in the audience some children who were so enthusiastic
they wanted to meet and talk; children by the name Kelly.
Annie, Maggie, Kate, Grace, Jim, Dan, one was Edward.
At eleven years old Edward would soon be better known
for the name he’d become known by, was as Ned Kelly.

Intrigued by his ability to be shot yet be unhurt by bullets.
and not aware of who he was, until during the next week,
Ned overheard policemen about the man who was shot
he was the West Australian bushranger Moondyne Joe.
In Western Australia the police and trackers still searched.
Joe and the others new tracks were found near Boodalin
The police were soon able to catch them and arrest them.

Once again Joe languished in the back of a police wagon
in October of 1866 Joe heard the prison gates close again.
He was given special treatment, he had become infamous
the newspapers spoke of the growing list of those escapes.
Doing that he made the police and authorities look silly.
The special treatment he received was to be put in a cell
Designed and built specially for the repeating absconder.

The name of Moondyne Joe was now a household name,
secretly the people of Perth began to hold Joe in favour,
though known as a criminal he was kind, a hard worker,
wanted in more ways than one, he had a forgotten trait
he gave people what they had forgot, he gave them fun
our Joe had the personality to bring life to his humour.
Behind prison walls again, he was to pay for his crimes.

Shackled to a walk and a neck shackle chained to a post
while a cell for repeat absconders was prepared for him.
Four months he was held in the tiny cell 2.4 by 1.2 mtrs.
The window had many bars installed that restricted light
with no opening windows, they kept from him fresh air.
Joe lived on a diet of bread and water his health faded
The prison doctor stated he should be allowed exercise.

On the 7th of March 1867 Joe made ready a plan to escape
Conditions for that escape that were promoted by the jail.
The Comptroller General himself, (the prison governor).
Joe he waited to be let out of his cell, his wire coathanger
placed carefully from sight so the guards would not see.
He waited in his cell thinking of the lands he knew well,
all he could do was sit and wait and dream of being free.


Several of the prison’s wardens were sat in their office,
enjoying their cups of tea, talking about the prisoners.
The comptroller general was in his comfortable rooms,
quietly relaxing at his desk, reading the days newspaper.
Not wanting to be disturbed, he looked up to a warden,
Wanting to speak to him, he waited standing at attention.   
“Yes, well, what is it?” asked the Comptroller General.

“Sir, following the doctor’s orders, prisoner No: 8189 
known as Moondyne Joe has gone to the exercise yard.”
The Comptroller General looked to him. “Thank you.”
“You said you wanted to be told sir,” said the warden.
The Comptroller General smiled, he felt good knowing
where a repeat absconder was. He hated Moondyne Joe.
Hearing that man’s name served him only as a reminder.

Being told his convict number, now that he saw as good.
Though all escapee’s should be confined in a cell, he felt
And allowing him exercise was like giving him freedom
while in his prison, he expected to know his movements
that no escapee be given free time. That did appease him.
“While he has his exercise make sure that he is kept busy
breaking rock’ll cause him to breathe in lots of fresh air.”

Looking down at his newspaper he had a second thought.
“I want the guards to watch the convicts every movement.”
“Two of the prisons best guards are watching him sir.
There are rocks in the yard, and more are added each day
so there are always plenty of them for him to break, sir.”
“I won’t be happy if I hear he doesn’t get enough exercise.”
The Comptroller General smiled to himself, he was happy.

Two guards had taken Joseph B. Johns for his exercise
they made sure there were no other convicts in the yard.
“You make sure you get some fresh air into your lungs,
ready for when we take you and put you back in your cell.”
Joe began to break the rocks, he kept watch to the guards
Joe wanted to know exactly where they were standing,
so that he could be seen by them, as being by the rocks.

When first allowed exercise he had new rocks each day.
But then the guards started to add new rocks to the pile
and the rocks Joe had broken were spread about the yard.
Joe’s convict mates had given him lengths of sturdy wire
which he could use as a coat hanger to trick the guards.
For the rocks he was breaking were the wall of the prison
the guards saw his shirt, jacket and hat; he was there.

Joe crept through the hole in the wall in his underwear,
after breaking rocks known collectively; the prison wall.
Cheekily he listened what the prison guards were saying.
“What name should we call that convict?” asked one
“That depends, if to just me, you can say what you like.
But if the warden can hear you, you’ll say his number.”
“What is the difference, what did you mean saying that?”

“If you want the warden to be nice and respectful to you,
just use the convict number, or his name Joseph B. Johns.”
“What if I don’t care what the warden might think of me?”
“He can make your life a misery. But that is your choice.”
He laughed at the mirth from his own sense of humour,
“Now I know that would give the warden the pip alright.” 
They both laughed then they looked at the pile of rocks.   

“And I heard the Comptroller General designed the cell.
It serves the convict right for being a habitual escapee.”
The convict guard turned to the not so small pile of rocks.
“They’ll give him something to think about for a while.” 
“The rocks are just for him, how many escapes so far?”
“What?” asked the guard, “What do you mean, so far?”
They both faced the not so small pile of broken rocks.

“Please do not say anything like that,” said that guard.
Joseph grinned. “You two are in for a big surprise later.”
Joe was standing in a garden in his convicts underwear,
he looked to the clothes that hung on the washing line,
“Nice of the guard to leave me his Sunday best clothes.”
Standing near the house, looking too an open window,
thanking his lucky stars. It was the kitchen window.

Thinking that he was lucky, he climbed into the room
he took a couple of cakes left on the windowsill to cool.
Not bothering to look around, he enjoyed a few more.
Seeing his reflection he straightened his new clothes
finding some boots by the wall, he put them on as well.
Going to the pantry door, opening it he picked up a bag,
filling the bag with food, cutlery, two mugs and pans.

Discovering a gun with bullets that was sat on a shelf,
“Of all the places to find a gun?” He put in it the bag
They employ some strange guards at Fremantle prison.
Looking on the shelves. “Oh, peas, carrots and potatoes.”
Going to the sink, he saw a couple of bowls and spoons.
Taking comfort in a chair, he tied the boots a bit tighter.
“Still only a little too big for me,” he smiled to himself.

Leaving by the front door he walked the gardens path.
Whistling a happy tune on the path around the prison
to a nearby park. Where he climbed a good sturdy tree,
until he could see over the wall, to the rows of the cells.
A lone convict was looking out of his cell’s window,
dreaming of the day that he would once again be free.
He saw a man wave from a tree, and he recognised him.

“It’s Joe, I’ll let the other prisoners know right away.”
About to whistle. “No, first I should let him get away.”
Smiling to himself, wishing that Joe’s escape was good.
He started to count the time. “One second, two seconds.”
Joe clambered down, until he was on the ground again.
Feeling the freedom, Joe picked up the bag he’d taken.
A young boy was stood in his way, he looked to our Joe.

“If I climb a tree in good clothes, mother will tell me off,
I would have to go to my bedroom and without my tea.”
Joe smiled, he looked down to the boy, then to the tree.
“You’d best keep it a secret to yourself that you saw me,
I don’t want to be told off for climbing in good clothes.”
The boy gently smiled. “Yes, that would be for the best.”
Joseph gently patted the boys head then he walked away.

Stood in his cell, the convict had almost finished counting.
“Nine hundred and ninety nine seconds, one thousand.”
He looked at the tree. “I hope I’ve given him enough time,
time he used to get as far away from here as he could.”
At his cell window he starts to whistle for Moondyne Joe.
Other convicts who were in their cells, hear the whistle,
They heard what the tune was, they knew what it meant.

“I told you he would, he’s gone and done it yet again!
Our Joe has escaped again, good on yer Moondyne Joe.”
The convicts at rest, rushed to their cell’s open window,
they joined in with the whistle, as more convicts joined in.
Their joyous sound of whistling the tune was like a hymn 
floating through the jail, calling more convicts to join in
the brave ones didn’t care, they began to sing the words.

This old Fremantle jail, it’s not going to hold you,
This old Fremantle jail, it’s not going to hold you,
This old Fremantle jail, it’s not going to hold you,
oo oo oo (POP). There goes, our Moondyne Joe.
The comptroller sits, cringing in his office chair,
The comptroller sits, cringing in his office chair,
Now’t for him to do, just sit an’ whistle along.

The Comptroller General sighed, as he heard the tune,
he locked his office door; he tried to block out the sound.
He knew what Governor of Western Australia would say,
he knew what his father would say at his home that night
what the people, those in the streets of Perth would say.
He could see what Perths newspapers would say of him.
Oh, how he disliked that man. That man Moondyne Joe

Joe had finished walking through Fremantle’s streets,
he kept walking into the streets and alleyway of Perth.
He knew to keep to the side streets, to avoid the police
as he walked the streets, hearing people whistle the tune.
In the hours off darkness no one saw him walking away
he sought respite on the banks of the river to steal a boat
as the evening progressed he pushed off from the bank.
to be continued
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I've just finished doing an edit of it, trying to make all the lines about the same length, given that there is 327 verses that was fun! Some lines were changed to make more sense. Numbering the verses correctly was interesting and stating the genre of the poem: non-fiction, creative non-fiction, fiction, fantasy. Then the publisher wanted one poem per page .... I hope that includes one poem per book. The finished word count was 31,504.
Printing it was fun as well, guess who ran out of ink half was through!
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Verse    35  to Verse   59      JOE MAKES A NEW LIFE                           
Verse    60  to Verse   74      PROTECTOR OF SHEEP


Though it was dark he felt the hills beckoning to him
with the moon in its third quarter, he could see his way.
Noticing the water flickering on rocks in the moonlight,
he kept going as the river seemed to welcome him home.
Walking on a track he stopped to feel the smooth trees,
looking to the tops of the trees then to the top of the hill,
he began the hard climb to reach the apex of that hill.

When he was stood on top of the hill he started to relax.
Looking to Perth he sat down, so glad he was on a hill,
leaning against a smooth barked tree, tired he fell asleep.
He woke in the sunlight could he feel the life in the tree
opening his eyes to below to the fresh red/ brown soil.
Suddenly he was wide awake. He looked at all around.
Then he remembered he had escaped jail the day before.

Breathing a sigh of relief he stood looking to distant sea
in the fields below he saw children playing in the fields.
“They’re nearly as happy as me.” He looked at the river.
“This is the land I prefer, where I can be Moondyne Joe.”
He began to make his way down the hill, into the valley
to where the trees lazily rested near to the river’s edge.
He breathed in clean fresh air and tasted the rivers water.

It was so much better than the strange water in the jail,
he cupped his hands and looked at the clear fresh water
casually smiling as he watched a bird flying over him.
Knowingly feeling the joy of freedom of where he stood,
he looked again at the bird as it flew from tree to tree.
“And I didn’t have to ask permission to watch the bird.”
he said gazing at the bird as it perched on a tree’s limb.

He took three steps, stopped and looked towards the city.
“Goodbye Fremantle jail, I hope I never see you again.”
He walked and ran along the track into the quiet valley.
Finding a nice area he slowed to a stop, he looked about.
“This is nice.” Moving a few paces. “A very nice place.”
He looked around with more care, at the small bushes.
Then he noticed that there were no leaves on the ground,

looking at the first bush, he saw it was a broken branch
and that all the other bushes near there were all the same.
And all around that place, he saw many bare foot prints.
A large flat stone, four foot away he saw an upright stone
So he went to sit down. “It’s just the right height to sit on.”
Then he noticed there was eleven more rocks in a circle.
“Oh, I’m in a witches circle, I think I had better leave.”

Putting his hands on his knees, he pushed to help him up
then noticed the foot print between his boots, a bare foot.
“This one is a third the length of mine. Fairy’s as well.”
Trying not to move he looked to the base of each tree.
“I had better do something to prove that I am a friend.”
He saw several smaller circles around the stone circles.
“I’ll collect a big pile of twigs, to be kindling for them.”   

Stopping after an hour as he thought he’d done enough,
he looked at the tree covered hills rising from the river,
on the river’s edge and at the many large boulders, there
going towards them, starting to climb up them to the top.
Standing upright, looking as far as he could in the trees.
“That’s good I still can’t see anyone coming from Perth,”
looking the other way, “Still, I think I should keep going.”

Jumping from rock to rock he laughed aloud to himself,
it felt natural. “How many of you have I broken in jail?”
He kind of smiled to them, that was almost apologetic.
He liked them where they should be. “They are at home.”
He looked back at the rocks he had just jumped down.
“That was the first bit of fun I have had since I escaped.”
He began to hum the tune that had been written for him.

He laughed and shouted aloud, stopping to hear his echo. 
“That is a true echo, not like I heard in Fremantle jail.”
Walking alongside the river, as the evening approached
he saw two women lying on the rocks across the river.
“They look happy to be here.” He waved to both of them.
Thinking they were mother and daughter, looking about,
“They might live near I wonder if they have spare food.”

He looked again but they were gone, nowhere to be seen.
Joe walked away, the tension left with each step he took.
During the following days, when the sun was overhead
he sat by the river, he would take off his boots and socks
and watch the river course flow between plates of rock
to gently roll over his feet. He smiled at his good fortune.
“How many days ago did I escape from Fremantle jail?”

“Now here I am, on the run, dangling my toes in a river.”   
Walking through valley’s, he admired the surroundings
Walking across the grass covered ground that felt good,
different to what he had known in jail, this was freedom.
Finally he admitted to himself, “Such a nice area to stay.
Everywhere seems nice here, he looked down at the soil.
“Everywhere is nice compared to the tiny cell I was in.” 

Sat by the water’s edge he looked to an outcrop of rocks,
climbing onto them, he felt the merest hint of a breeze.
Standing upright, he looked to as far back as he could see
to along the track where he’d just been walking; to Perth
Not being able to see anyone trailing him he sighed. 
“When will I ever be able to that, to stop looking back?”
He knew the answer, he knew it’d only happen when.

“When I feel safe, when I know I’m at home,” said Joe
He laughed aloud then stopped, he listened to his echo
hearing it bouncing off the hills, getting further away.
“I don’t think I will ever forget my echoes in a hurry.”
Looking to the sky, he saw the merest hint of darkness
he decided to keep going, to find a grass covered hill
he noticed that the tree’s shadows were getting longer.

“I need to try harder to find a campsite for the night.”
Wading through water to a campsite that looked good,
watching water flow downstream from where he stood
he saw two women lazing on rocks, a bit further down
he stopped. “Are they are the same two I saw before.”
Waving to them, he was pleased they returned his wave.
“I wonder if they know it’s me, that they remember me.”

He called to them. “Do you know of a good campsite?”
They seemed to be pointing to the field, then up the hill.
He sat for a few minutes rest. A birds singing woke him.
He knew it was morning. His empty stomach told him.
Preparing himself. “Today will be the final days walk.”
He went down to the river’s edge for a drink of water.
Seeing reflections behind him, he expected the worst.

Two sheep, surprised at seeing them stopped a reaction;
two sheep were watching him. Half smiling to himself,
he half smiled to them, cupping water in hands for them.
Cautiously they moved closer, to see what it was he held,
after carefully tasting the water, they soon finished it.
Joe noticing they were staying, so he gave them more.
They were content to stay as he drank some himself.

Putting his hands into the river he felt something big
he voiced his surprise, then quickly he stepped back
he knocked one rock onto another. “What was that?”
Surprised at what had happened, he looked to the sheep.
He was puzzled to see them there, they hadn’t moved,
they seemed to have moved closer to the water’s edge.
The rocks knocking together should scared them away.

He looked at them looking at him, then into the water.
“So why are you still here, why haven’t you run away?”
He thought about what he felt, not being able to decide.
“Everything here is so weird, witches and fairy’s circle
then something big in the river that doesn’t have fish.
Now this, my hands were in the water, I pulled them out.
So why is there no ripple, no break in the water’s surface.

He realised he’d argued himself to accept something’s
not normal in this river. And did those two really vanish.
“I wonder what they know about what is going on here.”
Not being able to stop thinking about what he had felt,
not able to understand how the water was undisturbed.
Trying to put what just occurred to the back of his mind
he knew if he didn’t find somewhere he’d be at it all day.

Telling the sheep to follow him he left there quickly,
looking for a decent site, suitable for the nights camp,
building a fire he relaxed, waiting for the nights meal.
After eating the meal, he closed his eyes for a second,
gradually opening them, listening to birds in the trees.
Suddenly sat up, he heard twigs being broken nearby,
trying to see who it was he stood up. “Who is there?”

He looked about the camp site, but saw no movement.
“You’d better show yourself, I can hear you breathing.”
Hearing grass being ripped from the ground he turned,
only to see both of the sheep, happily chewing the grass.
He laughed at his reaction to them. “So you’re still here.” 
“I’m glad you didn’t come here to arrest me, mind you,
you have wandered about my camp without waking me.”

“I hope you haven’t brought any men in police uniforms.
It could be quite embarrassing if they caught me now.”
Joe laughed at himself, he altered the tone of his voice.
“Yes your honour, we tracked and found him in a camp
when we finally caught him he was talking to two sheep.” 
Squatting down near the sheep, he held his hand to them.
“Friends?” He put his Billie on the embers to boil for tea.

He looked to the sheep and smiled. “Now it’s your turn.”
Taking a bowl from his bag putting, pouring water in it.
“I’ll have to go down to the river if you want any more.”
Facing the fire, looking to see if the Billie was boiling,
“Just don’t you tell anyone that I’m being so nice to you.”
He put down a cup, started to make himself a hot drink.
About to sit by his fire, he realised what he’d just done.

“Did I really just ask them not to say I’m nice to them.”
He shook his head in disbelief unsure why he said that.
Looking at where he was, the open pastures and forests.
“I’m glad you can’t but if either of you sheep could talk,”
Joe looked to them. “Talking sheep? That’d be a novelty.”
He looked to the sheep. “What would my friends in think?”
After his drink, watching the fires flames flicker and die.


He prepared a pile of twigs and sticks; mornings warmth.
“Come on you two it’s time to get up it’ll be a big day.”
He saw the sheep in the field munching on some grass.
“Talking to the sheep, now look at me talking to myself.”
He went down to the river. “Morning river, how are you?”
Looking about. “I think I have talked to everything now.”
He tripped on a rock, he looked to it. “I’m not that silly.”

Several steps and he saw that the trees were further apart,
the landscape was changing. He turned to face the sheep
he pointed to the large areas of grass a short walk ahead.
“You seem glad to be here. I’m not so sure about myself.”
“You go into the long grass if you want, I’ll stay here.”
He looked at the open pastures, not couldn’t remember.
“How long have I been on the run for, two days or four?”

Joe noticed four men on the path, walking towards him.
Standing his ground Joe stopped, he looked to each one.
“What do you want?” He took the pistol from his bag,
he wanted them to see it, that he could defend himself.
“Why are you in my way?” he asked in a threatening way.
“We don’t mean to be, we are here looking for our sheep,
“Four men for these sheep, no, why are you really here?”

Joe knelt down to the ground, the sheep moved to him,
“You want me to let you have the sheep, I don’t think so.”
“They look like they want you to protect them,” said one.
The man watched as Joe gently stroked both of the sheep.
“What you need to ask yourselves is who is the bravest?”
Joe raised the gun he pointed it towards the four men.
The man closest to him raised both hands in surrender.

“You have it wrong we won’t harm you nor the sheep.
Our boss sent us to try and find any strays that we can.
Then take them back to the herd,” said the man, “Honest.” 
“Though, seeing the way those sheep behave with you.
I think our boss would like to meet you. They like you,
seeing that in a person is a rare gift,” said another one.
Joe thought about it, he decided that they were honest.

Beckoning Joe to follow them. “It is just over this hill
our employer’s house there, it’ll only take half an hour.”
Joe saw the house in a clearing, the trees on three sides.
Two of the men ran ahead. “I’ll tell the boss you’re here,
while I’m gone is there anything I can get?” asked Daniel.
“Thank you yes I am a bit short of food and flavouring,”
he looked to the sheep. “As long as it isn’t sheep flavour.”

Watching the sheep go to the herd, Joe sat on the grass.
He waited for their boss. A stranger approached them.
Graham said he was their boss. They stood and waited,
Joe was asked if he was good with all animals or sheep.
“Daniel said you have a way with my sheep, can I see.”
Joe went to the field and the sheep went to stand by him
they stayed a while, then ran back to be with the herd. 

“Now that’s a rare gift, to be a friend to a wild animal
and for that wild animal wanting to be a friend to you
how it would consider you to be a friend I don’t know.”
He looked to his farm workers, Graham and Daniel.
“These two here they are my best men, and I trust them
to care for my sheep. But though I know nothing of you,
given the way the sheep seem to trust you, I don’t care.”

“Look at that field, there is four more fields like that,
and in those fields are the three thousand sheep I own.”
“Really?” asked Joe faking interest. He was impressed.
“The point I want to make is that these are all my sheep,
but the little dears regularly escape, they get everywhere.
I can’t afford for my men to keep watch at them all day,
I’d prefer them be here, than have search for the sheep.”

So it makes sense for me to pay you for their return.
If you like the work and you’re okay working for me,
we’ll have a trial for a week, just return the ones I own.
It’s true I don’t know who you are, I really don’t care.
If you’ll do the work I’ll give half a week’s pay now.”
“I’m not sure why you’re being nice to me,” said Joe.
Mr. Armstrong looked at where the sheep had gone.

“The smaller of those sheep, my daughter likes that one
so you bringing it back, made my life so much easier.”
Joe looked at him then towards where the sheep were.
“Okay, now that I can understand, for just a week’s trial.”
“I don’t mind if you live here or not, that is your choice.
Though just be aware I have several workers huts around,
they are in these hills, if you want, then use any of them.”   

“You know which they are as my name is over the door.”
Joe looked to the sheep. “I’ll make a start tomorrow.
How many of your sheep do you think are out there?”
“Fifty or so,” he said, “I’ll get Daniel to get some food.”
Joe went where he thought a camp site could be made.
Able to relax he at last, closing his eyes, he fell asleep.
When he awoke the sun had dropped past the horizon.

“I’ve slept too long again,” he looked to the evening sky,
“at least there’s no clouds, to hide the light of the moon.”
He made a fire, building a two rock high wall around.
“I’d better make a shelter for the wood, try keep it dry,
that will stop the smoke from giving the camp away.”
He walked a dozen paces down the hill, from the camp
making sure that the glow from the fire couldn’t be seen.

He made sure no one could see unless they walked on by.
Satisfied with what he’d done he went back to his camp.
He started to make a meal to clean and cut the potatoes,
the carrots peeling the onion made him look like he cried
He wanted flavour of the onion, not his tears in the stew.
Looking for something else to give it a bit more flavour.
“I need to add some meat, anything just not a sheep.”

Waiting while the broth began to bubble he made a drink,
hands held forward he accepted the warmth from the fire.
Putting some of what he referred to as a stew into a bowl,
he tasted a spoonful. “Not bad, I’ve tasted worse in jail.”
Sitting back, explaining to himself. “I cooked it myself.”
About to eat some more he felt something was wrong.
“I know the foods not good, I feel wrong in my bones.”

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Verse    75  to Verse   92      JOE MEETS RUBY
Verse    93  to Verse  101      THE TOODYAY MAGISTRATE                               


Starting to eat, he heard the sound of running in the field.
He looked up to see a woman was running towards him.
He watched her. “Why would a woman running out here?”
He wanted to know what she was doing there at night?
He saw her look to behind her, after every few paces,
as she climbed the hill he noticed that she was limping.
The closer she came towards him the more she limped.

“She won’t be able to keep running like that much longer.”
Four figures below her running to her held his attention.
“So you are running from those four men, I wonder why.”
As he watched she turned to them; her limp was worse. 
“If you keep heading this way, you’ll bring them to me.”
He went from his little camp, keeping low to the ground.
Almost upon his camp he grabbed her and held her down.

He dragged her back. “Best keep quiet or they’ll see you.”
He held her down, and whispered. “Is it just four of them?”
She nodded her head. “Then we will wait here,” Joe said.
“You just keep still and stay quiet, until they have gone.”
Joe felt her body trembling. “There is nothing to fear.”
As reassuringly as he could, Joe whispered to her again.
“You’ve no need to be afraid of me, stop your trembling.”

Joe looked to the field, that the others were now closer,
she suddenly began to struggle to break his hold on her.
“Keep still or you might let them know that you are here.”
She stopped struggling. Joe was surprised how quickly.
“You’re that scared of them!” He felt her submit to him.
“Are you safer here with me than you would with them?”
He felt her agree. “If you want to be safe, don’t struggle.”

“When I free you, don’t make a sound they might hear.”
Slowly he removed his grip from her, she turned to him
she watched him pick up a small stone and stepped back.
Joe stepped to the side, he threw the stone to some trees
the stone bounced on a tree, the men to run to the sounds,
Joe and the woman held their breath as the men ran away.
When they were far enough away she happily hugged Joe.

“Thank you,” she whispered to him then started to cry.
Joe stepped back from her, he was surprised, confused,
he did not know how to react, seeing a woman crying.
Looking at him sniffing away her tears. “You saved me.”
Ruby looked about, sniffed the air then looked around.
Confused Joe looked to her, he sniffed the air as well.
He pointed to the pot on the fire. “You mean my food?”

He noticed how she looked at it. “Do you want some?”
She smiled to him. “Yes please,” she said between yawns.
Joe looked at her, he looked at where those men had run.
“How long is it that you have been running from them?
When did you last eat some food, or had a decent sleep?”
Looking at his food. “I have been running for two days. 
I’ve been too scared to stop and neither to sleep or eat.”

Joe looked at her he remembered when he’d been chased.
“I know how you have felt, here,” he pointed to his food.
“If you ever want some more, please, just help yourself.” 
“Can I, please?” she asked, she so wanted him to say yes.
She put her hand in the hot water for a piece of the potato,
Joe could see the redness on her hand from the hot water.
Taking hold of her arm, he poured cold water on her hand.

“Don’t do that, just talk to me when you’ve had your fill.”
Joe put some stew into a bowl, and a spoon to eat it with.
He smiled as she began to eat the food; her expression.
“You don’t approve its taste, I know I’m not a great cook.
But at least it is food. And you look like you need some.”
Ruby looked in his bag, she took out two pots of herbs
nervously she looked to him. “Do you mind?” she asked.

He smiled to her, then he waved her to continue. “Please.
If you make it taste better than it does, I’ll be thankful.”
Ruby put a few chosen herbs into Joe’s bubbling stew,
she stirred them in for a couple of minutes then tasted it.
Offering some to Joe on a spoon. “How did, that’s great!”
He looked at the stew in the pot he put some in her bowl.
“If you ever want some more, please, just help yourself.”

Ruby took a few mouthfuls, smiled, then visibly relaxed.
“My name is Ruby. I used to live a few hours walk away.”
Blankly looking to Joe. “What else do you want to know?”
“The men chasing you, why was it they were after you?” 
Ruby tried to smile to Joe, she ate two spoonfuls of stew.
Looking at Joe she tried to put some more into her bowl.
“Don’t be afraid to tell me.” Joe put his hand onto hers.

“Don’t be worried about the food, it’ll still be here later
after you say who they are.” Ruby looked then grinned.
“My father owed money to those pigs, he didn’t have any.
The pig said he would take me, my father had no choice
and he gave me to him, that was about three weeks ago.”
“He did? Like an arranged marriage or were you a slave?”
“A slave,” she said. Joe looked where the men had gone.

“The pig made me his personal slave, all I did was clean.
Two days ago he and his brothers got drinking; got drunk.
The pig forced me to pleasure him then all his brothers.
they took turns on me, one after the other, and together.
When they watched they called insults to me, about me.”
“After that they went to get some more drinks. I escaped
waited until they’d had a few then made my escape.”

“That was them, all of them. Those who were chasing you?
And you’ve been running from them for two whole days?”
He looked at her feet. “I can see why you were running.
“I thought that they would catch me, my feet were so sore.
Trying to keep going was so hard, especially when uphill,
it hurt so much, my energy was almost gone,” she sighed,
Ruby smiled to Joe. “That is when you saved me, thanks.”

Joe looked at her feet, again he took some animal skins
putting two bits under her feet then two more bits on top
tying twine through them he fashioned makeshift shoes
“They are not proper shoes, but they will help you walk.
I don’t have any proper ones but they should do for now.”
Ruby tried to stand, but Joe put his hand on her shoulder.
“There’s no rush, you can have more food if you want.”

Ruby held her bowl by the pot and put in a spoon of food.
Joe put his hand on hers. “You must be hungrier than that.”
He added several more spoonful’s to the one in her bowl.
“Thank you,” she said, “what is your name?” asked Ruby.
He smiled to her. “It’s probably best you don’t know that.”
Looking at him, she was thinking about a reply, “Alright.”
Ruby sat back, breathing in deeply, satisfied she smiled.

“Do you know, I haven’t felt this comfortable for days.”
Turning about, Ruby looked to the empty moonlit field.
“I never noticed it before, these fields, they do look nice.”
She looked up. “I didn’t notice that either, a full moon.”
Ruby looked around at the camp, at the trees then to Joe.
“Yet here you are, all alone, in the middle of nowhere.
Anyone else might think you are like me; trying to hide

I’m glad that you were here though. My luck is changing.
Sitting here under a full moon, in the middle of nowhere.”
She smiled to Joe. “Having a bowl or two of your stew.”
“Not exactly fine dining is it,” said Joe. “Yet here I am,
out here in the light of the moon, having a bowl of stew
not exactly fine dining as you said, I do like to dine out.”
Ruby looked at Joe. “To dine, the moon, it is you isn’t it?”


Going into his office in the morning earlier than normal,
it was partly to read the letter he had from Fremantle jail,
partly because he wanted to be there when others arrived.
He wanted to make sure his people were starting on time.
He looked at his reflection in the mirror, the bits of dust
on his shoulders after combing his moustache and his hair
he was sat at his desk as the new police sergeant came in.

Sergeant Charles Wentworth looked to him, apologising.
“I received a report there was movement in these offices
that is why I am here, making sure no one’s breaking in.”
“Thank you, that is good to know. But while you are here
could you read an official letter to me: delivered yesterday
I can guess what it is, my request for the lock-up improved.
No doubt my request was filed away,” said the magistrate.

“Just in case I would appreciate it you reading the letter.”
“Yes,” replied Sgt. Wentworth, “I do remember hearing
something about that, didn’t some prisoner try to escape?”
“More than that, it was that Perth newspapers favourite,
that damned repeat absconder that man Moondyne Joe.
And not just one, he made an escape a few days before
but he was caught.” The magistrate looked at the letter.

Opening the envelope Sgt. Wentworth read all the letter
“Some parts of what is written here, it’ll be good news,
but some of it, some of it will not,” said Sgt. Wentworth
he looked to the magistrate, “So overall, I’d prefer not to
and I’d prefer not to be in the building when you read it.”
“That bad,” said the magistrate, “Please tell me anyway.”
Sgt. Wentworth breathed in choosing what to read first.

“Your request to have the lock-up improved was agreed
I’m afraid the work won’t be started for four few years,
that is all of the good news,” said Sergeant Wentworth.
“Don’t worry, I know it’s bad news,” said the magistrate.
“As you wish, the one who escaped from here was caught
with three other absconders, sentenced to Fremantle jail.
This letter is to warn you he escaped from jail last week.”

“What!” The magistrate stood up, slamming both hands
his desk reverberated. Quickly he gained his composure.
“Does it say how that absconder Moondyne Joe escaped?”
Sgt. Wentworth looked at the letter. “No it does not say,
but it says this, the method of escape was, embarrassing.”
The magistrate looked to the sergeant. “If I had said that,
So if I am not told how, it would have to be embarrassing.”

“Oh dear,” said Sgt. Wentworth, “I wonder if it could be
that the escape by Moondyne Joe could be the reason why.”
Puzzled. “What is it that you mean?” asked the magistrate.
“Being given the news that improvements to the lock-up
may be in part due to the man who escaped the lock-up.”
The magistrate looked at the newspaper, on the front page.
Moondyne Joe breaks more rocks to escape; the jail’s wall.

A repeat absconder breaks out of Fremantle jail, oh dear,
he knocked a hole in the wall instead of the rocks given.
Piles of rocks had been brought specially for him to break.
But he used them as cover to hide he was making a hole
he used his clothes as cover, to stop guards seeing him
Then took more clothes from the governors washing line.
“Yes,” said the magistrate, “Now that is embarrassing.”

“I doubt they wanted to argue the changes to the lock-up.”
The magistrate went to the mirror, brushing his moustache.
“Knowing my luck, that Moondyne Joe is coming here,
either that or he is already here if he escaped a week ago.
Tell your officers, I want to know of any strangers seen
or even heard of.” “If we do catch that Moondyne Joe
then the changes to the lock up will be done very quickly.”

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Verse   102  to Verse  145      RUBY WELCOMES HER NEW LIFE                     


As quietly as she could, Ruby put Joe’s cutlery in his bag,
a spoon fell against a rock it caused a noise in the camp.
Ruby looked at Joe, hoping the noise hadn’t woken him.
He began to move, Ruby froze, waiting for him to settle,
rolling over he pulled the blanket back over his shoulders.
Tidying where she had slept Ruby caused a twig to snap
she knew that type of sound would make him our Joe stir.

Joe did move, Ruby faced him, watching his eyes open,
she kept quiet willing him to settle and fall back to sleep.
Ruby could relax, almost everything was put in his bag.
Ready to leave, all that was left was for a mornings drink.
Carefully and silently she lifted Joe’s bag off the ground
setting it down, it fell over against one of the camps walls.
That sound like a broken twig made Joe to start to wake up.

Quickly Ruby turned to face Joe, he was trying to sit up,
he tried to look about with his sleep heavy blurred eyes
Ruby saw and he knew he still needed another hours sleep.
He looked to the left then to the right unsure what it was.
Ruby smiled to him. “You do want a drink before we go?”
Joe smiled to her when he remembered the previous night
“Yes thank you I’d like a hot drink, but you don’t have to.

This isn’t something I’m used to. I normally do it myself.”
Joe handed her his mug, he smiled as she filled his mug.
“What is it, why are you treating me so well,” he asked.
“What you saved me from, I would not want that again.
I wouldn’t want to live with the memory of it afterwards,
I did this so you will think I am worth keeping near you.”
Looking to him, with her eyes she almost pleaded to him.

Joe wouldn’t complain, even if he wanted to he couldn’t.
“What you did with the stew last night, that was good.”
Ruby shrugged to him, she thanked him. “That is okay.” 
He looked to her, he could see she wanted to stay with him.
“If you can do that again you can stay as long as you want.”
Ruby smiled, she knew she could, she knew he had more.
When she used the herbs she saw other flavours in the bag.

Ruby began to relax, she was beginning to feel at home.
“But I am still afraid that those pigs will still be after me.
Look at me, they’ll easily see this white dress in the dark.”
Joe put his arm around her shoulders. “Maybe they’ll try.
But they don’t know me, while I am not a violent man,
I’m sure that I could make an exception just for those men.
I am fairly resourceful, I learnt a few things while in prison.

For now we’ll see about changing the colour of your dress,
maybe get you more clothes. Don’t you worry about them.”
Joe knelt in front of Ruby, he held the front of her dress,
to feel the quality between his thumb and his fore finger.
He smiled to her, checking to see how much coffee was left
he had another mouthful then poured what’s left on the fire.
He told Ruby to get herself, to be ready to go to the river.

“I am going to try and change the colour of your dress.” 
Joe moved his bag he put it down near his folded blanket.
“I think it will still be here when we get back, later today.”
Ruby went to the river with him, passing near some sheep.
“We’ll take them to their owner before the day gets old.”
Ruby was confused she looked to Joe. “What’s he mean.”
They went to the water’s edge, standing on the rocks there.

“You will need to be careful,” he looked along the river,
“In the water there’s, have you heard of strange things?
Like witches, fairies and well, something big in the river.”
Ruby looked to Joe. “Are you being serious? How big.”
“I saw things down in the valley, and I felt something big.”
Ruby looked along the river. “Like people in the water?”
“Yes but it was underwater and never came up,” said Joe.

Ruby saw a woman in the water, in the corner of her eye.
“Do you mean like her?” asked Ruby, “Oh, she’s gone.”
Joe looked at the river, for a disturbance. “Where was she?”
Ruby pointed to where it was that she saw the woman,
“I don’t understand it I can’t see any ripples on the water.”
“Come on,” said Joe, “Let’s get on with I have got to do.
I need to get your dress wet, then mix berries with water.”

Ruby sat on rock by the river she looked at a nearby rock.
“Those berries Joe, do they grow on a bush?” asked Ruby
“Yes, why,” replied Joe. “There is a pile of them here.” 
Joe went to her he saw the pile of the berries on the rocks.
“When I sat down here, I don’t remember seeing them.”
“Those are the ones,” Joe smiled, “So she wants to help.”
They stood facing the river, Joe’s hands on Ruby’s back.

Ruby span away from him. “Don’t you dare push me in.”
“But I do need your dress wet,” said Joe apologetically,   
“That seemed the easiest way and a bit less embarrassing.
and I dare say it’d make your hair turn to a nice colour.”
“Flattery will not help, you are not pushing me in there.”
“I could to ask you to remove the dress, but I doubt that,
the other way would be to rub the berries onto the dress.”

Ruby looked at herself. “I wouldn’t want you to do that.”
“They’re the choices, that I rub your dress with you in it,
to ask you to take the dress off, or push you in the river.”
“I won’t let you rub these, Ruby pointed to her breasts.
“I don’t believe this,” said Ruby going to behind a bush,
She started to take off her dress. “Don’t you dare smile.”
Hiding behind the bush she handed him her dress to him.

He took her dress to the river making it as wet as he could.
“Pushing you in seemed like the least embarrassing to me.”
“A tip Joe, next time you say you are sorry, don’t smile.”   
Joe put some of the berries and a bit of water on his hand,
as he crushed them the skin on his hand changed colour.
Showing it to her. “Okay, but don’t take long,” she said
Joe made a mixture that he quickly rubbed onto her dress.

When finished he held the dress so that she could see it. 
“There, I’m done, what do you think,” he said proudly,
“it isn’t exactly the colour I was hoping for, but it’ll do.”   
Ruby put on her dress, looking to be sure no one else saw.
Suddenly she grabbed Joe’s arm, and she spun him about. 
“Look.” Joe saw a woman was waist height in the water.
Grabbing Ruby’s hand Joe ran to where they’d seen her.

When they got near to where they saw her she was gone.
“I don’t understand where has she have gone?” asked Joe
“There isn’t any ripples on the water either,” said Ruby, 
“She can’t stay underwater for this long, where is she?”
“She isn’t anywhere,” said Joe, “In or out of the water.”
“I wonder,” said Ruby, “It might do to treat her nicely.”
Ruby sat by the water’s edge making a ring of flowers.

Joe looked to where he had seen her. “Now that is odd.
Where we saw her, the water is too deep there to stand in,
another thing how could she manage stay waist height
when most people I know can only rise to shoulder high.”
Ruby said about the sheep that they had passed in the field
“They didn’t look at either us as we walked passed them,
I remember now, they were watching to here, at the river

“I wish my memory would work, I have seen her before
I know I have, was she one of the two women that I saw.”
“When do you mean Joe, on the way here?” asked Ruby.
“It was two or three days ago, after I saw the stone circle.”
“Do you think we could make up a name?” asked Ruby.
“What do we know she’s the woman we saw in the water.”
Joe sat next to Ruby on the rock, they looked to the water.

“What we do know about her is strange to say the least.”
Ruby glanced at Joe. “I agree, a woman who disappears.
When I was a child my father would read a bedtime story
it takes me back, told a story about men in shining armour
riding fine white horses who sought to protect the people,
of the lady of the lake holding a sword above the surface
Joe, can we call her the Goddess of the river?” asked Ruby.

“Is that who you’d like her to be? A goddess?” asked Joe.
“Maybe the rivers goddess? What’s the name of the river?”
Joe thought of all the people that he knew, of the farmers
of the police, even other men he’d met on the work party.
“Those men I met from the sheep place, one of them said 
I should look on the banks of this river, for more sheep.
he said I would find some on the banks of the river Arvon.”

“What a coincidence, in that story, the friends of the king
lived not far from a town by the river Avon,” said Ruby.
Joe smiled, he looked to the river. “River Arvon or Avon.
Would you like it if we call her Goddess of the river Avon?”
“Yes,” Ruby’s eyes lit up, “would you mind if I change it?”
“I would only want to change it to Goddess of the river?”
smiling to each other. “D’you think she’ll like the name?”

Joe pointed to what Ruby had been doing. “What is that?”
Ruby proudly held up the ring of flowers she had made.
“Putting one through the other, it makes a ring of flowers.”
Ruby put the ring of flowers on her head, she faced Joe.
“I thought I’d give it to the Goddess. What do you think?
It should look good I hope it will fit her like it fits me.”
She laid it on a rock. “What are you smiling at Joe?”

He looked to the ground. “I’m not sure.” He looked at her.   
“Was it because of the flowers or was it me?” she asked.
Joe looked at her, he realised just how much he liked her,
but he wanted to hide his feelings. “Yes,” he replied.
Slowly he raised a finger. “What is it Joe?” asked Ruby.
He looked to the river, he started to point downstream.
“Her, the Goddess, I think I saw her rise from the water.”

Ruby faced her; waist high in the water, smiling to them.
“Isn’t that where the water is too deep to stand in Joe?”
Joe kept looking to the woman. Perplexed he faced her.
“I know what I saw, you just rose up out of the river.”
“Joe,” said Ruby tugging at his clothes, “Look, the water,
there are no ripples by her, anywhere on the rivers surface.”
“Is it alright if we know you as the Goddess of the river?”

“Thank you, and no I don’t mind, but my name is Teara.
If you want to know me by another name as well, you can.”
Ruby carefully stepped on the rocks to the water’s edge.
She picked up the ring of flowers. “I made this for you,”
Ruby watched the woman drop beneath the water’s surface
then rise again a few feet from her, looking at the flowers
Ruby carefully put the ring of flowers on the ladies head.

“Joe, look at where sank there isn’t a ripple on the water.” 
Ruby still looked towards Joe, saw the sheep behind him.
“We ought to take them back, but before we do, about you
I know of you, that you’ve been in prison, what did you do?” 
“I do have this habit of upsetting the authorities, quite often
the main reason they don’t like me is that I keep escaping.
My last escaped was from Fremantle jail a short while ago.”

“You escaped from jail, that’s right, you’re Moondyne Joe,”
Ruby smiled and hugged him. “You don’t mind?” asked Joe.
“You saved me from those pigs so I am glad you are here, 
is there anything else about you that I really should know?”
“Probably, but that will have to wait until another day.”
“So you will tell me all about yourself one day will you?”
She kissed him. Surprised by her reaction he stepped back.

“One day,” said Ruby, “That means you want me to stay?”
Joe looked at the sheep she had suggested they take back.
“When we do take them back, you’d best keep out of sight,
one of the men that works there might know those pigs.”
Joe counted the sheep. “Good thing they’re from over the hill.
I never asked how to move more than two sheep at a time.”       
“That is easy,” said Ruby calling to the sheep, “Home James.”

Surprised at the animals reaction, Joe looked at it then Ruby.
“When I was young I had a pet sheep, her name was James,
The sheep followed me everywhere,” said Ruby with a smile
Joe looked at the sheep, one had started to walk to the track.
Looking at them again, where one had gone the rest followed.
So Joe and Ruby followed them towards the owner’s house.
He told Ruby to wait out of sight when they neared the farm.

When the farm could be seen Joe saw a worker approach.
He was surprised that several of the sheep had been found,
on inspecting, the markings of four sheep were not theirs
he said that they were from the towns other sheep farm.
“That’s the Barton’s farm, that’s at the other end of town.
Near the Northam track across the rivers bridge,” he said.
About to leave Joe asked where to get some more clothes.

“These ones, they are not really suitable for living out here.”
Daniel said “Wait, I have some spare clothes here, use them
until you can get some more.” Walking away with clothes
in a bag Joe opened the bag and looked in. “Oh dear,” he said,
“Ruby won’t like these.” He looked at them again. “Oh no.
I’d best offer to make the meal tonight, and make a nice one.
Still, I guess those pigs won’t recognise her wearing these.”

Joe led them away from Mr. Armstrong’s sheep property,
once out of sight from Daniel he signaled Ruby to join him.
Together they walked along the path, Joe wondered they
should cross the river near the town and cross the river there.
Seeing the hill beside the town, knowing she’d like the view.
He went towards the hill top. As they drew close to the town,
knowing he needed be nice to Ruby he told her to look down.

Joe was looking down the other side of the hill, he noticed
that he was watching a pretty young woman stood in the field.
He called Ruby to join him, waiting until she was at his side,
Joe pointed to the girl who was near a discoloured pile of rocks.
“Do you recognize who she is?” he asked, while Ruby looked. 
“I can’t think who it could be, out here by herself,” said Joe.
“What is she doing there,” asked Ruby, “Just looking around?”

Wanting to get a closer look, they moved down the hillside
towards her. When they were near enough Joe called out.
“You look like you are trying to find something, can we help?”
The girl stopped what she was doing, she looked up to them
she waited until they were close enough to talk to not call to.
“Who are you? No one from here has ever offered to help me
why do you two think that you can do to help me?” she asked,

“Those sheep, are they yours, is that why they follow you?”
Ruby faced the sheep. “No, we’re taking back to the owner.”
“When we first saw you I thought you had lost something, 
that’s why we offered to help, if you want us to just say so.”
The girl looked to the sheep then she looked to Ruby and Joe.
“Okay, thank you, I come up here to meet my special friend.
I make a fire so he’ll know I am here, but I need some wood.”

The girl moved towards them but then she went to the sheep,
standing in front of them, she looked to them, quietly speaking.
Joe was about to interrupt her, when she started to speak to him.
“The sheep will wait here? They do seem to like you” she said.
Ruby looked to the girl. “What is it that you want us do to?” 
She guided the sheep to a shaded area where there was water.
“Now I’d like it if you’d help me by collecting some firewood.”

“I didn’t think anyone from here would want to help me,”
she said to Ruby, “Where is it that you are taking the sheep?”
Ruby said they had just taken some sheep to another farm
a person there said these sheep were from where we’re going
looking at the sheep, that these belong at the Barton’s farm.
But I’m not sure if we’re leading them or they’re leading us.
I noticed they seem to be looking, watching us,” said Ruby.

“It does look as though the sheep like you,” replied the girl.
The girl and Ruby were talking while Joe collected the wood.
The girl was thankful for their help and for showing kindness
as Ruby and Joe were about to leave, the girl looked to them.
“You can use my name, it is Vixana, and know me as a friend.”
Going to Barton’s farm both Joe and the sheep wanted to lead. 
But to Ruby watching them, they were just playing a game. 

Over the hill tops and down the sides they walked and ran.
But several times Ruby looked to the bag that Joe carried.
When they got to the flat ground, Ruby called out to him.
“I’m sorry Joe but I really can’t contain myself any longer, 
can you tell me what you have in the bag?” she asked Joe.   
“Sorry, I was hoping to wait until later when we were home,
this evening; in the bag I have a change of clothes for you.”

“You have there is oh thank you!” exclaimed Ruby happily.
Joe knew that taking the sheep back, it would have to wait.
Ruby was excited to have his gift of some different clothes, 
Joe felt a shiver of fear down his neck as she opened the bag,
putting it down on the ground Ruby held up men’s trousers.
“Joe,” she said as she glared at him. “Why Men’s clothes?
I’m a girl, do you really expect me to wear men’s clothes?”

He tried to tell her no one would recognize her in the clothes.   
“People will walk right passed and not give a second look,
there is nothing odd about two men walking side by side.”
Joe pleaded with her, trying to get her to accept his reasoning,
“I’ll get you,” said Ruby taking them, too behind some bushes.
He wanted to help but when she returned and he looked to her, 
seeing her wearing men’s clothes, all he could do was smirk.

He noted she had even tied her hair up putting it under the hat.
“Well? What do you think? Will I pass as a man? WELL!”
He tried not to laugh, but all he could manage to say was “Yes.”
That was not the right thing to say, as he quickly learned.
“I was going to make you a nice meal before you saw them,”
he said to her, his hopeful words had fallen on deaf ears and
with a wicked grin. “You didn’t think this through, did you?” 

Wondering what it was she meant, cautiously he looked at her.
“Those pigs won’t look at me now, but as for you,” she grinned,
“There I’ll be looking like a man, I can now walk through town.
Even when the town is full of people that are mingling about,
and then if I was to give you a very passionate kiss, on the lips,
would the people look at me or would they see you kiss a man?
I’ll know it is me and you’ll know it’s me but what about them.

No one will know it is me, so what’ll they think looking at you
kissing me, liking being kissed by me, they’ll think I’m a man.”
Joe then realised what it was he’d done wrong. “Ah yes, oh.”
Ruby walked two steps ahead, while happily she sang to herself
occasionally she would turn back to look at Joe and she’d smile.
Joe sought help, he knew that only the sheep might give support.
“If you even look like you’re going to smile I’ll…, well I will!”

Title: Re: Just a couple of poems
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Verse   146  to Verse  181      THE BARTON CHILDREN                                                     


Mr. Barton, his wife and three children ran to the farm’s gate
the children were excited, their favourite sheep were returned.
Mr. and Mrs. Barton were intrigued why they would bother.
“Thank you, we didn’t think we’d see them again,” they said,
“Come into our house, if there’s anything we can do for you.”
Going to their home Mrs. Barton asked Ruby and Joe why.
“How did you know to bring them here?” asked Mrs. Barton.

Ruby said that Joe was finding stray sheep for Mr. Armstrong, 
“The last group of sheep he took, some he took were these.
One of the farm workers, he said these sheep were from here.
Joe told him that he would bring them here, so here we are.”
Mrs. Barton looked, curious she didn’t recognise her voice.
“Why is it that you look like a man but sound like a woman.”
Ruby smiled to her about to explain, but she was interrupted.

“Please forgive me, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.”
Ruby smiled to her, taking off her hat. “I am a woman.”
Mrs. Barton was confused. “So why do you dress as a man?”
Ruby looked for Joe. “There’s some men who want to hurt me.
Dressing like this was Joe’s idea; so they won’t recognise me
and it will work but,” she held a finger to make the point,
“I think it’s a good idea,” grinning, “But don‘t say that to Joe.” 

The children who were standing nearby began to laugh aloud.
They ran on the track to be near the sheep. Following them.
“I can see he is your youngest son, he didn’t make any sound,
why? I hope there nothing very wrong with him?” asked Ruby.
Mrs. Barton looked to her boy. “There is, my poor little thing,”
Turning with tears in her eyes, “Last year he caught a bad cold
and all the coughing he did, it that left him without a voice.

My poor boy is happy enough though, at least he hears alright.”
Ruby hugged her, she saw Joe and Mr. Barton walking to them,
she stepped back as they walked passed them towards the gate.
Joe opened the gate. “We’d best leave Ruby, times getting on,
we should be making a move.” Opening the gate for her to go,
he closed the gate behind them. Mr. Barton pointed up the hill.
“When I first saw you, were you bringing the sheep from there.”

Joe looked to the path up the hill. “Had you been over the hill?
I always go the long way nothing could tempt me to go there,”
Mr. Barton declared. “And I won’t let him,” said Mrs. Barton.
“Why, what is up there?” asked Ruby waiting for Joe to answer.
Mr. Barton looked to Joe. “Tell me you’ve heard of the witch.
Even the farmer who owns that land, he never goes up there
as he’s said to people in town. “She can kill you with a look.

And she is beautiful, not an old hag as witches are said to be.”
“We didn’t see anyone, we must’ve been lucky,” said Ruby,
“we met a pretty young girl though, but it couldn’t be her. 
She was a nice person, she liked your sheep and they liked her.”
“Could you describe her some more?” asked Mrs. Barton.
“Sure, very pretty young woman, long blonde hair,” said Ruby,
“She said that she didn’t think anyone would help her though.”

“Considering her looks, most men would be willing to help.”
“Okay, if it isn’t who I think, she is in danger just being there.
But from how you do describe her, she is who I think it is.
That was the witch Vixana that you met. You can’t miss her,
like you said, a very pretty young girl, lovely blonde hair.”
Joe and Ruby smiled to each other and said. “It wasn’t her.”
“Where ever you live, I’d suggest you go there another way.”

Ruby closed the gate turned and was about to walk away,
but she stopped, then she turned and faced Mrs. Barton. 
“We will do as you’ve suggested and go back another way.
But if she is as evil as you say, why was she nice to us?”
“That I can’t say, what she was doing when you met her?
Was she collecting wood for a fire?” asked Mr. Barton.
“Yes,” said Joe, “We offered to help her and she accepted

she didn’t refuse our help. It was more that she welcomed us
to help her after that she had made sure your sheep were ok.”
“I can’t explain that, but I will say that it was her,” he said,
“The person she is rumoured to make the fire for, is the devil.”
Ruby looked up to the hill. “Well I’m glad she was nice to us.”
Saying their farewells Joe and Ruby began to walk away
along the main track from the entrance to the Barton’s farm.

“I think we’d better start a map of where these people live,
it will help us both know where people we like live,” said Joe.
“But how do we think of names for the tracks,” said Ruby
“Something my father once said, of a friend who couldn’t talk.
He was wrong, saying he was dumb because he couldn’t speak
just like the child, but if we called this track the Barton track,
Remembering their child it could be the Dumbbarton track, 

if it’s alright when we get back,” said Joe, “I’ll start the map.”
Walking on the track, more than once they looked to the hill.
“Oh look, a river, I hope that neither of us gets wet,” said Joe
smiling to Ruby, playfully he pushed her towards the water.
About to get even, Ruby saw the Barton’s children at play
seeing Alice running onto the bridge, Ruby pulled Joe aside
“When I was a child I liked to watch other children at play.”

Keeping low in the verge as the magistrates coach passed by
They kept out of sight on an animal’s path going to the river.
Seeing the coach, Alice ran to get out of the magistrates way
the drivers of the coach slowed as they approached Alice.
But the magistrate leant from the coach, he called to Alice.
“Get out of my way you fool I have important work to do.”
Without regard for her safety he forced her out of his way.

Opening the stagecoach door she had to jump over the side
He smiled as he watched. “That’ll teach her to be in my way.”
Alice had tried to jump clear, but caught her foot on the top
causing her dive become an uncoordinated fall to the water,
hitting the river like a stone. She began to sink, unconscious.
Ruby and Joe hearing the splash knew something was wrong
they started to run on the track that led down to the river.

Alice’s brothers were playing on the bank; skimming stones
when they saw their sister fall; her scream abruptly stopped.
They dived in, swimming to where they saw she’d fallen in.
They dived for her, returning to the surface gasping for air,
They kept diving for her. Benjamin searched downstream.
Shouting her name when he surfaced, Harry was in a panic,
calling to Benjamin he disappeared below the rivers waves.

Both of them surfaced, when they couldn’t hold their breath.
They looked, hoping to see that the other had found her,
About to dive again they heard her faint cry. “Please help me.”
Both of them span about, looking about on the river’s surface
Alice was crawling up out of the river not far from the bridge.
Surprised to see her, they were so glad that she was alive.
They swam as fast as they could, then ran to where she was.

“When I couldn’t find you I thought you had died in there.”
Benjamin so wanted to speak to her he nodded his agreement.
“But I don’t understand it though, how can you be here?”
Harry looked to the swirling waters by the base of the bridge.
Alice looked as well. “I, I don’t think that I was alone in there,
I’m sure I felt two hands on me, as if I was being pulled here.”
“By who, there is no one else, there was no one else,” he said.

Alice looked to her elder brother, her eyes began to form tears.
“I’m scared,” she said, “What else could be living out there?”
They looked at the swirling waters the surface began to still.
A woman slowly rose up from the river; she faced Alice.
Her feet in the water yet they saw her walk towards them.
“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But you needed help.”
Even at the river’s edge her feet still didn’t touch the stones.

Scared by what happened, scared at the sight of the woman,
scared by the woman who was standing in front of her now.
“Did you save me?” asked Alice, “When I fell into the water.”
“I was passing by, I saw you fall, I knew that you’d need help.”
“Who are you? Why didn’t see you as I fell?” asked Alice.
“The best friend I have here, she knows me well as Teara,
my two other friends, they now me as the Goddess of the river.”
Alice tried to wipe some water of her clothes, she shivered.
A sheep went to stand against her, rubbing her with its fleece,
trying to dry her. “I see that sheep likes you,” said Teara.
“When the sheep were lambs, Alice would spoil them rotten,”
he looked at the sheep, “None of them seem to have forgotten.”
“As you are all wet, my best friend she could make you dry,
if it’s okay with you, would you like to be dry?” asked Teara,

“All I ask is when you do meet her, you show her no fear.”
Alice looked to her brothers, she blushed then looked to Teara.
Teara smiled. “It is okay you don’t need to off any clothes.”
As Harry and Benjamin watched their sisters clothes dried.
He looked at her, at their clothes. “But how?” asked Harry.
Teara pointed to a young woman walking from the bushes.
“You dried our clothes, how?” Alice ran to her to thank her.

But she stepped back. Harry watched as his clothes dried.
“How, why?” he asked. “Teara asked me too,” said Vixana.
Alice moved forwards, she wanted to hug her, to thank her.
Unused to people being nice to her she was about to retaliate.
Alice slowed. “Sorry, I only wanted to thank you, to hug you.”
Alice slowly stepped forward, she hugged her. “Thank you.”
Stepping back added. “Who are you?” Alice was in awe of her.

“My real name is Vixana, I won’t let anyone use my name,
only those that I consider to be my friends,” said Vixana.
“Vixana, oh I like that, I think that it is such a pretty name.”
Vixana stepped back. “You do? I didn’t think anybody did.”
Alice faced Teara, just in time to see her dive into the river,
her legs changing to be like a fish’s tail. Alice faced Vixana.
“That’s your friend, she, she’s a mermaid!” exclaimed Alice.

“There is a mermaid, living here, in the river?” asked Harry.
Looking where she’d gone, “I didn’t thank her,” said Alice.
“Before, you said she is a mermaid, why would you say that?
Vixana looks to Benjamin. “And why don’t you speak to me?”
“He can’t,” said Alice, “Benjamin cannot speak to anyone,
he got ill last year, a bad cold that in his throat, he can’t talk.”
“Alright.” Vixana looked to the sheep, to the three of them.

“The sheep must like you, to stay so near, and Teara did she
liked you, for her to let you to see her. Okay, that is enough.”
Vixana stared at Benjamin. “So, do you think I am pretty?”
Benjamin wanted to talk but he couldn’t make any sound.
“What was that, I did not hear your reply,” said Vixana.
Harry was about to say something in his brothers defence
Vixana held up her hand, not wanting him to say anything.

Benjamin tried to speak to Vixana; his voice was croaky.
He forced sounds from his lips. “I, I, er, er,” he replied.
“I still can’t hear you.” Vixana stood she touched his throat.
“Benjamin, have a good cough, then try to answer me again.”                 
Benjamin coughed loudly, feeling pain he held his throat.
“I felt, now that was a......” He looked to Alice and Harry,
“I said something, I can talk, I can really talk again, yay!”

He turned to face Vixana. She held her hand up to him.
“I can hear a horse and cart on the track, coming this way.”
Vixana vanished. Alice and her brothers faced each other.
Hearing the horse and cart on the bridge they turned to it, 
“Mother, father, we’ve just met two wonderful people.”
The horse and cart stopped, their mother leant to them.
“These people, tell me their names?” called Mrs. Barton

“One of them was Teara, she’s The Goddess of the river.”
“Yes dear,” said her mother, “Very believable, the other?”
“She said that we could use her name Vixana,” said Alice.
Her mother clambered from the cart, to the top railing.
“Alice my girl. What have I told you about telling lies?”
“Yes, I’d like to hear your excuse as well.” said her father.
“But Alice is telling you the truth mother,” said Benjamin

“Do you really expect me to… Benjamin! You can talk, how?”
“Mother, she did, it was Vixana, she did she gave me my voice.
She said that because the sheep liked us and Teara liked us.”
Mrs. Barton stared at him. “She gave you back your voice?”
“Yes mum, and she told us Teara is the Goddess of the river.”
Mrs. Barton turned to look their father, he held the reigns.
“I think now is a good time for us to leave, to go to town.”

“What can we say? We won’t be too long,” said their father.
When their parents had left Alice looked to her brothers.
“I could tell from mother’s expression, that confused her.”
“Is that what really happened? Is that what you really saw?”
Alice and Harry looked around. “What who’s voice was that?
“I don‘t see anyone,” said Alice. “Neither do I,” said Harry
Benjamin stared. “It was that bush. That bush spoke to us.”

They all faced to the bush. “What did it say?” asked Alice.
“The bush asked if that was what we saw,” said Benjamin. 
Alice looked to the bush. “I said that Vixana is a nice person.”
Ruby walked from the bush. “Good, we agree with each other.”
“Do you know what they say that Vixana is?” asked Alice.
Joe walked from the bush. “It was your parents who told us.”
“Joe and I saw you meet her, although we didn’t see Teara.”

“You didn’t see her, you couldn’t have missed her, she is lovely
And she was wearing a lovely crown of flowers,” said Alice.
“Thank you,” said Ruby, “It was me who made her the crown.”
“Know this Alice, regardless of if you choose to use her name
or not to her face, only those who she likes will she’ll allow. 
Your mother and father said she’s an evil person,” said Ruby,
“For that reason I’d recommend you never repeat any of this.”                     

“And please don’t repeat it even to your best friends,” said Joe.
“You can count on me, I won’t tell anyone,” said Benjamin.
“So tell me, I’d like to know how you met her?” asked Joe,
“I can’t imagine Vixana would just allow you to use her name.”
“We were told by Teara that she’d dry our clothes,” said Alice.
Joe faced her, then to the river. “Why were your clothes wet?”
“It was that new magistrate he forced me from the bridge,

I wanted to jump but I caught my foot, instead of dive I fell.”
“As I fell down I heard him laughing, I really don’t like him.
I didn’t know who it was underwater, but Teara saved me.”
“You do have good friends, best not repeat this day though
as your school friends some might repeat you,” said Ruby.
Joe faced Ruby, he whispered to her. “Best not say too much, 
to ask that of a child, or an adult.” Then Joe laughed to her.

“That magistrate, he is going to pay for doing it,” added Joe.
Leaving them Ruby and Joe went towards the rivers shallows.
Ruby was about to step onto a rock close to the water’s edge,
she stopped and smiled to Joe. “You’ll push me in won’t you?”
Joe’s face lit up, he looked to her. “I hadn’t thought of that,
mind you. How about we walk side by side? Okay,” said Joe.
Holding each other’s hand they carefully stepped on the rocks.

Joe let go of her hand as he stepped forward onto the next rock.
Ruby nearly joined him. “Oh, oops,” she almost overbalanced.
“There isn’t as much room on this rock as I thought, is there.”
She pushed him in. “There’s plenty of room on the rock now.”
Smiling, she held her arm to him, as he rose up out of the water.
As he was about to grab hold of her hand. “On second thoughts,”
Ruby said taking her hand away. Joe fell back into the river.

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Verse   182  to Verse  208      RUBY’S PARENTS                             


Early the next morning as they were preparing a warming meal
Joe asked Ruby if she’d made any plans for the day. “No why.”
He smiled to her asking. “Would you like to see your parents?”
He held her bag towards her. “We can leave now if you want?”
Ruby took hold of the bag, casually rose to her feet, smiled.
“Well come on then Joe. Why are you still standing here?”
Ruby began to lead the way, walking with a spring in her step.

Joe tried to catch up with her, calling to her. “Are you happy?”
She didn’t turn back to look at him. “Yes, you might say that,
I haven’t seen my mum and dad for nearly a month, so yes
I am happy,” walking on her merry way, what could go wrong.
“I suppose,” Joe said, “I should be grateful for small mercies.
At least you’re not learning how to whistle, and the wind is
blowing your way.” Joe smiled Ruby now walked in silence.

Without warning Ruby stopped, guiding Joe to behind a tree.
She pointed through the trees, to a large house nestled ahead
“Can you see the house, does anyone live there?” she asked.
“I can only see what might have been a nice big house once.
But it looks like a derelict now. Still, we’d best be careful.”
Moving quietly they kept watching the old sad looking house.
With curiosity raised they crept closer, looking for signs of life.

Standing next to a tree on the farms boundary, both looking.
“Nothing tells me that this farm has been worked for years.”
“I’m not so sure,” said Ruby, “We can’t be that far from home,
I can’t remember anyone saying of an empty house out here.”
“The wood on the house is as weathered as the fence,” said Joe.
“We ought to take a closer look Joe there might be a well here,
I am a bit thirsty, I could do with a drink of water,” said Ruby.     

Moving along barren wooden fencing rails, watching about
looking to see if there were any signs of life in the house,
they were surprised to see a family leaning against a fence.
“Hello, we only came here hoping to find a drink of water.
We didn’t realize that anyone was still living here,” said Joe.
After having a drink of some water they went on their way.
Waiting until they thought they were out of hearing range.   

“Did you notice, they had next to nothing to eat,” said Joe.
“I did, I didn’t know that there were people that lived like that,
though I doubt that you’d call living, maybe call it surviving.”
“Would you like to go back, we could do, in a day or two?”
“Yes I would like that but what could we do?” asked Ruby.
Joe started to tell Ruby what he had seen in the storage shed.
“Caked in dust was a sheet, under the cover was a steam engine,

those things aren’t cheap, they must have been well off once.
That and the empty cattle yards, I’d say they were quite big.
The house is the same, decent size but in need of lots of work.”
“With children that young, the blokes arm it looked broken and
it never set properly, could be he can’t do work,” stated Ruby.
“So, we go back in a few days,” suggested Joe, “To help them.”
On the track too Ruby’s home, it passed by a field in the open

Joe saw a woman working in the field. “Do you know who it is?
If not we’d best keep away, the fewer who see us the better.”
“You are really suspicious of people aren’t you,” asked Ruby.
Ruby ran towards the woman field. Despite Joe’s call’s to her.
Concerned what the person might do, Joe’s fears were allayed.
“I’m glad that Ruby knows you, I was so worried,” said Joe.
“I’m sorry I caused you concern, but you really should trust me

not to give you any reason to fear what I’m doing,” said Ruby,
“Joe this is Samantha, we’ve been friends since we were kids.”
“And who is this fine man with you Ruby?” asked Samantha.
“This is Joe. Those men, the pigs? What happened to them.”
Ruby looked around, worried about where they might be
“Have you seen any of them, him or his brothers?” she asked.
Samantha saw Ruby’s fear. “They were here, a few days ago.

They came looking for you but as you weren‘t here, they went.
Everybody here thought you dead. I’m so glad to see your not,
and you have a man to look after you, so what is his name,
you said that it’s Joe, but not Joe who?” asked Samantha
“I don’t know his name, most people know him as Moondyne.
Samantha looked to Joe, quickly turning to face Ruby. “What.
He is the.... ” Samantha was in disbelief. “Moondyne Joe,

you’re with him.” Samantha looked nervously to him, to Joe 
“I know, I’ve had to pinch myself at least once well,” said Ruby.
“How come you are with him? Are you two, you know, lovers?”
Samantha smiled coyly to Ruby. “Or are you friendly friends.”
Ruby grinned to Samantha, standing by Joe she hugged him.
“So Ruby? This friend of yours, an introvert is she?” asked Joe.
“The quiet shy retiring type?” Ruby smiled, “You noticed that?”

Ruby and Joe began to laugh. “Ruby, the stories I’ve heard,”
Samantha faced Joe, “Those story’s, he’s a vicious criminal!”
“A hard vicious criminal?” Ruby faced Joe, “You didn’t say!”
Ruby kissed Joe, she turned and with a smile to Samantha, she 
grinned and looked away. Suddenly, Joe grabbed Samantha.
“What you said, you all thought her dead? Ruby, your parents,
what must they think!” Thinking what Joe said hit Ruby hard.

“Samantha!” Ruby exclaimed, “Where? I have to see them.”
Samantha pointed to a house. “They’ll be with the animals now.”
About to run, Joe stopped her. “Samantha, will you get them,
bring them here?” he asked, “And please don’t tell anyone else.” 
She looked to Joe. “Yes,” she hugged Ruby, “I won’t be long.”
Ruby and Joe lay on the ground waiting for Samantha to return,
occasionally one of them rose above the ears of wheat to look.

They’d waited for ten minutes, when Joe pulled Ruby to him. 
“You’d best stand up, so they can see where you are,” said Joe.
Ruby kissed Joe. Getting up, running to her parents, arms wide.
She ran into their loving arms. Samantha kept walking passed, 
stood next to Joe. “I think it’ll be best let them have time alone.
I am glad that you are not afraid to show your feelings for Ruby.
I know she’ll like that, I dare say you know, Ruby loves you.”

Joe slowly faced Samantha. “Do you think so? She hasn’t said.”
“Her parent’s names, they are Ethel and David,” said Samantha.
Joe felt a hand on his arm, looking he saw that it was David.
“So you’re the man in my daughter’s life,” said Ruby’s father
“From what Ruby has just said, you have looked after her well.
Any time you two are near, you’ll be welcome,” said David.
Joe nodded to him. Appreciative of being accepted as a friend.

“What about me?” asked Samantha, “I would want to see them.”
They looked to her. “Hasn’t Ruby said?” asked Ruby’s mother,
she put her weight against her husband, her lover, her friend.
“I’m surprised, she hasn’t said she wants you back, with them.”
Samantha looked to Joe, too Ruby. “You were going to ask?”
Joe looked to Ruby. “Were you going to ask me, I mean ask?”
They looked to each other then to Samantha, they laughed.

David looked at Samantha. “I can think of a young woman,
she wouldn’t have liked to see you go without her, would you?
I take it that you will be going to leave today?” asked David.
“It feels good to know that Ruby is alive and well,” said Ethel,
“About you going with them Samantha, I think they’re waiting
for you, be a dear and get some clothing to take with you.”
Samantha looked to them. They were quiet for a moment or two.

“Still waiting,” Joe said to Samantha. “Oh, back in a minute.”
Samantha ran to the village, in a few minutes she came back.
“I’ve got all the clothing I’ll need for a while,” said Samantha.
On the way back Joe told Ruby they’d need some more food.
“Do you mean because that I’ve joined you?” asked Samantha.
“I hadn’t thought of that, haven’t we got enough?” asked Ruby
“And there I was, thinking that Joe was a hardened criminal.”

Joe faced Ruby. “We’ve enough for a few days, not much more.” 
“There’s not much money left either, finding sheep is good
but it doesn’t give regular money, how else could we get food?”
Joe grimaced, apologising with his eyes knowing his options.
“We don’t have much choice, I’ll be back to my old ways.”
“When you say old ways?” asked Samantha. Ruby faced her.
“I hope you don’t mean you’ll rob someone?” asked Samantha.

“Not in the way you seem to be implying, I’m not violent,
although if that is what people think of me, those false beliefs,
could be put to use, I’ll have to be careful though,” said Joe,
“We need food, I know where to get some, but not too much
I don’t like wasting it, we didn’t get enough in jail to waste.”
“So if we get too much, we give some away.” Ruby smiled.
“When I was younger food was given to people who needed it.”

“I remember that, it felt good giving food away,” said Samantha.
“Remember Alice, being forced from the bridge?” asked Joe.
“Oh right, you mean to steal the magistrates food,” said Ruby
“Well I did say I’d get him for what he did to Alice,” said Joe.
“Taking the food from the magistrates table? Yes I do like that.
And if there is any extra food I dare say the family near here
they would know how to make good use of it,” declared Ruby. 

Keeping off the main track, heading to Ruby and Joe’s home.
They kept playing games on each other as they walked along.
While they were playing tag Joe noticed Ruby had fallen behind,
he saw her crouching near some bushes at the side of the track.
“Wait here,” Joe told Samantha, he went to where Ruby was.
“What is it?” he asked. Ruby told him to look passed the bushes.
“I heard those people, but I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Joe looked to the field. “They are beyond that line of trees.”
creeping passed the bushes motioning Samantha to join Ruby.
“Ruby you’d best keep Samantha close, to avoid being seen.”
He carefully moved into the field trying not to make a sound.
“I can see several people, the police have a convict gang there.”
“They have? What is there for them to do?” asked Samantha.
Joe and Ruby looked to each other. They crept a bit closer.

“What do you think it is Joe?” asked Ruby. “I’m not too sure,
they seem to be clearing a wide path, I can’t think what it’s for.
Unless they are redoing all the old track to make it smoother.”
They watched as convicts moved rocks and dug up tree roots.
“Who wants it smoother. I wonder, if that is the reason why, 
the magistrate lives this way, they might be doing it for him.” 
Deciding to stay and make sure, they watched to find out why.

Samantha pointed to some of the convicts. “Look at those three 
they are moving those cattle away from where they are working.”
Joe looked at them then to the stream near the bushes. “Handy.”
“What is it Joe, you’re much too interested in them,” said Ruby.
“There’s a good reason,” said Joe smiling, “I know those three.”
“You do? I can guess where you know them from,” said Ruby.
“It is obvious isn’t it, a convict work party, and me an escapee.”

Those three moving the cows, they have helped me to escape.”
“Do you mean escaping Fremantle jail?” asked Samantha. 
“They are Edward, Garret and the tall one is Martin,” said Joe.
“Let me guess, do you want to return the favour?” asked Ruby.
Joe looked at the convicts then towards where the police were.
“If I could, trouble is they are guarded by the police,” said Joe.
“I could move the cows tonight, put them back there tomorrow.”

Joe didn’t say a word going home he was planning what to do.
“I’ll make sure you get back okay, then I’ll go out. People to see.”
Joe wandered passed the town and over the hill looking for a fire
On the way back he visited the police stables then the station.
He was pleased with himself as he neared the nice little home
Acting as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth he kissed Ruby.
“I see you’ve had a good evening,” said Ruby. He even whistled.

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Verse   209  to Verse  238      THE FOOD WAGON                               


Walking down the hill from their home early the next morning, 
Ruby and Samantha kept a few paces behind Joe. “He’s happy.”
They made their way on the new track to Dumbbarton track,
Joe told them most of what he had done the previous evening.
At where the robbery was to be Joe pointed to three horses,
“They are for our escape, not to ride but to carry the food.”
Climbing part way up a tree he peered along the track to town.

“Here comes the food wagon now, you two should go and hide, 
“It shouldn’t go wrong, but my best laid plans can go wrong.
As there’s no need for you to get caught, go to the horses now.”
Looking to Ruby and Samantha. “Are you young ladies ready?”
“Did you hear that, Joe referred to us as young ladies, out here?
He’s in a good mood. What have you planned Joe?” asked Ruby.
Joe smiled. “I’m looking forward, the next two hours will be fun.”

Ruby guided Samantha to the horses. They listened to the wagon
Hearing it trundle passed, then it stopped. It went back to town.
Joe called them to get the food. “As you said, give the food away.”
When they left Joe went to the track, leaving with three convicts. 
Ruby and Samantha took some food on a horse to a lonely house.
They walked up to the front door of the house. “Is anyone in?”
A woman opened the door hesitantly, she walked from the house.

“What is it?” she looked to them, “What is it that you want?”
“I don’t want anything from you, but I do have this for you.”
Ruby gave her the bag of food, the woman stared then smiled.
“It’s you! The cards told me to expect you today, so thank you.
and please, thank him as well.” Graciously she took the bundle.
“Here, for the food, I only have two pennies, when I have more.”
Ruby held her hands up in defence. “No, the food, it is a gift,”

Ruby looked at her eyes. “Although a gift, please keep it a secret.” 
“I know of that, I know to keep you a secret, and especially him.
But where you took the food from, though the food was for him
the magistrate, he will have taken the food without paying for it,
so please take the money I gave you and give it to the butcher.”
“I see what you mean, we had not thought of that,” said Ruby,
“But you keep your money, should we... accidentally find some

I’m sure the butcher as other shop owners will, get some money.
Do tell me, when you said him, who do you mean?” asked Ruby.
The woman turned her head, looking from the corner of her eye. 
“I mean Mister Johns, Moondyne Joe,” she said, “Please wait.”
The woman went into her house, soon coming back outside.
“I never said his name how do you know of him?” asked Ruby.
The woman grinned to her. “As with you I like to help people,

Using my cards I can see what a person is thinking, those cards,
they tell me tales. They told me that you would be here today
with Samantha.” “I only got here yesterday,” said Samantha,
“How could you know my name?” Ruby looked at the woman.
“If you know that, please tell me more of my friend,” said Ruby.
“You want me to tell you about your special friend, him, the man
Joseph Johns, he who to many people is thee Moondyne Joe?

No, that is not what you’d like to know. You should ask her,
she who I aspire to. That pretty young girl known as Vixana.”
Ruby was stunned as was Samantha. “You know Vixana, how?”
Neither Joe nor Ruby knew, just how well known Vixana was.
“When I first came here, from there, it was to be near Vixana
And with several others, we choose to live throughout these hills
though not for her respect nor for her favour will we follow her.”

Ruby touched the woman’s shoulder, smiled then walked away.
Only stopping to turn and wave. The woman returned the wave.
“Thank you,” she whispered to herself, “And your special friend
good on yer Moondyne Joe.” She looked to the food in the bag.
Ruby and Samantha stopped at other houses on the way home.
When Joe returned there was five people sat outside the house.
Ruby greeted him. “Have we got some rum tales to tell you.”

After the evenings meal, sitting outside under the sky of stars
Edward thanked Joe, Ruby and Samantha. “I’m feeling alive,
this freedom is good the best I’ve had, being here I have hope.
One of those groups of stars should be named after you Joe.”
Martin quietly cheered. “There was one thing I wanted to ask,
When you came here, how did you find the way,” asked Ruby.
“We didn’t, not being used to the area, we did what natural,

we got ourselves lost, luckily Joe had said the direction. Still
there we were walking along a path, until we faced a fork,
none of us knew which way to go. We stood there guessing.
Then I heard a voice calling to us, a young woman’s voice
She said the police were coming this way; I should trust her.
She told us which path to take, where to hide to see the police
and sent us on our way here, she told me to say hello to Joe.”

Wondering who it could be. “What did she look like?” asked Joe.
“A lovely young woman. A picture worth a thousand smiles.”
Joe faced Ruby. “She helped them, without us asking her to.”
“She had well groomed long blonde hair, I won’t forget her.”
“We’ll introduce you to her, if we can. She is old not young,
And you won’t believe it when I tell you about her,” said Joe.
“She helped us avoid the police,” continued a thankful Garret.

“When I say old, I really do mean old, at least several hundred
the woman who helped you was none other than our Vixana
as witches go she is the most evil, but she does has a good side
I’d say because you moved those cows; she loves all animals.”
“Are you serious?” asked Martin, “you believe she is a witch?”
“Not only me, everyone here knows of her and her special friend
though he isn’t her lover, I hope. He is a friend, he is the Devil.” 

“You can choose not to believe us, that’s okay. You just wait
tomorrow we will take you to the river to let you meet Teara
The Goddess of the river, I know for a fact they are friends.
About Vixana, you don’t use her name, only her friends can.”
“She’ll tell you if she’ll let you can use her name,” said Ruby
“What can we do for her to see us as friends?” asked Martin
“Simple, be kind to animals, like you did with the cows.”

“About tomorrow Joe, after they have met Teara and Vixana
We need to find somewhere better, this place is good for three
But it is far too small for six, everyone should get privacy. So
Can we have a look at places that might be better,” said Ruby.
Stood at the river the next morning by the Wading Bird pools. 
They waited for Teara to come to introduce her to Joe’s friends.
They waited, sat on the bank, dangling their feet in the river.

Edward and Garret often looked behind, they weren’t convinced
she lived in the river, they were so surprised as she rose to them,
seeing no ripples on the surface only compounded that surprise.
When the introductions were made, allowing a future friend
Ruby told Teara about their plans for finding a new place to live.
“I know where would suit you good, at the other end of town, 
where people take their horses for them to have a relaxing time.

Opposite there, up the hill a bit, there is a place of water lays
that ducks go for the quiet, I know because they told me so,
I could meet you at the bend in the river near there near Alice.
Ruby turned to Joe and asked what he thought, Joe grinned
“Given who made the recommendation I’d be a fool to say no.”
Going uphill to their house Ruby led them over the hill tops
skirting about the town they went to the ducks relaxation pool.

Standing at the edge of the trees Joe looked at the landscape.
“It is good here, nice views to the river. And look at that hill
If there’s a cave near the top, it would make a good lookout
And these trees, there is something I’d like to do with them
Call the River gums or Ghost gums, but for what I’d like to do
Calling them ghost gums would be good; they’ll be as a ghost
painting the shape of a man on each, and a well-placed stick.

And fix to the tree with a nail so that it will stay there if shot.”
“A stick that appears as a rifle, why do that Joe?” asked Ruby.
“Imagine how it will seem should the police visit in the dawn?”
“Lots of people waiting for them, they would behave as ghosts
no matter how many times they’d get shot, they’d still stand.
Joe,” said Ruby, “I have got to admit it, I do like that idea.”
Samantha smiled to Ruby. “And there’s even water for horses.”

“So we have a new place to stay, oh we’ll need food for a party
Lucky for us that magistrate keeps getting deliveries of food.”
“That poor magistrate, his wine cellar is going to get a visit
I hope he doesn’t mind,” said Ruby. “He will,” said Samantha,
“especially if I leave a thank you message from Moondyne Joe.”
During the following days Garret and Martin took possessions
From one house to the new one while Edward and Joe built it.

Joe found time to plan their encounter with the food wagon
After an evening meal Joe told them. “Party night tomorrow.”
The morning saw them all waiting near the Dumbbarton track
Ruby and Samantha were asked to take care of their horses
the men hid behind a group of trees until the wagon was near
Joe stepped out onto the track, noting the two men sat on it.
Taking the pistol from his jacket, pointing it to the ground.

“I hope you are going to stop,” he said standing his ground.
Gerald and Norham the drivers of the wagon stopped it quick.
“Why are you stopping us? All that we have on here is food.”
“Yes I know that,” said Joe, “And I do know whose food it is,
it is for the magistrates table, that’s why I wanted you to stop.”
“You know what we have got, and yet you want to stop us?”
“Just drop the reigns, do as I want, you’ll be okay,” said Joe.

When the wagon was empty, Joe went to Gerald and Norham
“Thank you, you’ve done as I asked so you can go,” said Joe.
“We will have to turn around a bit further along the track.
We will need to go and get some more food to take to him
the magistrate won’t want to hear excuses,” said Norham.
Joe watched them go. “We’d best wait until they’ve gone.”
When Ruby and Samantha looked, they weren’t too happy.

“I think that you have taken too much food,” said Samantha.
“I never thought that there would be this much,” stated Ruby.
Joe, Edward, Martin and Garret looked at the parcels of food.
“It is a bit much, maybe too much for us if we take all of this.
They’ll know we are giving it away,” he looked at Samantha,
“If the police arrest people for taking our help, it won’t be help.
What else can we do?” “You could take less,” said Samantha.

“The wagon was stopped when you stole the food,” said Ruby,
“so stop the wagon again.” “Can you imagine what I would say.
Sorry to stop you again, I took too much so here’s some back?
take what we need Ruby plus a few for who we’re going to help.”
Trying not to laugh Joe waited for the wagon to give some back
When finished he went to the horses, where the food bags were
Ruby patted one of the horses as she tied a food bag to its saddle.

“You never did say where you got the horses from,” said Ruby.
“When I went out that evening I did a few other things first
Then on my way back I found them while I was walking.”
“Really, you happened to find three horses with saddles on,
now I know that you are lucky, but even so,” exclaimed Ruby.
Joe smiled to them, noting their looks of disbelief. “Maybe
they were at the jail, I asked them if they’d like some grass.”

What they didn’t know, they were being watched by some boys
who had been playing amongst the trees, stopping their game
they watched the robbery, they saw the food sorted and divided.
The boys then followed Ruby and Samantha towards a house.
To where one of the boys lived, he was worried for his mother.
“Who should we tell, what should we do to warn my mother?
Even a policeman wouldn’t get here in time,” said Nathaniel.

Andrew the eldest told Nathaniel his mother should be safe.
“We can tell the policemen later, if you want to do that but
I don’t think you do, I was in Perth with my father last week
I saw a picture of a wanted man. It was one of the men we saw,
Moondyne Joe, my father said good luck to him,” said Andrew.
“But I have to warn my mother that he is near,” said Nathaniel.
Running to the house, stopping when they saw Ruby was there.

Waiting until Ruby had left, they ran to Nathaniel’s mother.
She saw her son, and held out the food bag for him to see.
“It’s our lucky day, look at what that woman just gave us!”
“Mother, that is stolen food, it belongs to the magistrate.”
Nathaniel’s mother looked surprised, she smiled to herself.
“Then that woman, she must be a very bad,” she said aloud
“And she mixes with bad men, one is that Moondyne Joe.”

Andrew looked to where the woman had gone. “Very bad.”
“So she is with them,” she looked at her son and his friends,
“Then you ought to thank her Nathaniel, she gave this food
Which means you can enjoy the food we’ll have tonight,
All we had to eat before, was your pet chicken,” she said. 
Tears formed in Nathaniel’s eyes, he thought of his chicken
then looked to the woman. His head held low. “Thank you.”

Verse   239  to Verse  246      FUN IN TOODYAY                         


Joe looked about, curious about where Samantha had gone.
“She is learning about the enemy, about what they’re doing
and with any luck she will be keeping them away from here.”
“That’s good to hear, someone on the inside,” said Joe.
“Yes, Samantha is always thinking of others,” added Ruby.
“Do you have plans for us three, for today?” asked Edward
“Not really,” replied Joe, “But I have plans a few days after that.”

“If it involves us, that’s okay if it doesn’t we have a place to go
We would like to stay here, near the town with our own friends
We do have one or two women that we’d like to know more
they don’t live to far away, but away from a policeman’s eye.”
Joe looked to Edward. “I agree with you not being seen is good
annoying the magistrate is more of Ruby’s and my thing, but
there are people I’d like you to meet before you go,” said Joe.

“This morning I overheard Ruby say that the food level is low
We will always be near to help, but freedom is what we seek.”
Joe looked to Edward. “It was good seeing you, to be friends
and it’ll be good to know you’ll stay free, as free as you can.
After the following few days, take as much time as you want,”
He turned and faced Ruby, “Is Samantha of the same thought?
Does she seek a new life for herself?” Ruby smiled. “She does.”

“When I said she is with your enemy I wasn’t being correct
She has a friend with one of your enemy, Sergeant Wentworth
He’s as much a friend to her as she wants him to be,” said Ruby.
“The police aren’t my enemy, some of them I see them as okay
not that magistrate though, what he did to Alice I won’t forget
and many more people here, he takes food from them and wine.
But if Samantha wishes to be with a policeman, this is her life.”

“What plans have you got so far?” asked Edward, “Can I help?”
“There is some work to do for the first robbery, so yes thanks.
The second time we get the wagon should be easy to do though,
after the first one there is a family that I’d like you to meet.”   
“That poor magistrate, this is going to be a bad week for him,
having the food bound for his table taken twice, he’ll have
to stop wasting his time and eat at work,” announced Ruby.
That afternoon Joe and Edward went to a track near to the town
where they sat down, Joe said of his thoughts what they’re to do.
As with many of Joe’s carefully made plans, all went well.
Together they found the cows guiding them to a nearby stream
Where the water flowed near the track they built a dam there,
big enough for that the water cross the track the next morning,
so that it would form a ditch in the loosely replaced soft soil.

At a bit before midday they sat waiting for the wagon to come
Ruby and Samantha waited away from them, with the horses
While three watched from the tree limbs Joe was by the stream
On getting the word Joe made a small ditch from stream to track
The water washed away the soft earth, quickly forming a gully.
The driver of the wagon saw it and brought the horses to a stop
stepping out, asking him what was wrong. Norham looked to Joe

“Oh, it’s you again. Are you going to empty wagon this time?”
“No, I don’t want all of it I’ll just take what I need,” said Joe.
“I shouldn’t say this and if asked I didn’t, word of what you do
Is out, word of you giving the magistrates food to the hungry
If you want to know of more people,” Norham gave Joe a list,
“if you and your friends ever want, I have some wine for you.”
He moved to the side and gave Joe the wine. “It’s Houghtons.”

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Verse   247  to Verse  254      THE STEAM ENGINE HOUSE                                           
Verse   255  to Verse  283      CAPTURE                                           


Walking away from the town towards the where Samantha
and Ruby were from, taking in in turns to ride on a horse
they carried with them a few bags of food for the people.
“Who are the people we are going to see?” asked Samantha.
“Ruby and I went there once do, we both thought them nice
I saw a steam engine in a shed on what was a farm,” said Joe.
“Yes, I know who you mean, that is Graham Sanders farm,

His wife Susan and their children Ruth, Alexander and Brian
Graham was helping a village farmer to fit a gate when a bull
in that field kicked the fence. The gate he built fell on his arm.
It was broken quite badly and it was never repaired quite right.
That injury to his arm has stopped him from doing more work
so count me in with anything help that you want give him,”
Samantha smiled, “I’ve been there before, his kids are great.”

Approaching the house, Joe saw Graham’s family in a field,
seeing Joe, Ruby and Samantha they all came to meet them.
“I did say that we would come back for a visit,” said Joe.
Samantha gave the food bag to them. The children smiled,
looking in the bag, exclaiming aloud. “They brought us food.”
Saying what it was Graham and Susan joined with excitement
they put their hands in the bag, happy at finding more food.

Wanting them to stay Mr. Sanders asked if they wanted a drink
“While we are here can I have a look at your steam engine,”
Joe asked, “What was it you used to do did you make anything?”
“Farm fences, gates and when I was asked I would make seats
for people to sit on and tables for people to have a picnic on.”
Ruby looked at Joe. “Now that would be nice, I’d like that.”
Mr. Sanders took them into the barn so they could have a look.

“When the money became a problem I tried making furniture
for the people who lived hear here, then others wanted more.
But cutting wood became very arduous and time consuming
I built tables so the steam engine could cut what wood I’d need.
And it was made to make short cuts of wood for chairs or tables.
I even made it to do long cuts when I used a trunk of a tree.
Unfortunately though, I soon found I needed two good arms.”

Joe looked to him, to his arm then he looked at the machinery,
trying to think of ways to make it easy to use with one arm.
“Before the engine can be started I need to get the water here,
I used to bring two buckets of water at a time, now it’s just one.
Bringing two at a time took me a lot of the day, so one at a time.”
“That is okay, there are ways I can help, I do think of things.
So four of us with you, we’ll make a way to bring water to you

And keep spare water so it remains topped up through the day.
I dare say that we could sort this place out for you and your kids.
If you want to pay us how about making some garden furniture
Ruby has said how much she would like a long table,” said Joe.       
By the end of the week the house and windows were all cleaned,
the yards and the gardens reflected the pride the owners had.
Martin, Edward and Garret had done what repairs were needed.

Joe and Graham made the steam engine able to be run by Graham
by himself. Ruby had been given a promise of a long table for her. 
Going home after finishing Joe asked Samantha about the police.
Not knowing Ruby had told Joe. “Why ask me?” asked Samantha.
“I know who you’ve been going to see, and who you want to see.”
“I told Joe that you are sweet on the police sergeant,” said Ruby.
“You don’t mind?” asked Samantha, “I won’t tell him about you.”


The next day, Ruby and Samantha had gone to the bridge
Alice was playing on the bank of the river; they joined her.
Time seemed to go past slowly, Ruby watched the bridge
Making sure nothing was on the bridge, while with Alice.
After Alice went home they went to hide in a bush and wait.
Only being a few minutes when four men came behind them.
Thinking they’d been found out Samantha was about to run.

“It’s alright, it’s only us, bit nervous aren’t you?” asked Joe
Samantha admitted she was. “The food wagon hasn’t passed.”
“I think it best that you leave, now go to be with the horses.”
Edward and Garret waited until the wagon had gone passed.
Joe and Martin were at the other end, ready to do the hold up.
Martin was the most lively and outgoing of them, they agreed.
Seeing Edward’s signal, Joe told Martin to prepare himself.

They watched as the wagon moved on the bridge towards them,
Martin jumped from cover to stand at the middle of the track,
standing in front of the horses, showing the drivers the pistol.
“Stand and deliver,” he shouted, “Your money and your food!”
Garret and Edward following the wagon tried not to laugh,
the wagon drivers saw they were hemmed in front and back,
they dropped the reigns staying where they were as ordered.

“Half empty the wagon,” Joe shouted, “That’s all we need.
Then put it at the side of the track, I’ll tell them to leave.”
Joe said he knew they’d be back. “By then we’ll be gone.”
So carrying the food bags to where the girls were waiting,
they sorted out the food for them and bags for the hungry.
Samantha and Martin went one way, the other two the other
Joe and Ruby carried two food bags each, back to the camp.

Joe and Ruby were walking to the track heading to their camp
as the wagon came past again, they’d been walking too slow
The driver of the wagon looked at Joe. “I forgot this before.”
Ruby and Joe watched as a smiling Norham got off the wagon.
“I know who you are, as many people here know who you are
if either of you repeat this I’ll deny ever saying it, here’s thanks
that magistrate takes food he likes, many times he doesn’t pay

but you take from him and send money to the owners of shops
they got together, to give this wine from Houghton’s Winery.
In case you have a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate.”
Joe said they were close to town, he bid Norham be on his way,
watching the wagon leave Joe saw some policemen on horses
that were heading towards them, he told Ruby to hide herself.
“I’ll lead them away, near to the river, where we used to live.”

Carrying a bag of food Joe ran over a field towards the river,
hoping to find lots of cover. But the police kept chasing him.
Joe could only take solace; the others weren’t being chased.
He ran near town, through the trees towards a river crossing,
watching them as he ran, wanting the police to be after him.
He didn’t notice that one had gone, heading into the town.
Joe ran alongside of the river, try as he did they were closer.

Having passed by the end of town he ran the river’s shallows,
onto a path he knew well, the trees branches would cause grief
glancing to the police, seeing they were about to cross the river.
The police horse’s shied; they had refused to cross the river.
Despite the many attempts by their riders to keep them going.
The water began to bubble and foam then shooting into the air
the vast sprays of water continually soaked the policemen.

Confused, frightened, looking to each other, awaiting a reason,
an explanation how it could happen. Asking what could cause
the disturbances. The rivers turmoil ceased; it became normal.
The horses settled, Sgt. Wentworth ordered his men to cross.
“I will continue along the side of the river.” Then he saw her.
A pretty young woman was on opposite bank. “Listen to me,
cross here but you will not see who you seek, I will speak him

I will not allow you to go further than these bushes behind me.”
Sgt. Wentworth ignored her, he called to each of the policemen.
“Go across the river onto the other bank, go to near the sheep.”
Moondyne Joe ran along the path, clutching the bag of food.
“You can put that down.” Joe looked to see who was speaking.
Vixana appeared just in front of him, walking towards him.
“Slow down now Joe, they won’t catch you, they can’t see you.”

Joe looked to where the policemen were stood, on the trail.
“Thank you, but I can still see them so they must see me.”
Vixana sat down by the track, she motioned Joe to sit as well.
“You can rest here with me, they can’t see you, trust me Joe, 
close they might be, what they don’t know they can’t see.”
Joe looked to them, they were all looked in all directions.   
“Would you like some nice fresh drinking water,” she said.

Thanking her he took a sip. “And something to eat?” she asked.
Joe smiled to her. “Thank you.” “You are like me at times Joe,
it isn’t often that I get to sit,” said Vixana, “Because I choose
who I want as a friend very carefully I see it as important to me
that when I do, that my friend has a drink and something to eat.”
“It is good that I can sit and rest awhile, I am a bit exhausted.
I know that Ruby will want to thank you and know I’m grateful.”

“Joe, keep that quiet, if people could hear you say I’m kind.
What sort of a reputation would I have?” asked Vixana.
“A lot of people here know of you, and they do respect you.”
“Oh no,” replied Vixana, “What have I done to deserve that?”
Joe smiled to her. “I know you as a nice person, as a friend,
though not a special friend. Ruby is my only special friend.
However, about you, know your reputation precedes you.

Many people who live near here used to mistreat their animals.
But no anymore, their fear of you seeing them scold animals
they own, that you might be near, they are kind to all animals.”
Vixana smiled. “That is good for the animals. Maybe not me.”
“How afraid of you do you think the people are of you. You
have no reason to worry, your reputation here is quite safe.”
“Well thank you, go to the Wading Pool, a sheep needs rescue.”

Vixana grimaced as Joe walked away. “I’m going to miss you.”
Joe went across the river he looked, tried to hear the sheep.
Seeing Ruby he headed towards her, greeting her with a hug.
“I just saw Vixana she said there is a sheep in trouble here.
Have you seen any of the policemen on your way to here?”
“No,” replied Ruby, “But several times I thought them near.”
she looked around, listened, only hearing sound of the trees,

the sound of water cascading over smooth rocks in the river.
“There, I heard a sound, like an animal that is calling for help.
Ruby pointed straight ahead, further along of where they stood.
Walking that way the cries of the animal began to be clearer.
“I can hear the animal’s cries, it sounds near but I can’t see it.”
Joe stopped Ruby walking, he looked to his side, then down.
Ruby looked at where Joe looked, caught in a pit was a sheep.

“I don’t like this, this whole thing feels wrong, how did it get in.
I can‘t see where it went in, there are no marks on the edge.”
Ruby looked at the pit. “You are right, is it a trap set for you?
It doesn’t look as though this trap was built for the sheep,
if anything the sheep seems to have been placed in there.”
Ruby faced Joe, “Could the police know about us being here?”
“It would make sense,” admitted Joe. Ruby looked at the sheep.

Then she looked to Joe. “It was bound to happen sometime.”
A few tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes. “I’ll miss you.”
“And I’ll miss you, and being here.” He looked along the river.
Mind you, we have had fun here, just think who we’ve met.”
“I upset the wrong people, probably that magistrate as well,
I dare say he’ll have his revenge. “Will I see you again Joe?”
“It’ll be nice if we do meet again, but don’t expect it,” he said.

Ruby indicated behind them. “It sounds like a horse walking.”
“And there is a policeman on foot, next to it, look,” added Joe.
Ruby turned, she watched as the lone policeman reached them. 
“Joe, he is by himself you can still run, to get away from him.”
“I could I suppose but why, I wouldn’t be with you, or here.”
“I am Sgt. Wentworth are you going to give me any trouble?”
“I take it that you know who I am, so you know what I’m like.

No, I’ll give you no trouble I’ll go quietly, as always,” said Joe.
“Good,” replied Sgt. Wentworth getting ropes from a saddle bag.
“If you don’t mind though, I do have one last request,” said Joe.
“You are being good to me, okay I’ll be nice to you. What is it?”
asked Sgt. Wentworth as he pulled the ropes out of a saddle bag.
“Oh please, you’re not going to tie Joe up are you?” asked Ruby.
“Can you wait until after I have rescued the sheep,” said Joe.

Sgt. Wentworth was surprised. “Even now you’d help the sheep?”
“He will,” said Ruby. “That is one of Mr. Barton’s sheep I’d
be grateful if you would return the sheep to him,” stated Joe.
“The rope wasn’t for you I only brought it to set the sheep free.
Getting the sheep in there was easy,” said Sergeant Wentworth,
“I didn’t know the sheep belongs to Mr. Barton, I’ll see he get it.”
“The rope is for the sheep? Was the pit your idea?” asked Ruby.

Sgt. Wentworth leant against his horse. “No, the magistrate
came up with the idea, he said you’d help an animal in trouble.
I admit though, I’m surprised to hear that you want to help it.
I am, well I didn’t realise how much you would care for it,”
he looked at Joe, “If I’d known of your attitude towards sheep,
I’d have warned you not to be here,” said Sergeant Wentworth
Ruby looked to Joe, smiling. “He does seem to appreciates you.”

“Ruby, you’d best hold his horse while we rescue the sheep.”
Joe jumped down into the pit, holding the sheep, comforting it.
He held the sheep above his head, allowing it to escape the pit.
“I bet it isn’t every day that you see that is it?” asked Ruby,
“The man you’re to arrest, doing what he can for a sheep.”
Sgt. Wentworth looked at Joe. Taking his rifle from its sheath
“Before I help you, will you promise this as well?” he asked.

“If I can I will,” said Joe. Sergeant Wentworth faced Ruby.
“And you as well?” “Yes, I‘ll do what I can,” she replied.
“I know who you are, I know you are that Moondyne Joe
So please, neither of you repeat any of this to the magistrate,
I’m not doing this so I can say I’m the one who arrested you,
I like to say to my grandchildren that one day I helped you.”
He held his rifle down to Joe. “Hold this, I’ll pull you out.”

Joe looked up, at the dangerous end of the barrel of the rifle.
“Is there a reason that you are offering me that end?” asked Joe.
Sgt. Wentworth saw what he was doing. “Sorry, I didn’t, sorry
this is the way I normally hold it,” he turned the rifle around.
Joe looked at the butt of the rifle. “Odd, I feel even worse now. 
Problems, problems, problems. It might if we do it this way.”
Joe stood on tip toes then held his arm up as far as he could.   

“That’s a good way,” he said pulling Joe up and out of the pit
to the surface. Ruby hugged Joe they looked to the policeman,
he was putting his rifle back in its sheath by the horse’s saddle.
The policeman held his open hand to Joe, Joe smiled to him.
They shook hands. “The tales I heard of you at Fremantle jail,
all that was said of you in the police reports, to be wary of you.
Good thing you‘ve haven’t heard what the magistrate says of you.”

“If it’ll help, as you were kind to the sheep I will tell Vixana.”
“Wait, you know Vixana! My God,” said Sgt. Wentworth.
“What a name dropper I am; we are good friends,” said Ruby.
“You’d say good things about me, considering why I’m here?
Hand me the sheep now, I’ll take it to Mr. Barton now,” he said
“If we do meet again, how should I to speak to you?” asked Joe
“If there’s no one else is around, we can use each other’s names.

If other people are about, it is best if we use our correct titles.
What can I say.” Apologetically looking to Ruby then to Joe.
“I am sorry for this, but you made quite a few people angry.”
“When I’m here, the earth around me, I prefer to be known
as Moondyne Joe, but there, in the city, that name isn’t me.
Mind you, it does get that comptroller general all wound up.”
“The other convicts in that jail, they know you by that name,

so do more than half the people who live in Perth, they secretly
have a soft spot for you; mothers or even hardened criminals.
Those that see violence as an answer: a man, woman or child.
They have you in common, I wouldn’t say they have a fondness
but they do have respect for the man known as Moondyne Joe.”
Fifteen policemen rose from the field quickly running to them.
“Joseph B. Johns, I charge you with escape from Fremantle jail.”

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Verse   284  to Verse  302      VIXANA AND THE PIGS                               

Ruby watched Sergeant Wentworth put the sheep onto his horse.
She saw how he looked at the other policemen leading Joe away.
All that she could do was smile and wave to Joe when he looked.
“Chances are you knew about Joe but I wasn’t told to arrest you.
I’ll walk you back, is there anyone you can be with?” he asked
“Only my childhood friend, she’s like a sister to me; Samantha.”
“I only know one Samantha, are you who she was speaking off.”

Charles looked at the sheep on his saddle, he rubbed its fleece.
“If I go to the house that Joe and I had, I might get arrested.”
“I would recommend that you disappear from here, I wonder
if you are who Samantha meant, about the house you mean
is it amid the trees opposite the town’s peoples horse’s field?
We saw so many men there this morning, are they still there?”
“Joe had us paint the trees to look like lots of men were there.”

“I must admit, if that is as you say, that is clever, very clever
maybe if you aren’t seen by the magistrate you could be safe.
Samantha told me of the time Joe had you disguised as a man
so that some men wouldn’t recognise you. Would you do that?”
“No, I wouldn’t want to, but if the magistrate doesn’t see me.
That won‘t be too hard, we don’t keep the same circle of friends.
What about you though, will you be alright?” asked Ruby.

“Me? I’ll be alright I could even say I’m keeping you honest.
Samantha and I have been getting close, maybe we could do it,
if we live together and her friend is the maid, even if you’re not.”
“Thank you, I know Samantha enough to say that she’ll agree.”
“Before, you said Vixana is your friend, how are you friends?”
“Because of Joe and because we are kind to animals,” said Ruby.
“I met her one day getting the magistrates horse from four men

we had to go and arrest them, no more than a few days ago,
someone told us they had stolen his horse and rebranded it.
Looking back I realise they were set up, I don’t know who by
but I wish I knew who. When we got there we found the horse
and it had been illegally branded, so we arrested the four men,
we were on the track coming back when we met a pretty girl.”
“Did she have long blonde hair, pretty like you’ve never seen?

If she did then you saw she was Vixana. Why was she there?”
“Seven other policemen on horses and I were escorting the men.
This girl who we had seen walking along the side of the track
went to the middle of the track. I didn’t know how she did it,
it was as if the whole width of the track was blocked by her.
I said who we were, what we were doing, why she should move,
she didn’t, she started to stare at us she then smiled toward us

I don’t mind admitting it, something about her was very scary.
She just stood there, standing her ground, I can still see her,
she told me that I could pass, and she’d allow my men to pass
but she’d never let our prisoners pass. What did she call them?
Oh right, she referred to them as pigs.” Ruby breathed in deep.
“I said I had arrested them, that I was taking them to the lock up,
that didn’t change her mind she wasn’t going to let them pass.

That is when I thought she was the witch everyone said about
it was as though she was there because she had been asked to be,
for someone who was a friend.” “What did she do?” asked Ruby.
“She said that she was going to kill them, before I could protest
She began to change, her hair became like old brittle straw.
Her clothes lost their colour, they changed to be like potato sack
And her skin, she appeared like an evil old hag, like the books.

Her body seemed to get old, she bent forward on a walking stick
I could have sworn it looked more like a bone. Her demeanour,
on God’s word I felt dread, it was as if she looked at my soul,
and what she said, no I don’t think that I will ever forget that.”
“What was it, what did she say?” asked Ruby. “She said … no,
that wasn’t how she spoke, it was like she spat the words at me.
I am thee Vixana. I order you to leave now or be like them, dead.

Now I do consider myself a God fearing man, but what I saw,
I felt as though I was looking at the very essence of evil itself.
Then she said, I don’t understand why she did this even now,
it was almost as though she was showing a kindness to me,
she said that I would not want to see what she was about to do 
I didn’t want to be there but I had to, they were my prisoners.
She waved her hand over the front of my face. I was blind.”

“What was it that you heard?” asked Ruby, “Please tell me.”
“Why would you want to know I only heard what she said
and why she always referred to them as pigs, I don’t know.
She sounded as though she enjoyed hearing their screams
and his screams seemed to echo inside my head, even now.
Then when she said he could go, the man’s screams stopped.
She said he was ready for him, but I don’t know who him is.

After I couldn’t hear that one, she called for the next one.
Once again she called him a pig I wish I knew why she did.
I heard a scraping on the ground, like being pulled by a rope.
What Vixana said next was probably a reference to that one.
Because she accused him of causing her friend pain and fear.
She said he would cause him to feel more fear and more pain
I heard what sounded like bones breaking, again and again,

he was in agony, I heard his screams it was as though I felt pain
and all the time I heard her laughing, such infectious laughter.
Then she said about that him again, that his fires awaited him.
I was glad that only two of them were left, I was felt worn out.
She wasn’t though, she was laughing, joking at their expense.
Then she said ‘two more piggies to go, which of you will it be.”
“When I heard that, I felt the last two had been just a warm up,

if I could have moved my hands I would have covered my ears.
Thankfully I didn’t need to, she said that he couldn’t scream.
Though I think he did, I just never heard him, what Vixana said
I was not surprised, she said she was going to seal his mouth.
It went so quiet, so very quiet, even that silence was deafening.
I think I heard him swallow something, but I never knew what.
Then she called for the next pig at last, she said that he’d know

how true horror felt, that she wanted him to see what was done
but he was to be given a choice, he could have all done to him
or he could apologise to her about whoever it was, to her friend
I never knew what happened next, I didn’t hear anything at all.
She said she would send him, as he was, to him, for his fun.
She said an apology was nice but it didn’t change anything
he should not have done what he did, he’d pay for it, always.”

“It went quiet after that. Vixana did something, for I could see
but those four men were nowhere to be seen. But I did ask her.
She said she’d sent them to him, holding her hand pointing down.
“So there I was, on the track with Vixana, just the two of us there.
She walked away, she changed to be a pretty young girl again.”
Ruby hugged Sergeant Wentworth. “Now I will explain that,
I wanted to know that they have gone, but not what happened.

I think I know who asked Vixana to get them, I think it was Joe.
Those men, that horse was caused to be there by Vixana or Joe.
I knew each of those four men, I was the first to call them pigs.
They did such vile horrible thing to me, my body, my person.
When they were too drunk to stand, I got free I made my escape
I was running from them, I had been running for two whole days.
Joe saw me, he captured me and hid me from them, he has done.

I believe it was Joe who asked Vixana to get those men, for me
I’m glad I’ll never fear them being near, or to see them again.
as for the one Vixana would call him, I know who that him is
it might do you some good to know of him, of Vixana’s friend
I know you think God exists but you are not sure. I can help.
They speak of God and talk of the Devil, with one is the other
I know for a fact he exists, the Devil is Vixana’s special friend.

Though he is only a platonic friend, so if he exists so does God.
They stopped walking, he looked to Ruby. “That makes sense.”
I’ll show you to where I live then you can go and get Samantha
we can have a meal together and afterwards see the living space.
I have a second house there, that you and Samantha can share,
one day when Samantha and I are married she’ll live with me.
And to think all I my plans are thanks to him, Moondyne Joe.”


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Verse   303  to Verse  327      TAMARA JOHNS                                     


Tamara had gone to the town to find out about an ancestor
she had been to see a local historian, but that was no use
as she couldn’t get any help finding out who ancestor was,
but only having her great, great, great grandmother’s name
wasn’t being very helpful. Tamara felt it, she was at a loss.
The historian said to go to the river, but he didn’t say why
nor did he give any clues, as to what she would find there. 

Tamara was upset, knowing she might give up, after the river.
She wandered beside the railway, crossing, then down a field.
It was there that she stopped, she knew the grass was green,
but looking about all the green grass it had changed to brown.
Hearing a strange sound she looked to the corners of the field.
But only heard the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees
thinking that was it, though it sounded as a woman’s scream.

Looking about realising it wasn’t so, as there no echo was heard.
She continued down to the river, occasionally looking behind,
she noticed that the grass had once again become that green.
Knowing something there, something that made her feel good   
and that something drew her want to go down, beside the river.
Several times she looked to the river, yet nothing was there.
She still went. Standing there after she’d taken off her shoes.

She relaxed, rested, allowed her feet to dangle in the water. 
Almost at a sleep she watched the storks, then heard a splash,
looking about, the ducks paddled about, they were content
quickly putting on her shoes, going where she heard the splash.
Clambering over the undulating ground by the water’s edge,
seeing ripples on the surface of the river, she knew she was near.
There she saw a pretty young woman who was sat by the river.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here,” said Tamara
she looked to her but the young woman did not react to her.
Tamara looked over her shoulder to the field she had crossed.
“Did you hear a woman’s scream, I thought I did I’m not sure?”
“I heard the scream, I’ve heard that scream many times before,
though not as clear as it was today. Why, what brings you here?”
“I’m on holiday,” said Tamara, “I was told an ancestor lived here.”

“Really, I’ve known people that stayed here, man or woman?”
Tamara looked at the person, who hadn’t acknowledged her.
“Ruby, that name is all I know, she did have a baby though.
I’m hoping that she was married, that the name I have was his,
that might help me find an answer or two, my name is Johns.”
Suddenly the woman stood up, she faced, was looking at her.
“It’s you, I hoped you’d come, you are here at last, welcome,

I knew of Ruby she was quite well known by some people here.
She was born in an old village not far from here, toward the city.
It doesn’t exists any more, but your great, great great grandfather,
he was well known, seen as a friend too many, he is still known.”
“He is, sorry was, I mean. What was his name?” asked Tamara.
“He has the same name as yours, Johns. Joseph Bolitho Johns,
though best known by his other name, there’s a festival here.”

“Here, in this town.” “He is remembered each year,” said Vixana.
“He is? There is a festival here, in the town,” exclaimed Tamara.
“I dare say not many people will know him by his real name, 
he was best known by what he was known as, Moondyne Joe,
there was even been a few songs written about him, his exploits. ”
“I’ve heard that name, but only because Ruby was from here.”
“She still is, she and Joe pop in from time to time,” said Vixana,

“Of all the people I’ve met I thought of Joe and Ruby as nice.”
“What do you mean? That you knew them or you know them?
Because you can’t know them, they would have died long ago.”
“Nineteen eleven as far as I remember, I did know them alright,
it was in March eighteen sixty seven when we met, the tenth.”
“It can’t be them, a hundred and fifty years ago,” said Tamara.
“More like a hundred and forty five, you just be careful though,

our Joe is a bit touchy about his age,” said Vixana, smiling.
“No, that’s not right, you couldn’t possibly have known him?”
“Oh I see, you don’t believe me. You had best ask Teara then,
She‘ll be here in a minute.” Vixana looked into the river’s water
“She will?” Tamara looked for her along the bank of the river,
“Can you tell me which way to look for Teara, I don’t know?” 
“It won’t be long until she’s here, and she’ll come in the water.”

“Can you tell me more about Ruby or Joe, why you liked them.”
“It’s like this, Joe and I have a bit of history in a roundabout way.
I knew Joe’s great grandfather, he liked animals and was nice.
He was a descendent of druids that lived on The Isle of Anglesey.
But I doubt Joe knows that, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say.” 
About to question Vixana, Tamara saw Teara rise from the river.
Not noticing her Teara talked aloud to Vixana. She was upset.

“What is so important now? You were nearly screaming to me.”
Vixana pointed to Tamara. “We’ve got company, it‘s Tamara.”
“It is! Where?” she asked looking for her. “Oh, there you are,
I didn’t see you, I didn’t expect, I am glad you have made it here.
Tamara froze, Teara walked on the surface of the river to her.
“I should say Ruby and Joe called Teara, Goddess of the river.”
“I knew when I saw her baby this day would happen,” said Teara.

“The screams you heard in the field, it was Ruby,” said Teara,
“Joe will love to meet you, and Ruby will completely flip out.”
“Before that happens Teara, someone doesn’t believe we met.”
“I’ll say we did and do, guess who made this ring of flowers,
and she’s made me one of them every year since,” said Teara.
She took of the ring of flowers putting it on Tamara’s head
Tamara was stunned. “But how can you have known them,”

shaking her head, “You people…” Tamara slumped to the floor.
“People, she called us people Teara, maybe we are,” said Vixana.
“We should be kinder, gentler in how or what we say to her.”
They sat by the river waiting for Tamara to wake and speak.
When Tamara had regained from her faint, they hugged her.
“Know this of us Tamara we are excited to see you, to be friends
we do not want to scare you, but we will always say the truth.”

“As I have said, this lady is Teara the Goddess of the river.”
“And this fine woman only allows friends to use her name, she
wants you to know her as Vixana. When you hear people saying
about the wicked witch of the west, Vixana is who they mean.”
“That was until your Ruby and Joe came along,” said Vixana.
Tamara stepped back. “Please don’t be worried,” said Teara,
“She is a real sweety really.” “Don’t tell her that,” said Vixana.

Tamara opened her hand bag then taking an envelope from it.
“Can you help me with this it has been handed down generation
to generation in my family. This is a photograph of a painting.”
Teara looked at it, smiled asking Tamara to move four paces
“Those in the painting are Sgt. Wentworth and Samantha then
Ruby and Joe and if you look at the river and the hill behind me.”
“It’s the same as in the photograph, they stood here, amazing.”   

Vixana looked in the envelope she picked out the note from it.
“Is there any part of this note what you don’t understand about?”
“Yes,” said Tamara, “It says, thank you for the buttons, C.W.
What or where is a C.W. and what buttons?” asked Tamara.
“A couple of the buttons on his tunic were sewn on by Ruby.
C.W. is Police Sergeant Charles Wentworth he was married to
Samantha who was Ruby’s adopted sister, Charles arrested Joe.

He and Samantha were married and while Joe was in prison.
They cared for Ruby and when she gave birth the baby as well.
That button came loose when Charles and Joe helped a sheep.
The painting was made just after Joe was released from prison.
And Charles not being in a uniform, he was the magistrate.
Now look at the picture, to the left of where they are standing
By the rivers curve is where Charles arrested Joe,” said Teara.

Teara asked Tamara if she was ready to meet Ruby and Joe.
“I don’t know, I’m scared at the thought of seeing their ghosts.” 
Teara and Vixana looked to each other, they began to smile
They then looked to Tamara, and started laughing. “Scared?
You will be too scared to see ghosts? But you’re chatting to us
a nine hundred years old witch and the Goddess of the river.”
“How old, you’ve been living here that long?” asked Tamara.

“Not here though I was one of the first people to arrive here.
I used to live south of here. I remember I had a cave there,
not far from what is now the road to Truro. I have been back 
a few times, but I don’t like it there, I have a reputation there,
I’m known as an ugly old crone. No, I do prefer it being here
being known as a pretty young thing.” “That’s understandable.”
“I know what,” said Teara, “Come back tomorrow morning,

we can go to see the places Ruby and Joe lived,” said Teara.
“Thank you, but I would like to know about Sgt. Wentworth?”
“We can try, we don’t know much more than he arrested Joe,
Though we know more about him after he was a policeman
When the old magistrate left, the one not many people liked
it was Charles who became the towns temporary magistrate.
One of the things Charles did was to try and get Joe released,

Luckily his timing was good, events unknown to him helped,
You see, over the other side of country there was a celebration
A Victorian bushranger had been hung, he was the Ned Kelly
Because of him being hung they allowed Joe released from jail.
Joe had been in there over ten years, he didn’t know of Louissa
his daughter, Ruby had never mentioned to Joe he was a father
Louissa was ten years and one month old. She was a surprise.”

As Louissa said, one month was important to her,” said Teara,
“I think it was that sight that did it, seeing Ruby and Louissa 
together, because Joe never needed to be on the run again.” 
“Joe had a lot of learning to do, about Samantha and Charles 
they were married, Joe found out that they had two children.
Louissa played with them, James was five and Victoria seven.
Watching Joe with three children, what a sight,” said Vixana.

Tamara stood up. “I know if I don’t take this chance to see them
What they look like, I will always regret it, I want to know them
When I do meet their ghosts will both of you come with me?
Will you help me in case I get scared?” “That’s Vixana’s domain,
but if you ask her nicely.” Tamara grinned, she smiled sweetly.
“Do not even think even you can sweet talk me into doing that.
And I’d prefer it if you didn’t.” Vixana looked to Teara, Tamara.

“You’re related, you’re as bad as Joe,” she looked to Tamara. 
“Just don’t expect me to do it again.” Vixana was just about
to walk away from the river. “Before you ask, why I’m here.
I’m not helping you, this isn’t being done as a favour to you,
this is for them.” Feeling the ghosts of Ruby and Joe appear,
and become whole, walking next to Tamara, both sides of her.
Vixana went back to Teara, she sat down, shaking her head.

“I am going to get a good name for this, aren’t I ..... Damn.”


He had gone with his uncle, to buy some land to cultivate. He had intended to grow grapes to make wine, or port. Did he succeed, who knows.

Barton, Alice
Alice was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton. At fourteen years old she met some people who would change her life forever. She began to question what others said about life and became a notable figure for the running of one of the local churches. She would turn the other cheek when people cast dispersions about witches. But if anyone ever said anything bad about Vixana, they’d get it.

Barton, Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Barton’s youngest son was ten years old when he caught a cough. It became so severe that his constant coughing caused him to lose his voice. He never forgot the day his voice was given to him, or the other people he met that day.

Barton, Harry
The oldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Barton, he kept in touch with his brother and sister for as long as he could.

Barton, Mr.
He took over the sheep farm from his father, which he will probably leave to his children.

Barton, Mrs.
She got married in the year fifteen fifty two. Her father was a farmer who grew wheat on a farm that was, as she believed, in the middle of nowhere. 

He stayed near to the town in a quiet area, he married and had several children. He was able to buy his own farm near to the western boundaries of the area. His children would sometimes play with Ruby and Joe’s child, Samantha’s children as well, when they visited them.

Johns, Tamara
Not everyone has ancestors like hers, not everyone has friends like she had, and not everyone has an ancestor who is a legend.

Magistrate, The
He never knew why he had to leave town, though it was said by certain people he should have been kind to Ruby. Ruby had a couple of friends who looked out for her, one was Teara the other was known as Vixana.

When Joe was caught he fled to the south, where he lived the last of his days in isolation after being bitten by a non-poisonous snake he survived the bite. Martin would tell people that the snake was poisonous, he used that as an excuse to be driven partly insane. Not totally insane though, he was still able to successfully convince people that he was the Moondyne Joe. That left his old friend to live his final years in peace.

Moondyne Joe
His real name was Joseph Bolitho Johns. He mentioned to Ruby that his great, great, great, great grandfather was a druid that lived near the shores on the Isle of Anglesey. I am a bit hesitant to believe the druid connection although when Moondyne Joe wanted to charm people he would spoke in the soft tones that highlighted his northern Welsh accent.   

He would repeat that he once saw Moondyne Joe though not that he gave his mother some food. Even later in life as a sixty year old when he got drunk, he always changed the part about who gave the food. He never claimed it was Moondyne Joe and Ruby for he believed that Moondyne Joe’s family still lived in the area, and for what was done that day they would always have his respect.

Nathaniel’s mother
At a young age she became a follower of Vixana. Living in the country she kept near to Vixana and would, when she could, be of help to Ruby.
Trying to keep it a secret about not having enough food, and who gave her some food. Her other secret was about her being a witch.

She lived in a village that doesn’t exist anymore. The daughter of David and Ethel, her unofficially adopted sister was Samantha. The adoption never bothered Ruby or Samantha as they were the best of friends. Samantha’s daughters great, great daughter has two invisible friends.

Samantha’s parents had lived eighty miles to the north, they travelled through the area going to the sout coast when their baby (an eight month old Samantha) took ill. Unable to feed or give her any kind of medication Ruby’s parents took her in and raised her as Ruby’s sister. She was distraught when Ruby went away, and nearly unable to control herself when Ruby returned with Moondyne Joe. It was through them that Samantha met her husband Sgt. Charles Wentworth.

Known as the Goddess of the river, where she comes from no one knows, and she won’t say.
Vixana might know the answer but really, would you dare to question her?

She used to live in a cave near the village of Truro road. When she lived there Vixana was known as an evil person. She looked the part as well in her old black hooded cape and dark brown skirt that could have been a potato sack. Bent forward she always relied heavily on her cane that looked as though it used to be someone’s leg. And if you ever saw her with her hood back, that old haggard look was promoted by several moles and a wrinkly skin. 
To those who used her name without permission they pronounced her name Vix-Ana, but those few who she gave permission to use her name, they said her name as Vi-zar-na. There was some who pronounced her name that way without being told they were Teara, Alice, Joe, Ruby and Tamara. They were who she thought of as nice people. 

Wentworth, Charles, Sergeant
He was popular person, the people in the town knew him as friend, silently he had two other friends though they were not spoken of very often, they were Vixana and the Goddess of the River. As Sgt. Charles Wentworth he married Samantha and had two children, he also took care of Ruby and her daughter until Joseph B. Johns came to take care of them. By then the Sergeant had become the  magistrate.
When Charles was much older both of his grandchildren loved to hear tales about Ruby and Moondyne Joe. Though Charles gave them the respect they deserved, he never told his grandchildren that the children they played with were the descendants of Moondyne Joe.
Charles was responsible for getting Joe released from prison early. He never said exactly where Joe and Ruby lived the rest of their days. Once or thrice he told Vixana and Teara that it was near the area that has his name, Moondyne.

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I've been playing with what I've done of late. The poem entitled, Smile here comes Death, has been re-titled The Two Swords. I took away the verses and re-wrote it as an Epic Poem.
It still needs a bit of an edit but it is more enjoyable to write like this and will with luck be going to a publisher next week. The bit here is only the first two and a third pages of the 137 pages written.
Being a glutten for punishment I'll propbably do a book 2.

CREATION OF THE ARMY                                                                 

God was pleased with the world,
the plants all began to grow.
The animals and the birds he
created began to thrive.
All was well in his eyes.
Through the years
the animals needed
more land to find their prey,
then it was soon noticed
that not all animals
lived in harmony.
They began to fight
with each other
and amongst their own kind.
So God created an army,
the Angels, 
to keep the animals apart
it stopped them being killed
and it stopped them
being eaten by each other.
But the leader of the Angels
found that he had enjoyed
them controlled and he liked
to it when he killed them
even though they were God’s creations.
God really disliked that 
and sent him
to look after the dead.
He became known
by several names
though that Angel would soon become
known to many as the Devil.
But the Devil soon
began to get bored,
to relieve that boredom
he created himself a son
to help him control
the ever increased number of the dead.
Then his son soon became bored
though rather than create another one
to help control what was
the son created an army.
As time passed that army
continued to grow in size
as many hundreds from above died.
God created others to help
the Angels, but they soon turned
against those animals.
Then God created more animals
to control those that were.
And of those new ones
God called them his children.
The Devil’s Son’s army
he called them his legion
he played with God’s creations.
He created some who ate each other
and some who drank of blood.
Those the Son liked best
were those who attacked God’s children
before they died.
The Son mixed animals and birds with
God’s Children and made himself
many a legion
of what God said, “They are damned.”
The Devil’s Son now
hated God nearly as much
as he detested his father.
So much that he even changed the name
the Son called them his demons.
Soon, when the Son had created
the many
even the Devil himself
saw his Son a threat,
He himself needed to make many,
and many more.
And just in time
as the Son made war
and they fought for control
of the Devil’s domain.
Long fought was the war
a great many demons lay dead
but the Devil won through
though the Son escaped
with legions of those he had made.
He the Son, of the Devil
vowed to his father
“I will return
and I will have my vengeance. 
On you and your friend God,
you’d best be aware
for of the day I return
I will fight for control of
everything his and yours.”
The Devil called to God,
he said of what had happened
he knew that if his Son
was to ever to return
they’d have to join.
God knew his army of Angels
was no good,
that army was built to control
the plants and animals.
So he had made others
to help
to control those
on the land.
And he gave himself Goddess Tianara
and for those in the sea,
he took the largest
and created it into a man.
God gave him a name
King Neptune.
He hoped
with their free will
they’d give in return.
The Goddess of the land,
she called to King of the sea,
and together they agreed
to make God an army,
to protect them
that he called his children.
The agreed that the Goddess
of the land was to search,
to find and make the army
but that the King of the sea
would give of his children
when called
to be a General or more
in the army.
God liked the promised gift
he gave his approval for the army,
for he had a great fear
for his children.
The Goddess Tianara
began her search,
though a thousand years or four
passed before the Goddess found
both of who she searched for.
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Two armies that fought
to protect those who were weak
and those who had been wronged.
The Goddess caused each army
to be near to the other.
Though one would have to wait,
God said he saw one
in one army would be right
to be who he wanted
when the time was right.
For the Goddesses plan
to work she needed that
she would not be seen,
so maybe she would join
as one who could foretell,
that is who she would be
though she hid herself as a seer
as she wanted to meet Garet
one of those army’s weapons maker,
she wanted to inspire him
to create the weapons that would
be used for God’s new army,
the Two Swords.
Guiding both armies to be where
they should be,
where she decreed they should be;
both ready to be created one.
For one of that army to be given
unto God, many gifts
would she bestow.
The Goddess,
she waited and watched.


Holly Marie Eloepe looked
at her broken army.
She saw the distraught
and disfigured bodies
scattered about, on the battle field.
“So many good warriors,
so many were once good friends.”
Soldiers who she knew and trusted,
it had been left to them
her chosen guards
they looked at all the fallen bodies,
they looked for signs of life.
She watched and hoped
that each time they stopped,
it would be to kneel and offer help.
And they did stop, often, 
but on many of those times
they’d plunge their spear into a body
to stop a soldier who suffered,
be it one of her soldiers or theirs.
Holly rolled over a body herself,
She saw a friend to whom she knelt
quietly she spoke to her
she hoped to hear a reply.
“Gwellyn? can you hear me?”
Gwellyn looked up to her. “Did we win?”
“Yes, we won,”
replied Holly with a wry smile.
“But our losses were far too many.” 
Trying to sit up,
Gwellyn wanted to look,
she asked Holly for her help.
Raising Gwellyn’s head
Holly held her back high,
so that Gwellyn could see,
she stared at all the fallen.
She was so saddened
by the sight of so many.
Holly helped her to stand
she broke the end off a spear,
then gave her the rest. 
“Use this, it’ll help you walk.”
Holly heard shouting in her camp,
she looked to see who it was,
she saw a few of her archers
had already begun to celebrate the win.
Holly ran into the camp,
getting angrier as she ran towards them
some of the archers sang and danced
with jugs of ale being swung about.
Holly knocked the drinks from their hands,
she glared at them.
“Get back to the battlefield, now.
Help my guards to find our injured.”
As an archer passed by Garet
the archer told him
how useless he was.
Holly, about to state he was good
was interrupted by another,
a woman who walked towards them.
“Don’t pay any attention to him
of what you will do
it will be of benefit to them
soon they will want to thank you.”
Garet looked to her, surprised
and confused, he didn’t know her.
Holly faced her.
“Tell me, who are you?”
“I am your new seer,
I was told to be here,” she said. 
“Well I lead this army,
and I don’t know who you are,
I need to know you,” said Holly.
“I agree,” said Garet he faced the seer.
“As I said, I am the seer
though you don’t know me,
don’t doubt me
because I know you.
That I know of your past,
of what you are doing now,
and soon I’ll know of your future.
Of how I know
that you can question later
but as for now
I know more of each of you
than you know of yourself.”
Holly smiled,
she held Garet’s shoulder.
“You’ve got to admit,
she does speak like a seer.
I’d like to know more
but I doubt I’d understand her reply.
I’ll go back to the battlefield.”
“Don’t go now,
just because you don’t understand me.
I have said what I am
of why I am here
though it will only be for today,
tomorrow, or the next day.
Then I promise you will know
who I am,
by then you will know more of each other
and more of yourself.”
Holly stared at the seer,
drawing a blank she looked to Garet.
Holly shrugged her shoulders.
“I’ll leave you two to talk
I’m going to go to the battlefield.”
“Before you go Holly
do you know what Garet is making
or what he plans to make?”
Holly was about to tell off Garet,
keeping such a secret from her
but she had doubt
she couldn’t remember if she knew.
Had she asked Garet what they were
and if so had Garet replied to her.”
The seer’s answers caused confusion
as for Garet,
he was concerned,
he wanted to know how the seer knew
of his plans and of his thoughts.
Holly had stopped where she was,
she thought to herself and said.
“I’d like to know about the weapons,”
she looked to Garet and the seer.
“Garet, go and prepare them,
they will be needed soon,” said the seer.
Holly and Garet stood in silence
they waited to see if
the seer continued,
she only smiled at them,
and faced the distant hills behind,
she pointed to them.
“When your army is ready to go Holly
have them march into the third valley,
when the mornings sunlight falls
to the valley floor
watch as it goes toward
the other army.
But know this,
when you do meet their leader
she will appear between you.
Be ready to answer her,
for she will ask
that your armies join
as one.
And if you say yes,
you will see many wonders that day.”
The seer turned and went into a tent.
Holly wanted to know more,
she followed,
into the tent
but Holly found herself alone,
going outside again,
she looked about
but Garet had gone.
The seer’s words repeated in her head.
‘Onto the valley floor
over the second hill.’
Holly went to the battlefield,
she looked at her army,
she knew it was not ready for battle
or even the walk to the battle.
Speaking to each of her guards
Holly said of the battle
that the seer spoke of
in the next couple of days
Holly wanted to tell them
her guards to only tell
those who could walk.
The next morning with a depleted army,
and of those many of her warriors
who bravely walked with lengths of wood.


Holly hoped that where they were stood
at the edge of the valley floor
the rays of sunlight would be in
the eyes those they were to battle.
As Holly watched the sunlight
go down the hill onto the valley floor
it revealed a massive army;
that her army was out-numbered
by at least ten to one.
Holly accepted within herself
that she would not see another day.
Though she would not go with grace,
she would keep fighting
until her last breath left her body.
Seeing movement at enemies armies front,
expecting an early charge,
Holly was about to call to her army.
But she was so surprised;
she saw their leader had gone
to halfway between the armies.
Holly did the same,
she expected
to be asked to surrender.
When she was close to him,
about to ask his conditions
she saw a glow of light
grow from the ground,
a dome of brilliant pure light.
Both of them withdrew their sword,
each accused the other of trickery.
The light spread over the ground
until it covered them as well.
“Put your weapons away,
you do not need them here,
for I caused this light to be.”
They looked at who said those words,
Holly was surprised to see her new seer.
The leader of the other army, Grevoth,
he looked to Holly
he said that she was their seer.
“I was never a seer
to either army,
I said to each of you
that you will have to choose,
to be of one army or not.
But before you do choose
each of you should know this,
Grevoth, those of your army who fell
when they were marched here
they will be returned to you, alive.
And to you Holly, those warriors
who fell in the last battle.
If you join they will not be dead,
they will return free of injury.
But only if you say yes
and only if you say yes,
after today you will never see one
of the new army stay dead
for the army will always be.
It will never stop.”
Holly looked to her.
“Who are you?”
“That I cannot say to you,
to either of you,
but if you both walk towards me,
I will see that as you saying yes,
for your armies to be as one
then I can tell.”
Grevoth looked to Holly,
he turned to his army,
then he walked towards her.
Holly looked at her army,
she went to be at Grevoth’s shoulder.
“We agree,” said Holly.
“What can you tell us of what will be.”
“Beginning of this day,
Grevoth and Holly,
a new destiny begins for you both.
The new army will be The Two Swords.
Against each other
You each had one sword,
so together you have two
though you can only use one
for the will be the power.”
“And what of us?” asked Grevoth,
“You won’t need two leaders.”
“I will liaise with you,
I will be your leader
and your guide
for the army is his, he is God.
You will be Generals in his army.
Now know about me,
as I appear to you now
of who I am,
as I am now, I look a person
know that I am Tianara,
but when like this,”
her whole body became bathed in light,
“Know me now as Goddess Tianara.
Now I invite you both
to call your armies,
tell them to feast,
to join and become friends
and have them prepare.
The first battle is in two days,
where the battle is and who the
battle is against,
leave that to me,
I am and will be your guide,
I will cause you to be there.”
The light about her faded, she disappeared.
Calling their armies to join,
both Holly and Grevoth were
surprised to see their warriors who
once had injuries
they were now fit
and those who were dead,
they walked amongst them.
That night, those of the two
armies started to become friends.


In the early mornings light
on the second day
that one army stood on barren ground,
they looked towards a town
within a big stone fort.
Holly and Grevoth stood at the head.
The Goddess Tianara appeared
ahead of them yet she faced them.
“As of now you no longer fight
to save the weak and the wronged,
from now you will battle
all that is evil.
The first battle will be against
two hundred demons,
seen as the Sons protectors
and I foresee that you will win.
All those you will face 
have the same weakness,
they always believe they can win,”
said Tianara as she pointed
to the ground.
“See this line that I’ve drawn,
when you cross over it
you will be start to be the Two Swords.
Your clothes will change
and be the battle dress.”
Holly and Grevoth stepped over the line,
as was said their clothes changed
they looked down at their battle dress.
“The crossbow over your shoulder
is a weapon that Garet has made
it will always be ready for use.
Now feel the swords
and know the other is power.
Holly drop your sword to the ground.”
as she did it appeared in her hand.
“Both of you, take another step forward.”
Grevoth and Holly did as they were told.
They saw in front of them
the sunlight began to spread its
light on the walls of the town.
They knew that behind then
the once two armies now stood as one,
they of the Two Swords had begun.
Hearing a new sound behind
Holly and Grevoth turned to see
that Garet had started to slap
the leather of his battle dress.
“Why aree you doing that?” asked Holly.
“This will be my first battle,
I need to ready myself.”
Grevoth smiled, he faced the
army, he called to them.
“Do as Garet the weapons maker does,
from this day on,
the leather being slapped
it will be our battle cry
one we can all do together, as one.”
The army began to march forward,
they began to slap the leather,
the sound grew louder as more joined in.
The army neared to a hundred paces
from the town’s walls
and the army stopped.
Horse pulled chariots raced to the walls
as the soldiers threw hooks
into the walls window portals,
returning the attached ropes
for other soldiers to pull them,
the hooks loosened many stones
the portals became holes in the wall.
As more hooks were withdrawn the
holes grew bigger.
Vampire demons were seen hiding
from the suns murderous rays
people of the town escaped
they appeared running from the town,
all were confused yet thankful
that they had been saved.
When all the town’s people
were known to be free,
with the Two Swords ready.
Grevoth raised his sword,
that signaled the archers to run
to the front.
Terracotta urns filled with burning oil
were placed at their sides.
The archers began to send a rain of fire
onto the roofs of the buildings.
With broken walls
letting the sunlight in
and fire spreading throughout the town
the vampires ran to try and find safety,
to seek the shade though none was found.
Holly led the main army’s charge
to kill all the vampires there.
When they had all withdrawn
the town the people were allowed
to return, one of the people went
to Grevoth.
“Please help me,
my wife and children
they await my return home,
if you help them be here
all the new horses I have they are yours.
My house is to the west of here,
nestled over the second hill
in the valley,” said Tiberinus.
Holly looked to Grevoth.
“The same as where our armies met.”
Though he wasn’t aware
Tianara stood near,
she heard his plee
she smiled to Holly and Grevoth
“I will do this.” She vanished.
Thankful for their rescue the
towns people celebrated long into
the night.


In the mornings light,
More than a few had sore heads
and were deep in regret.
Tiberinus still waited
for his wife and children,
placating himself
he wandered aimlessly
passed the town’s walls.
He saw his home,
not a hundred paces away.
Running there,
and into his home he was greeted
by his wife and happy children.
“We didn’t expect you back so soon,
did you go to the town?” asked his wife.
He held Grecia. 
“I did get to the town
I am still there, and now, as are you.
Look outside.”
Puzzled by his reply
she looked to her children,
who now stood by the doorway,
excited they called to her to join them.
Grecia went to be by them,
she saw the people of the town.
“Tiberinus, how could this be?”
“I’m not sure,” he said,
“I think it was because of…...”
Before he could tell the story,
a bright light rose from the ground.
There walking in all her majesty
from within the light,
a glow still reigned about her body
was the Goddess Tianara.
“How?” he asked as he stared to her.
“You asked us Tiberinus,
to bring your wife and children here.
In return you said we could have
your new horses;
those white unicorns I gave them wings.
Know that they will be cared for,
know they are the charge
for each of The Riders.”